SiliconANGLE: Sponsored by Microsoft and Red Hat to Conduct the Marriage Ceremony

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Earlier this week: IBM Loves Microsoft*

Yesterday: The transformational journey of Microsoft and Red Hat: A commitment to open source and cloud technologies (openwashing and “clown”-washing of mass surveillance or imperialism through systemic outsourcing)

In an industry where collaboration and strategic alliances play a crucial role in driving technological advancements, Microsoft Corp. and Red Hat Inc. have emerged as key partners, solidifying their relationship over the past decade. Jeremy Winter (pictured), corporate vice president of Azure cloud-native and hybrid at Microsoft, recently discussed the significance of this partnership during...

A huge proportion of articles and videos in that site are sponsored by the company/ies this coverage is about and sometimes they even disclose this, albeit only at the very bottom (in small fonts). This is no exception:

SiliconANGLE: Sponsored by Microsoft

Summary: SiliconANGLE insists that paying SiliconANGLE money for coverage does not lead to bias, but every sane person who keeps abreast of SiliconANGLE — and I read their entire feed every day — knows that it’s a ludicrous lie (Red Hat/IBM and the Linux Foundation also buy puff pieces and “event coverage” from SiliconANGLE, so it’s marketing disguised as “journalism”
* As a GNU developer put it in a message to me, “IBM not only loves Microsoft, they might secretly be married! :-) Since 2019, I surmised that the Microsoft-led plan is to squash the Free Software Movement and the FSF in order to make the Linux Foundation the centre of FLOSS. That way, Bill [Gates] and company will have complete control. I also believe that the 2019 attacks to remove RMS from the FSF were already in tow when they found opportunity in RMS’ email concerning Epstein and Minsky. What RMS needs is a board that understands the dynamics of management and marketing as well as being strategically savvy in the game of mega corporate power play. People who can’t be bought.”


IBM Versus GNU/Linux Community (Including Fedora)

Posted in GNU/Linux, IBM, Red Hat at 12:59 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: This recent video covers Fedora and how IBM sabotages the community


World Wide Web Crushed and We Know Whose Fault That Might be

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 6:05 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum fbe64d6ddc2a72ccf4301192fbe00152
Web Demise and Effect on People
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: With sites shutting down, media companies going bankrupt, and more sites dabbling in webspam/chatbots we cannot be optimistic about the future of the Web

THE World Wide Web (WWW) is rotting; in 3 posts yesterday [1, 2, 3] we provided examples of the Web turning into trash. In two of these we focused on “Linux” sites. It’s not easy to find legitimate articles anymore. The problem of re-posted (under a current date) old posts aside, we see lots of fake ‘articles’ and sometimes barely articles at all. Some sites became webspam and others went offline, creating another issue (link rot and Web rot). The Web is actually shrinking over time and the golden era of the Web is well past us.

Recently we focused a bit on IBM, the subject which is discussed in the video above. After kicking out Fedora volunteers (slaves) IBM now fires Fedora staff from Red Hat. This is sabotage. We saw several names of people who lost their job at Red Hat, but one name that got more exposure was Ben Cotton, who incidentally decided that signing a defamatory attack letter (calling on the FSF to oust its founder, RMS) would be a good idea. Seems like joining the anti-RMS brigade did not safeguard his job at IBM, but that’s another story.

“Some sites became webspam and others went offline, creating another issue (link rot and Web rot).”A few days ago we got confirmation that IBM had laid off people whose job was to run some Red Hat sites.

“So IBM is doing to Fedora etc what Oracle tried to do to MySQL and OpenOffice.org,” an associate of ours remarked. “The latter split off a fork and continued as LibreOffice The site / domains under control of IBM are a problem though, they are very valuable and used at this point only to degrade the community.” (This alludes to domains such as OpenSource.com)

“Oracle could have taken on and damaged if not beaten Microsoft in the server space with what it bought from Sun,” the associate continued. “Instead, it allowed Microsoft to hang on by its fingernails in the server space by killing Sparc and MySQL etc. Now IBM seems to be mopping up part of the FOSS space on behalf of Microsoft.”

“Recently we focused a bit on IBM, the subject which is discussed in the video above.”So news sites are being shut down, including sites we routinely linked to.

It has meanwhile been noted that CNET staff fights back because CNET is making computer-generated pages. To quote the now-bankrupt VICE: “Around 100 workers have organized in response to the company’s restructuring plans, massive layoffs, and plans for AI content.”

That’s discussed towards the end of the video above. “Another topic,” the associate said, is why “Wikipedia should either allow LLMs to produce articles or to train on articles, or forbid both, but allowing both creates a nasty feedback loop which realizes all kinds of problems.”

“The future of the Web isn’t bright at all.”“Glyn Moody just wrote about that but missed the above concern,” the associate added, citing Techdirt.

Wikipedia is fast becoming GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) because of Microsoft, which got caught bribing people to lie in Wikipedia. Well, it’s no secret that Wikipedia was already having severe issues with AstroTurfers; expect that to get worse in years to come as human moderators lose patience and throw in the towel. The future of the Web isn’t bright at all. It has been getting worse every year for the past decade or so.


Confirmed: IBM is Shutting Down Sites of Red Hat (Staff Writers Discarded)

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 1:18 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Thank you, Enterprisers!: Over the years, we have had the honor of sharing your knowledge, insights, and ideas with readers through this publication. It has been a wonderful journey—nearly ten years in the making. We must share the news that The Enterprisers Project's funding has come to an end. What that means for the future is not yet clear. Publication of new articles must end, although the site will remain online indefinitely. The Enterprisers Project has always been a space where IT leaders and executives could learn from each other. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this vibrant community, and we are proud of what we have built together. As we part ways, we want to take a moment to thank you all for your contributions, support, feedback, and engagement. Your passion and dedication to innovation, leadership, technology, and how it all fits together has been an inspiration to us. We are confident that the conversations and relationships we have built here will continue to thrive and grow.

Summary: It is now confirmed that IBM (Red Hat) is shutting down long-running sites that focus on community, GNU/Linux, and so on; but OpenSource.com is still silent on the matter


Almost Nobody Reporting What IBM is Doing to the Free Software Community

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Video download link | md5sum 7fb515e7322d72b20a16ed1370af628f
Not the Open Source Way
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The most disturbing aspect of what IBM does to the community (users of CentOS, volunteers in Fedora, readers of OpenSource.com etc.) is the lack of media coverage; IBM has captured a number of ‘news’ sites that mindlessly promote IBM (barely disclosing the sponsorship) and almost nobody questions IBM’s motives

THIS year we did not write much about IBM, but over a week ago we noticed that last month’s layoffs had an effect on OpenSource.com (Open Source Way) and other sites of Red Hat.

Knowing that the media barely covers or doesn't cover IBM layoffs (the layoffs are not reported until/unless they are very, very considerable), we decided to write about it and today we publish a video. That’s not unlike Microsoft by the way. Microsoft must have fired 20,000-30,000 people this year alone (4.5 months) if one counts temps and contractors. Microsoft is collapsing but it is rigging/cheating the market, bribing the media, defrauding shareholders, and worse. Where’s the media?

“Microsoft is collapsing but it is rigging/cheating the market, bribing the media, defrauding shareholders, and worse. Where’s the media?”Generally speaking, the only community IBM understands is the “shareholders community”.

Earlier today we wrote about Ben Cotton and his important role in Fedora, not just his past role in OpenSource.com. Why did IBM let him go? Why is OpenSource.com, among other sites, inactive? By now, we think, dozens of blogs or news site should have written something about this. The same is true for Linux.com, which back in 2019 became inactive. Where was the media back then? That just comes to show what sort of “media” is left… a lot of defectors (journalists-turned-marketers). SJVN too has become a stenographer of the Linux Foundation because that’s where the money is.

“The video above speaks about the track record of IBM before ranting about the lack of media scrutiny.”So we’ve ended up with ‘news’ sites that fail to investigate/report Microsoft layoffs, fail to condemn massive bank bailouts, and while Microsoft keeps attacking Linux nobody says a thing, except lies (“Microsoft loves Linux”). 20+ years ago when SCO filed the infamous lawsuit there was still media online. The same was true when Iraq was invaded. When important news goes under the radar society is worse off. When it comes to the EPO, we’ve become almost a sole voice. Why don’t news sites explain what’s going on there? A decade ago they used to actually cover scandals, but they suddenly stopped mentioning the EPO except when EPO management paid them to produce/reprint some piece.

When sites like OpenSource.com and Linux.com just die so quietly (no pushback) one has to wonder to what degree corporations’ sheer power squashed the press and the Web. The video above speaks about the track record of IBM before ranting about the lack of media scrutiny.

IBM Has Killed OpenSource.com, Rejecting the Open Source Way

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Summary: IBM seems to have shut down OpenSource.com (it’s online but inactive; nobody works on it anymore). The Linux Foundation did the same to Linux.com in 2019 and then trashed it (because it doesn’t care about Linux, except as a brand to milk).

THIS does not shock us, but it certainly saddens us. IBM doesn’t seem to mind the fact that Red Hat revenue is growing, according to IBM. Red Hat is suffering layoffs and too little information is provided about what or who is impacted.

It has been sad to see this as we’ve noted both the layoffs and the fate of opensource.com. Now it is becoming increasingly confirmed that IBM does to “Open Source” what it did to CentOS a couple of years ago.

“Wikipedia says that in December last year IBM had 288,300 employees.”To explain our allegation quite succinctly, bear in mind opensource.com (where Ben Cotton played a prominent role) has not been active for quite some time, which is extremely unusual. The timing gave a clue because of the announcement of layoffs. Days ago Ben Cotton wrote a blog post saying he was among those who had been deemed “redundant” (that’s absurd as he’s a very essential worker).

“No activity since April 23, i.e. the layoffs.”My wife has been reading opensource.com every day for nearly a decade and Cotton is one of the first people who came to her mind in relation to this site because he used to be very active there (a lot less in recent years). She says she loved his articles, so it’s a tragic loss for IBM. Could they find nothing else at their oversized company to ‘cut’? Wikipedia says that in December last year IBM had 288,300 employees. So why give Ben Cotton the pink slip? He too is baffled by this.

Yesterday Phoronix also mentions Ben Cotton being laid off (50 or more comments there, but we’d rather not link to Phoronix).

Ben Cotton; Also opensource.com

He’s the only one (so far) that we saw speaking about this in public. Did IBM offer them some severance package that mandates silence (other opensource.com people probably also lost their job)?

Seeing that the opensource.com Web site has not been active for quite some time, we’re taken a look at the Twitter account, which is stale.

opensource.com in Twitter

And they only link to old articles, nothing new. Even a bot could do this. They post only about one “tweet” per day and the stuff isn’t new. Notice that the profile links to a Mastodon instance.

opensource.com in Mastodon

Mind the dates. Yes, that’s right. No activity since April 23, i.e. the layoffs. So we’ve checked if they reply to someone, e.g. question/s about site stoppage, but no replies can be found in either Twitter or the Fediverse. No response to anybody. That does not look too good.


It’s Certainly Beginning to Seem Like Red Hat (IBM) Fired Writers and/or Editors

Posted in Free/Libre Software, IBM, Red Hat at 9:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Revisiting what we wrote last week, we find no activity since then (in sites that typically publish several times per day)

AMERICANS do not celebrate any holiday today. So what’s going on? Did OpenSource.com get killed by ICBM (IBM has been somewhat of a destructive missile/rocket in recent years*)? Just like Linux.com was killed by Sheela Microsoft and James Zemlin from the anti-Linux Foundation in 2019? Not a single article this Monday. Highly unusual. Let’s wait and see though. Time will tell. Notice last month’s frequency (2 posts per day):

OpenSource.com: about 2 posts per day

That was pre-layoffs levels, unlike now:

Opensource.com post-layoffs

Other Red Hat sites also seem to have been quiet/inactive since the layoffs. Before the layoffs:

The enterprisers: 2 posts per day, days before layoffs

After (today):

Meet the enterprisers: After layoffs

My wife wondered aloud today, what happened to Don Watkins, David Both, Phil Shapiro, Rikki Endsley, and Ben Cotton? Some seem to have done relocations (moving to another part of the company to survive in it). Can someone enlighten us about internal affairs?
* ICBM cannot be genuinely trusted with Free software and barely with “Open Source” either. ICBM never profited from offering freedom to people, to companies and so on. Sadly, we’re seeing the same across the board. The OSI, for instance, takes bribes from companies like Salesforce and Microsoft, proprietary giants that also work for ICE, then engages in openwashing PR. Today’s OSI (not the same as before!) exists to harm the brand Open Source, showering the worst offenders with all the “open” badges. OSI is obsolete. It needs to dissolve. It sold out when Patrick left. Its co-founder Bruce Perens explained what had happened [1, 2, 3]. As for the so-called ‘Linux’ Foundation, it has basically been milking the “Linux” brand into oblivion (their biggest conference is not Linux-related). OSI does the same with “Open Source”. When the milking is done nothing will be left. Some people, like James (Jim Zemlin) and Stefano, will have a higher bank balance. Stefano has failed to justify this to me when I had lengthy correspondences with him. We might as well refer to today’s OSI as the “Microsoft lobbying group called OSI”. It is still trying to legitimise Microsoft’s attack on the GPL, helping Microsoft in a class action lawsuit that helps GitHub’s proprietary entrapment agenda. OSI is the enemy of its own (original) mission.


IBM Has Measurably Lessened Activity in Red Hat Web Sites (It Started When Layoffs Were Announced Last Month)

Posted in IBM, Red Hat at 9:11 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: OpenSource.com and enterprisersproject.com scaled down their activity around the time Red Hat’s CEO announced that 700+ workers would be made redundant; are writers among the casualties of these cuts?

T HIS is a subject we deem especially and exceptionally sensitive because many good people lost their jobs at Red Hat. Some were technical, some were less technical. We know some names, but this post will name nobody.

“My wife and I have been reading OpenSource.com every day for about a decade, so these trends are easy to spot or “feel” (even the mere absence of something gets noticed).”Last year we took note of neglect in OpenSource.com (a Red Hat site for well over a decade already) and weeks later the site picked up pace again, publishing 2-3 new articles per day, except weekends (sometimes on weekends too they published new material). Unlike months prior, they didn’t post obnoxious stuff; they had actually published some tasteless things last year.

My wife and I have been reading OpenSource.com every day for about a decade, so these trends are easy to spot or “feel” (even the mere absence of something gets noticed). The site’s editors changed a few times over the years (we won’t name them; we want to keep this impersonal).

“The ‘Linux’ Foundation has been very quiet this year and it is intentional; they try to keep a low profile for a reason.”So what exactly is going on? Let us know. We’re generally thankful for what the site offered since its birth and it would be a shame if it became something like Linux.com — in affect killed by the ‘Linux’ Foundation when it fired all the staff writers and all the editors without prior notice or an explanation. Revenue was growing fast back then, unlike in recent years. The ‘Linux’ Foundation has been very quiet this year and it is intentional; they try to keep a low profile for a reason. We’ll write about it some other day.

“The people fired by the Linux Foundation, longtime writers at Linux.com, never quite recovered or made a comeback.”Contact us by IRC or E-mail if you know something about this. It seems likely IBM removed not only OpenSource.com staff*. Around April 25, a day after the Red Hat layoffs, activity in both enterprisersproject.com (another Red Hat site, a much worse one**) and opensource.com was cut down (more than halved). Coincidence? Were they impacted? One can only guess, hence we hope for anonymous disclosure of information. The people fired by the Linux Foundation, longtime writers at Linux.com, never quite recovered or made a comeback. Eric Brown ‘retired’ from writing 1-2 years later, Carla (tuxchick) is hard to find online, and Jack Walllen is perhaps the last survivor of that cull. He’s still active in a number of sites.
* It is merely a side note that these layoffs aren’t justified. As mintCast put it earlier today, “Red Hat lays of 4% due to high profits…”

** Over the past few months enterprisersproject.com published about 2 dozen ‘articles’ that merely help Microsoft hype/dial up chatbots. It’s doing so again today. This helps Microsoft distract from its demise in most areas.

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