[Meme] Attacking Hydras, Attacking Communities

Posted in FSF, GNU/Linux, IBM, Red Hat at 8:10 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

“The rational argument by IBM, and their fellow mutually interested global giant corporations, is “YOU DO AS WE SAY, OR NO MONEY COMING TO YOU“. This is what every democracy in the planet has been reduced to, every democratic process that “tolerated” money/funding to be part of the decision making process.”

“FSF Richard M. Stallman and the gangsters of the globe” (published a couple of hours ago)

The more you attack it, the more you vindicate it

Summary: Last month’s attack on the FSF’s insistence on its mission statement was a spectacular shot in foot, revealing several corporations and their front groups for what they were all along


Fedora Council is Just a Mouthpiece and Instrument of IBM Management, It Doesn’t Speak For (What Used to Be) Fedora Project/Community

Posted in Deception, GNU/Linux, IBM, Red Hat at 4:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: Fedora is quickly distancing itself from the notion that it’s really a community, as opposed to a pet project of IBM (which IBM barely cares about; or less and less over time)

THE situation at Red Hat isn’t pretty, but that’s what happens when you join the total catastrophe that is IBM (see what insiders are saying). Many prominent people have left Red Hat, including GNU’s Alex Oliva; he was part of a trend — part of the exodus away from IBM and into companies that actually have somewhat of a future. We’ve noticed some IBM insiders citing Techrights when expressing concerns about their employer’s action and IBM employees have long attempted to bury links to Techrights (a couple of weeks ago half a dozen of them ganged up in Hacker News to spike a trending story, which was factual, because in it we showed inconvenient facts about IBM). For those who are in doubt, IBM is no friend of software freedom and one reader of ours pointed out to us IBM’s despotic role at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Days ago he sent a letter*.

“We’ve noticed some IBM insiders citing Techrights when expressing concerns about their employer’s action and IBM employees have long attempted to bury links to Techrights…”At IBM, for a fact, there were many layoffs and still many departures (resignations), including part of the above-mentioned Council. We’ve refrained from focusing on names, but we’ve already given examples of Fedora ostracising longtime community members and contributors while outsourcing code to Microsoft/GitHub and hosting to AWS. It’s as if IBM really doesn’t care and the other day a key person from Fedora (shown above) made excuses in his personal blog for outsourcing to Microsoft, as if giving the code to the NSA is “security” (Canonical's incidents refute such a talking point).

I myself am a former Fedora user, so it saddens me to see the project reduced to de facto mouthpiece of IBM — to the point of censoring Fedora contributors and attacking software freedom by joining hands with Bully de Blanc. I suppose that’s what people would do for a salary. Even in defiance of the views of volunteers. In a sense, Fedora Council is to Fedora what GNOME Foundation is to GNOME; it doesn’t speak for GNOME developers.
* “Attached is the Report About the USPTO that I prepared,” he told us. “Don’t know if it will do any good, but I’ll start sending it out next week, once I manage to get it printed, so I can mail it out to people in DC who I can’t contact by e-mail.” There’s a lot there about David Kappos (IBM/USPTO, also a lobbyist for Microsoft now) and USPTO blocking/neglecting/excluding GNU/Linux users. It’s a PDF file 3.3 MB in size (“REPORT ABOUT THE USPTO – PDF VERSION”).


IBM Presidents Teaching the FSF About Morality

Posted in Deception, IBM, Red Hat at 10:47 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

President at IBM Jim Whitehurst/allowhurst and Founder of IBM Thomas Watson

Four years after Hitler rose to power

Summary: Racist and sexist IBM is in NO position to lecture the FSF about morality; banning words won't undo the past, which is becoming the present again


Red Hat (IBM) Has No Moral High Ground to Stand on

Posted in Deception, IBM, Red Hat at 9:54 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Four years after Hitler rose to power

IBM Nazis

Tank: Be nice!

Free software users, IBM

Users' petition, Petition set up by IBM front groups, boosted by IBM-funded publishers

RMS support

Summary: It is rather astounding how abundant the hypocrisy is; companies that crush human rights and work for intelligence agencies that assassinate people have the audacity to lecture the FSF on ethics and even on diversity


Twitter and Hacker News Are Sensitive (Updated)

Posted in Deception, IBM, Red Hat at 2:47 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Sensitive Twitter
“The following media includes potentially sensitive content.” Et tu, Twitter?

Summary: The very same day we urge people not to rely on social control media and discourage dependence on third parties Hacker News hands us a timely gift, removing a factual story about IBM because IBM workers scream and shout (for censorship on behalf of their paymaster)

JUST over an hour ago Techrights was at the front page of Hacker News (“IBM is Destroying Red Hat and Red Hatters Are Leaving”). We’ve omitted the links due to ad hominem attacks from IBM employees. Not even factual attacks, just allusions and nastiness.

“So the story most popular and very recent too (that’s a factor in the story’s favour) was just spiked.”We saw it at #6 (from the top), then it suddenly fell down to 10th and minutes later it was gone. We don’t know who submitted the story to that site, the story was already two days old, but we decided to observe the usual spiking by Hacker News as it keeps happening and it’s easier to analyse in ‘slow motion’, so to speak. When the story was ranked #6 we could see several stories with far fewer points and fewer comments (in more time) ranked much higher. Why is that? As I put it at the time (we discussed this in IRC), “something ain’t right” and there’s “some human moderation”. Moments later it was gone from the front page. So the story most popular and very recent too (that’s a factor in the story’s favour) was just spiked. So then we looked at the comments, mostly to find that this whole thread was a Red Hat employee responding to Red Hat employee, citing Red Hat employee… (some IBM employees too in the mix, some with disclosure, some without).

“Speaking of corporate masters, hours ago Patently-O openly admitted it is now sponsored by patent maximalists who profit from software patents litigation and patents on life/nature. No pretence anymore.”What we’ve generally found was some spectacular ad hominem just less than an hour after we had done a video about this very same subject (naming Hacker News as a casual culprit). One might say that’s amazing trolling in the comments, ganging up against the messenger and not even denying the salary coming from the company that article was about. They managed a little ‘bury brigade’ and Hacker News fell for it, marking the submission as “flagged” (without reason specified). This keeps happening. Those whose message is not convenient to affluent/powerful people are silenced; what awful sites those are if they move to the whims of corporate masters…

Speaking of corporate masters, hours ago Patently-O openly admitted it is now sponsored by patent maximalists who profit from software patents litigation and patents on life/nature. No pretence anymore. Neither scholarly nor objective. Just marketing.

“They proved my point on the very same day that I spoke a lot about it (several videos earlier in the same day).”The tweet shown at the top relates to something we wrote about earlier this year.

In summary, so-called ‘Hacker’ ‘News’ basically flagged my story for no reason other than IBM employees (it’s a story about IBM) shouting at the messenger. Those IBM workers had gone totally ad hominem, not disproving anything in the story, whereupon social control media (centralised censorship) obeyed the demands. Maybe there will be some big advertising contract from IBM some time soon.

Don’t become dependent on those so-called ‘social’ sites. Those sites aren’t actually driven and powered by users but by corporations and people with massive salaries. Many comments from IBM employees (salaried aplenty) buried a link to my story, which was factual, just because it was damaging to IBM’s financial agenda. They proved my point on the very same day that I spoke a lot about it (several videos earlier in the same day).

Update: Twitter seems to have truly gone crazy with censorship.

Twitter hidden

Twitter unfolded


IBM is Destroying Red Hat and Red Hatters Are Leaving

Posted in Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, IBM, Red Hat at 8:50 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: The maltreatment of Red Hat at the hands of IBM is driving away people who joined Red Hat thinking it would help promote something positive, unlike the business model and ruthless patent aggression of IBM

THIS morning we caught up with some comments made anonymously by (we assume) IBM/Red Hat insiders. The situation has been rather bad for a while — layoffs included — and with that squeeze on CentOS users to pay IBM (this has largely backfired in several different ways) “redhatters [are] leaving in troves. Get out while you can.” Says an insider, apparently…

We’re aware of some who already left, but complete statistics are available only internally (at IBM).

“Get out while you can.”

“Free software that is difficult to set up and maintain can limit one’s freedom.”So says the latest comment, only weeks old. In this video I give some background information, I explain why Ansible/containers (OpenShift, Podman)/systemd are added complexity which helps sell support contracts, and I remind people that I’m no Red Hat basher. I’ve spent nearly 20 years boosting the company and its products, many of which I’ve used and still use.

Yesterday we wrote about added technical complexity as a barrier. It’s like a form of vendor lock-in, no matter if it’s proprietary or Free software. Free software that is difficult to set up and maintain can limit one’s freedom.

A do not enter signTake AWS for example (Fedora is being outsourced to Microsoft and to AWS). AWS is not Free software but an exploiter of Free software (ask projects which are ‘monetised’ by Amazon at those projects’ expense). AWS is about learning and memorising GUIs, not real skills, and those ‘skills’ become useless anyway as soon as you move to a customer/server that doesn’t have AWS (then there’s inclination to just outsource everything to such a surveillance monopoly). IBM wants something along the same lines. It nowadays has Amazon envy and it’s doing harm to what remains of Red Hat.


Trolling Community Developers of GNU/Linux Via Patent Trolls — Part III: The Technical and Legal Burden as Weapon Against the Community

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Google, IBM, Patents, Red Hat at 6:17 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: Community-led and Free software-based GNU/Linux distributions (“distros”) are under attack from software patents; the monopoly wannabes of GNU/Linux (companies like IBM) contribute to the problem with their awful and self-serving patent policies

TODAY we continue a series that was started earlier this month (background in Part I and Part II is essential albeit summarised in the video above; more background information was published here last year [1, 2]). The short story is, community-led distros of GNU/Linux are under attack and methods are split among two main categories: technical and legal.

To put it in simple terms, those looking to monopolise the GNU/Linux market (in effect turning it into the “new UNIX”) make it hard to catch up with technical developments and releases (technical barrier). On top of that, they support software patents, which become a legal threat (legal barrier, also financial).

“Where’s IBM in all this? Nowhere. IBM is busy trying to get itself another monopoly.”Notice how much of the GNU/Linux stack IBM/Red Hat hopes to dominate, how frequent releases of systemd have become (the same is true for Chrome; Google uses similar tactics and has recently made Chrome releases even 50% more frequent than before while shutting out derivatives from its ‘disservices’).

We need to talk about those things. The community isn’t assisted but obstructed by some companies. OIN won’t help us; OIN works for companies like IBM.

“Via said that as administrators of the patent pool, they will now take [legal] action,” one community distro recently told us, “but this was some time ago and I haven’t heard from them since.”

They keep threatening distro developers with patent litigation. Even just to scare them, perhaps hoping they would abandon development altogether and move on to something else in their lives.

“I’m now aware of what got the attention of Via Licensing,” the distro source told us. “We requested specs for Dolby Vision from Dolby a few years ago. That fell on deaf ears, but we recently got a response stating that if we want to license Dolby Vision, we’ll need to fix our licensing for AAC, AC3 (thought that had expired), TrueHD etc etc. That doesn’t sound FRAND to me — but who knows.”

So it is a form of blackmail. People who care about the law, including copyright (basis of copyleft) law, are being bullied. “I haven’t reached out to OIN/Unified Patents yet,” the source noted, “and won’t do so until I get a legal threat in writing.”

We won’t name the distro or any persons, but Dolby and Via Licensing would likely know or can speculate about identities.

“We sell our own device based on AMLogic SoCs and have access to AMLogic BSPs,” the source said. “AMLogic’s SLA and NDAs permit redistribution of GPLv2 code — but prevent access to Git history, which I suppose is no different to what Red Hat did years ago to slow down CentOS progress. It goes without saying that we do not ship these files as part of our open source platform.”

For those who missed it, we wrote about a GPL violation, as specified in Part II.

In the next part we’ll talk about reverse engineering efforts and what sort of huge burden (e.g. re-implementation) serves to slow down the evolution of community-led distros. This teaches us about the great harm of European software patents being granted by the EPO. People who fight for other people’s rights, e.g. privacy, are coming under vengeful and retaliatory attacks. Where’s IBM in all this? Nowhere. IBM is busy trying to get itself another monopoly.


Fake Security From Linux Foundation and the Monopolies It’s Fronting for

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Security at 12:17 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link

Summary: Linux Foundation as a front group (of IBM and others) is once again falsely marketing as ‘security’ something which in practice gives more control to a handful of monopolies that spy on people and steal people’s personal data (that in itself is a security breach)

THE above video turned out to be a lot longer than expected. It started by dealing with fake security like this latest monopolisation and centralisation stunt, sheltered by the Linux Foundation for the impression of being vendor-neutral.

At the end the video ended up mentioning UEFI ‘secure’ boot (outsourcing control to monopolies; letting foreign corporations decide what you can and cannot boot on your computer), Flathub (the binary/blob/proprietary “repo” or “app/s store” mentality), TPM, and even Let's Encrypt, which turns Web access into a monopoly (one authority getting to decide what sites you can and cannot access). Of course none of those things are truly about security; they’re about control (not yours, not by you) and centralisation/monopolisation that will definitely beget censorship and collective social control.

IBM logoIt’s 2021 already and the corporate media participates in a campaign of deception around what constitutes real security and good practices around real security. Boosted by FUD, Microsoft is trying to buy the major supply chains (GitHub and then NPM), in turn serving malware to GNU/Linux and then blaming “Linux” or the companies using it (never even mentioning that malware was in fact being delivered by Microsoft from its very own servers). This is not security. This is monopoly imposed on us in the name of “security”, just as back doors inside encryption get marketed as “national security” (as if only terrorists need secure communication channels).

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