The Developing World Abandons Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux at All-Time Highs on Desktops/Laptops

Posted in GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Search, Windows at 8:01 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Windows down to 11% in Africa:

Operating System Market Share Africa

Summary: Microsoft, with 80 billion dollars in longterm debt and endless layoffs, is losing the monopolies; the media doesn’t mention this, but some publicly-accessible data helps demonstrate that

THE MEDIA is in a truly terrible shape, but we can say here what the media is mostly ignoring, maybe because it’s considered “advertisers-unfriendly”.

We’re now in the month of June. The numbers from African are quite telling (Android, which includes Linux, approaches 80% market share), GNU/Linux + KDE + DRM (SteamOS/Steam Deck) means that gamers are flocking to GNU/Linux (Microsoft's grip on gamers is slipping), GNU/Linux apparently rises to 14% market share in India, and worldwide GNU/Linux is estimated at 3% now (an all-time high by this firm’s yardstick; it had issues with unclassified data in recent months). The news must be very displeasing to Microsoft, which is laying off a lot of staff every month this year. Since all this “HEY HI” (AI) hype in the media started back in January (Microsoft SPAM, paid-for chaff that distracts from layoffs) the market share of Bing fell and continues to fall.

“Microsoft is run by thugs and criminals, so wasn’t this blackmail expected?”Reportedly, as of today, Microsoft is blackmailing the UK over the decision of CMA. Microsoft is run by thugs and criminals, so wasn’t this blackmail expected?


Microsoft Pundits’ Predictions Versus Reality

Posted in Deception, Google, Microsoft, Search at 10:12 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Search Engine Market Share Worldwide: Google Search estimated market share of 93% worldwide

But forget about reality… Microsoft was eager to tell people they don’t need search engines and should instead get hyped-up chatbots.

Paid-for Microsoft fluff aplenty (we give just one example from each month; the marketing/propaganda strategy changed). Starting with January:

Bill Gates-funded propaganda rag: Microsoft reportedly to add ChatGPT to Bing search engine


ChatGPT for Bing is almost here – is Google doomed?


OpenAI tech gives Microsoft's Bing a boost in search battle with Google: No, Microsoft actually LOST share since the vapourware chaff started


Samsung is reportedly thinking of switching from Google Search to Bing: Thinking! It never happened. Same about Microsoft WANTING Firefox to switch.


Microsoft Wants Firefox to Ditch Google, Switch to Bing: Microsoft wants all sorts of things Firefox users don't want

Summary: With an estimated market share of 93% worldwide, Google Search has only gained share [1, 2] — not lost share — since Microsoft introduced vapourware for Bing (whilst in fact laying off a lot of Bing staff — a simple fact that the media barely mentioned)


No Wonder Microsoft Laid Off Bing Staff and Started Aggressively Shilling Chatbots Instead (Bing Market Share is in a Freefall)

Posted in Microsoft, Search at 10:57 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

When corporations become too big they start buying and controlling the press. Remember “metaverse”?

All search hosts
DuckDuckGo is a proxy of Microsoft; more people realise this and quit using it [1, 2]

Bing.com share in %; January: Chatbot chaff starts in media campaign
Source data: Relative share by search host (ODF, data retrieved from here)

Summary: It bears repeating that Microsoft is in a state of crisis (burning energy for LLMs using mostly unused/abandoned Azure capacity is money down the drain; there’s no business model!) and all those paid-for media narratives about Google being doomed (Windows is doomed) are ludicrous because Bing is collapsing and there are many layoffs (even whole offices are being vacated in Bellevue)


Bing is Dying and Chatbots Won’t Save Bing

Posted in Deception, Microsoft, Search at 9:42 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Don’t believe the hype (a shameless lying blitz)

Microsoft layoffs, chatbot hype campaign starts to distract; Bing down from 6% to 5.something (despite loads of marketing); Google has actually gained ground

Summary: The ‘father’ of Bing left Microsoft, many Bing employees were laid off earlier this year, and the remaining ones relocated out of their office in Bellevue; the media is meanwhile hyping up the “Bing” brand (we saw new examples this morning) and pretending that Google is doomed; the data does not support this phony narrative (it’s more or less the same in other regions around the world; overall, worldwide, Bing market share is measured at about 2.5%)


Contrary to What Microsoft-Funded Media Keeps Saying, Bing Has Lost a Lot of Market Share Since the Lying Chatbot Was Introduced (Despite Endless Marketing)

Posted in America, Microsoft, Patents, Search at 6:51 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Even in places/geographies where Microsoft does a lot of “marketing” and back room deals the market share of Bing falls noticeably (there were also many Bing layoffs this year).

Search Engine Market Share North America Nov 2022 – Apr 2023: (link)

Search Engine Market Share North America Nov 2022 - Apr 2023
Down by a lot since all the fake hype started (from 7% to about 5.5%)

Search Engine Market Share Europe Nov 2022 – Apr 2023: (link)

Search Engine Market Share Europe Nov 2022 - Apr 2023
Down by a lot since all the fake hype started (from 4% to about 3%)

Summary: We keep reminding people that the media/press is lying for Microsoft; not only is Bing not gaining, as in practice it is universally falling quite sharply and there are layoffs in that division (some of those who survived the layoffs are now vacated from the offices in Bellevue, WA)


Microsoft is Collapsing in Brazil Despite of or Because of the Chaffbot (HypeGPT)

Posted in America, Free/Libre Software, GNU/Linux, Google, Microsoft, Search at 3:43 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Since Microsoft introduced its hyped-up chatbot (HypeGPT) Bing’s market share in Brazil fell from about 2.5% to only about 1.5% (watch out, Google! You’re doomed due to chaff and hype!)

Search in Brazil

GNU/Linux has millions of desktop/laptop users in Brazil in spite of the horrible things Microsoft did there (presentation from last month):

GNU/Linux usage in Brazil

Summary: In spite of some perils or growing pains, there are millions of GNU/Linux users in Lula’s country and Microsoft faces a crisis


Aggressive Microsoft Marketing/Lies as Bing Falls Closer to 2% Market Share, Google Gains More Share (ChatGPT Has Only Harmed Bing, Which Has Layoffs Too)

Posted in Deception, Google, Microsoft, Search at 7:04 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Example of media ‘spam’ today (just yet more of that “GOOGLE IS DEAD” talking point; ever since ChatGPT was introduced Bing consistently lost share; it is a de facto censorship and distortion machine):

Schadenfreude, Anyone? Long Enslaved Media Biz Revels as Suddenly Vulnerable Google Gets Its Butt Kicked in AI (Bloom)

What has “Bloom” been smokin’?

Consider the public data. Microsoft is down, not up:

Microsoft shell/proxy; Down about 5% this past month alone

Summary: There’s a lot of noise in the media today*; it serves to distract from a fresh round of Microsoft layoffs
* Microsoft trolls including ‘Gulagboy’ Matthew Garrett also did a lot of a very aggressive trolling in IRC yesterday. This is bordering on the criminal.


Google is Dead, Say Microsoft Pundits, But Despite the Chatbot and Hype (and Amid Bing Layoffs) Bing Share Falls From 3.6% to 2.6%… in a Matter of 6 Months

Posted in Deception, Google, Microsoft, Search at 10:38 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bing down from 3.6% to 2.6%

Summary: Over the past few months Microsoft-sponsored “media” kept saying that Google was doomed because of some chaffbot (smokescreen, vapourware or chaff amid Microsoft layoffs, including many in Bing), but judging by the actual data Bing is down from 3.6% to 2.6% (it lost about 30% of its relative share in only 6 months)

Chatbot means Google doomed

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