Steve Ballmer and His Wife Connie Join Gates and Co. in Their Crusade Against Public Education

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 10:53 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: News suggests that more people from Microsoft (not just Raikes and Gates) are occupying the obligatory system which shapes the next generation at taxpayers’ expense

INJUSTICE is prevalent when the legal system is operated directly or indirectly by those who are affluent. Such status quo would be prejudiced against those who are unable to pay. Tax law is similarly dependent on the influence of money, which means that those who are very rich will make up ways to pay little or no tax. This is a famous problem in the United States of America and increasingly in the UK too. People pay more tax the richer they are but once they get to a certain level they can become almost tax-exempt, using loophole which they lobbied to create and call “legal”.

“Additionally, Gates uses the publicly-funded education system to do what it tells everyone to do.”So-called foundations make the situation ever more outrageous because they glorify those who do not pay tax and sometimes help rob the public, too. Citing this article, Gates Keepers alleges that “The public subsidises the Gates Foundation” — a subject that we covered here before. To repeat the crux of the argument, what the Gates Foundation is doing is lobbying politicians to funnel taxpayers’ money into companies that the foundation invests in for profit. It is about monopolies, patents, and public subsidies. We gave many examples and showed how this is done.

Additionally, Gates uses the publicly-funded education system to do what it tells everyone to do. These acts are an injury and an insult to future generations, which Gates believes he is responsible for along with fellow plutocrats, shaping the minds of children not for critical thinking but for obedience and admiration of those in power (like himself).

There is a new article titled “The Money Behind the School Board Incumbents”. It is one among many recent articles that portray Bill Gates as the villain in the education scene. They know he is up to no good, a self-servitude of sorts that also buys the media to hide those real interests. To quote:

All the School Board incumbents are supported by zillionaire donors who don’t have children in our schools. Most live on the Eastside. They generously funded The Seattle Foundation to bring Teach for America into Seattle Public Schools. Most also backed the defeat of Initiative 1098. The anti-1098 donors include Steve and Connie Ballmer, Matt Griffin, Evelyne Rozner, John Stanton, and James Faulstich. In addition to backing TFA and the incumbents, Connie Ballmer sits on the WA advisory board of Stand For Children, a national lobbying organization that aggressively promotes charter schools. Jeff Raikes, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and his wife Patricia did not donate to defeat I-1098, but they support TFA, charter schools and the incumbents. The same holds true for John Faulstich.

What if any connection is there between defeating Initiative 1098, supporting Teach for America, Stand for Children and the incumbent School Board Directors?

First– why the opposition to I-1098 from anyone who supports public education? Initiative 1098 would have provided $2 billion a year as a trust fund dedicated to public education, health services and middle class tax relief. The year I-1098 was filed, Seattle Public Schools had a budget shortfall of $34 million. It’s safe to assume these people don’t want a miniscule portion of their ginormous incomes to support public education as it is now. They must have another plan.

Teach for America provides public and charter schools with conditionally certified teachers who have received a total of five weeks of training during the summer. Charter schools hire many of their teachers through Teach for America. Wendy Kopp, founder, CEO and relentless marketer of TFA draws an annual salary of $660,000, paid for by funds presumably raised for public education. TFA also received $50mil from the Obama administration last year. TFA is very much a part of a national movement to privatize and profit from public education through charter schools.


The challengers in this race are trying to move us beyond this phase of Ed Reform to the next. Our vision of effective Ed Reform is about meeting the individual needs of our students, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all standardized education. We must increase pathways to success by offering compelling programs that engage students all the way through high school, and help them prepare for the futures they want. We must improve our curricula and give struggling students more support. We must open up our district to far greater community input and control. We need to restore more choice to our student assignment plan. And we can do it all without diverting public funds into the pockets of people like Wendy Kopp and others who profit from charter schools.

We found it most interesting that even the Ballmers are in it now. Ballmer’s wife is a PR person (professionally), which says a lot on its own. These couples also sponsored Obama's PR campaign, which got him elected. Ballmer routinely visits the White House now. We gave examples in the past.

Here is another new article critical of Gates, despite his sponsorship of education news sites (with aim of influencing coverage). The headline says Bill Gates’ Big Play: How Much Can Money Buy in Education?

What would happen if one of the wealthiest men in the world decided to remake the institution of public education in America? What if that man believed he understood the secrets to success, and sought to align the nation’s schools to his vision and methods? What if he decided to devote all his time and considerable money to this objective? Could he succeed? We are in the process of finding out just how far money and a sharply defined agenda can take you.

Why is Gates deciding on educational policy in public education? This is a person who went to prestigious private schools and sends his kids to these. There is a poor article titled “Bill Gates: Poverty not excuse for no education”. So says the man who was born rich and didn’t finish college. Here is a copy of it (the original expired):

Bill Gates: Poverty not excuse for no education

Microsoft founder Bill Gates told the National Urban League on Thursday that a child’s success should not depend on the race or income of parents and that poverty cannot be an excuse for a poor education.

This is just the usual shallow coverage from AP, but what’s troubling here is different; who is he to talk for the poor? Or to demand better education/results from these people? Just because he is wealthy and employs lobbying groups to run a lot of things (for profit) does not make him a figure of legitimate authority. The AP not only parrots or promotes his so-called ‘studies’ (sponsored propaganda, as we showed before in AP). In this case it also lends to the man’s status by quoting him as though he is an education expert. This is truly troubling. But the BBC is worse. We’ll deal with that next.


ES: El Establecimiento de la Agenda por Microsoft

Posted in Bill Gates, FUD, GPL, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 3:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

(ODF | PDF | English/original)

Resumen: ex y actuales funcionarios de Microsoft se reunen a su alrededor y difunden propaganda.

CUANDO MUCHOS altos directivos abandonan Microsoft[http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Microsoft_-_Major_Departure], hay más y más topos para su uso de Microsoft (Elop, por ejemplo). Es algo muy preocupante. Bill Gates ha estado haciendo mucho más daño[http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Gates_Foundation_Critique] desde que salió de Microsoft y en la actualidad, uno de sus movimientos más preocupantes es su cabildeo de patentes. Es lo que se necesita para Microsoft para sobrevivir unos cuantos años más, a expensas de su competencia, literalmente. Hemos hecho un recuento no oficial en torno a Microsoft y llegamos a la conclusión de que las únicas dos personas principales que quedan dentro de Microsoft, serían Mundie (convoy de Microsoft a las congregaciones del gobierno [1[http://techrights.org/2009/04/28/quotes-craig-mundie/], 2[http://techrights.org/2009/05/02/craig-mundie-lobbies-big-eu-guns/]] y Bilderberg[http://techrights.org/2010/06/06/electionmall-and-lobbying/]) y Ballmer, cuya presencia en Microsoft podría terminar pronto debido a una mayor presión.

“Tal vez su continua calumnia de la GPL es un intento de una profecía por auto-cumplirse.”Se debe hacer hincapié una vez más que para que los administradores de Microsoft salgan verdaderamente de la compañía por lo general tienen que retirarse. Si no lo hacen, entonces se limitan a difundir la cultura de Microsoft para otra compañía como un tipo de contaminación. Hemos visto lo que ocurrio dentro de Amazon, que ahora está pagando a Microsoft por Linux[http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Amazon] (después de haber absorbido a muchos altos ejecutivos de Microsoft). Un director de marketing de Microsoft fundó una compañía llamada Black Duck[http://techrights.org/wiki/index.php/Black_Duck], que actualmente es la única fuente que clama que la GPL está en declive. Seguimos viendo los artículos que repiten acríticamente esas alegaciones que se basan en métodos propios con datos de propiedad de una sola dudosa fuente. Tal vez su continua calumnia de la GPL es un intento de una profecía por auto-cumplirse. Mira las publicaciones de Microsoft simpátizando con Black Duck[http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/black-duck-software-named-to-sd-times-100-for-fourth-consecutive-year-124277339.html]. Muy peligroso. Otra de estas empresas, que está dirigido por un veterano de Microsoft quien ha creado un blog de software “libre” con el fin de atraer tráfico. Pocos de los visitantes conocen la hostilidad contra la GPL de esa empresa. Debemos estar al tanto de la agenda-setting por ex funcionarios de Microsoft, no sólo su personal existente. Ah, y por cierto, este año también Craig Mundie de Microsoft, el jefe de investigación y estrategia para el monopolista, asistirá a la secreta reunión de Bilderberg[http://bilderberg2011.com/bilderberg-members/bilderberg-2010-images-exposed/attachment/009/]. Tal vez él va allí cada vez sólo porque hacen un buen café.

Translation produced by Eduardo Landaveri, the administrator of the Spanish portal of Techrights.

Bilderberg Oosterbeek


Agenda-Setting by Microsoft

Posted in Bill Gates, Deception, FUD, GPL, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 7:20 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Microsoft’s former and existing staff gets around and gets its propaganda spreading

AS MANY top managers leave Microsoft, there are more and more moles for Microsoft to use (Elop for example). It is a very troubling thing. Bill Gates has been doing a lot more damage since he left Microsoft and currently, one of his more troubling moves is patent lobbying. It’s what it takes for Microsoft to survive a few more years, at the expense of its competition, literally. We have done an unofficial headcount around Microsoft and came to the conclusion that the only two core people are left inside Microsoft; those would be Mundie (Microsoft’s convoy to government congregations [1, 2] and to Bilderberg) and Ballmer, whose presence at Microsoft might end soon due to increased pressure.

“Maybe its long-going GPL smear is an attempt at a self-fulfilling prophecy.”It ought to be emphasised once again that for Microsoft managers to truly leave the company they usually must retire. If they don’t, then they merely spread the Microsoft culture to yet another company which they sort of contaminate. We saw that happen inside Amazon, which is now paying Microsoft for Linux (after it had absorbed many top managers from Microsoft). A marketing manager from Microsoft founded a company called Black Duck, which is currently almost the exclusive source claiming the GPL to be on the decline. We keep seeing articles that uncritically repeat those claims that are based on proprietary methods with proprietary data from a single dubious source. Maybe its long-going GPL smear is an attempt at a self-fulfilling prophecy. Watch the Microsoft-sympathetic publications groom Black Duck. Very dangerous. Another such firm which is led by a Microsoft veteran has just created a FOSS blog in order to attract traffic. Little do the visitors know about the GPL hostility from that firm. Be aware of agenda-setting by former Microsoft staff, not just existing personnel. Oh, and by the way, this year too Microsoft’s Craig Mundie, the chief research and strategy officer for the monopolist, will attend the secretive Bilderberg meeting. Maybe he goes there every time just because they make good coffee.

Bilderberg Oosterbeek


Microsoft’s CEO More Likely to Leave After His Disastrous Skype Move

Posted in Finance, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 9:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Anger within Microsoft and the community of its shareholders is likely to increase pressure on Steve Ballmer, as it already does

SKYPE being bought was a great deal for its developers, but a total waste of money for Microsoft. “Angry Microsoft stock holder admits to a lot of thing we already know about Microsoft in the Free Software community,” says this person to the FSF group, pointing to this piece which was titled “The Ballmer Days Are Over”

I think it is appropriate at this time to start the countdown of how long Ballmer has left until he “steps down”. 1 This Skype deal should be the final nail in the coffin for the Ballmer era at Microsoft, yet I fear that employee number 30 may get a reprieve. Let’s take a stroll down Ballmer memory lane:


Ballmer’s acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion dollars is not only a gross overpay, but a complete waste of money for Microsoft. Ballmer has yet to lay out a clear reason why Microsoft wanted Skype. He has only stated the obvious: integration in Microsoft products — which could have been done in a partnership instead of an acquisition. In fact, the acquisition by most accounts sounded more like a move by Ballmer to buy something that others 2 may have wanted to own — just for the sake of others not owning it.

Beyond that is the fact that Microsoft has 89,000 employees — are you telling me that the company that put a computer in every home couldn’t create a Skype clone?

Microsoft employees too are unhappy about this deal. While the company lays off a lot of employees and pays less to the rest (e.g. by offshoring), here we have a major waste of money.

My co-host Tim predicted that Ballmer would leave Microsoft some time around the middle of this year. Is the board about to take action? Ballmer sure hasn’t helped Microsoft’s attempts to paint itself as a friend of “Open Source”. People are already abandoning Skype and using just SIP clients. Earlier today we ran a successful test recording with just free software and getting good results. Our interview with Richard Stallman is coming soon.


Steve Ballmer as King of Novell

Posted in Novell, Steve Ballmer, Videos at 7:21 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Blast from the past as Microsoft’s CEO is a speaker at Novell’s event (about 20 years ago)

BROUGHT back from the dead some days ago in YouTube was this three-part video of Steve Ballmer speaking at BrainShare [1, 2, 3]. Here is part one.

Eventually, in part thanks to Ron Hovsepian, Ballmer turned Novell into some kind of Microsoft subsidiary.


Microsoft Staff Dislikes the CEO of Microsoft

Posted in Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 2:19 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: New numbers suggest that Steve Ballmer is the worst technology CEO, based on the opinion of his own employees

The co-founder of Microsoft dislikes the other co-founder, as we noted this afternoon. But what happens when the entire staff dislikes the CEO, Steve Ballmer? Glyn Moody calls this “incredible” and it seems as though Ballmer’s wing(wo)man, Bartz, is also doing pretty badly. Microsoft’s booster Preston Gralla asks, “[h]ow long can he last” — meaning — when will Ballmer get fired?

For the last two years, Glassdoor.com has regularly surveyed employees of a dozen major tech companies and asks them to rate their CEOs. It just announced the latest year’s rankings, and the news couldn’t be worse for Ballmer. His approval rating is down in the dumps, at 40%. The next worst CEO rating is well above his, eBay’s John Donahoe at 46%.

It’s official. Microsoft is in a state of unrest wrt management-ordinary workers relationships. Maybe Microsoft will just send more of its workers from the West to teach (somewhere in Asia) how their job is done, then announce layoffs, then announce hiring in Asia a year later. It’s not just Microsoft’s trick for cutting costs but also convenient means of getting more obedient staff which will revere the management “from America” and feel ever so thankful.


Nicolas Sarkozy ‘Pulls a Kissinger’ on Steve Ballmer

Posted in Europe, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 11:40 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Bush and Sarkozy
Nicolas Sarkozy with Laura Bush

Summary: French president Sarkozy associates himself with a Microsoft thug by giving him a medal

“PULLING a Kissinger” is giving someone an award rather than a deserved jail sentence. This is not a political site, but just to give people a taste of what’s happening here, the wording is about giving respect to war criminals such as Henry Kissinger (foreign policy person), who once said: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” In the World Affairs Council Press Conference (Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, April 19th 1994) he said: “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer. [...] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.”

On another occasion he said: “Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.” Kissinger is probably better known for his role alongside Nixon and all the carpet-bombing of innocent civilians.

But anyway, for the uninitiated we have this wiki page about Nicolas Sarkozy. As a quick recap, Mr. Sarkozy was vacationing in the houses of Microsoft executives, recently posing to the cameras with Bill Gates (the article is about François Fillon and Microsoft), and also helping OOXML. He seems to be very deep inside the pockets of the ‘Microsoft family’, which leads him to causing damage to many French companies such as Archos (e.g. with Android copyright tax, the infamous “you’re definitely a pirate” tax). One reader passed us the following message from Microsoft Europe, which says: “French President Nicolas Sarkozy has awarded Steve Ballmer for Microsoft’s impact on French economy” (the accompanying link is to a French page).

France has recently done a lot of things that are jaw-dropping and at the same time directly beneficial to Microsoft. The remarks from François Fillon are telling. “French prez sticks pin in Steve Ballmer,” says this new article from The Register:

French president Nicholas Sarkozy delivered a profound judgement on Microsoft yesterday, declaring that the company personifies the values of France and Europe.

While such a declaration would quicken the heart of US artists and filmmakers, it might not be the sort of endorsement that a nakedly capitalist, (sometimes) bleeding edge US firm would welcome.

Sarkozy made his declaration as he adorned Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with the Legion D’Honneur, a knightly order originated by Napoleon.

Glyn Moody said they are “made for each other” and tagged it “authoritarianism”. The Napoleonic origin is fitting. Just like Kissinger, here we have merciless imperialists to whom huge numbers of casualties don’t mean a thing (Microsoft harmed a lot of French companies). Sarkozy is associating himself with some bad neighbourhood.

“I think he [Bill Gates] has a Napoleonic concept of himself and his company, an arrogance that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses [...] They don’t act like grown-ups!”

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson


Here It Goes Again: Insinuations That Microsoft’s CEO Should be Ousted

Posted in Bill Gates, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer at 6:12 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Exit sign

Summary: Steve Ballmer wants to reorganise, but the reorganisation should include removing him, argue pundits

SUCH suggestions, rumours and speculations about Steve Ballmer are nothing new. They go back at least to 2008 and the subject was brought up here on many occasions, e.g.:

Amid crisis at Microsoft (inability to find an alternative direction), there are more yet suggestions that Ballmer should get canned, e.g.:

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is reportedly looking to shake things up at the top by bringing in senior managers with more tech and engineering backgrounds, according to a Bloomberg report citing unnamed sources. The move, on the surface, is supposed to accelerate Microsoft’s push into tablets, smartphones and other categories where the company has fallen behind.

But dare I say again that the problems with Microsoft have more to do with senior managers not having the technology and engineering know-how that’s needed to keep one of the pioneers of technology ahead of the game? You see, the root of the problem is not product managers. The root of the problem goes much higher than that – all the way to the CEO’s office.

Microsoft booster Matt Rosoff [1, 2, 3, 4] has another take on it. The Microsoft booster takes it in a different direction by suggesting that existing people (some of whom are leaving) were technical. The former article wrongly suggests that Gates as opposed to Ballmer was a “techie”, conveniently forgetting what Gates went to college for and what his colleagues thought of his code (they used the “S” word to describe it). According to this page, Kildall said that “Steve Jobs is nothing. Steve Wozniak did it all, the hardware and the software. All Jobs did was hang around and take the credit.” Sounds pretty familiar, eh?

“Now it was time to annihilate a new competitor, and Gates wanted Eller for the job. [...] By February 1990, Eller’s group was partially staffed. They were already working on their first demo, and their mission was clear: Kill GO Corp. Raikes had said as much. Squashing the competition was not a written policy, but something woven into the ethos of Microsoft.”

Barbarians Led by Bill Gates, a book composed
by the daughter of Microsoft’s PR mogul

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