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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ray Niro and James B. Parker Assert Four Scott Harris Patents Against Fish & Richardson Clients in South Florida

This was going to be my only post today, but you people keep emailing me with good stuff.

The Niro/Harris/Parker/Fish & Richardson battle is brewing in Chicago, but like all good Midwesterners, Niro is going south for the winter. Yesterday he filed a complaint on behalf of Innovative Patented Technology, LLC. The complaint asserts four patents purportedly related to cellphones: 7,096,187 ("Compressed Audio Information"), 7,260,421 ("Communication device that communicates events using compressed audio information"), 6,738,643 ("Phone sync"), and 7,079,652 ("Login Renewal Based On Device Surroundings").

Innovative Patented Technology, LLC is a Florida corporation with one and only one member: Florida attorney James Beauregard Parker (known in these parts as J-Beau). The corporate shell is represented by Ray Niro. The accused products are 4 Samsung cellphones and at least 1 Nokia cellphone. The '652 patent is only asserted against Samsung. The other three patents are asserted against both defendants. Willfulness is not alleged, but an injunction is requested.

Another interesting tidbit: local counsel is Adam Heffner of Schneider & Heffner. They are located at 1900 N.W. Corporate Blvd, Suite 301W, Boca Raton, Florida. Same exact address given by J-Beau in corporate documents for IPT.

Samsung is or was a Fish & Richardson client. Same with Nokia (is or was).

The non-practicing entity/patent troll known as James Parker a/k/a J. Beauregard Parker a/k/a J-Beau has now filed the following lawsuits:

Memory Control Enterprise, LLC v. Honda, LG Electronics, Motorola, Oakley, and US Cellular (NDIL, August 2007)
BarTex Research, LLC v. FedEx (EDTX, August 2007)
Illinois Computer Research v. Google (NDIL, September 2007)
Innovative Patented Technology v. Nokia and Samsung (SDFL, December 2007)

That's 4 lawsuits against 9 defendants, in a 4-month time span.

By the way, the reason I have been linking to PatentFizz for the patents is not because I'm Matt Buchanan. But Matt has a good idea with his site. A way to link to PDFs, assignment information, and allow users to post anonymous comments. He invites everyone who wants to do so to post comments on any patent (Acacia's JPEG-on-a-website patent, for example). He promises that he does not track IP addresses.