Links 6/5/2020: Debian-Based Sparky 2020.05 and Tails 4.6, 76.0 Firefox Release and Microsoft-Connected Firm on Rise of GNU/Linux in Desktops/Laptops

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… source software for vector graphic designing best known as replacement to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. By this article I send my gratitude to all geniuses who made Inkscape since it was named Sodipodi up to today and beyond for it is truly meaningful to me as I create all my artworks using it. Thank you for all your hard work! For all dear UbuntuBuzz.com readers here are the official information and more about it collected in one place. Let’s download Inkscape!

Inkscape …


Links 24/4/2020: Ubuntu LTS, Alpine 3.9.6 and 3.10.5, Rust 1.43.0

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… minimal and fast composer, Weston, for instance. For the same, they used tools and techniques that Corellium uses in their Android build for the iPhone.

Your iPhone or Android apps ‘reveal if you’re stressed, tidy or a party animal’

Top 5 Android alternatives to the iPhone SE in India

How to enable easy in-app purchases on an Android device

How to mirror your Android phone to PC for free, with full keyboard and mouse support

Vivo iQOO, iQOO Pro …


Links 20/4/2020: Linux 5.7 RC2, BleachBit 4.0.0 and DXVK’ 1.6.1

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… the successful installation and testing of minimal PostmarketOS on iPhone 7 using checkra1n and Corellium tools.

Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

Why I use open source technology for web development

Every day, millions of people all over the world access the OpenStack Foundation’s (OSF) web properties to learn about open infrastructure. This level of usage requires a platform and toolsets that are fast, flexible, and affordable—and this is where open …


Links 19/2/2020: KDE Plasma 5.18.1, GNOME 3.36 Beta 2 and WordPress 5.4 Beta 2

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… 2005 and is comparable in functionality and quality to other popular graphics editors such as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Paint.NET, Microsoft Paint, and others.

It is a popular choice for digital artists since the FOSS application focuses more on painting than it does with post-processing or image manipulation, as many others do. These artists are also partial to MyPaint because of its support for unconventional and conventional brush types, full screen …


Links 18/1/2020: Mir 1.7 and GNU Guile 3.0.0

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… the guise that they must police trademarks or risk losing them.


Corellium CEO says Apple is trying to ‘eliminate public jailbreaks’ with latest DMCA filing

The intensity of the lawsuit that Apple has filed against software virtualization company Corellium has reached another level as the latter’s CEO says a recent DMCA from Apple claims that it is “engaging in trafficking” and that Apple is trying to set a precedent to “eliminate public …


Links 13/1/2020: Linux Lite 4.8, Linux 5.5 RC6, Corebird Continues as ‘Cawbird’

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… SC/Qt

Interview with Never Dot

I had been using Fractal Design’s Painter (now Corel’s) for many years, over a decade, and while I depended on it immensely, it was also somewhat buggy and the numerous upgrades I’d purchased were always introducing more problems than solutions for me. As such, I was pushed to find an alternative. I looked into Sai and Clip Studio Paint as being well received in the community. I was avoiding Photoshop both due to the subscription …


Links 9/1/2020: Cockpit 210, UEK Release 6

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… And More

Back in August, Apple kicked off an already questionable lawsuit against Corellium, makers of virtualization software that would let users create and interact with “virtual” iOS devices. It is a useful tool for a variety of reasons, including (importantly) for security researchers trying to hunt down bugs on a virtual iPhone. Over the last few months, security researchers in particular have been raising the alarm about this lawsuit. Then, just before the New Year, …


Links 7/1/2020: KDevelop 5.4.6, New Firefox and Endless OS Coming to Raspberry Pi

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… will reverberate beyond the security community and into the world of repair and maintenance.

Corellium’s software creates virtual iPhones in a web browser, so that app developers and security researchers can tinker without needing a physical device. It’s nerdy stuff that most people will never need, but it’s genuinely useful. So useful, in fact, that Apple tried to buy the company. When the founders refused, Apple decided to sue them into oblivion.

Monopolies …

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