Links 6/1/2020: Linux 5.5 RC5 is Out, But Media is More Interested in ‘Pure Garbage’

Posted in News Roundup at 1:43 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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… Copyright Act (DMCA) prohibition on circumvention of copyright-protection systems.

Apple sued Corellium, a company that sells access to virtual machines that run copies of the operating system used in iPhones and iPads, in August 2019. We detailed the initial allegations in a previous article; Apple said that Corellium sells “perfect replicas” of iOS without a license from Apple and markets its software as “a research tool for those trying to discover security vulnerabilities and …


Links 23/12/2019: Linux 5.5 RC3, LibreOffice 6.4 RC1, GNU Parallel 20191222 (‘Impeachment’), LinuxConsole 2019

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… Inkscape is a professional free software for vector graphic design. If you know your friends use CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is a replacement and alternative to them, but unlike them Inkscape is unlimited and available for all operating systems. Started in 2003 as a modification of Sodipodi software, in 2019 Inkscape grew into a world-wide famous and beloved illustration tool with great community. In this article, you will find its format is SVG, its color is RGB, and its …


Web Site Which Exposed Microsoft Crimes is Gone From the Web, But Copies Still Exist

Posted in Antitrust, Bill Gates, Microsoft at 12:45 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… eroded it irretrievably by the time broadband is pervasive ”

Jan 1997: “ With Netscape and Corel working together its nice that we organized ourselves so the group attacking Netscape and the group attacking Corel are under common leadership ”

Oct 1997: “ I have a critical meeting with Intel a week from Wednesday. I want to convince them that they need to stay away from Oracle NCs and work more closely with Microsoft ”

These are all quotes from Gates himself.

Recently …


Links 14/10/2019: Linux 5.4 RC3, POCL 1.4, Python 3.8.0

Posted in News Roundup at 1:55 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… That issue also included a review of one of the most popular Linux distributions back then: Corel Linux. Unfortunately, the disc was not included. Without internet at home, I was out of luck, but that issue still lit a spark within me.

Tired of Windows and Mac OS? Switch to Elementary OS!

Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful and clean-looking operating systems available for use in computers. It is fast, open and privacy-oriented. Elementary has its characteristic …


Links 10/9/2019: Kate Planning and GnuCash 3.7

Posted in News Roundup at 3:02 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… perpetuating the cycle, as they became the new standard bearers of jihad against their former coreligionists north and west of the Mediterranean.

Such are the rarely noted ironies of history.

Transparency/Investigative Reporting

‘Meduza’ correspondent Ivan Golunov receives award named for assassinated journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Meduza investigative journalist Ivan Golunov has received the Kamerton Prize, which honors the late Anna Politkovskaya. …


Links 1/9/2019: 4MLinux 30.0, LLVM 9.0 Third RC

Posted in News Roundup at 3:36 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… It also has secret back doors, with no liability. No audits. Complicity with spy agencies.]

Corelight’s Brian Dye: Data-Driven Approach, Open Source Tools Key to Building Defensive Cyber Program

Brian Dye, chief product officer at cybersecurity firm Corelight, has said agencies should implement data-driven security approach and open source-based tools to protect their networks from cyber attacks. Dye wrote that some federal agencies have shifted toward that approach with the use …


Links 22/8/2019: KDE ISO Image Writer, GNU Parallel ‘Jesper Svarre’

Posted in News Roundup at 5:32 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… makes sense only in the context of ATM technology.”


Apple Sues Corellium Over ‘Illegal Replication’ of iOS

In other words, Apple believes Corellium creates copies of iOS, sells them to anyone willing to pay, including foreign governments, and in the process violates Apple’s rights. Apple is demanding the Corellium Apple Product be blocked from sale, all products using Apple copyrights be destroyed, cash compensation be paid, and Corellium …


Links 19/8/2019: Another Linux 5.3 RC, OpenSUSE’s Richard Brown Steps Down, Slackware Creates Patreon Page, Qt 6 Initiated

Posted in News Roundup at 4:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

… instead?

Apple is suing a virtualisation software company

If you don’t know, Corellium’s business involves creating digital versions of software in the browser for outsiders to tinker with, without burning their way through actual hardware. A security researcher could, for example, request a simulated iPhone running iOS, and then hunt for bugs. If one is found, they could then load up previous versions of the operating system to give them an idea of how long the …

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