Links 29/4/2018: Microsoft Excuses, Mesa 18.1 RC2, and Mesa 18.0.2

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… for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free alternative to programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photo Paint that is especially popular in the GNU/Linux world.

Users may download the latest GIMP release from the official project website where it is offered as a direct download and torrent. The image editor has a size of roughly 560 Megabytes installed on Windows if you only install the core editor.


Open Hardware/Modding …


Links 6/3/2018: Kodi 18 “Leia” Alpha, Systemd 238

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Free Software/Open Source




Meet Endless OS, a lightweight Linux distro

I’m always on the lookout for open source software that works well in educational settings. Recently I decided to check out Endless OS, a lightweight, Linux-based operating system with a …


Links 5/1/2018: Elive 2.9.22 Beta, Ubuntu 17.10 Re-Released Next Week

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… those zillion other conventions would do in reaction to the verdict.


Corel Patents System to Monetize Software Piracy

Canadian software company Corel, known for iconic products such as CorelDRAW and Winzip, has a new anti-piracy patent. Instead of implementing tougher restrictions, the company proposes to reach out to pirates through a messaging system, offering ‘amnesty’ to those who are willing to pay up.

White Noise On YouTube Gets FIVE …


Links 24/10/2017: GTK+ 3.92, ArchLabs 2017.10

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… This including lightweight web browsers, video player, and also alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, or such nonfree software applications. You also can read how to install them here. I hope this list will help you in your first days using Artful Aardvark!

The Official Ubuntu 17.10 ‘Artful Aardvark’ T-Shirt Is Here

An official Ubuntu 17.10 t-shirt is now available to buy from Canonical’s online store.

Canonical has produced mascot t-shirts for each release since …


Links 18/9/2017: Linux 4.14 RC1, Mesa 17.2.1, and GNOME 3.26 on Ubuntu Artful

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… and not by a specific proprietor.

Proprietary software programmes like Windows, Photoshop, Corel or Tally, that have registration and application fees, can be replaced by FOSS, which is allegedly better and cheaper than the proprietary ones. Apart from this, the activists also focused on the privacy aspect that is lost in these software. The activists spoke to the teachers about open source software and its benefits.

How To Get An Open Source/Linux Job? — 9 Things To Keep In …


Links 4/9/2017: Linux 4.13, WebKitGTK+ 2.17.92, Vala 0.38

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Free Software/Open Source




OpenStack Pike release bites hard on microservices and scale

Speaking to The Register about the release, OpenStack Foundation executive director Jonathan Bryce says users have grown accustomed to thinking of OpenStack as a single creature. …


Links 1/7/2017: Kubernetes 1.7 and Mesa 17.1.4 Released

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… GNU/Linux. You’ll find here replacements for Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDRAW, and even Macromedia Flash MX. I hope this list helps you finding what you need!

Linphone 4.0 for desktop platforms is available!

Our engineering team intensively worked in the past few months on the development of our new Linphone 4.0 app for desktop platforms. We are glad to announce that this new version has officially been released on June 14!

We consequently improved …


Links 28/12/2016: OpenVPN 2.4, SeaMonkey 2.46

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… computers, we had boxes of floppy disks with amazing software like FreeHand, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, and many others. And all could be had for only a few hundred dollars. At that time, we had to order the boxes of disks from software publishers and install them, disk-by-disk. Then publishers would introduce new, incredible enhancements and upgrades that could be purchased for… a couple hundred bucks.

10 Best Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Programs I Found in 2016 …

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