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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery  



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⚓ Post #0: The Story of Techrights, in Banners…

Posted on Saturday June 12, 2021

A look back at site banners from 2006-2021; they help illuminate or show our changing focus over the years

⚓ Post #1: With KDE Plasma 5.22 Having Just Been Released It’s Time to Give KDE a Try (or Move to GNU/Linux, Leveraging the Best Features of Any Operating System Out There)

Posted on Saturday June 12, 2021

A quick recommendation of KDE based on a reasonably recent (but not latest) build; there's this myth about KDE being difficult and flaky, but for a number of decades it has been the most advanced desktop (on any operating system) and its developers managed to hide the complexity while offering users all the power they may want/need

⚓ Post #2: Open Letter to the FSF About Taking Control of the FSF’s (and GNU’s) IRC Channels

Posted on Saturday June 12, 2021

The FSF should have seized the opportunity, in light of self-harming IRC infighting (instability and unpredictability), to create its own IRC network and then help this new (or "GNU") network flourish

⚓ Post #3: EU Already Captured by — and Lying for — Corrupt EPO Officials, Team UPC, and Lobbyists of Multinational Corporations

Posted on Saturday June 12, 2021

12 pages of lies; is the European Parliament reduced to a mere marionette of corrupt officials who run the EPO into the ground?


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