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⚓ Post #0: German Decision on Unitary Patent/UPC Will Take Years (and It Doesn’t Matter Because the Whole Thing is Dead Already)

Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

Kluwer Patent Blog's Dr. Bausch explains why the UPC is pretty much doomed, as it cannot be ratified any time soon and probably will never be ratified either (for a multitude of reasons, including Brexit)

⚓ Post #1: Techrights in Australia (IPFS and Gemini)

Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

Allies in Australia will help Techrights serve material from another server; we're still bettering ourselves for an era of oppressive World Wide Web

⚓ Post #2: Professional Troll Matthew Garrett Spreads Libel, Defamation and Slander About the Free Software Community to Entertain Microsoft and Friends

Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

After months of parking in our IRC channels to provoke and troll people (and try to collect 'dirt' from responses) the professional troll Matthew Garrett has been for many years shows his true colours again

⚓ Post #3: Links 5/3/2021: Linux 5.12-rc2 Imminent, Linux Lite 5.4 RC1 in Review

Posted on Friday March 05, 2021

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