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Techrights-sechappy new year 2021Jan 01 05:27
schestowitzLet's hope it starts as well as the DC move :-)Jan 01 05:28
schestowitznote to self: this was not just a move but an upgrade (space, ram, cpu, containers)Jan 01 05:32
Techrights-secThat's great news.Jan 01 05:32
Techrights-secCongrats to you and kaniiniJan 01 05:32
Techrights-secthere are a lot of peices to keep track of during such a moveJan 01 05:32
Techrights-secM$ was cracked enough that they had to admit it, in the SolarWinds attack.Jan 01 05:32
Techrights-secExpect a lot of spin and diatribes implying that source code is inerentlyJan 01 05:32
Techrights-secdangerous.  I am not surprised that they held off to New Year's Eve to Jan 01 05:33
Techrights-sectry to quietly release the news.Jan 01 05:33
schestowitzI was just about to post security leftovers. Hang on. You'll like some picks in there, re SolarGateJan 01 05:33
schestowitzre two links at the bottom, worth doing video about (there's one more link in last News Picks) 01 05:35
-TechrightsBN/ | Security Leftovers | Tux MachinesJan 01 05:35
Techrights-secSolarALago?  ;)Jan 01 05:36
Techrights-secThose two links look like more FUD (as noted in the post).  M$ always doesJan 01 05:46
Techrights-secthat to make things into "Linux" malware in the mass media. Jan 01 05:46
Techrights-secSame with the default passwords left on devices.Jan 01 05:46
schestowitzworth doing a video on? 3 stories on this... easy to respond to without preparing.Jan 01 05:47
schestowitzwe need to repair/update the cron job for backup TM->TR:~/archivesJan 01 05:55
schestowitzI've done a bunch of stuff on TM, checked status, stopped puppet, checked local backup sanity etc. Also found spare apachetop rpm lying aboutJan 01 05:56
Techrights-secSure.  However, the videos are much slower for the recipients to process thanJan 01 05:57
Techrights-secreading.  So when you start, have some way of concentrating the essenceJan 01 05:57
Techrights-secof the talk.  10 min x 6 people = 1 mh etc.Jan 01 05:57
Techrights-secAlso as mentioned the text goes into the search engines.  So writeups are   Jan 01 05:57
Techrights-secalways very beneficial.Jan 01 05:57
Techrights-sec10 min x 600 people = 100 mhJan 01 05:57
schestowitzmh is now "personhour" :-)Jan 01 05:57
schestowitzI've just reset apachetop now that none of the traffic can (or does) go to the old server, which kaniini wiped CLEAN in case that hardware gets soldJan 01 06:00
Techrights-secThere will be lots of SolarWinds articles in today's Links.Jan 01 06:00
Techrights-secEncrypted disks help with the wiping but might load the processors a littleJan 01 06:02
Techrights-secNice.Jan 01 06:17
Techrights-secBTW danielmiessler feed has been broken for most of a week now.Jan 01 06:17
schestowitzHis stories are usually not that good or relevant anywayJan 01 06:18
schestowitzLooks like the mail services need fixing/work on techrights (aside from TM remote backup). I'll look into mail now.Jan 01 06:18
Techrights-secThe mail from TM is still being sent by cron.  I see from the headers, thatJan 01 06:27
Techrights-secit is from the new address.Jan 01 06:27
schestowitzafaik, tm does not have working mail, do you mean tr? I got nothing since before that old server was shut downJan 01 06:27
schestowitzthey flooded the www and net with zombies, now they raise entry point for people sending mail from non-oligopols [sic]Jan 01 06:28
schestowitzOK, now I can see it sends out mail, but I never received any, so I assume it's thwarted by my mail provider/host. I cannot see it. What about TR? It sends out things like login details and our daily 4 alerts from the system (TR). see tmux.Jan 01 06:35
schestowitzBTW, TR mail was already bad enough in the sense that many who sign up to comment in wordpress never receive/see the mail sent to them from the systemJan 01 06:36
Techrights-secI've sent the headers via e-mail.  It is coming from .115Jan 01 06:38
Techrights-secevery morning at 06:00 UTCJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secgmail and others sort TM mail into spam Jan 01 06:38
Techrights-secThe side effect of the ill-though-out approach of treating spam Jan 01 06:38
Techrights-secas a technical problem rather than a legal and ethical problemJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secis that all the world's e-mail has become increasingly centralizedJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secover time.  Now it is to the point that ony pre-established big playersJan 01 06:38
Techrights-seccan have a seat at the table.  Even medium-sized new companies can't getJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secin on providing e-mail.  Zoom is now big enough to try but theyJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secwould only do it to add to their surveillance and analysis capabilities.Jan 01 06:38
Techrights-secThe are not doing it to provide a service to the people who wouldJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secactually use the mail but to the companies and agencies thatJan 01 06:38
Techrights-secwould mine said group.Jan 01 06:38
Techrights-secThe Assange decision might be due from the UK courts on Monday.Jan 01 06:38
schestowitzWith Tier 4 = no protests. With NYE= no press.Jan 01 06:40
schestowitzwe really need to try to fix email on TR not just for alerts but for people wishing to comment who do not already have an accountJan 01 06:40
schestowitzIt was partly broken even before the move (in tessier days and prior DC).... very few people would receive mail from that server successfully. Maybe it's all those verification hoops we need to jump through? Maybe misconfig?Jan 01 06:41
schestowitzIf we can sort this out, more blog comment will start to appear (not that I'm a fan of blog comments, many tend to be annoying and irrelevant)Jan 01 06:42
schestowitz*commentsJan 01 06:43
schestowitz*blog commentsJan 01 06:43
Techrights-secMail is not my area at all.  However, if I were to guess, I would guessJan 01 06:44
Techrights-secthat it is as you suggest all the verification hoops to hop through.Jan 01 06:44
Techrights-secHowever, most of the IPv4 address space is dead for mail.  OnceJan 01 06:44
Techrights-secan IPv4 address gets onto a blacklist, AFAIK it is never removed.Jan 01 06:44
Techrights-secMaybe outsource blog comments, but then that would bring with itJan 01 06:44
Techrights-secall the disadvantages of outsourcing.  Jan 01 06:44
schestowitzfew thoughts:Jan 01 06:44
schestowitz1. in tuxmachines we got only spam by opening up, literal spam mostly. Same in the wiki.Jan 01 06:45
schestowitz2. in techrights we require people register, but in recent years (maybe 5) mail was not sent out to enable this or was increasingly flagged "spam"Jan 01 06:45
schestowitz3. we do not need the alerts as much now that we have more disk space, but checking disk space was niceJan 01 06:46
schestowitz4. we could use something other than email to craft daily report, e.g. fed into a URL (private/public) in some nice formJan 01 06:46
schestowitz5. anything else we really need mail for? on tuxmachines I don't see mail at all, for years...Jan 01 06:46
schestowitz+bonus 6. ALL SITES HAVE OUTSOURCED COMMENTS AGAINST THEIR WILL. :-) It is called Reddit, social control media etc.Jan 01 06:47
Techrights-secMail would be important to have working but not necessarily to use itJan 01 06:49
Techrights-secfor alerts.  There can be other methods instead.  Yet, it wouldJan 01 06:49
Techrights-secbe very good to maintain it against the occasion it really is needed.Jan 01 06:49
Techrights-secIt would be a shame to cede the protocol over to Google.Jan 01 06:49
schestowitzThis is a very big fight we lost ages ago, not one that's worth FOCUSING on TBHJan 01 06:49
schestowitzFrom work I know what a pain verification can be, esp. when we have headless servers and stuffJan 01 06:50
schestowitzAnd then you need to police things on your machine e.g. bots trying to create dummy accounts in wordpress, drupal etc. I already STOPPED that in Drupal and Wiki due to LOADS of spam it causedJan 01 06:50
schestowitzdo you receive the daily mails from TR? I got nothing since last night and it was the old TR server.Jan 01 06:52
Techrights-secOh I agree about the comments.  They might not be worth the effort.  Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secThere is too much supervision involved. Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secHowever, separate from that is the matter of e-mail.Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secAs muh as I prefer the ability to comment, I would not object to Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secphasing out that function.  It's already a lost cause on nearly all Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secsites these days.  I am hard pressed to think of any sites Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secwhich still allow comments.Jan 01 06:53
schestowitzimagine what would happen to articles about gates estate had comments by random trolls been allowed...Jan 01 06:53
Techrights-secI have not gotten TR mails for a Very Long Time.  As far as I know, Google bounceesJan 01 06:54
Techrights-secthose.Jan 01 06:54
schestowitzOh! So gmail has blocked all those updates from the server after a while? Shows what a lost cause it may be trying to fix it, only to be put again in the binJan 01 06:55
Techrights-sec-bash: mail: command not foundJan 01 06:55
Techrights-secnot present on TRJan 01 06:55
schestowitzrun mailq, check /var/log/maillog etc.Jan 01 06:56
schestowitzit's also in the active pane in tmux atmJan 01 06:56
Techrights-secMail != commentsJan 01 06:56
Techrights-secIt would probably be appropriate to disable comments.Jan 01 06:56
Techrights-secI think it is too early to cede SMTP Jan 01 06:56
schestowitzoh, did gmx let you receive the TR emails until last night?Jan 01 06:59
schestowitzi want to know if the issue is technical at server level, something at network level, or external like IP blacklist (I know nothing about who had this IP before us!)Jan 01 06:59
Techrights-secmailq is the server, the client is missingJan 01 07:01
Techrights-secGMX does not receive mails from TR.Jan 01 07:01
Techrights-secNeither the old machine or the new.  I can't recall if that Jan 01 07:01
Techrights-secis by choice or not.Jan 01 07:01
Techrights-secLike I mentioned, I know little about mail, at least nothing recent.Jan 01 07:01
Techrights-secI mostly left it alone when hosting.Jan 01 07:01
schestowitzit's not by choice, unless you reconfigured things to now send out those TR alerts to you. I assume they too eventually blacklisted it and IIRC you had a support ticket with gmx asking them to whitelist.Jan 01 07:02
schestowitzquick thought: let's say we fixed it, costing us hours of tail. How to keep that from breaking again, seeing it silently broke for you (GMX) even on the old machine that still sent me mails successfully until shutdownJan 01 07:03
Techrights-secYes, that was a long time ago, I had forgotten.  I am not sure where   Jan 01 07:03
Techrights-secthe support ticket number is.Jan 01 07:03
Techrights-secNot sure.Jan 01 07:03
Techrights-secThe only argument I have for it is about not lettingJan 01 07:04
Techrights-secGoogle capture the protocols and take written communication over.Jan 01 07:04
schestowitzPRISMJan 01 07:04
schestowitzECHELONJan 01 07:05
Techrights-secPRISM was one of the milder ones.  I forget the names of the seriousJan 01 07:05
Techrights-secprogrammes.Jan 01 07:05
Techrights-sec\Jan 01 07:05
Techrights-secMaybe MYSTIC?Jan 01 07:06
schestowitzmaybe. STELLER WIND, many exist, with overlapsJan 01 07:06
Techrights-secYes, stellar wind: 01 07:07
Techrights-secthough wikipedia might not be reliable on those topicsJan 01 07:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Stellar Wind - WikipediaJan 01 07:07
schestowitzyou might argue that broadcasting server status to spies was all along a bad idea anyway; there's stuff in there which with interpolation can help intruders and saboteurs, e.g. draining disk spaceJan 01 07:09
schestowitzlet's use sshJan 01 07:09
schestowitzhow about...Jan 01 07:10
schestowitztmux pane with server status, either on a pi or the server?Jan 01 07:10
Techrights-secTEMPORA and BULLRUN?Jan 01 07:11
Techrights-secOh, I agree that it should not be used for status.   Jan 01 07:11
Techrights-secI just think it is important to have mail available as an optionJan 01 07:11
Techrights-secSSH works much more reliably and easily in regards to automationJan 01 07:11
Techrights-secMQTT would be good too.Jan 01 07:11
schestowitzre " I just think it is important to have mail available as an option" > I agree, BUT... two issues; 1) even if rectified, it'll break later (blacklists) 2) another server move would entail (1) again. Giving up on SMTP of our own is shit, I agree, it's admitting defeat to monopolies, but the gain are rather few TBHJan 01 07:12
schestowitzI don't often have the luxury of holidays and no-news times... to start bothering with hours of begging on my knees to quit blacklist (they did this to last year) and all this for maybe a few shitty blog comments I barely think improve the articlesJan 01 07:13
Techrights-secMQTT would be good too.Jan 01 07:14
Techrights-secespecially for short status updatesJan 01 07:14
schestowitzlet me see what I can come up with in tmux.Jan 01 07:15
schestowitzhang on... we both watch it or have it on screen all the time, unlike email, right?Jan 01 07:15
Techrights-secKind of. I don't have a lot of screen realestate to have things in the      Jan 01 07:16
Techrights-secforeground all the time.Jan 01 07:16
schestowitzI can cut and condense the status, I have ideas now...Jan 01 07:16
schestowitzfrom HV:   sudo lxc-attach -n  techrights-oldJan 01 07:18
schestowitzsame for tuxmachines, if you wish to pick up the session from the HV and enter the container of the site rather than ssh directly to themJan 01 07:18
schestowitzthere is also one for the DB and viera the bot. I still wait for to come back online and viera can actually bootstrap and pick updatesJan 01 07:19
schestowitzOK, cron jobs will show server-related status messages at the top right corner of tmux@TRJan 01 07:28
schestowitzfirst will come from cron job in 2 minsJan 01 07:28
Techrights-sectmux is rather ok as a dashboard of sortsJan 01 07:32
Techrights-sec]]Jan 01 07:32
schestowitzI will reformat messages and think of new ones that are of use, over time...Jan 01 07:32
schestowitzsome will cycle on an hourly basis from  now on, one will be twice a day, I will think of other things I typically need to remind me to monitorJan 01 07:56
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schestowitz 01 17:42
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@MarkKen20510303: @schestowitz Mobility is at least partly about being free of wires, as much as it is about distance and seamless handovers.Jan 01 17:42
schestowitz 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Flavia0847: Great test-pattern! 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: "I no longer have as much time for personal projects as before, and most of the technology-related stuff I am curre… 01 17:43
schestowitz 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@CarolainaGi: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @mmasnick @schestowitz @theovalich @sbassi @fernandezpablo @jubema… 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@CarolainaGi: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @mmasnick @schestowitz @theovalich @sbassi @fernandezpablo @jubema… 01 17:43
schestowitz"Feliz año!!!'Jan 01 17:43
schestowitz 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@glynmoody: @schestowitz yupJan 01 17:43
schestowitz 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@fernandezpablo: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @CarolainaGi @mmasnick @schestowitz @theovalich @sbassi @jubema @KamradLegasov… 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@fernandezpablo: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @CarolainaGi @mmasnick @schestowitz @theovalich @sbassi @jubema @KamradLegasov… 01 17:43
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:43
schestowitzfelicidades papito! Jan 01 17:43
schestowitzParty popperJan 01 17:43
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:43
schestowitz 01 17:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@gnarlin2: @schestowitz These so called trials are nothing less than a forgone execution.Jan 01 17:43
schestowitz 01 17:44
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@BHathaway11: Thank you for an unvarnished account of the apparent truth about the alt-right. 01 17:44
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #TruthOut #altreich #goldenDawnald #fascism ☞ 2020 Was a Record Year for #FarRight Violence in the US 01 17:44
schestowitz 01 17:44
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@BHathaway11: The Trump "mob" is going to make a mockery of our democracy on Jan 6, 2021. 01 17:44
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #Counterpunch #goldenDawnald #fascism ☞ Repairing Trump’s Carnage: Fixing Our “Democracy” 01 17:44
schestowitz 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@theovalich: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @CarolainaGi @mmasnick @schestowitz @sbassi @fernandezpablo @jubema… 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@theovalich: @fcassia @luisgraziano @MikeMagee111 @CarolainaGi @mmasnick @schestowitz @sbassi @fernandezpablo @jubema… 01 17:45
schestowitz"Happy New Year Fernando"Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@fcassia: May 2021 find us all vaccinated. And by May I mean the month. 😜😏 Happy New Year. // Feliz 2021 para todos/as.… 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@fcassia: May 2021 find us all vaccinated. And by May I mean the month. 😜😏 Happy New Year. // Feliz 2021 para todos/as.… 01 17:45
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzMay 2021 find us all vaccinated.Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzAnd by May I mean the month. Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzWinking face with tongueJan 01 17:45
schestowitzSmirking faceJan 01 17:45
schestowitzHappy New Year.Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz//Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzFeliz 2021 para todos/as.Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@eric_heffernan: @schestowitz You should give Jovan Pulitzer's testimony yesterday at the GA hearing a watch. To sum up, they'd jus… 01 17:45
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@eric_heffernan: @schestowitz You should give Jovan Pulitzer's testimony yesterday at the GA hearing a watch. To sum up, they'd jus… 01 17:45
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzYou should give Jovan Pulitzer's testimony yesterday at the GA hearing a watch. Jan 01 17:45
schestowitzTo sum up, they'd just finish talking about how secure and not connected to net it was, and he, at the hearing, hacked into the machines of the runoffs. Far from over.Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz"Jan 01 17:45
schestowitz 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@eric_heffernan: @schestowitz It actually didn't.Jan 01 17:46
schestowitz 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Flavia0847: @schestowitz The toss-up between food coupons, McDonalds cards and opening accounts in the PayDay loan industry.… 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Flavia0847: @schestowitz The toss-up between food coupons, McDonalds cards and opening accounts in the PayDay loan industry.… 01 17:46
schestowitz"The toss-up between food coupons, McDonalds cards and opening accounts in the PayDay loan industry.   How best to 'stimulate' the USA?"Jan 01 17:46
schestowitz 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@jeremy_hume: @schestowitz Even MPs within the Conservative party are speaking out against Boris Johnson's tyrannical restriction… 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@jeremy_hume: @schestowitz Even MPs within the Conservative party are speaking out against Boris Johnson's tyrannical restriction… 01 17:46
schestowitz"Even MPs within the Conservative party are speaking out against Boris Johnson's tyrannical restrictions. MP Charles Walker on the English coronavirus restrictions: "we drift further into an authoritarian, coercive state". Boris is a tyrant and pathological liar."Jan 01 17:46
schestowitz 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Gonzalo_VC23: @schestowitz FRICKING SADJan 01 17:46
schestowitz 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@audiores: @schestowitz I can recommend sicuit, a "minimal plaintext password store" 01 17:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | sicuitJan 01 17:46
schestowitz 01 17:57
-TechrightsBN/ New Linux Drivers Bring PlayStation 5's DualSense Compatibility 01 17:57
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Games: Sony, Godot, Deals and FreeType | Tux MachinesJan 01 17:57
schestowitz"Haven't you said it already just the other day?|Jan 01 17:57
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