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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Monday, March 01, 2021

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schestowitz__today's other links were added to yesterday's file, after the line " "Mar 01 07:48
-TechrightsBN/ | The most profound revolution of our times: Bitcoin | Deccan HeraldMar 01 07:48
Techrights-secindeed.  sorry, I thought I would not miss that Mar 01 08:07
schestowitz__one more shift for me, than I'm off work (3rd night today, finishing soon)Mar 01 08:08
schestowitz__*thenMar 01 08:08
schestowitz__I wonder if latest articles should be at the top of the front page. Surely IRC logs are not more important than that.Mar 01 08:15
Techrights-secthe gemini page seems to havce updated okMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secthough the 'latest articles' part only does the last calendar days,Mar 01 08:16
Techrights-secperhaps that needsto get re-written to actually include the latestMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secit likely means replacing the shell script with perl thoughMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secthe current shell script is simple: check the date and getMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secthe gemini pages for today and yesterday, if there are anyMar 01 08:16
Techrights-seca replacement script would need to search and then reportMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secthe most recent two days of those actually availableMar 01 08:16
Techrights-secI think the articles would be best at the top.  I'll adjust the script.Mar 01 08:19
schestowitz__thanks!Mar 01 08:19
Techrights-secAlso the script generates a placeholder for March though there have not yetMar 01 08:20
Techrights-secbeen any gemini articles -- yetMar 01 08:20
Techrights-secno problemMar 01 08:20
schestowitz__Yes, I noticed that and was about to bring it upMar 01 08:20
Techrights-secthe way it is built there are a lot of race conditions at the new month,Mar 01 08:25
Techrights-secespecially the new yearMar 01 08:25
schestowitz__our 3 or 4 file toolset for logging seems to be coping OK with new days and even months. I've checked.Mar 01 08:25
schestowitz__even leap yearsMar 01 08:26
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Techrights-secyes, but now that there is a way to access the db directly, Mar 01 09:12
Techrights-secthere may be a more efficient way.  I'll plan a bit and see if I canMar 01 09:12
Techrights-secthink of a better way than just growing things out organicallyMar 01 09:12
Techrights-secwe'll have to re-check the bulletins in gemini tomorrowMar 01 09:12
Techrights-secas for leap years, the date utility and the relevant perl modules have thatMar 01 09:12
Techrights-seccoveredMar 01 09:13
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Techrights-secdoing some tidying, I notice that there is an external image in the most                                                       Mar 01 10:57
Techrights-secrecent reprint from Daniel Pocock.  Those would be best if there were not                                                      Mar 01 10:57
Techrights-sechotlinked but instead cached locallyMar 01 10:57
Techrights-sec 01 10:57
Techrights-sec                   Mar 01 10:57
-TechrightsBN/ | BBC Two - The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, Series 1Mar 01 10:57
-TechrightsBN/ | BBC iPlayer - The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty - Series 1: 2. The Rebel AllianceMar 01 10:57
schestowitz__copying the image across is possible, but might raise permissions-related questions (some of these photos are his own)Mar 01 10:58
schestowitz__x 01 11:47
-TechrightsBN/ | RTL Today - "One-woman WikiLeaks" : Two charged with supplying bomb that killed Maltese journalistMar 01 11:47
schestowitz__x 01 11:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Mexico should bet on education rather than oil: Bill GatesMar 01 11:51
schestowitz__# bill sezMar 01 11:51
schestowitz__x 01 11:51
schestowitz__# spamMar 01 11:51
schestowitz__x 01 11:51
-TechrightsBN/ | iTWire - Microsoft chief's claims on cloud security result in sharp rejoinderMar 01 11:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft Says Vaccine Tools Have ‘Fallen Short’ After DC Snags - BloombergMar 01 11:52
schestowitz__# windoze killsMar 01 11:52
Techrights-secI should add a check for bad sites since I cannot remember all of them.Mar 01 12:07
Techrights-secAs for the images, that would be be a good thing if the extra step were taken toMar 01 12:07
Techrights-secget permission to have them locally.  Hotlinking is very problematic.Mar 01 12:07
Techrights-secNot because pf rights, but because the other end can change without warning.Mar 01 12:07
Techrights-secIn the best case it just disappears.Mar 01 12:07
schestowitz__from now on I shall make copiesMar 01 12:08
Techrights-secRewriteEngine onMar 01 12:24
Techrights-secRewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$Mar 01 12:24
Techrights-secRewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?cyberciti\.biz/.*$ [NC]Mar 01 12:24
Techrights-secRewriteRule .*\.(gif|jpe?g|png)$ [R,NC,L]Mar 01 12:24
Techrights-secold trick from the late 1990s to prevent hotlinkingMar 01 12:24
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Resolving timed out after 10521 milliseconds ( status 0 @ http://(www\.)?cyberciti\.biz/.*$ )Mar 01 12:24
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Could not resolve host:; Unknown error ( status 0 @ )Mar 01 12:24
schestowitz__I've just noticed that all March archives in Gemini except articles show up emptyMar 01 13:08
schestowitz__which is likely correctMar 01 13:08
schestowitz__But in the case of bulletins it says IRC logsMar 01 13:09
schestowitz__Oh, actually is says that at the top of indexes of prior months of bulletins too, so nothing new in terms of thatMar 01 13:11
Techrights-secI'll checkMar 01 13:12
Techrights-secThe ones for March have not happened yet and are not archive, but Mar 01 13:12
Techrights-secthe main page has a link to where they would be alreadyMar 01 13:12
schestowitz__ 01 17:18
-TechrightsBN/ | Illumina v MGI Part 2: Has the UK lost its way on the doctrine of equivalents? - The IPKatMar 01 17:18
schestowitz__"Mar 01 17:18
schestowitz__I admit I have not read the decision, and perhaps I am not quite grasping the point, but I don't see that there's anything surprising in this. It's well-established that the patent can be its own dictionary, so if the second patent provided a more limited definition of 'incorporating' then it seems fair to construe 'incorporating' in line with the patent's definition and to assume that the patentee meant to use this definition Mar 01 17:18
schestowitz__when using the term. If they didn't want to be limited to their own definition of 'incorporating' then they could/should have used a different term in the claims. Mar 01 17:18
schestowitz__To go back to Actavis, presumably if the description had explicitly said "The term 'sodium' should be understood to mean 'sodium'" then the decision could have gone the other way. Of course, this would have been a strange definition to include at the time, but only because no one prior to Actavis would have thought that sodium might ever be construed to cover potassium.Mar 01 17:18
schestowitz__"Mar 01 17:18
schestowitz__Regarding the aforementioned issue with bulletins, the fix was simple and I've tested it. Turned out it was prepending the menu for irc instead of bulletin template. Should we at some point let people download 'catalogues' of months or years? Gemini is no good for big files...Mar 01 17:37
Techrights-secok, I've updated Git with the changes to                                                         Mar 01 19:57
Techrights-secYeah, the big files should be in IPFS and HTTP(S) only.Mar 01 19:57
Techrights-secPerhap just an external link will do.Mar 01 19:57
schestowitz__the video files we have are not just large but very large. Maybe at some point we can integrate ipfs and gemini with existing bridging software (sourcehut).Mar 01 19:58

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