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Techrights-secapparenty it is very hard to buy many kinds of hardware these days,Nov 01 11:42
Techrights-secRaspberry Pis for exanple are out of stock most places.Nov 01 11:42
Techrights-secAnd limited quantities anywhere else.Nov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRmedia mentioning it may have already created or spurred a "run" on the shopsNov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRbut my theory is, this is Nov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TR1) good for the envNov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TR2) well overdueNov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TR3) encourages reuse alreadyNov 01 11:42
schestowitz-TRrianne and I have enough spare parts of things hereNov 01 11:43
schestowitz-TRrouters, laptops, screensNov 01 11:43
Techrights-secNo run.  It's partially a chip shortage affecting production but alsoNov 01 11:45
Techrights-secpartially (maybe mostly) all the empty shipping containers piling upNov 01 11:45
Techrights-secin US harbors.Nov 01 11:45
Techrights-secThe US has nothing to export and they won't send back the empties...Nov 01 11:45
Techrights-secSo the prices have gone up by an order of magnitude for the containers...Nov 01 11:45
Techrights-sec 01 11:45
-TechrightsBN/ | Why even giant ships can't solve the shipping crisis - BBC NewsNov 01 11:45
Techrights-secThe re-use will become a necessity and Canonical and other projects shouldNov 01 11:47
Techrights-secbe ramping up the marketing but for the infiltration of microsofters intoNov 01 11:47
Techrights-sectheir organization.  The desktop is where people could currently benefit mostNov 01 11:47
Techrights-secfrom ditching Vista.         Nov 01 11:47
schestowitz-TRwe have several crises, predating this oneNov 01 11:48
Techrights-secYes, they are piling up and making the pre-existing crises worse.Nov 01 11:48
schestowitz-TRchoosing NOT to have kids has turned out to be one of the most important decisions; for instance, the self-isolatioin tactics would not be possiblke with school goersNov 01 11:49
schestowitz-TRI do NOT want to have 'downtime' for 2 days 2 times a year just for some lousy thing that for my age group likely prevents no fatal risk and does not reduce infectiousness anywayNov 01 11:50
Techrights-secNope and many illnesses in the world are kept in circulation due to Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secmodern day methods of schooling and such.      Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secThe current vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 only reduce the probability of anNov 01 11:55
Techrights-secindividual going to the hospital, no more no less.  That's nowhere near enoughNov 01 11:55
Techrights-secto inhibit an epidemic, let alone a pandemic.  :(Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secHowever, due (IMHO) to the heavy patents encumbering the vaccines, there Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secis so much money involved that there is little to no incentive to produce Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-seca proper vaccine.    Nov 01 11:55
schestowitz-TRLike Goldman Sachs famously said, where's the business value in solving health issues?Nov 01 11:55
schestowitz-TRdid I break the gemini cron job? last update yesterdat.Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secThat's also (IMHO) why no articles mention the patent encumberance.Nov 01 11:55
Techrights-secyesNov 01 11:56
Techrights-secI'll check but it often does not run to completion due to HTTP errorsNov 01 12:12
Techrights-secit needs to be made more robustNov 01 12:12
Techrights-sec...  failed: 1024Nov 01 12:12
Techrights-secfrom wgetNov 01 12:12
Techrights-seclast time, happens with different URLs due to unavailability of the serverNov 01 12:12
schestowitz-TRI found a little bug, which I fixed, while adding a bulletin line for 13 months agoNov 01 12:13
schestowitz-TRI will push the changes to git now to prevent possible overwrite of conflicting versionsNov 01 12:13
Techrights-secackNov 01 12:18
schestowitz-TRThanks for tidying up the script, I may continue to improve them over time, I already can do a lot of IRC over CLI, but need to think of further clarity (GUI is only for "input")Nov 01 12:25 can take anywhere from 10 to 15+ minutes to completeNov 01 12:32
Techrights-secsometimes the HTTP server or the network outbound from the RPi are unavailableNov 01 12:32
Techrights-seclong enough to cause some problem with the script.  Nov 01 12:32
Techrights-secOne option would be to increase the frequency with which it runsNov 01 12:32
Techrights-secHowever that puts more wear on the microSD card.Nov 01 12:32
schestowitz-TRat the moment I use "v2" of the tc script, which I think is in gitNov 01 12:33
Techrights-secThere is only one version of in GitNov 01 12:48
Techrights-secIt does call some other scripts.Nov 01 12:48
Techrights-secProbably could be improved by using wget insteadNov 01 12:48
Techrights-secAs it stands, if it fails then the script has to stop.  Nov 01 12:48
Techrights-secLast I checked it does not handle the common temporary errors well.Nov 01 12:48
Techrights-secIPFS/tc-shaper-v2.shNov 01 12:48
Techrights-secThat script should have tc assigning outgoing HTTP requests a higher priorityNov 01 12:48
Techrights-secthan the IPFS traffic.     Nov 01 12:48
Techrights-secackNov 01 12:48
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schestowitz-TRas it stands, most of the time IPFS objects cannot be retrieved anymore, not sure if due to timeouts or b/w limitsNov 01 13:48
Techrights-secHow large are the objects?Nov 01 13:50
schestowitz-TRanywhere between 10k to 700k usually, the latter being techrights channel as html and the bulletinsNov 01 13:51
Techrights-secbackNov 01 13:51
Techrights-secI would not knowNov 01 13:51
Techrights-secrate 250kbit is what's used, so there might not be time to keep up with thingsNov 01 13:59
Techrights-seccan IPFS itself be made more efficient or the objects smaller?Nov 01 13:59
schestowitz-TRI am starting to wonder if compression is used by default, as these objects  should be easily compressible (mostly text)Nov 01 14:00
Techrights-secI would hope so but I still know nothing about IPFS or its files.Nov 01 14:01
Techrights-secFrom what I gather it is very high bandwidth and slow.Nov 01 14:27
schestowitz-TRlike bitcoin, tons of waste for little practical gainNov 01 14:28
Techrights-secWhat are the alternatives?  If there is anything better and still distributedNov 01 14:30
Techrights-secthen maybe it is time to consider switching.Nov 01 14:30
schestowitz-TRdht is decentralised, unlike p2p, so it's more robust to censorship, just scales poorlyNov 01 14:30
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Techrights-secTorrent might be an option?Nov 01 14:36
schestowitz-TRmaybe unsuitable for many small filesNov 01 14:37
Techrights-secProbably.  However, they can be tar'ed and distributed that way or else asNov 01 14:38
Techrights-secdirectories of files.  Some of the conferences distribute files that way.Nov 01 14:38
Techrights-secThough they are larger files.  Nov 01 14:38
schestowitz-TRthey do that for bandwidth reasons, not robustnessNov 01 14:38
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Techrights-secFrom 2006 through 2021, there are 39322 files with an average text-only Nov 01 15:21
Techrights-secsize of 123886 bytes.  Pictures and videos will be much larger of course.Nov 01 15:21
Techrights-secin other words approx 120k each of textNov 01 15:21
Techrights-secMaybe tar the previoous day's posts, page prerequisites and all, andNov 01 15:21
Techrights-secuse bittorrent without a central server?Nov 01 15:21
schestowitz-TRI will need to think about it some time. Finalising some big post about  github atm...Nov 01 15:21
schestowitz[22:22] <Source> I'll have to look into that. I'm unawareNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> I will do an introNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <Source> I mentioned in the email about Alex's run in with the Monero communityNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> maybe this weekend, I've fallen behind publication schedules alreadyNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <Source> So Alex also worked on MobileCoinNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> the intro can explain what's wrong with CopliotNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <Source> The token attached to Signal in a way that seems unclear even to people that work at SignalNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> not even mentioning any named yetNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> Signal is not trustworthyNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> maybe it was ages agoNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> it's recommended by MuskNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz>  a fan of US regime changeNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <Source> well, I'm aware that Copilot is scraping other people's code and compiling into a serviceNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <Source> claiming fair useNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> e.g. in Bolivia, to steal natural resources for his companyNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> yes, copilot is against enforcement of software licencesNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <Source> which seems to be a theme for AlexNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> so people can make proprietary software Nov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> and extinguish Free/libre softwareNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> and blame "HEY HI" (AI)Nov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> it's a legal hackNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <Source> yeah, so Alex has a history with thatNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> untested in courtsNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <Source> His company Hackpad is founded on some open source work he didNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <Source> Tomboy notesNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:25] <schestowitz> hahahaNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:26] <Source> the thing is he forked Tomboy from another repoNov 01 15:52
schestowitz[22:26] <schestowitz> Tomboy we protested against for agesNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:26] <schestowitz> you can search techrights on tomboyNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:26] <Source> oh so you know who Alex is now lolNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:26] <schestowitz> it's connected to Nat and Miguel through MonoNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:26] <Source> ding dingNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> we worked hard to eradicate tomboy from gnu/linux distrosNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> it was an attack on themNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:27] <Source> now Alex has a bunch of document editing patents that now belong to DropboxNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:27] <Source> well, this is your guy and he's a sex predator Nov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:28] <schestowitz> we can leave that until later in the seriesNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:28] <schestowitz> and start with technical aspectsNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> get him to swear a little firstNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> *I meant sweatNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:30] <Source> well it's good to confirm my suspicions of plagerismNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> on munprecedented scaleNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:30] <Source> I kind of just figured it out on wikipedia rabbit holeNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> all of shithub as we call itNov 01 15:53
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> github has been the subject of many articles we didNov 01 15:53
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schestowitz[23:35] <schestowitz> not working direclyNov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:35] <schestowitz> for MicrosoftNov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:35] <schestowitz> they used to operate as a satelliteNov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:36] <Source> Toby Segura, Joshua Goldbard ring a bell?Nov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:38] <schestowitz> noNov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:41] <Source> Chris Toshok?Nov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:42] <Source> Toby Segura, Joshua Goldbard are the MobileCoin guysNov 01 15:57
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> I see...Nov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> if you can extract more info on thatNov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> that will help usNov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> like evidence of their dislikesNov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> forums, interviews...Nov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <Source> already have plenty they're done talking to meNov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> back up all the informationNov 01 16:00
schestowitz[23:43] <Source> facebook convosNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> in case they try to take away one copy of itNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> I learn these things the hard way over the decadesNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> save local copies of theseNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <Source> true, I was worried after the FB blackoutNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> screenshots/text contentsNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> file them in directoriesNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> I can coordinate publicationNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:45] <schestowitz> early parts I can do on my own, introductoryNov 01 16:01
schestowitz"Chris Toshok is a friend of Nat [Friedman] and Alex [and] he said something to the effect of Alex not being at parties for the past few years, claiming they don't hang out with him because he's "mentally ill" and everyone knows itNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:45] <schestowitz> sounds like itNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:49] <Source> but yeah, Chris said he hadn't seen Alex at Nat's parties at his house in a few yearsNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:49] <Source> and it was probably because Alex is crazyNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:49] <Source> which I doubt, because Nat and Alex talked on the phone when we were together aNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:49] <schestowitz> ego issues for sureNov 01 16:01
schestowitz[23:49] <Source> And Alex had been out of SF for several yearsNov 01 16:02
schestowitz 01 16:52
-altlink_ad1/#boycottnovell-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 01 16:52
-TechrightsBN/ | Enjoy our news? Please support us if you're able to | GamingOnLinuxNov 01 16:52
schestowitz"|Nov 01 16:52
schestowitzIt has again been some time since we reached out to the community, so here's a reminder: we are completely funded by readers and we need your support.Nov 01 16:52
schestowitzThe last year has been a busy one, with lots of big announcements and we continue to be at the front of it all for the Linux gaming audience. We do firmly hope to be here for years to come even as the industry changes around us. We have the Steam Deck upcoming, Proton is constantly improving and lots more to look forward to next year. We don't aim to be the first to report on things, we're not wanting a numbers game - we just try to make nice Nov 01 16:53
schestowitzregular content for you to read, that perhaps you won't find elsewhere.Nov 01 16:53
schestowitz"Nov 01 16:53
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schestowitzRe: Next Up: Microsoft: Still a National Security ThreatNov 01 19:58
schestowitz> It’s funny,Nov 01 19:58
schestowitz> Nov 01 19:58
schestowitz> Both articles were top ranked on Bing last week. Guess where they’re nowhere to be found today..Nov 01 19:58
schestowitzFor over a decade "bing" was censoring results unflattering to Microsoft: Nov 01 19:58
schestowitz 01 19:58
-TechrightsBN/ | Bing Reality Log - TechrightsNov 01 19:58
schestowitz> Apologies for the delay in replying.Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> That was an oversight.Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> It was the same document.Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> One version was uncompressed (about 15 MB) and included by mistake.Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> No big deal.Nov 01 20:01
schestowitz> Urgent need of who is representing Austria in UPC prep committee:Nov 01 20:12
schestowitz> Nov 01 20:12
schestowitz> 01 20:12
-TechrightsBN/ | EPO - The EPO and representatives from EU Member States call for the speedy implementation of the Unitary Patent packageNov 01 20:12
schestowitzMaybe I can find out, but not quickly enough.Nov 01 20:12
schestowitzRe: Please publish this paper in full text and PDFNov 01 20:14
schestowitzOKNov 01 20:14
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schestowitz"Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzDear friends and colleagues,Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzYou’ll no doubt be aware that the prosecution of Julian Assange continued on last week as the US government sought to challenge a decision not to extradite at the British High Court. Julian could be seen on a number of occasions from the videolink at HMP Belmarsh—at times he coughed and winced in pain, at others he struggled to keep concentration and appeared much thinner.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzThere are also reports from Stella Moris, Assange’s fiancée, that it was not because he elected not to come to the court that he was not physically present—she alleged that Assange asked to appear in person but that “the request was rejected.” (We have not independently verified this, but will attempt to do so if possible.)Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzAlthough a ruling from the hearing is to be delivered shortly (exact timing unclear), Assange’s condition reminds us of the urgent need that political and media scrutiny is required of this case and immediately—but especially so if the High Court does not decide to throw the US appeal out.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzDuring the two-day hearings, the US raised a number of points including a February 8 US diplomatic note sent to the UK assuring that Assange would not be held in restrictive Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) or be detained at the maximum-security ADX Florence in Colorado. The US also raised the issue of professor Michael Kopelman’s expert medical evidence where a primary report included misleading statements with respect to the nature of Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzStella Moris’s relationship to Assange.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzIn response, the defence explained the context in which the misleading statements arose—linking to the recent Yahoo! News revelations regarding CIA plots to kidnap or assassinate the WikiLeaks publisher that were brought before the court. The Spanish court proceedings against UC Global founder David Morales Guillén and his connections to the CIA were also raised.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzTareq has compiled a comprehensive review of the legal arguments in more detail here. Here are a few of the pieces we also found to be very beneficial:Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Appeal Hearing: Prosecutor Attacks Judge's Decision, Which Blocked US From Extraditing Assange – The Dissenter, 27 October 2021, Kevin Gosztola and Mohamed El Maazi.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Appeal Hearing: CIA's War On Assange, Their 'Most Prominent Critic,' Takes Center Stage – The Dissenter, 28 October 2021, Kevin Gosztola and Mohamed El Maazi.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    The Assange Persecution Is Western Savagery At Its Most Transparent – 28 October 2021, Caitlin Johnstone.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    From Press Freedom To Prison Systems, Everything Assange Touches Gets Illuminated – 29 October 2021, Caitlin Johnstone.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    The Most Important Battle for Press Freedom in Our Time – Scheerpost, 28 October 2021, Chris Hedges.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzPlease also find the following materials available to you should you wish to dive in deeper:Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Skeleton arguments on behalf of the appellant (the US)Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Skeleton arguments on behalf of the respondent (Julian Assange)Nov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Sixth supplemental declaration of Gordon D. Kromberg in support of extradition of Julian AssangeNov 01 21:55
schestowitz    Gareth Peirce's statement of 1 December 2020 with respect to professor Michael KopelmanNov 01 21:55
schestowitzYou may also be interested to know that Australia’s Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Britain’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ)—funded by the Wau Holland Foundation—took out this full-page advert in The Times of London on the first day of the hearing.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzWe will be in touch following the ruling.Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzBest wishes,Nov 01 21:55
schestowitzSerena, Nicky and TareqNov 01 21:55
schestowitz"Nov 01 21:55
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schestowitz-TRI was thinking, one other option we have it, set up another ipfs instance on a high-bw connection, then pin all theNov 01 23:43
schestowitz-TRtechrights objects on itNov 01 23:43
schestowitz-TRof course doing this on my laptop (same network) would defeat the purpose and point, same for the http serverNov 01 23:43

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