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Techrights-secFor that I would recommend renting a very low-end VPS. Nov 02 05:51
schestowitz-TRsounds like clown computing for me and they can shut it down, citing [something]Nov 02 05:52
schestowitz-TRbtw, finished my shift at 1am, not free till satur.Nov 02 05:55
schestowitz-TR*nowNov 02 05:55
Techrights-secIn that situation, it does not matter, it is just another node.Nov 02 05:56
Techrights-secIPFS, if I understand correctly, is decentralizedNov 02 05:56
Techrights-secNot?Nov 02 05:56
Techrights-secackNov 02 05:56
schestowitz-TRwould rather convince tr supporters to set up ipfs and pin the CIDsNov 02 05:57
Techrights-secThat would be the best option but there is so little material about IPFS,Nov 02 05:59
Techrights-secor else it is just hard to understand.  No idea what it does, how it works,Nov 02 05:59
Techrights-secor most importantly how to interact with it to retrieve informationNov 02 05:59
schestowitz-TRI would do more coverage about IF I thought it did not suck... esp. suck up resources (CPU and BW)Nov 02 06:00
schestowitz-TRI would do more coverage about IPFS IF I thought it did not suck... esp. suck up resources (CPU and BW)Nov 02 06:00
schestowitz-TRwhen I put it in Tasmania the guy was a bit alarmed by how many connections it made, inc. with ChinaNov 02 06:01
Techrights-secHence the idea to look for other distributed publishing methods.Nov 02 06:03
Techrights-secBased on resource requirements IPFS does not seem to scale.Nov 02 06:03
Techrights-secAFAIK you get lots of connections from China if you do anything out of theNov 02 06:03
Techrights-secordinary. Even running a Tor middle relay will get you probed activelyNov 02 06:03
Techrights-secby Chinese addresses, some very slow and subtle others rather blatant and noisyNov 02 06:03
schestowitz-TRpeople have come to assume connection is attack is breach... Microsoft media teaches them thisNov 02 06:04
schestowitzNext in Daily Links: related to 02 06:05
-altlink_fe1/#boycottnovell-πŸ“£ Cloudflare: | πŸ™† Alternative: 02 06:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft warns of rise in password sprays targeting cloud accountsNov 02 06:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft Whistleblower and Clients Warned, More Than 2 Years Ago in Fact, About the Current Azure Mess (But Microsoft Ignored Those Warnings, Buried Facts) | TechrightsNov 02 06:05
Techrights-secYes, with Windows an attack is often the same as a breach.Nov 02 06:10
Techrights-secHow did BP get in there?Nov 02 06:10
Techrights-sec^BCNov 02 06:10
schestowitz-TRadmfubarNov 02 06:13
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schestowitz-TRnews getting drier each moonth, but we are copingNov 02 16:40
Techrights-secI guess so.  But it certainly is drying up.  I was just noticing that againNov 02 16:42
Techrights-sectoday it has gone down further.Nov 02 16:42
Techrights-secPatents of any kind are not covered. Nov 02 16:42
schestowitz-TRIt has gotten LAUGHABLY bad, esp. in patentsNov 02 16:42
Techrights-secAnd now that it is too late, the press is starting to mention JA and his trial.Nov 02 16:42
Techrights-secAnyway, the weekly pool of available articles seems to have shrunk againNov 02 17:08
Techrights-secquite a bit.  Nov 02 17:08
schestowitz-TRI compensate for it by 1) posting Daily Links more often (BTW, the CMS feed recently added... still nothing coming from it, not sure if technical issue), 2) subscribing to lesser known sites for gnu/linux howtos and stuffNov 02 17:09
schestowitz-TR*CMDNov 02 17:09
Techrights-sec I wonder how much further it will decline before they decideNov 02 17:11
Techrights-secto stop pretending that there is new service at all.  I remember a long timeNov 02 17:11
Techrights-secago, at the turn of the century, there was *lots* of news daily just about Nov 02 17:11
Techrights-secFOSS and GNU/Linux alone.Nov 02 17:11
Techrights-secYes, I try to check blogs these days.  There are many with RSS or Atom feeds.Nov 02 17:11
schestowitz-TRlxer and 'linux' 'today' became very bad. Many links to howtos, usually from over 5 years agoi. WHAT IS THE POINT?Nov 02 17:11
Techrights-secI've lost track of all the sites that turned to crap and / or vanished.Nov 02 17:13
Techrights-secZDNet used to be great, now it's drivel at best. Nov 02 17:13
Techrights-secThey had a handful of people writing about FOSS and GNU/Linux in particular.Nov 02 17:13
schestowitz-TR"no money in it..."Nov 02 17:13
Techrights-sec.Nov 02 17:15
Techrights-secIt's not happening in a vacuum though.  There are companies that specializeNov 02 17:15
Techrights-secin buying out and shutting down news sites.Nov 02 17:15
Techrights-sec"successful bankruptcy" as taught to MBAs in "business" school. Nov 02 17:15
schestowitz-TRSamreen Syed nearly killed our company before she was sacked, as few of union gathered forces, complaintedNov 02 17:15
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Techrights-secMBA?Nov 02 17:21
schestowitz-TRhahahaNov 02 17:22
schestowitz-TRyou wishNov 02 17:22
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psydruidart history like Carly Fiorina?Nov 02 17:57
schestowitz-TR  Nearly killing companies is a common MBA activity.Nov 02 18:35
schestowitz-TRpsydruid: I did not knowNov 02 18:35
schestowitz-TRart history -> hpNov 02 18:35
schestowitz-TRsame thingNov 02 18:35
psydruidyou have to be really good at your job to be called the worst CEO in the history of HPNov 02 18:38
schestowitz-TRoh, I missed that partNov 02 19:11
schestowitz-TRwell, she did spy on journalistsNov 02 19:11
schestowitz-TRThen she wanted to lead the insurrection party, GOPNov 02 19:11
schestowitz-TRMaybe she thinks she can FORCE her way into thingsNov 02 19:12
schestowitz-TRpsydruid: if at first you fail, move to 'MuricaNov 02 19:12
schestowitz-TRyou can molest dozens of women and get 80 million votesNov 02 19:12
psydruidI'll have to seriously think about thatNov 02 19:24
schestowitz-TRbut first you need to molestNov 02 19:29
schestowitz-TRto "own the libs"Nov 02 19:29
schestowitz-TRreserve-psychologyNov 02 19:29
schestowitz-TRget vote for spiteNov 02 19:29
schestowitz-TRGeorge W Bush: they hate us because of our freedomNov 02 19:30
schestowitz-TR(to molest women)Nov 02 19:30
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schestowitz-TRNot quite an MBA but close: 02 21:03
-altlink_fe1/#boycottnovell-πŸ“£ Cloudflare: | πŸ™† Alternative: 02 21:03
-TechrightsBN/ | Did a Man Die Demonstrating a Window's Strength? | Snopes.comNov 02 21:03
schestowitz-TR"one of the best and brightest"Nov 02 21:03
schestowitz> It’s  a pleasant thought to think that after I am below ground someone above ground will be making good use of some of my better postings. Although it’s an easy task for me, i must say it takes a lot of skill to do the job. When you loosened the reins a bit on using pictures is when I started to really enjoy posting. The right picture enhances the text and being able to use Photo Elements and Pic Monkey was the icing on the cake.Nov 02 21:31
schestowitzYour 'competition' may decrease over time because many sites perish, leaving just some junk in sites like Facebook, where little is visible to the outside.Nov 02 21:31
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