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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Wednesday, March 03, 2021

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schestowitz__what would you check if the LEDs on the Pi stop lighting up all of a sudden? I've not attempted a reboot yet...Mar 03 04:15
schestowitz__never mind, rianne's fault, HAT detachedMar 03 05:16
schestowitz__or not... still not working. I'll take a closer look Mar 03 05:28
schestowitz__solved nowMar 03 05:58
Techrights-secif properly mounted the HAT takes skill and effort to detach, it should be on firmly.                                          Mar 03 08:15
Techrights-secAlso only attach or detach while powered down and unplugged from the power supply     Mar 03 08:15
schestowitz__yes, I powered it down 3 timesMar 03 08:15
schestowitz__lesson learned; always start with the basics, assume something physical may have changed (not due to me)Mar 03 08:15
Techrights-secit happensMar 03 08:18
Techrights-secI'm puzzled here as to why my alert-activity and other tmux hooks are notMar 03 08:18
Techrights-sectriggering upon activity in this windowMar 03 08:18
Techrights-secThey used to do soMar 03 08:18
Techrights-secWhich services broke?Mar 03 08:18
schestowitz__something bluetooth (details in IRC logs) and lightdm, maybe because the screen was no longer attached, or unsued since boot (did not look into it much as it's not related to the lights)Mar 03 08:19
schestowitz__I was, at the time, researching whether it's easily doable to convert wiki pages to gemtext (it's not). Then sort of gave up and decided to look into the lights issue, which was harder to figure out than I had imagined because I tried to be quiet and not moving any parts around. Later it became apparent things had been moved a bit, maybe because of the printer. Maybe soon I'll get an external screen for it, one that's never Mar 03 08:22
schestowitz__occupied. It already has barrier on it set up.Mar 03 08:22
Techrights-secI never figured out how to get lightdm and the desktop to fire up withoutMar 03 08:22
Techrights-secan active monitorMar 03 08:22
Techrights-secthere is some work-around somewhereMar 03 08:22
schestowitz__Yes, I think you have to boot with a screen inserted, otherwise no workaroundMar 03 08:22
schestowitz__A real-life problem, unlike... how do I get vscore without going directly to in a Web browserMar 03 08:23
schestowitz__telemetry over tor :-)Mar 03 08:27
Techrights-secTor?Mar 03 08:27
Techrights-secOr I2P?Mar 03 08:28
Techrights-secIf you run the vs stuff that is a different matter.Mar 03 08:32
Techrights-secIt looks like the database dumps from today went all right with the read-only                                                  Mar 03 14:52
Techrights-secaccount in the script.Mar 03 14:52
Techrights-secwp_posts | CREATE TABLE `wp_posts` (Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec  `ID` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec...Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec  KEY `post_author` (`post_author`)Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=140401 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-secDOes that make it incompatible with the Unicode which is in use?Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%';Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec+--------------------------+------------------------------+Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| Variable_name            | Value                        |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec+--------------------------+------------------------------+Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_client     | utf8mb4                      |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_connection | utf8mb4                      |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_database   | latin1                       |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_filesystem | binary                       |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_results    | utf8mb4                      |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_server     | utf8mb4                      |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_set_system     | utf8                         |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec| character_sets_dir       | /usr/share/mariadb/charsets/ |Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-sec+--------------------------+------------------------------+Mar 03 17:07
Techrights-secUTF-8 is supported there, just not in the dbMar 03 17:07
schestowitz__It's possible that some are inherited from older systems. in php-nuke (I still use it in some sites) I lost some char-related stuff in upgrades and noticed the issue when it was too late to rollback.Mar 03 17:07
schestowitz__I am super-careful not to change anything big in the site without doing it in baby steps, then testing. Some scripts, for example, rely on finding particular text and the URL structure never changed since 2006. Same with post width (for layout of pictures and other stuff). RSS URL also... careful what's changed... like removing mariadb, only to realise it stops backups taking place. Too much "modernisation" has killed sites beforeMar 03 17:10
schestowitz__(see /. and others which break APIs, feeds etc.)Mar 03 17:10
Techrights-secyes, it's a balanceMar 03 17:19
schestowitz__last week I did prod kaniini re container migrations, he nodded, but of course nothing happened in days to follow. The will is there, it'll happen eventually, little by little, for sure...Mar 03 17:20
schestowitz__ 03 22:30
schestowitz__"Mar 03 22:30
-TechrightsBN/ | BREAKING: The legality of Board of Appeal oral proceedings by video conference has been referred to the EBA - The IPKatMar 03 22:30
schestowitz__If we take, as an example, the case of a criminal trial: imagine you sit, wrongly accused of course, in jail. You are sure the judge will judge you fairly. You are lead to a VC room with a few screens. There is no judge - only the video stream of a judge. Is it a real person, is it a clever bot, is it a deep fake face? You don't know. Are they giving his full attention to your case or are they playing some game on a separate Mar 03 22:30
schestowitz__monitor? You don't know. Is the judge aware that you are a person, do they feel your anguish over being wrongly accused? Or are you for them just a small video stream on a low quality monitor...?Mar 03 22:30
schestowitz__This may be a bit dystopian and not a stringent legal argument but I hope it illustrates the uneasiness I have over binding final judgments made in a video conference. In video meetings I regularly find myself becoming detached... there is big screen between me and the issue. I don't really feel that involved... it is some issue through the looking-glass, different from when I am sitting in a room with people, trying to find a Mar 03 22:30
schestowitz__solution.Mar 03 22:30
schestowitz__There is a tradition going back forever of people coming (physically) together to discuss and judge the merits of a case that has a special quality that, in my opinion, cannot be replicated over video streams.Mar 03 22:30
schestowitz__"Mar 03 22:31
Techrights-secthe most recent post has the wrong authorMar 03 23:19
Techrights-secfixedMar 03 23:19
schestowitz__oops. thanks.Mar 03 23:20

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