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schestowitz-TREfficacy Declining Due to Bad COVID-19 Policy (a Do-Nothing Attitude) 04 03:09
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Efficacy Declining Due to Bad COVID-19 Policy (a Do-Nothing Attitude)Oct 04 03:10
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> 10% more than the usual deaths this past month 04 03:12
-TechrightsBN/ | Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional - Office for National StatisticsOct 04 03:12
Techrights-sec 04 03:12
Techrights-sec 04 03:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Is COVID-19 hurting your heart? A new study finds cardiac muscle damage in COVID patients | Salon.comOct 04 03:12
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Techrights-sec"Last weeks public appearance by Torvalds seemed ...", Oct 04 03:26
Techrights-secwhich public appearance?Oct 04 03:26
schestowitz-TRthere is a URL further downOct 04 03:26
schestowitz-TRalso in geminiOct 04 03:26
schestowitz-TR\Oct 04 03:26
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> ONS Data: In May (Latest Data Available) COVID-19 Killed 149 Brits Who Turned Down COVID-19 Vaccines, 1,439 Who Received Such Vaccines 04 03:34
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » ONS Data: In May (Latest Data Available) COVID-19 Killed 149 Brits Who Turned Down COVID-19 Vaccines, 1,439 Who Received Such VaccinesOct 04 03:34
Techrights-seccheckingOct 04 03:34
Techrights-secThe text is not understandable and is is not clear which link would clear thatOct 04 03:34
Techrights-secup.  :/Oct 04 03:34 04 03:34
Techrights-secEnough context is missing that the whole post is confusing, at least to me.Oct 04 03:34
schestowitz-TRthe post was meant partly as a joke and partly as an effort to get people to watch LP trolling TorvaldsOct 04 03:35
schestowitz-TRwith the images visible the satirical aspect is clearerOct 04 03:35
Techrights-secRIght but enough context is missing that it is only confusing.  Oct 04 03:36
schestowitz-TRsorry about that, unintendedOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRas a side note:Oct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TR"let's open up, it'll save the economy" [economy collapses]Oct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TR"let's leave the UK, we can do better on our own" [3 MPs step down in ~6 years]Oct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRPMs ratherOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRthe decisions here are made by corporate toolsOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRrianne's lawyers all wore masks all the timeOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRthen again, HK heritageOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TRthey take health precautions more seriouslyOct 04 03:39
schestowitz-TR*leave the UK -> i meant EUOct 04 03:39
Techrights-secI think it's mostly a side-effect of you being very familiar with thingsOct 04 03:40
Techrights-secand I am considering the more casual visitor.Oct 04 03:40
Techrights-secThe UK politics are driven, like the politics in many countries, by easilyOct 04 03:40
Techrights-secdebunkable lies.  However, too few politicians gain from working in a fact Oct 04 03:40
Techrights-secbased environment and just decide to LARP like the business community is doing.Oct 04 03:40
schestowitz-TRwell, in our own home we make out own policies and ecisionsOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRbased on verifiable dataOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRchomsky used to say something along the lines of,Oct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRit takes people doing lots of effrot to realsie what's really going onOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRand most just toil away at workOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRand when they get back home sit on the TV sofa or attend kidsOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRso no time to study, just absorbOct 04 03:44
schestowitz-TRthis means them very easy to manipulate/deceiveOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRat least the vast majority of the "herd"Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRthe covid-19 posts are merely a residue of me tryingt o figure out the current situatn   Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRand then I send rianen "reports" on current threat levelOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRlike, based on how many are estimate to be infected at presentOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRand how transmittable that isOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRit seems to be like we have half-baked 'solutions'Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRbut the regime won't acknowledge that\Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRthe lobbyists want business-as-usual statusOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TReven if we are not ready for it  Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRprecarious capitalism where wone wuhan virus leads to systemic collapse in under 3 yearsOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRand now we have protests in the streets -- unthinkable back in 2019Oct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRand nhs staff resigning in drovesOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRinflation won't keep them at workOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRbecause their salaries are in effect only decreasedOct 04 03:45
schestowitz-TRand they want to protest what they see at work and the Tories' policiesOct 04 03:45
Techrights-secackOct 04 03:48
Techrights-secSome of the parties have been deliberately undermining the NHS and the staffOct 04 03:48
Techrights-sechave been a particular target of theirs.  Remember how well the NHS was Oct 04 03:48
Techrights-seceven back a decade ago?  Tricks like defunding, destaffing, and selling offOct 04 03:49
Techrights-secproperties have made it impossibile for the NHS to operate smoothly, thenOct 04 03:49
Techrights-secthat is combined with an incessant drumbeat in the corportate press aboutOct 04 03:49
Techrights-secprivatization as a response to the "failure" rather than addressing the  Oct 04 03:49
Techrights-secreal cause of the failure, which is the aforementioned defunding, destaffing, and selling off of properties.Oct 04 03:49
Techrights-secThen you have propaganda campaigns where finding a work-life balance andOct 04 03:49
Techrights-secworking the agreed upon contractual terms is considered a form of "quitting"Oct 04 03:49
Techrights-secAgain, those too are pushed by the corporate press, not that there is any Oct 04 03:49
Techrights-secother kind left these days, not even NPR or PBS at least in the USOct 04 03:49
schestowitz-TRI guess I am fortunate to work from home 100% of the time and also never have to work outside hoursOct 04 03:50
schestowitz-TRthen again, there are other issuesOct 04 03:50
schestowitz-TRfrom what I'm told by a friend who lives her (director), I'm not entitled to as much money if I leave (as I thought before)Oct 04 03:50
Techrights-sec 04 03:51
Techrights-sec 04 03:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Color Theory - Understanding the 7 fundamentals of colorOct 04 03:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Color Combinations from Hell – Death Sentence for Your DesignsOct 04 03:51
schestowitz-TRare these colour pallette commentaries concerning the CMS?Oct 04 03:52
schestowitz-TRin gemini, you choose you OWN themeOct 04 03:52
schestowitz-TRand it stays consistentOct 04 03:52
schestowitz-TRwhich I suppose makes perfect senseOct 04 03:52
schestowitz-TRI don't care for sites' "branding"Oct 04 03:52
schestowitz-TRI care for my eyes, screen/medium etc.Oct 04 03:52
Techrights-secRight, leaving on your own usually means a big disadvantage.  There may be Oct 04 03:54
Techrights-secmany other disadvantages to that as well.  If you make it look involuntaryOct 04 03:54
Techrights-secthen there are usually a lot of legal compensations which they must provide.Oct 04 03:54
Techrights-secNot directly, instead concerning the Windows in Africa chart specifically.Oct 04 03:54
Techrights-secThe label at least with this screen and this lighting is hardly readable.  Oct 04 03:54
Techrights-secA better color choice would make the point come across better because   Oct 04 03:54
Techrights-secit would be less strain to read.  It's a form of usability bordering onOct 04 03:54
Techrights-secaccessibility.  Oct 04 03:54
schestowitz-TRof note: i don't know what formula the patent cartel uses to caalculate efficacyOct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRand what data gets used, therein lies the BS Oct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRmaybe somethign to look into another dayOct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRjohn campbell and I both came to the conclusion (separately) that excess deaths foruma is BSOct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRbecause it factors in prior years of pandemic, a 20-year median would be a lot betterOct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRso you end up having to study the absolute numbers/totalsOct 04 03:58
schestowitz-TRcampbell has a boss called Alphabet GulagOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRit's based in another continentOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRand he spends like 50% of his videos having to apologiseOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRand recite guidelinesOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRand compliment the bossOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRjust to avert more censorship than being delisted from the "recommendation engine" and other "engagement" leversOct 04 03:59
schestowitz-TRit's ridiculous!!Oct 04 03:59
Techrights-sec 04 04:04
Techrights-secNote the text box/arrow's colors.  It'd be easy enough to find Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-sectwo colors and then keep the hex codes on file for reuse.Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-secThe hearsay is that the vaccines reduce the need for hospitalization.  Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-secHowever, if that is not true, they are certainly not going to allow socialOct 04 04:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft Windows Sinks to Just 16% of the African Market | TechrightsOct 04 04:04
Techrights-seccontrol media to cite any articles, studies, or data to the contrary.Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-secThere have been a lot of accounts wiped out recently.  They are gone withoutOct 04 04:04
Techrights-seca trace most of the time and only occasionally do any other vloggers Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-seccomment on the disappearance and the reasons for it.  Then, that too, is lostOct 04 04:04
Techrights-secin the noise and effectively gone forever. Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-secApologies for wikipedia link:Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-sec 04 04:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Operant conditioning chamber - WikipediaOct 04 04:04
Techrights-secold:Oct 04 04:04
Techrights-sec 04 04:04
-TechrightsBN/ | The 21st Century Skinner Box - Behavioral ScientistOct 04 04:04
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schestowitz-TRThe data I've studied does show a decrease in chance of escalationOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRbut the question is, by how much?Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRAnother question is,Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRwhat is the effect of the jabs themselvesOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRall jabs, even good ones, will have SOME side effectsOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRthis is common knowledge, not crackpot stuffOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRand also, what are the effects of complacency, i.e. letting it spread freelyOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRbased on false assumptinons of over-states/exeggerated (aofrementioned) "success"Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRif the change of hospitalisation is reduced by 70%, is that enbough to fill upOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRfootball stadiums? How about 99%? Huge difference.Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRthe problem is, there is not much research Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRand that which exists can be biased or suppressedOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRI just want to know what's going onOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRand, for now, "I see dead people"Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRmore than 2021 and 2020Oct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRin 2020 we went back to the gym and allOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TRas the virus was mostly contained around summertimeeOct 04 04:08
schestowitz-TReven in SeptemberOct 04 04:08
Techrights-secYesOct 04 04:08
Techrights-secThere are few articles which are uncontroversial or unprofitable enough toOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secbe neutral.  The rest are camped on by corporate marketeers or politicalOct 04 04:19
Techrights-seclobbyists or both.  Any incursion on those squatted pages ends up, at best,Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secas an edit war which due to the malice/laziness of the moderators is handedOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secto those with the most resources to bulk edit and or endure over time.Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secA timlely example is the banksters who ratchet forward each year towardsOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secmaking their pretend award for "Economics" appear legitimate.   Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-sec"puleez"Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secEconomics exists to make astrology look legit.Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secIt has nothing to do with science or scientific method, nor much to do withOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secactual facts and observable conditions.  Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secIt's phrenology for numbers.Oct 04 04:19
Techrights-secAnyway, in regards to Wikipedia, it is very hard to find any page at all whichOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secis not squatted on by a corporation or two, especially anything relatedOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secto computing, since it has become such a high-stakes fight over control ofOct 04 04:19
Techrights-secinformation/disinformation/propaganda and mind share.Oct 04 04:19
schestowitz-TRyou brought up wikipediaOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRwikipedia does resist interference by statesOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRexcept certain statesOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRthose aare AlwaysRight(R)Oct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRThat's aside from well-connected corporations doing whatever they want to articles which mention themOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TR"perception management" as a "service"Oct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRa shadow industry built around wikipediaOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRand reputation launderingOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TRor rather, censorshipOct 04 04:20
schestowitz-TR "Critical thinking is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of humankind. It is like a sharp sword that cuts through the follies of society, leaving nothing undefiled in its wake. Yet, when deployed improperly, it can also injure the thinker, bring ruin to his or her life, and ultimately accomplish nothing productive." gemini:// 04 04:27
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schestowitz-TRno irc post yet today?Oct 04 09:37
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schestowitz-TRwow, I was just using google search for something linux-relatedOct 04 10:38
schestowitz-TRtuxmachinea and TR are very prominent in resultsOct 04 10:38
schestowitz-TRthat helps explain some thingsOct 04 10:38
schestowitz-TRremember old TM still gets a lot more traffic than new TM, which I guess makes sense given the size differencesOct 04 10:38
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Techrights-secYes, TM and, depending on the topic, TR show up high in many searches.Oct 04 11:30
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Jim Zemlin keeps saying "intellectual property"Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR Linux Foundation's LFX seems to be proprietary software. Needs to be verified though.Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR Recently, Jim Zemlin did not even give talks. His keynotes were just him reading a script. Ridiculous.Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR Zemlin now spread the "supply chain" FUD of Microsoft proxies. To make "Open Source", not NSA and its tentacles (like Microsoft) seem like the real disk, inc. back doors.Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR Zemlin also bags about Microsoft working with Linux Foundation on "trust" (while Microsoft works for the NSA, a back doors booster)Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR Zemlin became like a Microsoft salesperson (like his wife, who is technically a fraud). He even uses the same talking points, e.g. "log4j" (even a year after this was patched)Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR<-- psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has left #boycottnovell-socialOct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Zemlin also perpetuates the lie that in proprietary software there are good security practices but the same is untrue in "Open Source"; he's in effect repeating Microsoft liesOct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TRnot sure if [topic]Oct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TRas that would require giving audience to his BSOct 04 11:31
schestowitz-TRbtw, a week later this video of LF has just 200 viewsOct 04 11:32
schestowitz-TRdespite claiming to have over 150,000 youtube subscribersOct 04 11:32
schestowitz-TRprobably another bunch of spamnilsOct 04 11:32
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Techrights-secI'm hoping that the popularity with the HTTPS service carries over to GeminiOct 04 11:37
Techrights-secat least a bit.Oct 04 11:37
Techrights-secBest to ignore spamnil for the most part except to mention how he is beingOct 04 11:37
Techrights-secused to degrade the brand.Oct 04 11:37
schestowitz-TR Zemlin says "Open Source movement", but it's not a movement but a corporate push to attack the movement (Free software) or what he dubs "collective innovation"Oct 04 11:37
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schestowitz-TRwhat the heck is it that makes a channel with 150k+ subscribers barely exceed 300 views in a month?Oct 04 11:42
schestowitz-TRimho, lots of fakesOct 04 11:42
schestowitz-TRthe big rich orgs just buy fakesOct 04 11:42
schestowitz-TRto "look big"Oct 04 11:42
schestowitz-TRit's like twitterOct 04 11:42
schestowitz-TRlol, LF talk uses the term "non-male"Oct 04 11:43
schestowitz-TRthat's like "gentile"Oct 04 11:43
schestowitz-TRthey define people as what they're notOct 04 11:43
schestowitz-TRrepeatedly Oct 04 11:43
Techrights-secYes, to a certain extent it started as a corporate end-run around softwareOct 04 11:44
Techrights-secfreedom.  But regardless of how much it was like that or not from the start,Oct 04 11:44
Techrights-secit became that quite quickly. Oct 04 11:44
Techrights-secMisconfigured bots with unused fake accounts>Oct 04 11:44
Techrights-sec?Oct 04 11:44
Techrights-sec:(Oct 04 11:44
Techrights-secThe more they avoid technical aspects, the more harm they succeed in doingOct 04 11:44
Techrights-secto the kernel.  Such is their apparent goal.Oct 04 11:44
schestowitz-TRlol, if you scroll down a bit you see videos that get same vie count as spamnilOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRone monyh, 37 viewsOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRover a month, 23 viewsOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRhardly even worth the efort encoding and uploadingOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRhat a lump of fakesOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRbut there is nothing too insightful I can say about itOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRone aspect of it is,Oct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRgulag used to show people channels they subscribed toOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRnow it's like broadcast TV, optimised for "engagement"Oct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRso they scre channels with subscribersOct 04 11:47
schestowitz-TRgoogle is 'managing' what people are watching and whenOct 04 11:47
Techrights-secWhen Lunduke was on topic, he was really good, but that only happened forOct 04 11:47
Techrights-seca little while.  Now he makes a lot of noise but produces nothing of substanceOct 04 11:47
Techrights-secfor the most partt.Oct 04 11:47
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schestowitz-TRyes, he blog is mostyly skip, skip, old, nonsense, brag, sales, skip, joke...Oct 04 11:51
schestowitz-TRhis head cannot come up with topicsOct 04 11:51
schestowitz-TRso he makes up satire and does "open mic" with no real topicOct 04 11:52
schestowitz-TRjust "ask me antyhing"Oct 04 11:52
Techrights-secA few of the ones he did like four or five years ago were really great.  HeOct 04 11:56
Techrights-secwas on a roll for a few months, then BAM nothing.Oct 04 11:56
schestowitz-TRimportant: draftOct 04 12:07
schestowitz-TRsee the one-minute videoOct 04 12:07
schestowitz-TRand barfOct 04 12:07
Techrights-seccheckingOct 04 12:07
Techrights-secThe worst part is that from a marketing perspective, it is chump change andOct 04 12:08
Techrights-secnot even noticeable money they're selling out for.Oct 04 12:08
Techrights-secm$ very presence violates the CoC :(Oct 04 12:17
Techrights-secJZ engages in a bit of revisionism.  FOSS is not becoming a part of industry.Oct 04 12:17
Techrights-secIt is what *built* and *runs* the Internet and the WWW.Oct 04 12:17
Techrights-secIt's not /becoming/ part of product and service development, it has beenOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secthere since day one already.Oct 04 12:17
Techrights-secIt has not /become/ the cornerstone, it started out as the cornerstone goingOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secback to the first days of computing in the 1940s and 1950s, though backOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secthen it was referred to merely as "software" since the availability of theOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secsource code went without saying.  It was only IBM and M$ in the 1980sOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secthat worked to undermine that, helped along with a lot of revisionism in the last 5 to 10 years by marketeetrs like JZOct 04 12:17
Techrights-secJZ's video is long.  Yewtewbe seems to have autoplayed it from the shortOct 04 12:20
Techrights-seclead video.Oct 04 12:20
schestowitz-TRI've just added your responseOct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRhis talks are mostly the sameOct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRtmpleateOct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRso rebutting one rebuts a lot of recent "talks"Oct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRwe'll needf to proofread carefullyOct 04 12:21
Techrights-secThe headline of the draft probably should not give free advertising to M$  Oct 04 12:21
Techrights-secthough.Oct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRwe stepped on a land mineOct 04 12:21
schestowitz-TRi beg to differ: it causes disgust, and rightly soOct 04 12:22
Techrights-secIt can be alluded to without naming explicitly, I think.Oct 04 12:22
Techrights-secFOSS's most hostile enemy as diamond sponsor for LF event.Oct 04 12:22
schestowitz-TRwe have a different target audience in mindOct 04 12:24
schestowitz-TRwe don't need to explain what microsoft means to usOct 04 12:24
schestowitz-TRin a site like TROct 04 12:24
schestowitz-TRit's not IDGOct 04 12:24
Techrights-secNot so much.  The point is that naming the company in that context givesOct 04 12:24
Techrights-secthem free advertising and even more bang for the buck for the pennies theyOct 04 12:24
Techrights-sectossed to LF for that name placementOct 04 12:24
schestowitz-TRok, wll rewriteOct 04 12:24
schestowitz-TRtry again nowOct 04 12:25
Techrights-sec 04 12:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Media Training Fundamentals: Don't Name the Competition - 03-31-2016 : Public Relations Management contact: Daniel Keeney in Portland, OregonOct 04 12:25
Techrights-sec 04 12:28
Techrights-seccheckingOct 04 12:28
Techrights-secthanks!  The new title is much more clear! Oct 04 12:28
-TechrightsBN/ | The Etiquette of Talking about Your CompetitionOct 04 12:28
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schestowitz-TRnew policy Oct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRstop tracking the spam-NILOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRI've not given up on statcounter thoughOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRI think it touches where it hurtsOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRand fills a gap where media dares not enterOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRbut we need topicsOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRyou know... there are coincidences, but...Oct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRsometimes it feels like as soon as I call out zdnet on "Linux"Oct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRa day later they respond Oct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRbut it lasts only about a dayOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRsame happens a lot with epo and LFOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRlike, you bring up a massive scandalOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRand then they're out in FULL FORCE, never ending PR rushed outOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRand then silenceOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRI think it's a PR tactic of signal saturationOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRDebian is said to have done the sameOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRbut it's very hard to proveOct 04 12:50
schestowitz-TRI am organising a list of items that help with brainstorming, original article ideasOct 04 12:51
schestowitz-TRjust going throiugh rss feeds does not always bring up topics Oct 04 12:51
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@h635kpe3hju7k.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 12:55
Techrights-secProbably they are in meetings about it.Oct 04 12:57
schestowitz-TRI've long had a sayingOct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TRwhat you see in public is just a small portion of the wholeOct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TRwhat people read 'second hand' (through other sites)Oct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TRwhat people say/hear (the water coller)Oct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TR*coolerOct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TRboardrooms, walled gardened chats etc.Oct 04 13:04
schestowitz-TRso the impact is always a bit more than it seemsOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRwith our whistleblowersOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRI had to explain to themOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRthat the PR tactic is to make them feel powerlessOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRhaving no impactOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRand keep secrey all mentions of themOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRbut like a submarine a lawyer comes your way every now and thenOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRa lot of the time 'feels' like it's having tit-for-tat with usOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRbased on the topics they 'cover'Oct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRand esp. the timingOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRbecause I'm told "almost all" EPO staff reads TROct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRno word from the copyright troll in about a weekOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRI reckon it's barking, but won't ever biteOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRif it tries to bite, the law is on m side, but time-wastingOct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TRlike mmasnick and shiva Oct 04 13:05
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Linux Foundation is trying to change its pitch in response to posts that expose its hypocrisy; for instance, they now openly admit Linux is just a little project in the corner. 04 13:11
-TechrightsBN/ | Linux Foundation - TechrightsOct 04 13:11
Techrights-secackOct 04 13:13
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "Total Coronavirus Cases in New Zealand" in this page shows what happens when you 'open up' BEFORE you even have a potent solution to COVID-19. 3k deaths in a small island. 04 13:13
-TechrightsBN/ | New Zealand COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - WorldometerOct 04 13:13
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> NZ is at 90% COVID-19 vaccine uptake for ages 12+. and when opening up COVID-19 spreads to millions, killing thousands. Hardly an efficacy success story. Try the same with polio. We need more vaccine development (and clinical trials), not more patents and higher prices.Oct 04 13:18
-TechrightsBN/ | COVID-19: Vaccine data | Ministry of Health NZOct 04 13:18
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> NZ, once a role model on COVID-19, now has a higher mortality rates overall than another island, Iceland. Those Islands are valuable as reference points to study COVID-19 mitigation approaches in insulation/isolation.Oct 04 13:22
schestowitz-TR And now in NZ they'll have millions with "LONG COVID(-19)" and lifelong conditions associated with infection, based on extensive research published just a month ago. They have a health service, so the high cost will be long-term and collective.Oct 04 13:23
Techrights-secackOct 04 13:23
Techrights-secI would speculate that the cost for the same scenario but without a nationalOct 04 13:24
Techrights-sechealth service would actually be far higher and longer lasting.Oct 04 13:24
schestowitz-TRyes, the point was not to take shots at nationalisation of well-bringOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TR*beingOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRhealth population is generally healthy for a nationOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRcrime and allOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TR(albeit welfare of public housing is a bigger factor there)Oct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRthe 'NZ experiment' is still ongoingOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRinsulate, vaccinate 90% of adolescents upOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRthen test on the "weak" variantsOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRand now they have remorse as they try to bring cases back down and under controlOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRbased on what I hear from friends, each "case" is not "recovered" or "dead"Oct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRbut "lucky" or "damaged" or "dead"Oct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRwe don't know the ratios, but some studies provide insights, with breakdown by age groups mostlyOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRgender is not a big factor in the case of this virus, it's the ageOct 04 13:30
schestowitz-TRand to some extent race tooOct 04 13:30
Techrights-secUnderstoodOct 04 13:31
Techrights-secThe current global situation is quite frustating because neither the shortcomings in the current set of vaccines is discussed or allowed ot be discussed,Oct 04 13:31
Techrights-secnor (as part of that) is there any apparent plan to develop functional Oct 04 13:31
Techrights-secvaccinesOct 04 13:31
schestowitz-TRwanted to say earlier,Oct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRthat this will become a bigger issue (than Tories) as winter comesOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRand that my initial prediction that "this can take 5 years" was not so insaneOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRbut I did not imagine we'd stay away from the gym after the temporary recovery in summer 2020Oct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRfew cases, sometimes 0 deaths per dayOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRand the economy was not going to recover after brexit and other blunder, inc. wars with the second/third superpowerOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRwe've always been at war with eur-asia/russia/eu-russiaOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRbrexit, russia, covidOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRperfect stormOct 04 13:34
Techrights-secackOct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRi don't suppose they'll export energy to us this winter, we snubbed them since 2016Oct 04 13:34
schestowitz-TRmy next (I think very hard, due to lack of transparent) task will be to check what efficacy is advertisedOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRand then what the methods of measuring that ISOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRthere is no consistent/uniform method, I suspectOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRwhich makes that even more cumbersomeOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRjust as they advertise ingredients with % on food productsOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TR(I know vaccines do tend to mention ingredients, but little about composition beyond that)Oct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRI think efficacy needs to be advertised honstly, transparently, independentlOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRin a language that the 'hoi polloi' can graspOct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TRso as to make decisions of select the right "product"Oct 04 13:38
schestowitz-TR List of capsules (as per Lupa) gemini:// 04 13:44
schestowitz-TRyou are there nowOct 04 13:44
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> New Zealand and Australia deaths rates for COVID-19 the same almost (less than 5% margin), but NZ had a long head start with vaccination before the spread. Demography similar, so it's not entirely clear if mass vaccination is anywhere near as effective as distance, mask, insulation. We need independent efficacy studies, not marketing junk from salespeople.Oct 04 13:49
*psydruid has quit (Quit: Gateway shutdown)Oct 04 13:52
*psydruid (~psydruid@jevhxkzmtrbww.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 13:52
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> In the UK, 90% of those who die of COVID-19 are vaccinated with COVID-19 products, based on the official data. Efficacy can't be THAT good. 04 13:53
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » ONS Data: In May (Latest Data Available) COVID-19 Killed 149 Brits Who Turned Down COVID-19 Vaccines, 1,439 Who Received Such VaccinesOct 04 13:53
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> COVID minimisers: people who think it's OK to mingle while COVID-19 is prevalent. Examples: British government. COVIDiots: people who say "the pandemic is over" when in fact it is rebounding if not surging. In the UK, it's worse now than same time 1 year ago and 2 years ago.Oct 04 13:53
schestowitz-TRin irc, this is OK to state such facts. if I still posted this in social control media, I'd risk ALL my account (history) based merely on 'touching'Oct 04 13:54
schestowitz-TRthe 'wrong' wordsOct 04 13:54
Techrights-secackOct 04 13:54
schestowitz-TRbloody hell, it's hard to find the information you'd assume is publicly availableOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRI don't use Gulag SearchOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRbut if I did, it would likely bombard me with "fact checks" in place of actual resultsOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRnot that I triedOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TR1) efficacy calculation method/s 2) advertised rates in 2022 (if that's still advertised at all this year)Oct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRthey "settled" on the provider and productOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRAZ is the "windows" of the UKOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TRsinofarm, china, sputnik russiaOct 04 13:57
schestowitz-TR"vaccine natinalism"Oct 04 13:57
Techrights-secackOct 04 13:58
Techrights-secyep, it appears to be about the same modelOct 04 13:58
Techrights-secprivatized patents built from publicly funded researchOct 04 13:58
schestowitz-TRbig farma = farming the marketOct 04 13:59
schestowitz-TRpopulatinon size x product x # of patents (acquired using publicly-funded R&D)Oct 04 13:59
schestowitz-TRyou can't say this in twitter, then ban you for the words used to express this totally legitimate gripeOct 04 13:59
schestowitz-TRhappened to me twiceOct 04 14:00
schestowitz-TRI was even careful with the wording, it did not helpOct 04 14:00
schestowitz-TRand added authoritative URLs to the "offending" tweetsOct 04 14:00
schestowitz-TRmaybe therein lies the whole "value proposition" of such sitesOct 04 14:00
schestowitz-TRat least in 2020 onwardsOct 04 14:00
Techrights-secand then if they acquiesce at all they blame what they've done on "AI"Oct 04 14:00
Techrights-secThere are no longer such things as authoritative sources :(Oct 04 14:00
schestowitz-TRabout 5 years ago when wikileaks was still alive I kept pointing out that "algorithm" (before the AI hype)Oct 04 14:02
schestowitz-TRwould be blamed for arbitrary and improper censorshipOct 04 14:02
schestowitz-TRlater wikileaks and even high-profile pro-Wikileaks accounts would be suspended, hidden, locked..Oct 04 14:02
schestowitz-TRsometimes based on "algorithm"Oct 04 14:02
schestowitz-TRlike "suspicious activity"Oct 04 14:02
schestowitz-TR"bad" content"Oct 04 14:03
schestowitz-TRit's like a CoCOct 04 14:03
schestowitz-TRbut another contextOct 04 14:03
schestowitz-TRtrump had to wage a war on the country before twitter took actionOct 04 14:03
schestowitz-TRand mostly to suck up to the upcoming (elected) senileOct 04 14:03
schestowitz-TRThe OtherSenile(TM)Oct 04 14:03
Techrights-secYep, similar modelOct 04 14:05
schestowitz-TRkids take two decadesx to 'raise'Oct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRand even that alone is no guarantee of them becoming independent and leaving the 'nest'Oct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TReven pseudoscience like "economics" cannot see 20 years aheadOct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TReven if it's greenspan in a suit and tie during the clinton eraOct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRwith a constume and media support to seem like "doctor prosperity"Oct 04 14:06
Techrights-secackOct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRthe solutions they offer, like bush 2nd did after 9/11, is "go shop more"Oct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRi.e. max up some more debt cardsOct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRto sustain a system where the currency became deficits based upon false assumption about a future gainful employmentOct 04 14:06
schestowitz-TRmy friend lost EVERYTHING! job, money, partner, health. all in one year.Oct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRhe would not talk to friends. went into hiding and therapy.Oct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRhe now panders against to sino 'farm' [sic] for a second chanceOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRafter they already burned him badlyOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRalong with some saudi and italian charlatans whom I warned him about all alongOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRposers and pretendersOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRsome of whom I met in personOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRsame thing happened to my dad, went broke, I even sent him money for a while (from my salary)Oct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRpeople who worked decades and approach pension age, only to have neither money nor assets Oct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRwhile those at the top moan that their wealth is not growing fast enough to keep up with inflationOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRwhich they themselves createdOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRby taking all the capital out of the market, impeding ability to make any further "lucrative" purchasesOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRby the way, daemonfc has a childOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRher name is buickOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRshe cost him like $5000 or more only on the first year Oct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRbirth price was just north of thatOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRso he complained in irc last nightOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRafter I had warned him atxis would be vastly cheaperOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TR*taxisOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRI also reckon dishonest garage 'grease monkeys' would become more dishonestOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRand even sabotage thingsOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRbecause they could really use more moneyOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRand their work ethics are not exactly renownedOct 04 14:12
schestowitz-TRhaving a buick is a sign on your back that says "happy to waste money to keep up status/sppearance"Oct 04 14:12
Techrights-sec:/Oct 04 14:14
Techrights-secackOct 04 14:14
Techrights-secThe independent garages are often fairly honest, especially if you are Oct 04 14:14
Techrights-seca regular.  It is the dealerships where one has to be especially alert.Oct 04 14:14
Techrights-secHowever, the independent repair shops are being squeezed out through variousOct 04 14:14
Techrights-secmeans hinging on closed source, closed protocols, and closed APIs among others.Oct 04 14:14
Techrights-secIf I understand the dealerships are selling a kind of maintenance subscriptionOct 04 14:14
Techrights-secto futher lock buyers into the dealer's services and to keep any money at allOct 04 14:14
Techrights-secfrom going to the independent repair shops.Oct 04 14:14
schestowitz-TRwhen I was a kid you have one spare tire at the backOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRa kitOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRand some oil, water, maybe a set of toolsOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRa lot of stuff was mechanical and could be repaired on the goOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRwithout having to get another vehicle to drag you to a shopOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRjust roadside workOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRmight take several hoursOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRbut you could get byOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRsort of like bicycleOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRwe've not needed to take them to the shop in a decadeOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRI can fix things on my ownOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRand improve at it over timeOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRthe wheels are easily detachableOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRso the flat tyre was a case of taking it at hand for new inner tubeOct 04 14:18
schestowitz-TRI never changed inner tube on my ownOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRand the cost of them doing it for you when you purchase the replacement is only a few poundsOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRwith their tools, they do it really fastOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRand we have a shop near to usOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRI dread the idea of some SBC with critical info now functioning properly in a carOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRyou cannot get int here to replace itOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TReven if you somehow got the spare moduleOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRa garage would tell you fairy tales about having to "order it from x"Oct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRand how it takes like a week to get it installedOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRcomputer repair shops are the sameOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TRthey ask you to leave it over for the perception of complexityOct 04 14:19
schestowitz-TReven for a job they can do on the spot while you go to the looOct 04 14:19
Techrights-secNo spare tires any more, that too is a subscription service.Oct 04 14:20
schestowitz-TRwait till smart wheelsOct 04 14:20
schestowitz-TRwith "LIGHTS ON THEM"Oct 04 14:20
schestowitz-TRand cameras and stuffOct 04 14:20
schestowitz-TRand microphoneOct 04 14:20
schestowitz-TRand.......Oct 04 14:20
*starstreak (~starstreak@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 14:21
Techrights-secnot just one microphone, manyOct 04 14:28
Techrights-secnot just one camera, dozens both inside and outsideOct 04 14:28
Techrights-sec 04 14:28
-TechrightsBN/ | Car cameras are no longer just on dashboards or outside your vehicleOct 04 14:28
schestowitz-TRat what cost?Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRwhat for?Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRtrying to recall an example from the other day...Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRsome gadget that has ... ah, smoker detectorOct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRnow they have connectioonOct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRFUCKING SMOKE DETECTORS!Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRwhat for?????Oct 04 14:30
Techrights-secTo sell to the insurance companies, police, and any other group with the rightOct 04 14:30
Techrights-seccontacts and a bit of money.  Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRthe 'roy law': the more "smart" things become, the more expensive they will become (purchase, maintenance, human  rights)Oct 04 14:30
schestowitz-TRbut it's far too banal to be a "law"Oct 04 14:30
Techrights-secYes, and it adds to the mark up.    Oct 04 14:31
schestowitz-TRlast night I jokes with dfc,Oct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRthat horses are quickly becoming more appealing as means of transportOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRcompared to "smart" cars, "modern" cars, EVs, and "self-driving" with lidar or whateverOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRhorses also have dual purposeOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TR"hybrids"Oct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRyou can ride themOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRor attach them to a wagon for more passengersOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRnever mind traffic, companionOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRrepair means vetaOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRand they lost over a decade is "maintained" properlyOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TRand make a good pet, tooOct 04 14:34
schestowitz-TR /is/if/Oct 04 14:34
Techrights-sec   Oct 04 14:35
Techrights-secHorses are not practical for similar reasons as bicycles are not practical,Oct 04 14:35
Techrights-secat least in the US and countries following a similar (lack of) urban planning.Oct 04 14:35
Techrights-secThe towns and cities have been intentionally laid out to prevent foot trafficOct 04 14:35
Techrights-secand short-distance travel.  Oct 04 14:35
Techrights-secHorses are great.  As long as you can stay in the saddle it'll find its ownOct 04 14:35
Techrights-secway home from the pub with you on its back.  :POct 04 14:35
schestowitz-TRtwo horses walk into a pubOct 04 14:37
schestowitz-TRget inebriatedOct 04 14:37
schestowitz-TRrun off a cliffOct 04 14:37
schestowitz-TRthe replace-machanics-with animal rhetoric is meant as a jokeOct 04 14:39
schestowitz-TRto make a pointOct 04 14:39
schestowitz-TRthe same is sometimes true for quad-core "phones" replaced with a node pad (pen, paper)Oct 04 14:39
schestowitz-TRbecause you never need to charge the latterOct 04 14:40
schestowitz-TRwe use paper as backup when travelling, stillOct 04 14:40
schestowitz-TRthe ev/smart/moderm/autonomous bs makes the costs very highOct 04 14:40
schestowitz-TRto the point where even a slow horse might be worth the tradeoffOct 04 14:40
schestowitz-TRif you nleave near land with flora or hayOct 04 14:40
schestowitz-TR#AmishWasRight ;-)Oct 04 14:46
schestowitz-TREVs would become less sustainables as the energy gets tapped by more and more onboard computersOct 04 14:46
schestowitz-TRand energy prices go up to the point where some states BAN rechanging the carOct 04 14:46
schestowitz-TRwith petrol you can stockpile a bit (no, not plastic bags! don't try this at home!)Oct 04 14:46
Techrights-secElectric vehicles have a problem with the componentns not being sustainable,Oct 04 14:46
Techrights-secespecially the batteries.  Some of the is slowly chaning but in the nearOct 04 14:46
Techrights-secand medium term the larger threat is from the software payloads the cars  Oct 04 14:46
Techrights-seccarry into peoples' lives.Oct 04 14:46
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@kqvcqbcq5tvms.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 14:47
schestowitz-TRof corse the FSF writes about this all the timne :sOct 04 14:48
schestowitz-TRor not even onceOct 04 14:48
schestowitz-TRiirc, it never wrote to caution about nasty tech introduced under the auspices of COVID-19Oct 04 14:48
schestowitz-TRbecause... "antivaxxer"Oct 04 14:48
schestowitz-TRif they say "emacs virgins" if sexist and pro-abortion if "ableist"Oct 04 14:48
schestowitz-TRthen anything vaccine related is "conspiracy crank" Oct 04 14:48
Techrights-secFSF / EFFOct 04 14:50
Techrights-secYes, *anything* that is written is silenced regardless of the position orOct 04 14:50
Techrights-secbacking literature.Oct 04 14:50
Techrights-secFSF / EFFOct 04 14:50
Techrights-secYes, *anything* that is written is silenced regardless of the position orOct 04 14:50
Techrights-secbacking literature.Oct 04 14:50
schestowitz-TRthe same people working from the inside to undermine EFF are sometimes the same people -- or connected to people -- who did this in FSFOct 04 14:51
schestowitz-TRwhile calling gillmore and moglen namesOct 04 14:51
schestowitz-TRwith neither proof nor contextOct 04 14:51
schestowitz-TRTR is not a big teamOct 04 14:54
schestowitz-TRbut we are not invadedOct 04 14:54
schestowitz-TRnor do we need to suck up to cocs and corporationsOct 04 14:54
schestowitz-TRas it stands..Oct 04 14:54
schestowitz-TRrms has not given talks in a whileOct 04 14:54
schestowitz-TRwhen it does they barely advertise itOct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRi thinkf for fear of online protests to cancel these talks  Oct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TR(it happened before)Oct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRor to condemn him for canceling a talkOct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TR(also happened before)Oct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRi think the term "cancel culture" is connected to that specificallyOct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRnot the defamation brigadesOct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRbut rather, groups online organising to cancel talksOct 04 14:55
schestowitz-TRor deplatform people physically, rather than from some "platform"Oct 04 14:55
schestowitz 04 14:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Honeytraps | TechrightsOct 04 14:56
schestowitz-TR[14:56] <DaemonFC> schestowitz[TR], Now I have another fume leak somewhere it seems.Oct 04 14:57
schestowitz-TR[14:56] <DaemonFC> More smoke tests if the code comes back.Oct 04 14:57
*psydroid3 (~psydroid@h635kpe3hju7k.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 15:13
Techrights-secackOct 04 15:19
schestowitz-TRbtw, shoehorning entryism is done outside net/techOct 04 15:32
schestowitz-TRI am told that some group whose name I cannot recall atrget institutionsOct 04 15:32
schestowitz-TRinc. academicOct 04 15:32
schestowitz-TRthey find one member of staff that make anti-trans joke some time in the pastOct 04 15:32
schestowitz-TRand then threatsn the employer with a smear campaignOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRunless it complies with a list od demands and buys some eductional materialOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRto "correct" the problem   Oct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRthis, in turn, is enough to put off some peopleOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRbut the strategy seems similarOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRin our case, dfc is the one for whom the irc channels have topics altered Oct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRto trigger a responseOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRso we try to keep the channel on topicOct 04 15:33
schestowitz-TRto the extent feassibleOct 04 15:33
Techrights-secackOct 04 15:54
schestowitz-TRthere is a VERY annoying new family of popupsOct 04 15:56
schestowitz-TRthat I think take JS to removeOct 04 15:56
schestowitz-TRwhen entering a whole lot of site since weeks agoOct 04 15:56
schestowitz-TRinc. howtoforceOct 04 15:56
schestowitz-TRbut many a dozen sitesOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRyoui must have noticed some in quiterssOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRI don't know how to bypass themOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRas soon as you oopen the page, overlay with useless dialogueOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRpretending to care about consentOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRthe www is becoming a lot less accessible very rapidlyOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRthe sites that have this all outsourced to the same malwareOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRand that malware become more malicious weeks agoOct 04 15:57
schestowitz-TRto the point where you cannot even get to the textOct 04 15:57
Techrights-secackOct 04 16:21
Techrights-secWWW has quickly turned into an unauthenticated malware delivery mechanismOct 04 16:21
Techrights-secand the browsers have turned into the world's crappiest VMs.  Oct 04 16:21
Techrights-secBy the way, the FOIA request on the Franklin surveillance resulted in a partialOct 04 16:21
Techrights-secrelease of documents.  It'll be interesting to see what was released even it Oct 04 16:21
Techrights-secs/it$/if/Oct 04 16:21
Techrights-secit is not a large amount and partially redacted at that.Oct 04 16:21
schestowitz-TRyes, I was surprised they targeted her tooOct 04 16:22
schestowitz-TRal gore's favourite singer, he claimedOct 04 16:23
schestowitz-TRif she passes muster for "extra treatment", the barrier was already very low decades agoOct 04 16:23
Techrights-secI figure, at least back then when they were musicians and not 'entertainers'Oct 04 16:24
Techrights-secand certainly not under corporate control, they watched as many as theyOct 04 16:24
Techrights-sechad resources to watch.  Now most that are allowed access to distributionOct 04 16:24
Techrights-secchannels are under full corporate control and fully congnizant of theirOct 04 16:24
Techrights-sectenuous status and disposability.Oct 04 16:24
schestowitz-TRthey call it the "zemlin syndrome " ;-)Oct 04 16:24
schestowitz-TRit takes a lot of effort to "fully" cancel LT and RMSOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRthey had a first (test?) run in 2015Oct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRthey just need "attackl fodder"Oct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRto reduce the "blowback"Oct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRone fodder is known as MJGOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRand some loon who is not the sharpest tool in the boxOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRso they take the heatOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRinstead of Intel, Red Hat, Microsoft, GulagOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRand then people fight one another along social aspectasOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRnot corporarte aspectsOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRcommunity vs corporate powerOct 04 16:27
schestowitz-TRextra point: usuaulyl it's not even legit social aspects or linesOct 04 16:32
schestowitz-TRas people of the same class can see eye to eyeOct 04 16:32
schestowitz-TRso it needs to be some trollish bullish bullshitOct 04 16:32
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Techrights-secackOct 04 16:50
schestowitz-TRone good feature of mjg (to them) is that he too is highly disposable (by them)Oct 04 16:52
schestowitz-TRfor all sorts of reasons we find over timeOct 04 16:52
schestowitz-TRhe stalks our channels becase we've canceled himOct 04 16:52
schestowitz-TRin some circles he's not welcomeOct 04 16:52
schestowitz-TRbecause they see the track record and smell troubleOct 04 16:52
schestowitz-TRby the way, did you see what tor project posted yesterday?Oct 04 16:53
schestowitz-TRI'm not sure what to make of itOct 04 16:53
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@57mp77k2cp9ci.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 04 16:56
Techrights-seccheckingOct 04 16:58
Techrights-secAbout the conflicts of interests?Oct 04 16:58
Techrights-secI haven't seen the Vice (Motherboard) article it refers to. Oct 04 16:58
Techrights-secIt looks like they have a representative from "Team Cymru" and whether he himself is ok is overshadows by "Team Cymru" having services which run counterOct 04 16:58
Techrights-secto the Tor Project's goals, thus making him an inappropriate choice for board.Oct 04 16:58
schestowitz-TRmy remark in irc was, what about the bribes tor took from microsoft (DDG) to help promote the NSA/MS spying?Oct 04 17:00
schestowitz-TRTor is a farce to me at this pointOct 04 17:00
schestowitz-TRlike newEFFOct 04 17:00
schestowitz-TRalso shilling Microsoft and DDGOct 04 17:00
schestowitz-TRmaybe the objective is to discredit bothOct 04 17:00
Techrights-secThat could always be either a side objective or a main objective.Oct 04 17:06
Techrights-secIf people lose enough confidence in the tool, then they will not use it andOct 04 17:06
Techrights-secmight even avoid it.  Oct 04 17:06
Techrights-secHowever, rummaging around, there seems to be no web index of anything relevantOct 04 17:06
Techrights-secwhich appears like a Motherboard article.Oct 04 17:06
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Techrights-secDebian: systemd, anti-RMS libel / lynch letter, proprietary driversOct 04 20:26
Techrights-secfound it: 04 20:26
Techrights-sec"""Oct 04 20:26
Techrights-secOne of the companies buying up all that data is Team Cymru who watches over all of it with a tool it calls Augury. Who buys Augury? Weve just learned a lotOct 04 20:26
Techrights-sec of agencies within the federal government. Cyber Command, the Army, the Navy, are all using Augury to paw through internet traffic. But what, exactly, areOct 04 20:26
-TechrightsBN/ | CYBER: Inside the Tool the US Military Is Using to Monitor Emails and Web TrafficOct 04 20:26
Techrights-secthey looking for? And what can they even see?Oct 04 20:26
Techrights-sec"""Oct 04 20:26
Techrights-secThat's not really indexed though.Oct 04 20:26
schestowitz-TRDdbian votes to not make a statement on RMROct 04 20:27
schestowitz-TRRMSOct 04 20:27
schestowitz-TRSome devs signed the letter as personsOct 04 20:27
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