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schestowitz-TRbuilding a DC does not beget profitsJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRit symbolises an ambitionJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRmitchel has manwhile taken note of some Microsofgt DCs being mothballedJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRremember windows is perishingJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRthey need something to replace thatJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRazure has not been financially viable, but like gulag with youtubeJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRthey fudge the numbers to buy timeJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRin 2022 gulag admitted youtube was not performing wellJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRI posted about half a dozen link about this in IRC during the weekendJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRwhile I was researching netflix, spotify and, gulagtubeJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRfor microsoft, the "hosting" approach to collecting "rents" is the ambitionJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRbillg is already struggling to sell his "doses"Jun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRand soon half his wealth will be parted withJun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRin 10-20 years he'll be deadJun 06 09:08
Techrights-sec not it begets control and political influence as well as surveillanceJun 06 09:08
Techrights-secM$ does not have the money to keep them all running, I'd guess they stayJun 06 09:08
Techrights-secup only where the Pentagon is willing to pay for data   Jun 06 09:08
schestowitz-TRthis regime is largely insolventJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRafter 2008 the debt was a lot smaller than nowJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRit's shooting up, out of control (see cumulative debt charts)Jun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRand now the general population feels that in inflation, tooJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRall that graft will be harder to justifyJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRwhen the population is not preoccupied with attacking one anotherJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRchina has also been waiting patientlyJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRnow it commands the marketsJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRlike the effect of beijing lockdownsJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRit's good they will adopt gnu/linux, but I don't thinkJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRthey will contribute anything, or as much ss Europe doesJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRI think "Linux" will be missing the pointJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRwe're already there with AndroidJun 06 09:12
schestowitz-TRbut look how people use AndroidJun 06 09:12
Techrights-secThe West is very poor at understanding the bility to scheme in the long term Jun 06 09:13
Techrights-secin general, not just in the context of Russia, China, and Islam.Jun 06 09:13
Techrights-secOr how Android uses people, rather.  And the fact that it's more or lessJun 06 09:13
Techrights-secclosed source in practice despite being ostensibly open source.  It's Jun 06 09:13
Techrights-seca pervasive problem which I hope is no longer growing.  Look at BigBlueButton Jun 06 09:13
Techrights-secwhich is ostensibly FOSS but in practice a closed blob.Jun 06 09:13
schestowitz-TRmany things we wrote over the years aged well wrt openweasingJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRafaik I coined the termJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRand it's not just android, also "chrome" (ium, vscodium...)Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRI don't know BBB well enough, we deployed it ages agoJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRrigth now rianne has 3 computer and 3 (three!) phones to keep upJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRbecause all the accounts are all over the place, even VPNsJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRit's mad1Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TR*! Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRand jabber was silently killedJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRby idiots  Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRit used OpenLDAPJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRthis is a symptom of a problem previously alluded to by your train of thoughtJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRnamely, the short term thinking in the westJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRimpulsive buyingJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRimpluses everywhereJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRno plans for 10-20 years down the lineJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TR"God help us"... "thoughts and prayers"Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRnot to even comment on "Inshaallah"Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRthat's just nihilismJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRbut a lot of what exists now will die soonJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRlike Goolgle+Jun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRand JoinDiasporaJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRand Google HangoutsJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRyes, they killed that tooJun 06 09:18
schestowitz-TRthey still try to figure out how to 'monetise' other people's chats Jun 06 09:18
Techrights-secyesm that is goodJun 06 09:19
Techrights-secinaction in face of hostile opponents who have long term plans which exploitJun 06 09:19
Techrights-secthat inactionJun 06 09:19
schestowitz-TRreducing dependence on fossil fuel is a startJun 06 09:20
schestowitz-TRnot just "Russian gas"Jun 06 09:20
Techrights-secnot just that but they work against and agitate against all forms of openJun 06 09:21
Techrights-secstandards and general interoperability.Jun 06 09:21
Techrights-secI refuse to forgive Digg for taking side against open standards at a timeJun 06 09:21
Techrights-secwhen Digg was at its peak popularity.  Digg is gone but the damage it helpedJun 06 09:21
Techrights-secdo is not.  Jun 06 09:21
schestowitz-TRin history timelines for the www many forget or leave out complely digg.comJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRthough it peaked for about 2 yearsJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRI don't suppose Slashdot is regarded as much, eitherJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRthe life cycle of many sites is like thisJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRphoronix turned 18 yesterdayJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRtoday in shitter (twitter) I saw a microsofter linking to my posts about phoronix selling outJun 06 09:23
schestowitz-TRnot sure what to make of that...Jun 06 09:23
Techrights-secslashdot died after a series of severe blows, each one successively worse Jun 06 09:32
Techrights-secthat the previous.  Those were the repeated sales.  It's mostly a spam siteJun 06 09:32
Techrights-secwith spam comments nowadays, the domain is still in use though even if onlyJun 06 09:32
Techrights-sec[for spamJun 06 09:32
Techrights-secnot sure, M$ is alwaus malevolent, so they certainly did not mean well by   Jun 06 09:32
Techrights-seclining, in any case.Jun 06 09:32
schestowitz-TRI've just watched some  "the linux gamer"Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRvideos, he made a new channel with his girlfriendJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRI think (guess) some youtuber don't see their futureJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRthere, judging by recent (years old) trendsJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRI feel bad for those who dropped out of college to doJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRtheir youtube 'career'Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRI explained video hosting to rianne yesterdayJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRas she tends to assume youtube is always Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TR"just there"...Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRfar too many people weree enticed by the 'free'Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRwith russian energy being cut, maybe Microsoft DCs can stop up and heat up the homesJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRthe DCs will burn lumber and oxygenJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRthen deliver what's left of the combustionJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TR"data processing"Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRLF insists that Microsoft burning all this energy is "green" (bribed-for PR)Jun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRand the other day christine hall promotes the DC openwashing initiative ofJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft after LF had taken onboardJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRshe's so deep in LF pockets now that she would even participate inJun 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft openwashingJun 06 11:56
schestowitz-TRsorry, this I cannot acceptJun 06 11:56
schestowitz-TRbetter retire like miss jonesJun 06 11:56
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Inside the risky world of 'Migrant TikTok' Rest of World ⚓ ䷉ Glorifying illegal activities. Source: restofworldJun 06 12:00
-TechrightsBN/ | Inside the risky world of “Migrant TikTok” - Rest of WorldJun 06 12:00
Techrights-secyep she is undoing her past work and her past (good) reputationJun 06 12:02
Techrights-secsmuggling and human trafficking is mediated via tiktok and facebook, they areJun 06 12:02
Techrights-seccomplicite in those crimes as well as the incidental loss of life resulting Jun 06 12:02
Techrights-secfrom the process.  Jun 06 12:02
schestowitz-TRdraftJun 06 12:34
schestowitz-TRhardshly worded or OK?Jun 06 12:34
Techrights-seccheckingJun 06 12:35
Techrights-secok, as long as the assertions are well-documentedJun 06 12:35
Techrights-secmight want to mention (along with the links) that they /are/ well-documentedJun 06 12:35
schestowitz-TRhis response to me was a long non-denialJun 06 12:35
Techrights-secright but TR does have pages backing up the assertions still and those canJun 06 12:37
Techrights-secbe linked to.  Otherwise, it might be softened, but only slightly.Jun 06 12:37
schestowitz-TRtherea<re 4 links thereJun 06 12:37
Techrights-secackJun 06 12:42
Techrights-secthe last one is clearly labeledJun 06 12:43
Techrights-secyesJun 06 12:43
Techrights-seccorrect, but repetition / reminders are necessary : memories are short and newJun 06 12:43
Techrights-secpeople do show up and arrive in the middle of the sagaJun 06 12:43
schestowitz-TRthis one I am quite certain aboutJun 06 12:44
schestowitz-TRand he did have his window for responseJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRI don't publish things I might regret or unpublish at a later pointJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRthere was an incentive for me to protect and send him trafficJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRbut I could no longer carry onJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRthis crate is a pandor'a boxJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRIU'm susprised he keeps publishing itJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRsome people's greatest weakness is a lack of reluctrance to show offJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRit can become self-exposing if not incriminatingJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRmany youtubers are like thatJun 06 12:45
schestowitz-TRoh, btw, gardiner insinuated that some criticiswm of mozills is "conspiracy theories"Jun 06 12:47
schestowitz-TRthough he said conceded that some of it is legitimateJun 06 12:47
schestowitz-TRI did not see any cracks speaking about mozillaJun 06 12:48
schestowitz-TRthen again, maybe I don't check shitpost sites like redditJun 06 12:48
Techrights-secI've been ignoring Gardiner lately. He has gone out of his way to burn his Jun 06 12:48
Techrights-secremaining credibility.  Jun 06 12:48
schestowitz-TRhe started a channel with his g/f emily (after the house move) and that channel is absolutely garbageJun 06 12:51
schestowitz-TRbut I am judging only by the first video there, which got the most viewsJun 06 12:51
schestowitz-TRI thought of him becauseJun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TR1) the showoff thing (making a video about getting a huge house with BTC... where from? while turning the channelk into valveviJun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TRlla)Jun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TR2) I was checking that fiefox video while shaving this morning Jun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TR*valvevilleJun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TRthen making a joke video about selling outJun 06 12:52
schestowitz-TRthen going mostly silent, with the odd valve video or just nothingJun 06 12:52
Techrights-secYes, where from?Jun 06 12:54
Techrights-secAnd changing the name of his channelJun 06 12:54
Techrights-secmostly by removing "Linux" from the title.Jun 06 12:54
Techrights-secLunduke also dropped FOSS / Linux topics completely, as well.Jun 06 12:54
Techrights-secyesJun 06 12:54
schestowitz-TRit's not just gardiner btwJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRjason evangelho is now back... as the thunderbird bloggerJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRbut his valve shilling blog shut abruptlyJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRso you know some of these "influencers" were feeding off a palm directly and indiurectlyJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRvalve = former microsofter makes a gaming/drm companyJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRhis new firefox video mentions "Linux" not even once Jun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRand showers EDGE with some praisesJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRclaims it has 20% of the market if I got this right (which is a lie)Jun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRand says Gogle is "AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE WORSE" than Microsoft in the 1990s antitrust daysJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRin terms of market powerJun 06 12:56
schestowitz-TRwhich is a phony BSJun 06 12:56
Techrights-secapropos data centers, M$ is now attacking Lithuania and pressing to reduceJun 06 12:57
Techrights-secself-hosting in the public and private sectors: 06 12:57
-TechrightsBN/ | Minister invites Microsoft to expand in Lithuania - LRTJun 06 12:58
schestowitz-TRan act of treasonJun 06 12:58
Techrights-secbasically, and it's coming from a minister so that charge would be highlyJun 06 12:59
Techrights-secappicableJun 06 12:59
schestowitz-TRit is a very corrupt country; if they could pocket Munich, this is just dress rehearsalJun 06 13:00
schestowitz-TRbut this is a political problemJun 06 13:00
schestowitz-TRfrom a cult, not a companyJun 06 13:00
schestowitz-TRbut an arm of the "security state"Jun 06 13:00
schestowitz-TRputin would approve of courseJun 06 13:00
schestowitz-TRmicrosoft is swiss... cheeseJun 06 13:00
Techrights-secGermany is highly corrupt, at least in regards to ICTJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRok, to twist this for better moraleJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRtheir aspirations in east europe may show thewy lose a lot of ground where the nations are richerJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRin the same way FB tried to get into china and africaJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRto hide th rapid loss of active usersJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRor gulag with all sorts of dying disservicesJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRinc. their clown efforts, which lose a ton of moneyJun 06 13:08
schestowitz-TRgermany pride and shitty press helps cover up what's happeningJun 06 13:10
schestowitz-TRinc. on lesser technical issuesJun 06 13:10
schestowitz-TRthey self-gagJun 06 13:10
Techrights-secit's the coverups which enable it to continueJun 06 13:10
Techrights-secit's probably also related to their turning a blind eye to EPO corruption andJun 06 13:10
Techrights-secillegal activitiesJun 06 13:10
schestowitz-TRwe did a 20-part series on germany complicityJun 06 13:11
schestowitz-TRand compared that to the immigration crisisJun 06 13:11
schestowitz-TRand how the media would not play ballJun 06 13:11
schestowitz-TRdo you want the link?Jun 06 13:11
Techrights-secI recall the contents, more or less, but I am wondering about the best wayJun 06 13:12
Techrights-secto occasionally revisit open cases like thatJun 06 13:12
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> The real alternative to Clownflare is stuff like Varnish. Ankush Das names only clown computing/outsourcing -- a false dichotomyJun 06 13:31
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> These alternatives are also proprietary and harmful to the Web 06 13:31
schestowitz-TRves/Jun 06 13:32
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )Jun 06 13:32
Techrights-secyesJun 06 13:35
Techrights-secVarnish, and to certain extent Squid or Nginx can be a front end for heavilyJun 06 13:35
Techrights-secvisited sites.  However, DDoS based on bandwidth can only be limited by the Jun 06 13:35
Techrights-secnetwork providers, AFAIK.  DDoS based on targeting the backend of a serviceJun 06 13:35
Techrights-secneeds a third approach.Jun 06 13:35
schestowitz-TRthere's software and even self-hosted appliances (bsd/gnu/linux) that can help thwarts bad actors before they even reach the seJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRrver, like a firewallJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRthen the isp is the bottleneckJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRbut the idea that we should therefore surrender to clownflare, a hostage operation, means the web is alreadyJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRnot worth havingJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRbecause we tolerated back doors and botnets for far too longJun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TReven clownflare is barely coping, it's overclassifying "threats"Jun 06 13:38
schestowitz-TRand in many cases demands you run programs because you are presumed  a botnetJun 06 13:38
Techrights-secyes but they don't provide the censorship and surveillance that CloudFlare Jun 06 13:39
Techrights-secenablesJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secpresumably accompanied by contributions in kind or monetaryJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secBill Gates (via M$) has made bad engineering not just acceptable but expectedJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secacross the globeJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secCloudFlare blocks a lot of posts in LinuxQuestions even when nothign   Jun 06 13:39
Techrights-secdangerous or even controverisal is provided in either the question or theJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secanswer.  Jun 06 13:39
Techrights-secThat's just one example. Jun 06 13:39
schestowitz-TRbill <3 back doorsJun 06 13:39
Techrights-secyes.  Jun 06 13:40
schestowitz-TRI think you are mistaking two things, but it's considered correct that Microsoft played ball for NSA around that timeJun 06 13:42
schestowitzI remember what you allude to. Also: "Microsoft will carry on pretending that it is one’s patriotic duty to support and fund Microsoft, even using bailout money (i.e. the expense of taxpayers)." 06 13:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft Finds Cost-Cutting Measures: Moves Overseas | TechrightsJun 06 13:56
schestowitz-TR(btw, lithuania has very good talent that can be employed for a laughabls salary.. same in Belarus)Jun 06 13:57
Techrights-secthe very presence of M$ products on the net is such a liability that it is Jun 06 13:58
Techrights-sec100% incompatible with national defense in even the smallest way.Jun 06 13:58
schestowitz-TRStan Beer (ITwire) recently complained that they then CHARGE you money to fix their own security-failing aftermathJun 06 14:00
schestowitz-TRyou might be able to find it as it's about a month olJun 06 14:00
schestowitz-TRso cleaning up one's own mess is also a business modelJun 06 14:00
schestowitz-TReven without selling "up[grades"Jun 06 14:00
schestowitz-TRit harms most those who use that crapJun 06 14:00
schestowitz-TRbut at a national level that includes taxpayers and implicates personal data likle medical filkesJun 06 14:00
Techrights-secIt's not even cleaning up the mess, just stirring the mess around -- for anJun 06 14:01
Techrights-secadditional fee, but no progress is ever made towards actual cleanupJun 06 14:01
schestowitz-TRsome garages work like thatJun 06 14:01
Techrights-secOne very irritating aspect is that the public accepts all that.  Jun 06 14:04
schestowitz-TRnoJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRthe public is unwareJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRhence not part of the equationJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRwe can change thatJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRagitators will always try to just discredit those who are speaking about such mattersJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRin the way that they doJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRbecause the very mode of thinking represents a threat to the status quoJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRsuch as explaining to people that "encryption" and e2ee is not the same thingJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRor clown computing is basically an illegal action, a data breachJun 06 14:07
schestowitz-TRpoliticians do not seem to understand that or get paid to pretend not to understand the factsJun 06 14:07
Techrights-secyes, some of that is due also to severe corruption, such as in GermanyJun 06 14:08
Techrights-secnot to mention the USJun 06 14:08
schestowitz-TRwe need to "keep at it"Jun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRwe are doing OKJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthe each person you spread the message to there will be some colleagues are are told the sameJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRto the point where lies cannot sustain themselvesJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthen they try to compensate for it by spending millions on PR and marketingJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRand that's when you know you may be "winning"Jun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRnot losingJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRbecause they see no choice other than making a shitstorm of noiseJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRto regain respectJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRand that shitstorm itself can be self-discreditingJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRLF, Moz, EFF, OSI, EPO...Jun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthey have deep pocketsJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthey don't lay down and dieJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRif you ask actual people NOT shillsJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRi.e. not the random "username" in WWWJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRyou quicly see people dislike Microsoft very stronglyJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRand Microsoft knows itJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthey try to perpetuate the idea of being reformed and having gained acceptanceJun 06 14:12
schestowitz-TRthis is a faked non-existent sentimentJun 06 14:12
Techrights-secue also to severe corruption, such as in GermanyJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secnot to mention the USJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secackJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secyes but unlike in decades past, they are made to believe that they are aloneJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secand unique in their trouble with M$.  Microsofters have long lied to peopleJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secabout their problems, saying to them that they are the only ones who have theJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secproblem.Jun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRalso, spending millions on marketing ("Microsoft loves Linux") in areas where you operate at a LOSS, e.g. GitHub, is not somethJun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRing you can carry on doing for many yearsJun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRyou need to justify that by showing progress (gullible people or profits)Jun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRGitHub, like ClownFlare, is in "honeymoon mode"Jun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRlike YouTube for the first 10 yearsJun 06 14:14
schestowitz-TRwhen they actually PAID some creatorsJun 06 14:14
Techrights-secthe ideology behing making everything suck is driven by MBAs mostlyJun 06 14:16
schestowitz-TRthe "everything sucks" PR is not compelling and it's not freeJun 06 14:16
schestowitz-TRthey recently did a tonload of articles about "Open Source" security crisesJun 06 14:16
schestowitz-TRhelped by theor puppet, VMware, among othersJun 06 14:17
schestowitz-TRthey convinced ZemlinJun 06 14:17
schestowitz-TRbut f* this guy :-)Jun 06 14:17
schestowitz-TRmost people don't even take that prick seriouslyJun 06 14:17
schestowitz-TRcertainly not those who he CLAIMS to speak forJun 06 14:17
schestowitz-TR"everything sucks" is a defence mechanism, proactiveJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRif I fail, it's OKJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRif I don't fail, greatJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRyou win either wayJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TReven for making the worst decisionsJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRso the strategy is to make Linux seem like a seucity nightmareJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRso that staying with Windows or moving to it seems "reasonable"Jun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRthey have spent a lot of money on these liesJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRand now that so many things have been migrated to gnu/linux (from unix and Jun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TRfrom windows) they see no other way to stop it or slow it downJun 06 14:19
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Orange Pi 800 Offers the Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Some Fresh Competition 06 14:23
-TechrightsBN/ | Orange Pi 800 Keyboard PC - A Raspberry Pi 400 alternative powered by Rockchip RK3399 | Tux MachinesJun 06 14:23
schestowitz-TRthis is catching on, forcing prices downJun 06 14:24
schestowitz-TRthe future will be OK for those who steer away from the unisys-in-our-lifetime, MicrosoftJun 06 14:24
schestowitz-TRWindows keeps losing share, reminds me to check the latest data...Jun 06 14:24
schestowitz-TRwon't be part of the future: christome, gardiner, spamnil...Jun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRthey bailed outJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRbtw, some of spamnil's videos are still heavily click-bot'edJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRwhen you see 3,000 views with zero commands and one like you know it's  thatJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRadjecent to videos with the same interaction but maybe 30 viewsJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRand they both suck equallyJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRhe's trying to market himself as "occassionally viral"Jun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRby breaking google's ToSJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRI'm not cruel enough to report him to GulagJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRwow, he has accelerated the botsJun 06 14:30
schestowitz-TRsooner or later they'll catch him and take action, I supposeJun 06 14:30
Techrights-secperhaps but the cynic in me says there were be few repercussions for Jun 06 14:32
Techrights-seceven getting caught out at that kind of fraud.Jun 06 14:32
Techrights-secs/were/will/Jun 06 14:32
schestowitz-TRcan lose the entire channelJun 06 14:32
Techrights-secI would hope so, but the accountability is generally lacking.  They are too Jun 06 14:33
Techrights-secbusy spending resources demonitizing legitimate channels.Jun 06 14:33
schestowitz-TRanyway, feels like kicking a man while he's downJun 06 14:35
schestowitz-TRhe used to be a big fan of BNJun 06 14:35
schestowitz-TRI'm waiting for the EPO's meeting that can (probably won't) oust CampinosJun 06 14:35
schestowitz-TRif the circus carries on, it gives us more to publishJun 06 14:35
Techrights-secEither with him or without him they are most likely to be a clown show Jun 06 14:36
Techrights-secfor a while.  It will take determination above all, followed by a lot ofJun 06 14:36
Techrights-seceffort, to restore the dignitiy and functionality of the institution.Jun 06 14:36
Techrights-secThe first step there would be ousting him and changing the hiring proceduresJun 06 14:36
Techrights-secto prevent getting more of the same in the next replacement.Jun 06 14:36
schestowitz-TRthe national delegates are of the same religion and the social circles overlapJun 06 14:39
schestowitz-TRthat too is a challnge -- one that will need expanding uponJun 06 14:39
schestowitz-TRthe 50-part series showed many examples of thatJun 06 14:39
schestowitz-TRthis is NOT an ideaological battleJun 06 14:39
schestowitz-TRit ios a class battleJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRthese people with their peach-to-the-choir events are fronting for corporpoations and magnatesJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRthey won't budge as long as they're well rewardedJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRso we need to convince the workers, those are are not ringleaders in respectgive nations,  Jun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRto demand a return to sanityJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRany showing of solidarity to the mission, or stated goals, helps change t he sentimentsJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRKEI was doing this in the area of access to medicineJun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRI've not heard or seen James Love for yearsJun 06 14:40
Techrights-secCorrect, like many things these days which are also dressed up as somethingJun 06 14:40
Techrights-secelse, it is a class battle.    Jun 06 14:40
schestowitz-TRin the past 2-4 years they've dressed a lot of the "IP" stuff as "D&I" or "DEI"Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRthey even make up acronyms for theseJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRLF did the sameJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRbut those are simple to refuseJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRIBM has quit some of these pseudo-ethics PR charadesJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRI suppose seeing it was backfirting rather badlyJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRjust this past sunday I showed how UPC bullshitters were trying to leverage "DUI"Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TR"DEI"Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRwith their "DUI" EWPO presiodent ;-)Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TR /s/refuse/refute/Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRimportant typoJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRif the next series is 10 parts, it can start 12 days before the meeting, 5 pasrts would be a week priorJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRfor maximal effect (short memory span)Jun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRthe reps keep asking for the recordingJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRto bring the topic backJun 06 14:44
schestowitz-TRthe f*ing topic backJun 06 14:45
schestowitz-TRf* became a common joke in the EPoJun 06 14:45
schestowitz-TRF* this F* thatJun 06 14:45
Techrights-secackJun 06 14:45
schestowitz-TRthe predictable spoiler is, the petition and the survey will bear results before writing to the CouncilJun 06 14:48
schestowitz-TRshowing 0% approval for CampinosJun 06 14:48
schestowitz-TRyou cannot just extend a term of a person if a survey taken by most staff shows thisJun 06 14:48
schestowitz-TRor else you too, the Council, get 0%Jun 06 14:48
schestowitz-TR(in 2020 the Council was already 0%, Campinos was 3% approval)Jun 06 14:48
Techrights-secone can hope that is the case and that the survey is not just brushed under theJun 06 14:48
Techrights-secrugJun 06 14:48
schestowitz-TRepi, all the media, maybe except one blogger in kluwer patent blog, will ignore itJun 06 14:49
schestowitz-TRepi is a jokeJun 06 14:49
schestowitz-TRthe whole systen is like a global force of occupationJun 06 14:49
schestowitz-TRwipo and wto are like the hq foir the nrve sstemJun 06 14:49
schestowitz-TRso we want to find and call out the cross-pollination and inter-orgs corruptionJun 06 14:49
schestowitz-TRyes!! windows down to 27%Jun 06 14:55
schestowitz-TRbrbJun 06 14:55
Techrights-secackJun 06 14:55
schestowitz-TRthese figures are a pain to microsoft's salespeople and ISVsJun 06 15:02
schestowitz-TRdraftJun 06 15:02
Techrights-secackJun 06 15:05
Techrights-secmight mention the context: that of client or desktop; all other fields haveJun 06 15:05
Techrights-secbasically no trace of M$ except servers and there they are very weak, tooJun 06 15:05
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Jun 06 15:07
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Jun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRthe moment you say Android people "get" that Jun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRand these figures already factor in the insignificance of Microsoft in a lot of sectorsJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRmaybe I could do another video about netcraft, but there would be a lot of repetitionJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRthe idea is kill the cash cowsJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRand stop the bailoutsJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRsee the rats jumping to other ships :/Jun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRlike 'Linux' FoundationJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRI'm not sure if jperlow left, he may have been replaced by that "new guy"Jun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRatm we have several orgs on the "run" from a PR POVJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRbut their stance or damage control strategy is to never publicly acknowledge itJun 06 15:07
schestowitz-TRthat campinos went insane because of techrights only egged me onJun 06 15:08
Techrights-secackJun 06 15:11
Techrights-sectoo bad he was not locked up for any of his infractions or law-breakingJun 06 15:11
Techrights-secthe idea is /to/ kill the cash cowsJun 06 15:11
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@freenode-rmogvn.g0d7.dtdf.mc4289.IP) has joined #boycottnovellJun 06 15:13
*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@5tcc2vuaj9aks.irc) has joined #boycottnovellJun 06 15:13
schestowitz-TRI've juust added some bits and link to wikipedia on "common carrier"Jun 06 15:15
schestowitz-TRas people underestimate the strategic importance of windowsJun 06 15:15
Techrights-secackJun 06 15:15
Techrights-secCommon Carrier is very important but not related in anyway to that postJun 06 15:15
schestowitz-TRbug #1 is being resolved, so now Mark Shuttleworth can shill WSL to help Windows retain or gain shareJun 06 15:17
Techrights-secapparentlyJun 06 15:17
schestowitz-TRpublished.Jun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRin the coming years we'll need to compound and explain the point about "phones" and "clown" being badJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRno matter whose brand Jun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRno need for digital hermits or "vegans"Jun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRjust saner societyJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRmoderationJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRsocial control meida seems to be waning everywhereJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRinteractions in mastodon became very fewJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRsame thing that happened in diapora years agoJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRyou have people posting, but little happens beyond thatJun 06 15:23
Techrights-secackJun 06 15:23
schestowitz-TRgoing tot ake a break now and thinkJun 06 15:23
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> so wordpress uploads all content to their CDN servers – even when self hosted if true, quite a scandalJun 06 20:37
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-» so wordpress uploads all content to their CDN servers – even when self hosted | dwaves.deJun 06 20:37
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> UK COVID-19 Status: We've Almost Stopped Testing, Death Figures Are 17 Days Behind 06 22:14
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » UK COVID-19 Status: We’ve Almost Stopped Testing, Death Figures Are 17 Days BehindJun 06 22:14

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