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schestowitz-TR[15:20] <xxxxxxxx> btw, i've been making optimizations to xxxxxx recently, and i now have someone working on a gemini siteSep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:20] <xxxxxxxx> i'm planning to add gemtext support in my static site generatorSep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:20] <xxxxxxxx> and have a sort of hybrid thingSep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> here's a paste of some text i sent to that person today:Sep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: i've decided what i will do:Sep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: in untitled, i will add an option: disablegemtext. if enabled, gemtext will be disabled. otherwise, it'll default to this behaviour:Sep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: if .gmi available, treat that as source. convert it into markdown, and then into htmlSep 06 00:04
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: if .gmi not available, but .md is available, treat that as source and convert into htmlSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: markdown to html will be done using pandocSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: gemtext to markdown will be done using either a program that i will write, or an existing program if i find oneSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: there are certain pages where it makes sense to have a version optimized for html. e.g. the homepageSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: so the idea is:Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: most pages will have gemtext as sourceSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: however, a few pages (probably only like 2-3 pages) i will purposefully not have .gmi filesSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: for those pages, gmi files can still existSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: but i will add a second feature to untitled:Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: page.cfgSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: right now there is site.cfg, to configure a whole site. and i mentioned that feature i will add, to disable the gemtext featureSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: well, for pages where i want a gemtext file to exist (optimized for gemini) but where i also want markdown source for the html site, there will be a page.cfg. where page is e.g. index.html, and then you have page.cfgSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: i will implement all of thisSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:21] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: i will wait for you to convert the xxxxxx site to gemtext. for now, convert the whole thing and track my changes to lbwww. i will assimilate your gemtext files as described, when you are doneSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:22] <xxxxxxxx> [pending] xxxxxxxxxx: thank you for doing this! i've had gemini on todo for a while now but have never used it. delegating it to you means i can focus on other tasksSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:22] <xxxxxxxx> (this is not on irc)Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:22] <xxxxxxxx> (xxxxxxxxxx is an alias i go by in this network, that this log is from)Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:22] <xxxxxxxx> tell me what you think of that :)Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:22] <xxxxxxxx> "untitled" is my static site generator listed here: 06 00:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Untitled – Untitled static site generatorSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:23] <xxxxxxxx> tl;dr i will nuke most of the markdown files on xxxxx, and replace with gemtext. and i'll make them be converted to markdown. and then into html. or markdown into html, with separate gemtext pageSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:23] <xxxxxxxx> in some cases, certain pages will need to have gemtext and markdown versions that differ. but in many cases, gemtext can be the only sourceSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:23] <xxxxxxxx> hence the "hybrid" contextSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:24] <xxxxxxxx> anyway, good day. i have work to do. thanks againSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:24] <schestowitz-TR> cheersSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:25] <schestowitz-TR> i was typing an articleSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:26] <xxxxxxxx> it's quite possible that you might find what i wrote interesting. that's why i shared it with you. because i know you like geminiSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:28] <schestowitz-TR> yeahSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:29] <schestowitz-TR> just unfortunate timingSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:55] <schestowitz-TR> ok, I have just caught upSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:55] <schestowitz-TR> I think better to convert offline, onceSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:55] <schestowitz-TR> not on demandSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:56] <schestowitz-TR> (if I understood correctly)Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:59] <schestowitz-TR> I like the layout of because it is very cleanSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[15:59] <schestowitz-TR> like the mockups we had a year ago for new homepage for techrights (top level domain(Sep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:00] <schestowitz-TR> one single file for everythingSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> not on demandSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> it's a static site generatorSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> have a look at the current xxxxxSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> i've simplified it a lotSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> and optimized it. e.g. css is inline now, to cut down load times on high latency connectionsSep 06 00:05
schestowitz-TR[16:42] <xxxxx> (and the css itself is optimized)Sep 06 00:06
schestowitz-TR[16:43] <xxxxx> some of the changes i've made are to make the site more "compatible" with gemini, ready for the transition. i intend to turn almost all of it into gemtext as a source language, but when running the static site generator to update the site, convert gemtext to markdown if markdown not availableSep 06 00:06
schestowitz-TR[16:44] <xxxxx> it'll be great, once implemented. i'm waiting for this person to finish creating the gemtext pages, then i'll add gemtext support to untitledSep 06 00:06
schestowitz-TR[16:44] <xxxxx> hybrid markdown/gemtext static site generatorSep 06 00:06
schestowitz-TR[16:44] <xxxxx> of course, gemtext doesn't need to be "compiled" or converted into anything. just point a gemini client at itSep 06 00:06
schestowitz-TR[16:45] <xxxxx> but for most use case scenarios, gemtext can easily translate into markdown, to then be translated into htmlSep 06 00:06
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Techrights-secthinking about it a bit, some of the anti-vax noise is a strawman.Sep 06 11:39
Techrights-secIn particular, the "profits-before-people" anti-vaxxers are distracting Sep 06 11:39
Techrights-secfrom the patents by implying that it is the vaccine which costs a lot Sep 06 11:39
Techrights-secand ignoring the cost of the patents on the vaccines.Sep 06 11:39
Techrights-secWhat they imply is that the patents are part of the cost rather thanSep 06 11:39
Techrights-sectacked on and unnecessary.Sep 06 11:39
schestowitz-TRit would be useful to be able to prove, e.g. with some tactless interview, that this is intentional (media and pharma companies that farm the media)Sep 06 11:40
Techrights-secIt may be one of the reasons the public is agitated against whistleblowersSep 06 11:55
Techrights-secin the news.  It's sort of a pre-emptive strike and a warning to would beSep 06 11:55
Techrights-secreporters.Sep 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRit already discourages me from doing any posts about vaccines, even if just about patent aspect. The flippant reactions are binary (for or against).Sep 06 11:55
schestowitz-TRin my videos (hard to take out of context)_ I throw a remark about covid patents every now and then, habitually...Sep 06 11:56
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schestowitz[11:31] <xxxxx> +OK Has851L.JVr0aD8Eg1mJwU11aBJN91TGdOy1xZXul03GmN91X6kw.0m5bNr1JqG1N.0z.1t0kilio.IV7Xl1RiWtP.MHp4901xlr40.h0e00Sep 06 19:19
schestowitz[11:43] <<xxxxx>> +OK hfr2x/EC4ko/pmfzc.cFOT9.284fb0CCWVb1iy5hr05PAd0.JM1Bi.GkCKd.RhdBw/2G2nv1ZJgCf/FaGWU/ye0.k.IPb001h2Vz/.v.Ffn1Sep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:03] <<xxxxx>> schestowitz: i had set keyx on the query which your client responded toSep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:03] <<xxxxx>> since then the conversation is authenticated and encryptedSep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:04] <<xxxxx>> +OK F3Ott/Ir9bH.Sep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:10] <<xxxxx>> removed the key nowSep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:11] <<xxxxx>> this was posted to let you knowSep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:11] <<xxxxx>> https:/xxxxxxxxxxxx/yep-that-was-me.htmlSep 06 19:19
schestowitz[12:11] <<xxxxx>> if you want i can post this in #techrights but i do not feel any drama over this is worth any effortSep 06 19:19
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schestowitz-TRa dozen or so filesd added to !.balticSep 06 21:36
schestowitz-TRroutinary 'insurance'. There will be more soon, I want to save them 'offsite' just in case...Sep 06 21:37
schestowitz     Re: Look what I foundSep 06 21:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Index.phpTuxera - TechrightsSep 06 21:44
schestowitzI still remember that photo...Sep 06 21:44
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schestowitz 06 23:33
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@pceebee23: @schestowitz flood texas with the morning after pill... hand them out everywhereSep 06 23:33

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