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schestowitz__ 07 00:01
schestowitz__"Mar 07 00:01
-TechrightsBN/ Dr. Richard Stallman is missed by many who perceive him to have been wrongly treated; putting Stallman back in the Board (at the very least) would help the image of the Free Software Foundation • 𝕿𝖊𝖈𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖘 ⇨ •●• #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW gemini:// 07 00:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | The Free Software Foundation Should Re-add Richard Stallman to the Board | TechrightsMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__No RMS should ask for royalties first, then close FSF or sweep the nasty board, with stricts rules of governance^^:)! #GNUSoftwareFoundation … ?Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DerailedMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Derailed - a day agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__That grant from CCT looks suspicious to me. The FSF is listed as “Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy” in their website. No mention of free software or anything remotely similar. 07 00:01
-TechrightsBN/ | Community Consulting Teams | bringing MBA business expertise to Boston area nonprofitsMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DerailedMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Derailed - a day agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Looking at what the new FSF president has been saying, I’m not sure the people who pushed RMS out aren’t still there; they are probably the same who pushed out Alex Oliva.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DerailedMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Derailed - a day agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__First public statement by new FSF president Geoffrey Knauth. Obscure coded language specifically crafted to be ambiguous, but not when it comes to minimizing Stallman’s role.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__ 07 00:01
-TechrightsBN/ | Statement from FSF's new president, Geoffrey Knauth — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__herve_02@diasp.orgMar 07 00:01 - a day agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__FSF is dead let’s forget it.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DigitMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Digit - a day agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__i’m not inclined to succumb to undermining the fsf more because its been undermined some already. that’d play into the hands of proprietary software’s oligarch’s plans. it needs further mending, not forsaking, ffs.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DerailedMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Derailed - about 21 hours agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__The FSF started the process of undermining itself the day it gladly accepted RMS’ resignation to please those who called for his removal, some of whom couldn’t care less about free software, including Neil McGovern from GNOME. Their idea of “mending” is to keep pleasing those people by canceling RMS from all their public communications and decision making, By contrast, the FSF is totally deaf to the voice of those who callMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__for RMS to be put back where he was, which is the only way the FSF can be saved at this point.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__DigitMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__Digit - about 20 hours agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__how about we each get to be president for a day.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__herve_02@diasp.orgMar 07 00:01 - about 13 hours agoMar 07 00:01
schestowitz__FSF IS RMS. what he did and what he thinks is the only way to show a possible future for real free software.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__We must not think that the market or the competitor will be fair, that only the quality could win the “war”. The war can only be won by politic and, in my opinion, he is the only person I can see to be integrist enought and well known to a max of people to be a lighthouse showing a way to go.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__free software is under attack every where (microsoft, google, oracle, red hat, ubuntu, linux foundation…) and there must be a person well known to show a way.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__The century coming is the one where economic growth will come from intellectual property, because capitalism face a downward trend in profit rates and the only products that cost “peanuts” (no raw materials) is IP. SO every thing that show that there is another way of thinking computing as SAS with gafam , that film or music is not only renting each visualisation/earing will be under permanent attack. And the appeasement way Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__of life will cause our death.Mar 07 00:01
schestowitz__"Mar 07 00:01
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schestowitz__[22:51] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> good morning Roy I'm back up and running ubuntu server still haven't set up IPFS and gemini seems to not resolve after copying files over attack on port 22 are ongoing your account is set up. new port cccccccccccccccccc and pass ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:51] <schestowitz__> same IP and machine?Mar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:52] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> should beMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:52] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> IPFS account is open same as your passMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:52] <schestowitz__> I don't have a grasp of what was changedMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:53] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> yeah I will check out the IPFS and try to link it all back upMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:54] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> but your acct I dont know I just copied the contents over minus wget history and DownloadsMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:55] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> I couldn't see in bashrc a path statement eitherMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:55] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> IPFS just had the one installed part I will get on that firstMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:55] <schestowitz__> copy across the accounts, with all the filesMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:56] <schestowitz__> that shoukd work assuming arm7Mar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:56] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> uname -a Linux O 5.3.5+ #1 SMP Tue Nov 5 16:13:51 CST 2019 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/LinuxMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:57] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> but there may be something I'm missingMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:57] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a vagary between Deb and ubuntu Mar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:58] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> see what you think I can go from scratch if you think betterMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[22:59] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> no rush it's been an interesting morningMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[23:00] <schestowitz__> do you have .bash_history from previous homedir?Mar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[23:00] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> yeah i do you want itMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[23:01] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> IPFS about to stompMar 07 02:32
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> have a go at itMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> tell me if you get stuckMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> doneMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> copy files acrossMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> for gemini no additional software needed Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> copy across fileMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:02] <schestowitz__> then I will set up systemdMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:05] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> all done just the IPFS install thing I am trying to work it out nowMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:13] <schestowitz__> for ipfs you need to install go, ipfs, then we should be good to go by  starting the daemonMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:14] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> I'll run through your guide again from scratchMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:22] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> permissions are fubarMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:25] <schestowitz__> ok, coolMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:25] <schestowitz__> I am on shift armMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:25] <schestowitz__> atmMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:25] <schestowitz__> cannot talk muchMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:26] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> np I have a heap to work through you workMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:26] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> your home will have same problem tooMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:26] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> :|Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:34] <schestowitz__> it'll help you replicate what's thereMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:34] <schestowitz__> but we'll get it done anyway, should not be hardMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:35] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> you work for now I'll do the IPFS again from scratchMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[23:35] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> cheersMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[00:26] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ipfs add ~/tr_text_version/  or go in and ipfs add .Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[00:29] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> got it add with -r Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[00:37] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> tmux a -t0    its running sweetMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:05] <schestowitz__> :-)Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:07] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> that how-to seems different or my understanding has improved a bitMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:07] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> but i'm pretty stoked Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:08] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> still haven't looked in your homeMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:09] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> I'm just heading out to the shops catch up after my exercise ;)Mar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:09] <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 03/07-12:06:56.086372  [**] [1:402:7] ICMP Destination Unreachable Port Unreachable [**] [Classification: Misc activity] [Priority: 3] {ICMP} ->  still going hardMar 07 02:33
schestowitz__[01:19] <schestowitz__> cool :-)Mar 07 02:33
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schestowitz__ 07 10:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Fabio_Lolix: @rjdohnert @LinspireLinux @akai11nj @RobbieFerguson @Category5TV @linuxjournal @tuxmachines @9to5linux @DistroWatch… 07 10:46
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Fabio_Lolix: @rjdohnert @LinspireLinux @akai11nj @RobbieFerguson @Category5TV @linuxjournal @tuxmachines @9to5linux @DistroWatch… 07 10:46
schestowitz__"Mar 07 10:47
schestowitz__There is a copy of the agreement in the distro?Mar 07 10:47
schestowitz__Arch Linux include it for their packages for which they got redestribution permissionMar 07 10:47
schestowitz__"Mar 07 10:47
schestowitz__ 07 10:47
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@BrideOfLinux: It looks as if Tux Machines is having some technical problems tonight. @tuxmachinesMar 07 10:47
schestowitz__DDOSMar 07 10:47
schestowitz__ 07 10:49
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@chadmccullough: Some more great news coming from @openSUSE. 07 10:49
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@tuxmachines: New openSUSE Step Project Looks to Build SUSE Linux Enterprise on More Architectures • 𝗧𝘂𝘅 𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀 ⇨ 07 10:49
schestowitz__I am going through the code in git today, is the commit history considered 'safe'?Mar 07 11:36
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Techrights-secsafe in which contextMar 07 13:12
Techrights-secIt is up to date and as far as I know there have been no usernames or passswords                                               Mar 07 13:12
Techrights-secin it, but that is worth an audit.Mar 07 13:12
schestowitz__do we want to present it with any sort of webui? I was thinking also of some gemini related projects, seeing there's a vacuum there in tools (sourcehut fills some of those gaps)Mar 07 13:12
schestowitz__I was thinking of some gemini UIs or front ends for gitMar 07 13:13
schestowitz__gogs is golang, so no go without bloatMar 07 13:15
schestowitz__ 07 13:15
-TechrightsBN/ | Gogs: A painless self-hosted Git serviceMar 07 13:15
schestowitz__gitea is the same, so golang also Mar 07 13:16
schestowitz__ 07 13:16
schestowitz__ 07 13:16
-TechrightsBN/ | GiteaMar 07 13:16
schestowitz__so far in my audit I've not managed to find any issuesMar 07 13:21
schestowitz__I just wonder, should we add the IRC text format log generator?Mar 07 13:22
schestowitz__ find | grep Mar 07 13:23
schestowitz__nothing foundMar 07 13:23
schestowitz__I've just begun pushing some files too, you can pull to seeMar 07 13:32
Techrights-secI guess we could add in a new directory for IRCMar 07 13:33
Techrights-secI'd like to get a handle on branches before publishing anything though.Mar 07 13:33
Techrights-secI've added it to the IRC directory for nowMar 07 13:33
schestowitz__some of the ipfs stuff might be worth pushing later, but I need to check it carefully, then the blinkt codeMar 07 13:34
Techrights-secI see has been added.Mar 07 13:36
Techrights-secIt's complex enough that might be better as perl.Mar 07 13:36
schestowitz__If it was redone in Perl, I'd struggle to hack on it to suit my needs :-)Mar 07 13:36
schestowitz__It's mean to use handy rather than elegant, as it's likely to be used by one person anyway...Mar 07 13:37
schestowitz__*meantMar 07 13:37
Techrights-secOne sed instance can have multiple -e options.Mar 07 13:41
Techrights-secAlso, it would be helpful for readability to stick to 07 13:41
Techrights-secwhen possibleMar 07 13:41
Techrights-secIt is as good a style guide as any and has a good deal of though and testingMar 07 13:41
Techrights-secbehind it.Mar 07 13:41
-TechrightsBN/ | style(9) - OpenBSD manual pagesMar 07 13:41
schestowitz__I never said that code was pretty. At the moment I check some files. Some are unsafe to share at this point as keys/passwords are contained in themMar 07 13:42 seems a tad unsafe as it reveals paths and usernamesMar 07 13:51
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Techrights-secwhich directory is in?Mar 07 13:54
schestowitz__none. it's not worth sharing in its current form, I thinkMar 07 13:54
Techrights-secyeah it contains an account nameMar 07 13:56
schestowitz__I will add some ipfs stuff, but will need to sanitise those a bigMar 07 13:56
Techrights-secOk.  I think many of the shell scripts are just site-specific Mar 07 13:58
Techrights-secand would be of little to no general use.Mar 07 13:58
Techrights-secOnce I look at branches in Git we can archive them in a separate branch.Mar 07 13:58
Techrights-secBut there's no benefit to publishign them, rather maybe some disadvantages.Mar 07 13:58
schestowitz__I agreeMar 07 13:58
schestowitz__in fact, for ipfs I will push with username included, assuming it does not get published in present formMar 07 13:59
schestowitz__sanitisation can become a maintenance nightmare as versions move upMar 07 13:59
Techrights-secI would expect that there is an established best practice documented somewhereMar 07 14:00
Techrights-secfor managing identities in Git trees.Mar 07 14:00
schestowitz__just pushed some ipfs utilsMar 07 14:08
Techrights-secBest not to add them until there is no account info inside them.Mar 07 14:09
Techrights-secThe history cannot be modified AFAIKMar 07 14:09
Techrights-secThat's one of the main reasons why I started a fresh repository.Mar 07 14:09
schestowitz__I checked your name does not appearMar 07 14:09
Techrights-secyes, quite a fewMar 07 14:10 contains very throttled queuesMar 07 14:12
schestowitz__I ran it on the orange pi the other day. When enabled it's very hard to access daily bulletins on gemini, it just times out usuallyMar 07 14:13
schestowitz__this morning I tidied up the ra-spy a bit, with files shuffled and moved to remove confusionMar 07 14:14
Techrights-secgemini should be prioritized and given more bandwidth in the scriptMar 07 14:14
schestowitz__can you redo that file and push? I wrongly assumed our PINS for IPFS would be back soon, now I'm not so sure anymore... so ipfs is turned on with the throttling 24/7Mar 07 14:15
Techrights-sec250kbit is way too slowMar 07 14:17
Techrights-sechow much bandwidth is the max for that device?Mar 07 14:21
schestowitz__the max at home, which is around 8MBits/sec IIRCMar 07 14:22
Techrights-secOk I've pushed some changes in tc-shaper-v2.shMar 07 14:34
Techrights-secCan you see if that helps with Gemini vs IPFS?Mar 07 14:34
Techrights-secmany of the shell scripts in IPFS directory can benefit from  HERE documentsMar 07 14:34
schestowitz__I've never generalised them or factorised them or anything, though if we do publish some stuff we'll have incentive toMar 07 14:35
schestowitz__git diff 5bdcdaec601e595de41f5814220807f8ce790e77Mar 07 14:37
schestowitz__fantastic, now the capsule is a lot faster and bulletins always load okMar 07 14:42
schestowitz__I will look into separating out credentials from scripts to make them "Safer"Mar 07 14:44
schestowitz__I've taken a look at those two files, they reveal some paths and stuff too, for the time being unsuitable for public eye and very site-specific anywayMar 07 14:53
schestowitz__is  not of general use?Mar 07 14:54
Techrights-secPaths are hard to avoidMar 07 14:54
schestowitz__When I wrote all those 'hacks' I never even thought about publishing them, but I suppose transparency isn't a bad thing if presented accordingly (we just want to explain what's done internally, even if it's not of much use)Mar 07 14:55
Techrights-secno it is not, AFAIKMar 07 14:55
Techrights-secit turned out not to be of local use eitherMar 07 14:55
Techrights-secbut does document the necessary steps to do it manuallyMar 07 14:55
schestowitz__We can grin at all those people (cough SPAMnil cough) who put all eggs in the youtube basketMar 07 14:56
Techrights-secbut does document the necessary steps to do it manuallyMar 07 14:56
Techrights-secmany vloggrs have complained over the years about 'linux' as a keyword causingMar 07 14:56
Techrights-secvideos to get demonitized.  Mar 07 14:56
schestowitz__chris titus moaned about it last month, he even had to re-upload the video. THis reduces the incentive to even MAKE such videos.Mar 07 14:57
Techrights-sec I also remember a site called GNUheter whichMar 07 14:58
Techrights-secwas constantly denied advertising revenue becuase the advertisers refuseMar 07 14:58
Techrights-secrefused to accept the traffic was realMar 07 14:58
Techrights-secTitus is far from the only one.  Mar 07 14:58
Techrights-secOften they win on appeal but by then they are into the long tail and missedMar 07 14:58
Techrights-secthe peak viewing and thus the peak advertising.Mar 07 14:58
schestowitz__youtube is convenient... until it's suddenly notMar 07 14:59
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Techrights-seclbry / odysee are ok for now *but* require login so as to filter out the crapMar 07 15:08
Techrights-secotherwise nothing of use can be found or trackedMar 07 15:08
schestowitz__I created an account there and it looked awful for many reason i can no longer recallMar 07 15:08
schestowitz__blender's peertube instance was very slowMar 07 15:09
schestowitz__Regarding lbry: I created an account there and it looked awful for many reason i can no longer recallMar 07 15:09
Techrights-secIt's as awful as Youtube almost, but the first week or so is spent blockingMar 07 15:31
Techrights-secand then it gets betterMar 07 15:31
schestowitz__Nobody knows what they will become in the future. "Promises are made to be broken..."Mar 07 15:31
schestowitz__btw, some extreme trolling by MG todayMar 07 15:32
schestowitz__same tactics as USENET COLA and ACCESS troll... trying to leverage copyright to troll peopleMar 07 15:32
Techrights-secyes, I conclude that his only reason for showing up is to trollMar 07 15:33
Techrights-sechis actions have no meritMar 07 15:33
Techrights-secthe only question is who is backing his actions,Mar 07 15:33
schestowitz__Sometimes rewards come after the action. "Do X, I will, hire your wife..."Mar 07 15:33
schestowitz__re peertube, debian (biggest sponsor google) now backs it, but I experienced slowness with it, put me off it completelyMar 07 15:34
Techrights-seclbry and odysee are a bit javascript-intensive, that is a big drawback tooMar 07 15:45
schestowitz__it only gets worse over time. Sites very rarely move AWAY from JS. It's an addiction.Mar 07 15:45
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schestowitz__> Thanks for message. I realise the www side isn't being abandoned at thisMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> point, but see articles and comments re this could change; I realiseMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> that could be about being excited setting up gemini, but aMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> gemini-centred structure could be needed in a month, a year, or not atMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> all ... whichever that is, my health is still the top reason why I mustMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> step away. I can understand that your videos are getting a lot of dailyMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> requests, but I doubt that's about my artwork. I achieved a lot in beingMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> able to do the donated artworks I've done, despite health, so am gladMar 07 17:19
schestowitz__> that's been done, and that the video thumbnails continue to be useful.Mar 07 17:19
schestowitz__Gemini will never replace WWW :-)Mar 07 17:19
schestowitz__But the idea is, for some purposes it's useful, at the very least for privacy and keeping older computers useful.Mar 07 17:19
schestowitz__Thanks for all the great artwork!Mar 07 17:19
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