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schestowitz-TRgmAug 07 05:39
schestowitz-TRI can make ipfs addition of objects about 5 times fasterAug 07 05:39
schestowitz-TRbut atm the ability to serve ipfs from a home node over copper is now goodAug 07 05:39
schestowitz-TRso making the code more efficient might be pointlessAug 07 05:39
Techrights-secgmAug 07 06:33
Techrights-secthe efficiency might come in handy later somehowAug 07 06:33
Techrights-secackAug 07 06:33
schestowitz-TRI'm running garbage collection for ipfs atmAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRtrying to see if I can salvage the darn shebangAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthe problem is that it times out a lotAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRdaniel p, who also runs a node of ipfs, complained he was havinf similar issuesAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRvery slow or not reachable Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRbut I don't give up just yetAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthey did make improvements beforeAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRand I thought about it yesterdayAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRunder some circumstances, you can give it more resources Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRlike a vps Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRto bypass dns/site censorshipAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthe imp;ortant thing is to maintain the index of hashes and file storeAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthe data is now 900 MB in aggregated side Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TR20+ months of bulletins and irc filesAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthe datastore, or caches etc. grew to about 5gb Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRI think that's too much, many stale files in thereAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRbtw, the 5:10am backup went wellAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRnow I just need to write something to purge old backupsAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRthose backups include some working files of rianne and myselfAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRso the backup drive becomes a third disk onto which to write active workAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRin TR git you will see some long-overdue changes associatesAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRwith the toxic residue of "hashtags"Aug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRto me, they're not just a way to refer to IRC channel on our networkAug 07 06:34
schestowitz-TRdo you think it would be sensible to mention in TM that we're now in gemini and point to clients or primers?Aug 07 06:35
Techrights-secnot quite yet, the Gemini capsule is getting there but there are stillAug 07 06:35
Techrights-secproblems with the conversion and suchAug 07 06:35
schestowitz-TRI think the order or migration might beAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRfirst say we have a capsuleAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRlater, make copies of "new" nodes (July, August)Aug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRadd rediectionsAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRtestAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRrevert back to backupsAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRlock old DB/CMSAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRupdate rss feed by redirectionAug 07 06:37
schestowitz-TRI'll contact marius asking him to test node creationAug 07 06:37
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 06:46
Techrights-secthanks, marius' input is very important though I don't want to inconvenienceAug 07 06:46
Techrights-sechim with too much, I just hope the work flow is acceptableAug 07 06:46
Techrights-secas mentioned an other option is to do all the editing, including the metadata,Aug 07 06:46
Techrights-secvia nano (or should there be a provision for using vi too?)Aug 07 06:46
Techrights-secperhaps the first step is that we say there /will/ be a capsuleAug 07 06:46
Techrights-secit's not production-ready by any means atmAug 07 06:46
Techrights-secit's rather close thoughAug 07 06:46
schestowitz-TRI've decided not to tell him yet as the UI or interfaces (apis) might change a bit and it's hard to explain over email with nitty-gritty details like, this timeAug 07 06:48
schestowitz-TRyou cannot hotlink, but here, have this tool where you wget a file and it generates for you some html bits (which is still work in progress)Aug 07 06:48
schestowitz-TRI've just garbage-collected away over a GB of ipfs objects regarded as staleAug 07 07:00
schestowitz-TRbut performance is still sub-par Aug 07 07:00
schestowitz-TRmaybe I'll pass ipfs to a datacentre?Aug 07 07:00
schestowitz-TRI've just garbage-collected away over a GB of ipfs objects regarded as staleAug 07 07:00
schestowitz-TRbut performance is still sub-par Aug 07 07:00
schestowitz-TRmaybe I'll pass ipfs to a datacentre?Aug 07 07:00
Techrights-secthere is a bug somewhere in that an empty slug turned upAug 07 07:01
Techrights-secI'm not sure how to duplicate it but it was probably during the input processAug 07 07:01
Techrights-secRP2040_based_board_ships_for_5_40 should have been the right slugAug 07 07:01
schestowitz-TRthe empty slug is one that I noticedAug 07 07:01
schestowitz-TRand I think it's my mistakeAug 07 07:01
schestowitz-TRmaybe it doesn't check for some edge caseAug 07 07:01
Techrights-sechow often should garbage-collection be run?  Is there a way to trigger itAug 07 07:01
Techrights-secautomatically when it is needed before it would be too slow?Aug 07 07:01
Techrights-seconly a mistake in the UI, it should not be possible to create an empty slugAug 07 07:01
Techrights-seccan you recall the process? Aug 07 07:01
Techrights-secThe other fields were present in that record, just the slug was empty Aug 07 07:01
schestowitz-TRI don't remember how or why it happenedAug 07 07:02
schestowitz-TRI jst noticed that it didAug 07 07:02
Techrights-seccheckingAug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRthought: we now have a modern OSAug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRand ipfs has not scaled well for my connection for ages alreadyAug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRshould I deploy to the tr alpine VM?Aug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRand see if I can sync new objects to there?Aug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRprobably well overdueAug 07 07:04
schestowitz-TRoh, better yet, keep the node at home, usually turned off,Aug 07 07:07
schestowitz-TRand add a node at the server, which will become a primary oneAug 07 07:07
schestowitz-TRit just needs to have the same objects in itAug 07 07:07
schestowitz-TRI'll make it today's objectiveAug 07 07:07
schestowitz-TRwe'll see how alpine can copy with golangAug 07 07:07
schestowitz-TR*copeAug 07 07:07
Techrights-secthere is an lxc container techrights-newAug 07 07:08
Techrights-secif IPFS can be added from the repository, it might be ok to try thereAug 07 07:08
Techrights-secif it cannot be added from the repository, it might not be a good idea toAug 07 07:08
Techrights-secthat might work too, but my main concern is sticking with tools fromAug 07 07:08
Techrights-secthe repositoryAug 07 07:08
schestowitz 07 07:08
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )Aug 07 07:08
schestowitz"404 Page not found."Aug 07 07:08
schestowitzlooks like it was removedAug 07 07:08
Techrights-secWARNING: Ignoring No such file or directoryAug 07 07:12
Techrights-secright, but apk is unfamiliar so the steps to correct that error are elusivAug 07 07:12
Techrights-secERROR: temporary error (try again later)Aug 07 07:12
Techrights-secWARNING: Ignoring No such file or directoryAug 07 07:12
-TechrightsBN/ | Index of /alpine/edge/main/Aug 07 07:12
Techrights-sec2 errors; 27 distinct packages availableAug 07 07:12
-TechrightsBN/ | Index of /alpine/edge/community/Aug 07 07:12
Techrights-secwget: bad address ''Aug 07 07:12
Techrights-secif it's not in the repository it would be inadvisable to have it on a publicAug 07 07:13
Techrights-secfacing system on fat pipes in a data centreAug 07 07:13
Techrights-secI don't see any IPFS stuff in the repository at all, at least no by nameAug 07 07:15
schestowitz-TRthere used to bethere used to beAug 07 07:16
schestowitz 07 07:16
-TechrightsBN/ | Alpine Linux packagesAug 07 07:16
Techrights-sechmm then it may have been removed from the 3.x seriesAug 07 07:16
Techrights-secackAug 07 07:16
schestowitzMaintainerOleg TitovAug 07 07:17
schestowitzBuild time2022-07-21 14:19:15Aug 07 07:17
Techrights-secackAug 07 07:22
Techrights-secsomething is up with apk, perhaps dns:Aug 07 07:22
Techrights-sec ping -c 3 dl-cdn.alpinelinux.orgAug 07 07:22
Techrights-secping: bad address ''Aug 07 07:22
Techrights-secthat's google :(Aug 07 07:22
Techrights-secresolv.conf is emptyAug 07 07:23
Techrights-secdoesnt the data centre have its own?Aug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRyes, you need to echo '' > resolve... or similarAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRI'm on that machine atm as wellAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRchoose dnsAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRI tried adding ipfs or go-ipfsAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRadd dns to it, of your choieAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRmost 'free' choices are awfulAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRand ISPs pretend they need not provide anyAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRyou can see what kaniini suggested for tm-newAug 07 07:23
schestowitz-TRhe and xrevan were arguing over itAug 07 07:23
Techrights-secthe DNS should be as topologically close to the data centre as possibleAug 07 07:24
schestowitz-TRcan you add one and then try apk add ipfs?Aug 07 07:25
schestowitz-TRif you do that I can take care of the rest and hopefully ipfs@techrights will be back on topAug 07 07:26
schestowitz-TRthat would also remove a yoke from my home piAug 07 07:26
schestowitz-TRand hokme network in generalAug 07 07:26
Techrights-secokAug 07 07:27
Techrights-sec# apk add go-ipfsAug 07 07:27
Techrights-sec(1/2) Installing kubo (0.14.0-r1)Aug 07 07:27
Techrights-secExecuting kubo-0.14.0-r1.pre-installAug 07 07:27
Techrights-secExecuting 07 07:27
Techrights-secTo be able to use the ipfs service you will need to create the ipfs repositoryAug 07 07:27
Techrights-sec(eg: su -s /bin/sh -c "ipfs init -e" ipfs)Aug 07 07:27
Techrights-secor change IPFS_PATH of /etc/conf.d/ipfs with another with proper permissions.Aug 07 07:27
Techrights-sec(2/2) Installing kubo-openrc (0.14.0-r1)Aug 07 07:27
Techrights-secExecuting busybox-1.35.0-r22.triggerAug 07 07:27
Techrights-secOK: 72 MiB in 30 packagesAug 07 07:27
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 07:42
schestowitz-TRpingAug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRinstalled nanop and ssh, configured themAug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRwe need to decide on user accounts (for ssh/rsync) Aug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRcreated account for meAug 07 08:03
Techrights-seca dns entry might helpAug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRshould I make dns entry?Aug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRcreated account for ipfsAug 07 08:03
schestowitz-TRwhich subdomain/s?Aug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRat some point maybe ipfs. git. etc    Aug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRif we have new and old in tandem at one point would seem oddAug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRcan you create yourself an account with adduser?Aug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRI'll add just for nowAug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRadded rsync alsoAug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRdns is working ok now (from here)Aug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRipfs.techrights.orgAug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRipfs will have its own userAug 07 08:09
schestowitz-TRconsistent with the pi, not same access credsAug 07 08:09
Techrights-sectr-new ?   Aug 07 08:10
Techrights-secok  Aug 07 08:10
schestowitz-TRit'll take several days for me to upload the ipfs directory, but that's OK, there's no hurryAug 07 08:12
schestowitz-TRI've compacted the data as best as I couldAug 07 08:12
Techrights-sec$ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C 'roy tr-new' -f tr-newAug 07 08:13
Techrights-sec$ ssh-copy-id -i tr-new ipfs.techrights.orgAug 07 08:13
Techrights-secI can log in now with keys.  Have you set up keys yet?  It is important toAug 07 08:13
Techrights-secturn of password authentication as soon we canAug 07 08:13
schestowitz-TRlet me first ther transfer and then set keys up for both acccountsAug 07 08:15
schestowitz-TRso that they can pass files as neededAug 07 08:15
schestowitz-TRanyway, tuxmachines needs to be done firstAug 07 08:15
schestowitz-TRipfs is not urgent, but it's long overdue that we give it the b/w it needs without choking gemini and rianne's videos etc.Aug 07 08:15
Techrights-secThe above two lines will do it .Aug 07 08:15
Techrights-secupdated /etc/profileAug 07 08:16
Techrights-secmaybe TR's Git ought be moved there too?Aug 07 08:16
schestowitz-TRthat'll require also making changes on the pi/geminiAug 07 08:17
schestowitz-TReventuallyAug 07 08:17
schestowitz-TRthat'll require also making changes on the pi/geminiAug 07 08:17
schestowitz-TRsmall changes, assuming same aliasAug 07 08:17
Techrights-secokAug 07 08:18
Techrights-secnot big changes thoughAug 07 08:18
Techrights-secyesAug 07 08:18
schestowitz-TRpasswordless login set up fro royAug 07 08:24
schestowitz-TRbut don'\t turn off pw yetAug 07 08:25
schestowitz-TRas I need to do the same for the pi laterAug 07 08:25
schestowitz-TRwhen done copying I'll test to see if object availability improves over ipfsAug 07 08:25
schestowitz-TRbefore doing any coding or investing further time in thisAug 07 08:25
schestowitz-TRhaving a fixed ip address can helpAug 07 08:25
schestowitz-TRas it's easy for the swarm to predict where to find the registered device idAug 07 08:25
Techrights-secit doesn't need to be password less, the key can have a strong passphraseAug 07 08:26
*britney (~britney@muarsy2vret2q.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 08:49
schestowitz[TR2]# du -shAug 07 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]111.8M  .Aug 07 09:07
schestowitz[TR2]after about an hourAug 07 09:08
schestowitz[TR2]it'll take days longerAug 07 09:08
schestowitz[TR2]but it's a one-time thing, then I'll just need to add the new objects to it, which can take under a minuteAug 07 09:08
Techrights-secackAug 07 09:12
schestowitz-TRin theory we could add videos to ipfs (scale issue due to total size of videos and time taken to get checksumsAug 07 09:22
schestowitz-TRbut we don't lack capacity thereAug 07 09:23
schestowitz-TRI tried peertube and it's only good if many people have copiesAug 07 09:23
schestowitz-TRblender3d adopted it, but it's just way too slowAug 07 09:23
schestowitz-TRfsf adopted it also, but it containue to use locally-hosted mediagoblinAug 07 09:23
Techrights-secackAug 07 09:23
Techrights-secmy uninformed guess is that the size would choke most nodesAug 07 09:23
Techrights-secthey need to host an extra seed (or whatever it is called) themselves toAug 07 09:23
Techrights-secbootstrap the process; if it's too slow people turn away rather than join inAug 07 09:23
schestowitz-TRsuch an extra seed might end up de facto dedicated hostingAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRin which case nothing is achieved by peertubeAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRlike ipfs where one node only has the hashed dataAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRthere's a reason why bittorrent only ever scales well for things like big films, popular music, pr0n etc.Aug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRthe incentive to share today's news won't be there next week or in 10 yearsAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRbut music from 10 years ago is still alluring to many peopleAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRyou rely on oveerlap in what many people are after and thus have copies of, locally storedAug 07 09:27
Techrights-secackAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRone merit of ipfs is that it bypasses dnsAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRbut it has its own addressing systemAug 07 09:27
schestowitz-TRands not every node has updated information of which node is on which ip, assuming people's isps shuffle that around a lotAug 07 09:27
*britney has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Aug 07 09:31
Techrights-secyes ISPs change home IP addresses rather oftenAug 07 09:41
schestowitz-TRit helps discourage hosting anything public from homeAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRi.e. it helps "protect the children"Aug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRI asked BT, repeatedly, what it would take to get static ip addressAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRthey said no way unless you are businessAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRwhen I worked in dial support as undergrad students we gave some profs fixed ip addresses, iircAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRsome also ran vpn through us (MMC)Aug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TR*MCCAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRSo they can access things like library from homeAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRconnections are faster nowAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRbut services are not much improvedAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secThe proprietrary portion of the university libraries' digital collectionsAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secused to be available via SSO (kerberos and ldap);  You'd log in from whereAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secyou were, if it was not a campus IP address, and away you'd go.  Now thereAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secare boondoggles like VPNs and such, especially CISCO, VPNs which have poorAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secperformance and are really only there to burn up the budget and to blockAug 07 09:51
Techrights-secLinux and *BSD clientsAug 07 09:51
schestowitz-TRback then a big challenge, for me also, was supporting mandrake users and suchAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRthis was 20 years agoAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRwe had some instructions, but for the most part the bsd and gnu/linux profs were on their ownAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRI used mandrake in the officer and later tried ubuntu 4.10 (first release) on a dell desktopAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRit just looked and behaved like debianAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRit was debian with bongo sound and another set of themes/coloursAug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TRMS (Mark S) did an MS. He copied the competition. Now he's pushing crap like snaps.Aug 07 09:54
schestowitz-TR Canonical,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/ 07 09:54
Techrights-secat the time it was nearly identical to DebianAug 07 09:55
Techrights-secthat was quite nice, Debian with polishAug 07 09:55
schestowitz-TRdebian with polish is called sparkyLinux ;-)Aug 07 09:57
schestowitz-TRPOLISH, gedddit?Aug 07 09:57
schestowitz-TRsparky= polish distro based on debianAug 07 09:59
schestowitz-TReurolinux=polish distro based on rhelAug 07 09:59
schestowitz-TRthey do other locales tooAug 07 09:59
schestowitz-TRbut don't have marketing capacityAug 07 09:59
schestowitz-TRcannot afford to buy "LET'S TALK" episodes from clickfraud spamniAug 07 09:59
schestowitz-TRwhere 99% of the "views" are botsAug 07 09:59
Techrights-secThere was a Polis(ed) distro for a while but it was only ok for one release orAug 07 10:00
Techrights-secso and then it got quickly out of maintenance and more trouble than it wasAug 07 10:00
Techrights-secworth; it was a good try though Aug 07 10:00
schestowitz-TRm4linux is polish too, but I cannot recall for sure what it is based onAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRit has routine releases, marius covers it a lotAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRgnu/linux was originally a community respons to corporate shittiness from ibm (1980s) or xeroxAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRbut then it was called "linux" and sold as the reaction to Microsoft'a crimes and market abusesAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRnow we need the commuity to replaceAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRa) corporate distros (inc. AWS)Aug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRb) corporate controlled distros like SPI/Debian (they have Arch in the bag, too)Aug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRwhat's needed is people who know how to assemble the toolsAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRand reject shit like snap, firefox, chro* and systemdAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRpclinusos comes closeAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRand uses kde, not gnomeAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRalpine is good alsoAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRa lot of what people think they need they don't really needAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRif you must play games, aaa games, maybe get a console like steamos (arch/kde/drm)Aug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRsteam deck, with steamosAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRI think newswaffle is awesome and our goal in gemini should be to add more missing piecesAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRwe have youtube mirror, github mirror (ish, more like gateway), way to read any news site one chooseAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRin any languageAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRweather there are several optionsAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRsome games and riddlesAug 07 10:05
schestowitz-TRsocial control media does not need a replacementAug 07 10:06
schestowitz-TRit just needs to dieAug 07 10:06
Techrights-seca) good way to describe the, "cloud" services are basically proprietaryAug 07 10:06
Techrights-secdistrosAug 07 10:06
Techrights-secb) Devuan has a fighting chance nowAug 07 10:06
Techrights-secAlpine seems very nice and lean; It's much better than I though it would be andAug 07 10:06
Techrights-secI was already positively inclined towards it from the beginningAug 07 10:06
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*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Aug 07 10:18
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*u-amarsh04 (~amarsh04@freenode-rmogvn.g0d7.dtdf.mc4289.IP) has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 10:23
schestowitz-TRI spoke to jonathen cartelAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRhe's not so badAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRthere was pressure for him to be a dick like samAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRsam did a GR on systemdAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRnot under this name obviouslyAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRthey didn't fgollow through ... yetAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRmaybe lennard working for a debconf SPONSOR will wake them upAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRBTW, I did a quick post on devuan yesterdayAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRre ipfs, given that isps give us appalling upload speeds we can use that as a building block to make a more decentralised Net (maybe Web, too)Aug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRthe key thing is to put ipfs in lots of placesAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRI removed the alias australia.techrights.orgAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRas the guy no longer wants ipfs connecting to a zillion ip address, inc. some from CHOYNA (aussie accent)Aug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TR230mb uploaded so far... I think I can upload just the objects, not datastore (like cache)Aug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRand then start from that... will save me days' worth of uploadingAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRto speed it up I've stopped rsyncAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRnow uploading with --excludeAug 07 10:24
Techrights-secackAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRfor things I think it can autogenerate anywayAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRdatastore and blocksAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRlol, I wrote jonathan CARTELAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRmust be muscle memoryAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRbut still funnyAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRI think as soon as I have SOME objects, I will be able to start ipfs on the serverAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRand later add the new arrivalsAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRfor gemini capsule I can write the page to html, then wget from the piAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRit's public data anywayAug 07 10:24
schestowitz-TRor use ssh/similar, we don't have nginx/apache on the server yetAug 07 10:24
Techrights-secwhich would you prefer, nginx or apache2?Aug 07 10:33
schestowitz-TRwe currently use apache, so it means less to change afterwardsAug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRbut let's finish TM first, knowing some of the setup there helps with TR later (e.g. git)Aug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRI think just copying across the files from centos and running git on them would be OKAug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRif you have spare time you can try that already, first as a second addressAug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRthere's also the "Links" accountAug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRwe can tidy up the files and programs when moving to the new /homeAug 07 10:36
schestowitz-TRnot systemd-homedAug 07 10:36
Techrights-secok Aug 07 10:37
Techrights-secI've made a directory for the vhost but will not add apache2 yetAug 07 10:37
Techrights-secI gues the Links account can be moved Aug 07 10:37
Techrights-secin Amfora, it is possible now to progress forward through Tux Machines postsAug 07 11:25
Techrights-secby pressing Enter twice per post.Aug 07 11:25
schestowitz-TRi assume double tap means progress to first link?Aug 07 11:25
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@pizjd6872z3m6.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 11:40
Techrights-secyesAug 07 11:44
Techrights-sectab then enter works tooAug 07 11:44
Techrights-secbut the first link is the defaut so enter is less workAug 07 11:44
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 11:53
schestowitz-TRipfs running on the server nowAug 07 12:00
schestowitz-TRI'll add more objects as they arriveAug 07 12:00
Techrights-secokAug 07 12:00
Techrights-secmoving links over to ipfs.techrights.orgAug 07 12:00
schestowitz-TRoh, excellent, I assume ... or never mind, you sent daily links alreadyAug 07 12:01
Techrights-secyes they were sent alreadyAug 07 12:03
Techrights-secseems to work; anyway, that's where the'll be tomorrowAug 07 12:07
Techrights-secinotify is available, if needed ...Aug 07 12:09
*Despatche (~desp@u3xy9z2ifjzci.irc) has joined #boycottnovellAug 07 12:27
schestowitz-TROh, I was in the wrong windowAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRI wanted to say, OK, so I didn't respond as I was busy posting some linksAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRand am also tinkering with ipfsAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRit already runs with the data it has gotten so farAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRas for links, I diodn't realise a connection was brokenAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRso I was not getting alerted about new linksAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRI think that's all I wanted to say, but maybe there was moreAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRI will have to change code and topologies later for ipfs to work nicely on the server sideAug 07 12:48
schestowitz-TRbut first I'll check the impct on object availabilityAug 07 12:48
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schestowitz-TR[13:25] <schestowitz> is a video TR pAug 07 18:06
-TechrightsBN/ | The owner of the proprietary software controls the computer, not the owner of the computer – neritamAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRosted as webm this year, it's hotlinked Aug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TR612mb/~940mbAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRI've already added many objects to ipfs and need your adviceAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRso here is what I'm thinkingAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TR2:30-40am, machine generates irc logs, then bulletin, time it finishes unknownAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRit'll report in ircAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRthen it sends all the objects to the pi as before Aug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRin addition it sends them to TR-new and reports to me if issues existAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRipfs processes the object on the server, not the piAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRbut the pi needs those objects for gemini, as wellAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRipfs might run very gently as a fallback or background process, not touch the disk muchAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRat 3am the server adds the new objects (9 in total)Aug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRit then sends the new hashes stuff to your homdir on the SERVER, not the piAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRit also updates the ipfs tables and transmits to gemini on the pi, or the pi pulls the index of hashes from a www addressAug 07 18:06
Techrights-secokAug 07 18:06
Techrights-sechow much can be transfered to tr-new and removed from the pi?Aug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRthis whole process would mean changes to the code, but not major changesAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRI thought, after cloning, I'd still be able to take over from the pi, but reachability of that many objects would be poorAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRso I wonder, after changing the code, whether I should make similar versions of the scripts on the serverAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRor push to git with those changes applyAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRthey cannot run the same on both the pi and the serverAug 07 18:06
schestowitz-TRthe words you use show there might be a misconcpetion about ipfsAug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TRone is a booter of the otherAug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TRthe objects are the same, they're assumes so based on the hashesAug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TRso the more nodes having them in circulation, the betterAug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TRthe pi is more relaxed and the home network less busy when ipfs is offAug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TRthe main issue was, where to serve these from?Aug 07 18:08
schestowitz-TR/s/booter/boosterAug 07 18:08
Techrights-secI have no clue about how IPFS works.  So my advice, if one could call it that,Aug 07 18:21
Techrights-secis unlikely to be informed.  Whatever the internal workings, I would suggestAug 07 18:21
Techrights-sectrying to move as much of the core activities as possible to tm-new.Aug 07 18:21
schestowitz-TRprocessing the files on the server is astonishingly fastAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRlike 5-10 faster than the piAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRand I can see objects reachable again for the first time in about a yearAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRif there' a blessing associated with this past tuesday's incidents, this is itAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRanyway, let this to me, I'll get this done by the morning I reckonAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRtesting can take a few more daysAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRanother good thing about the incidents is that I can mount the drive again and have automated backupsAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRnetwork aspects like iptables or wifi available don't matter much anymoreAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRI also fortified the SBCAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRowing to the network capacity stuff you made the script more robust to timeouts and disruptionAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRso that's good as wellAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRsometimes I can throttle it again if gemini causes heavy loadAug 07 18:34
schestowitz-TRwhich happened 2 weeks ago (55k reqs a day)Aug 07 18:34
Techrights-secnftables would be better ...Aug 07 18:35
Techrights-secthan iptables if availableAug 07 18:35
Techrights-sectc is what does the traffic shaping and that is available to eitherAug 07 18:35
schestowitz-TRI think the only thing we lost in the root OS was the addition of the traffic shaping scripts with sudoersAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRbut we won't need that anymore if all goes as plannedAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRbeing able to throttle down the pi is still possible by hand, which is goodAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRI'll clone the whole OS hopefully this coming weekAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRtonight's task will be to change the code to generate you the ipfs bits into homedir on serverAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRand to properly update the same on the "old" siteAug 07 18:37
schestowitz-TRthis time those objects will actually be accessibleAug 07 18:37
Techrights-secackAug 07 18:38
schestowitz-TRit resolves several outstanding issuesAug 07 18:50
schestowitz-TRand makes ipfs viable again (it was a scale issue)Aug 07 18:50
Techrights-secackAug 07 18:51
schestowitz-TR740mb nowAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRthe master copy will be home hosted and ready to rollAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRbut the booster and authoritative sources for generating the hashes will be in the DCAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRthey will be kept in syncAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRso if one is online the other is still OKAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRI'll figure out the details later and maybe write something about thatAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRwhen the transfer is done I'll change the code and test stuffAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRwhat I asked earlier is, how to manage two similar codebasesAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRwithout git splitting off into two branchesAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRI still don't know how profound the changes might be, maybe I can just "comment out" the bits for localAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRand write those for remoteAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRit might be no more than 10 lines in totalAug 07 19:07
Techrights-secackAug 07 19:07
Techrights-secbe sure to use similar, but distinct, names for the scripts and suchAug 07 19:07
schestowitz-TRat some point later will point to another ip address, so I will use domain nameAug 07 19:09
schestowitz-TRbut be aware tomorrow morning I hope you'll have the usual files in your homedirAug 07 19:09
schestowitz-TRif not tomorrow, later this weekAug 07 19:09
Techrights-secokAug 07 19:10
Techrights-secsometime soon I'd like to rearrange MQTT a little so that it would open the Aug 07 19:10
Techrights-secpossibility of maybe adding generic read-only access in the future, at leastAug 07 19:10
Techrights-secfor some of the 'topics'Aug 07 19:10
schestowitz-TRas alternative to rss like test.mosquitt [sic].org?Aug 07 19:11
schestowitz-TRI assume you get notificed when I add notes to TM-new but don't know if those contain data other than topicAug 07 19:11
Techrights-sec Aug 07 19:11
Techrights-secyesAug 07 19:11
Techrights-secyepAug 07 19:11
Techrights-secfor now, it says only date, time, and "tux machines site updated"Aug 07 19:14
Techrights-secit could convey more details, or not           Aug 07 19:14
schestowitz-TRnice, but...Aug 07 19:14
schestowitz-TRI wonder what clients exist for that and how widely used they are Aug 07 19:14
schestowitz-TRIOW, if this becomes a public API, I doubt many hardcore gnu/linux users will careAug 07 19:14
Techrights-secregardless, it would be helpful to juggle the account names a littleAug 07 19:15
Techrights-secPaho used to exist for Python but they eliminated the ability to work withAug 07 19:15
Techrights-secself-signed certificates.Aug 07 19:15
Techrights-secI'm not sure any would care, but it's more about the principle of the matterAug 07 19:15
Techrights-seca little renaming now will / could go a long way laterAug 07 19:15
schestowitz-TRyes, it would at least be "innovative"Aug 07 19:18
schestowitz-TRwe're ther first site of this kind (scope/topic) with a gemini capsule, that's for sureAug 07 19:18
schestowitz-TRmany other firsts, but it's not a popularity contestAug 07 19:18
Techrights-secthe hierarchical nature of the 'topics' could be exploited better for Git Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secnotifications, down to the relevant directory or maybe even file which has Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secbeen updated .. perhaps.  Though commits can, and often do, contain multipleAug 07 19:21
Techrights-secfile updates, and that presents a puzzle.  That might be overthinking itAug 07 19:21
Techrights-secbut at least the usernames for MQTT can be redone to be more informative Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secso that it is easier to figure out which one is where. Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secThat's not for today but maybe tomorrow or later. Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secThe Git notification over MQTT can and should stay simple.  Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secYes, and even that seems to be a first.  Aug 07 19:21
Techrights-secThe level of notification on your end can be kept generic.Aug 07 19:21
schestowitz-TRit is enough to tell me to run a check, when I am free, to see what changedAug 07 19:21
schestowitz-TRanything beyond that would be unwanted distraction from what I do at the time of the alertAug 07 19:21
schestowitz-TRuntil my mind frees upAug 07 19:21
schestowitz-TRtodo:Aug 07 19:25
schestowitz-TRa) fix ipfsAug 07 19:26
schestowitz-TRb) resume publication pace (lower priority)Aug 07 19:26
schestowitz-TRc) find more rss feeds if possible (it's vvvvvvweeeeeeewwwy vewwwwy slow this past week), impacting (b)Aug 07 19:26
schestowitz-TRd) back up for better D-R planning (I think the outages won't happen again; they did a massive job there)Aug 07 19:26
Techrights-secackAug 07 19:27
schestowitz-TRlots of good stuff today in irc logsAug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRre uefiAug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRI try not to spend too much time on it, but morale-wise it's good to know Microsoft is Aug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRreally THAT nerous. I see from the inside some staff of MSFT panicking. Many lost a lot of moneyAug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRas their capital was tied to the company's "value"Aug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRand they are shedding off stuff, anyone can go (person, project, team)Aug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRother companies don't need Windowes people, so reraining neededAug 07 19:29
Techrights-secthey've been in that state for 20 years afaikAug 07 19:29
Techrights-secwhat's different now is that people know how hard M$ works covertly and overtlyAug 07 19:29
Techrights-secto undermine the free marketAug 07 19:29
schestowitz-TRbrbAug 07 19:30
Techrights-secackAug 07 19:30
schestowitz-TRbrbAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TROK, just checked some Windows and Edge statsAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRI still have 2 msft series goingAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRand one upcoming epoAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRaugust is slow, so I'm in no hurry to finish the materialAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRwould rather get close to completition of site migration and then fortify what we haveAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRif you can, make backups of TR sometimesAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRI see many sites perishing these days (offline, no activity, or webspam "exit startegy")Aug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRso www-only is not a viable long-term strategyAug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TRnor is social control media, lol...Aug 07 19:36
schestowitz-TR[18:52] <techrights-news> This statement was issued on a Sunday; they've solved none of the underlying issues, they're just gagging those who speak about Debian issues 07 19:39
-TechrightsBN/ | Debian -- News -- Ownership of "" domainAug 07 19:39
schestowitz-TRnote to self: remind people to adopt system-free distros and remind devs to consider building on devuan Aug 07 19:40
schestowitz-TRdebian just issued a cocky statementAug 07 19:40
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms: survey | News ⚓ ䷉ Source: news | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 07 19:43
-TechrightsBN/ | Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms: survey | NewsAug 07 19:44
Techrights-secackAug 07 19:45
Techrights-secthe backups of TR have to take place over SFTP, so I'll have to make alternate Aug 07 19:45
Techrights-secscripts from the ones I have at the moment.  Aug 07 19:45
schestowitz-TRat least the disks are no longer moaningAug 07 19:46
schestowitz-TRthe most important piece of data, as it changes a lot, if the wordpress DBAug 07 19:46
schestowitz-TRvideos I do, in theory, keep locally by virtue of how they are uploadedAug 07 19:46
schestowitz-TRbut the WP DB is countless hours of human effortAug 07 19:46
schestowitz-TRof many people inc. WBersAug 07 19:46
schestowitz-TRwe have a commitment to themAug 07 19:46
Techrights-secyes that's very goodAug 07 19:49
schestowitz-TRjust spoke to rianne we'll buy backup hardware in the supermarket tomorrowAug 07 19:50
schestowitz-TRthey have a section for itAug 07 19:50
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Techrights-secmore USB HDs or SSDs?Aug 07 19:52
*psydroid2 has quit (Quit: Leaving)Aug 07 19:53
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schestowitz-TRnot decided yet, maybe both, but also depends on brands and pricesAug 07 19:54
schestowitz-TRmore like usb sticks and sdAug 07 19:54
schestowitz-TRthe important files are usually on the pi anywayAug 07 19:54
schestowitz-TRand we have enough external drives for nowAug 07 19:55
schestowitz-TR(off topic people work work 6am to 6pm for nasty companies life in a personal digital disarray... too much time wasted grooming someone else's systems)Aug 07 19:55
Techrights-secFor now I'd recommend the spinning rust models rather rather than the solidAug 07 19:57
Techrights-secstate models.Aug 07 19:57
Techrights-secOh.  Ok.  The USB sticks would be good for mirroring the RPi systems.Aug 07 19:57
Techrights-secIt appears that mirroring like that is apparently the best practice.Aug 07 19:57
Techrights-secRAID 1 is supposedly unlikely to be of any use in the situation where theAug 07 19:57
Techrights-secpower goes out and forces unclean shutdowns.  Aug 07 19:57
schestowitz-TRmichael west's site is postging a LOT this monh, I assume it is thriving a shame it focuses most on .AUAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRthough sometimes some UK perspective tooAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRI don't expect more shutdowns of this kind (there were several as they try to bring the power back up to no avail, with inconsistent voltage tooAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRbut it's also safer now from evil miss broomstick ... who knocked it over a few times by accidentAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRspinning rust now gets a full snapshot of /home every morning at 5:10am Aug 07 20:00
Techrights-secYes he writes a lot and does good work but only a little ever seems to overlapAug 07 20:00
Techrights-secwith TRAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRit's good for daily links, I try to support by linking to his wordAug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRhe seems truly independent  Aug 07 20:00
schestowitz-TRiirc, former prisoner of murdochAug 07 20:01
schestowitz-TR----Aug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRlessons of the past month:Aug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRYOU might be OK with economic volatilityAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRbut OTHERS might not be and it's all connectedAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRwhether you like it or notAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRThen, disconnecting oneself from others seems the least harmful way forwardAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TR"crab culture" (trying to drag other crabs down)Aug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRbtw, one client at work now gets amber lights showing on the server SMART issueAug 07 20:05
Techrights-seccheck the smartctl dataAug 07 20:05
Techrights-secif possibleAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRwe'll need to swap out the whole RAIDAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRsome of them don't take such stuff into accounbtAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRbut at least properly forwarnedAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRwe moved them to wireguard Aug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRthey used to pay a FFOOOORTTUNE for some shit company to "support" openvpn for themAug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRit's RIDICULOUS!Aug 07 20:05
schestowitz-TRnot my dept. and I'm on my way out, I hope by year's endAug 07 20:06
Techrights-secackAug 07 20:06
schestowitz-TRone client did a migration from djangocms to drupalAug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRthey always hire on low budgetAug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRlike totally clueless slingers from india Aug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRand this time a pair of people in yerevanAug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRof course they lost data in the migrationAug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRagain, their problemAug 07 20:08
schestowitz-TRif they want to keep their data in tact, they'll need to payAug 07 20:09
schestowitz-TRthat one idiot threw kubernetes on a server just for the "fun" of itAug 07 20:09
Techrights-secyesAug 07 20:09
Techrights-sec:(Aug 07 20:09
schestowitz-TRfor no purpose whatsoeverAug 07 20:09
schestowitz-TRa live/prod webserverAug 07 20:09
schestowitz-TRwe had to restrict his account and he needed to go through us before installing anythingAug 07 20:09
schestowitz-TRafter this kept happeningAug 07 20:09
schestowitz 07 20:10
schestowitz-TR850mbAug 07 20:10
schestowitz-TRgetting there soon, then I can start testing on a "real" thingAug 07 20:10
schestowitz-TRnot testing the waterAug 07 20:10
Techrights-secackAug 07 20:12
schestowitz-TRcorrecting myself: michael west started REPOSTING from AAPAug 07 20:43
schestowitz-TRThose are not stories made by him and colleaguesAug 07 20:43
schestowitz-TRand, if anything, they can 'dilute' the signal or even "signal an exit strategy"Aug 07 20:43
schestowitz-TRsame thing thgat happenes in truthDig before it died (reprinting trash from AP)Aug 07 20:44
schestowitzGemini Search Results Study, Part 1 gemini:// "This is going to be a fairly brief post that will be further expanded upon in Part 2, which probably won't be published for at least a few days.Aug 07 21:53
schestowitz"Aug 07 21:54
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schestowitz-TRI've temporarily cleared the path to /home/links with 777, until we do groups (needs thinkingAug 07 22:22
schestowitz-TRas I need to get to /home/links/ipfs for IRC filesAug 07 22:22
schestowitz-TRthat's on tr-new, not the piAug 07 22:22
schestowitz-TR 07 22:24
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-profesorluis.port (@profesorluis): "Schools, according to Richard Stallman, are becoming “monsters for imposing proprietary software” and spying on children"|nitter.itAug 07 22:24
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schestowitz-TRok, 11pm all done and sorted, expect the files in the above-mentioned path of links, I added some packages like gnu coreutilsAug 07 23:26
schestowitz-TRfor date to work properly, I can enhance later from where it stands, resotoring and adding more funtionalityAug 07 23:26
schestowitz-TRipfs has good availability again!Aug 07 23:26

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