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Techrights-secfixed broken permissions in /home/links/ipfs/ and /home/links/ on tr-newAug 08 07:27
Techrights-seccan log in again nowAug 08 07:27
Techrights-secjust got the upload working after diagnosing the permissionsAug 08 07:27
Techrights-secI'll aim the IPFS script at the new location nextAug 08 07:27
schestowitz-TRthanks!Aug 08 07:27
schestowitz-TRdid the file there work ok? for not I run this manually, I still want to make enhancements tot eh scriptsAug 08 07:27
schestowitz-TRthe location is the same, only hostname changedAug 08 07:27
Techrights-seccheckingAug 08 07:37
Techrights-secThe table for today is missing:Aug 08 07:37
Techrights-seccat: /home/links/ipfs/220808.html: No such file or directoryAug 08 07:37
Techrights-secfrom tr-newAug 08 07:37
Techrights-secnever mind, those would be present tomorrow, 220807.html /is/ present as itAug 08 07:37
Techrights-secis supposed to beAug 08 07:37
Techrights-secthe script works :)Aug 08 07:37
schestowitz-TRgreat! sorry, on shift atm, response time uncertainAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRthis afternoon I'll get spares for backupAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRnews will be slow the whole month, I think (as you put it, it goes down in holidays, never to resume afterwards... varghese ia MIA)Aug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRso we can continue with site workAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRdebian develops... LEGAL strategyAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRwe can hlp by promotion of just mention of alpine, devuan and othersAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRlet Microsoft die with systemdAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRthe red hat staff is already fleeing regardlessAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRsystemd =- Windows VistaAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRbig and unwanted, I hopeAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRpeople already mock larabel in phoronix comments for repeatedly declaring the death of X for like 5+ yearsAug 08 07:41
schestowitz-TRand where's wayland now?Aug 08 07:41
Techrights-secnpAug 08 07:42
Techrights-secyep that's how it has looked for yearsAug 08 07:42
Techrights-secdebian is no longer even pretending to be valuable any more, even thoughAug 08 07:42
Techrights-secit still is upstream from hundreds of distros.  PeppermintOS moved to DevuanAug 08 07:42
Techrights-secone can only hope that hundreds more follow in short order.Aug 08 07:42
schestowitz-TRif peppermint does OK, others will be less sceptical of that choiceAug 08 07:42
Techrights-secwayland was too important to be allowed to survive. :/Aug 08 07:43
Techrights-secdownloading now, it will go on the alternate laptop for a while to give it a  Aug 08 07:43
Techrights-secspinAug 08 07:43
schestowitz-TRbe sure to get the devuan-based ISO, I think there are twoAug 08 07:45
schestowitz-TRnext, LMDE should based on Devuan (for the same reason LM rejects SNAPS)Aug 08 07:45
schestowitz-TRor based on both Debian and DevuanAug 08 07:45
Techrights-secyes, there are two 64-bit versions one on Devuan the other on the legacy distroAug 08 07:45
Techrights-sec.Aug 08 07:45
schestowitz-TRslax moved back to slackware, after being based on debian for yearsAug 08 07:46
schestowitz-TRthat happened last weekAug 08 07:46
Techrights-secniceAug 08 07:48
schestowitz-TRpatrick needs more usersAug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRhis distro is more 'traditionalist'Aug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRthey have chromium without gulag (I forgot the name (ungoogled something with a black logo)Aug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRso in theory users ca get most "things" done on slackwareAug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRnowadays the browser does a lot of stuffAug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRnot that I endorse it, we have idiots who mistake sites for softwareAug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TR(at work)Aug 08 07:50
Techrights-secit's nice but can be difficult to installAug 08 07:50
schestowitz-TRI'm not sure that ius still true, and its derivatives are just plain ISOs, not slckware-liveAug 08 07:51
schestowitz-TRif they have a recent kernel, then I guess most things work OK once installedAug 08 07:51
schestowitz-TRcalculatelinux for exampleAug 08 07:51
schestowitz-TRwith stuff like jetson or banana or mango or raspberry better to use "official", custome-made distrosAug 08 07:53
schestowitz-TRfedora is now hoping to make one for the piAug 08 07:53
schestowitz-TRbut fedora 'community' languishesAug 08 07:53
schestowitz-TRand I put in TM a rant about it last nightAug 08 07:53
Techrights-secackAug 08 08:06
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schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> Worst July on Record (Since COVID-19 Started), But No Weekly NHS Report on COVID-19 and Overall/Excess Mortality for Over a Month Already 08 09:29
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Worst July on Record (Since COVID-19 Started), But No Weekly NHS Report on COVID-19 and Overall/Excess Mortality for Over a Month AlreadyAug 08 09:29
Techrights-secackAug 08 09:30
schestowitz-TRproblem solvedAug 08 09:30
schestowitz-TRmove on, peasantsAug 08 09:30
Techrights-secackAug 08 09:31
Techrights-sec"let the bodies pile up"Aug 08 09:31
schestowitz-TR4000 pensioners a monthAug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TRpension @ 20k x 10 more years x 4000 = (grabs kcalc) Aug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TR800 million pounds saved a monthAug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TRfor pension companiesAug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TRfor 200k+ dead Brits, assuming life shortened by 10 yearsAug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TRthat's 50 billion Aug 08 09:35
schestowitz-TRour natioaal debt is about 2400Aug 08 09:35
Techrights-secyep, there are a lot of incentives to let the pandemic rollAug 08 09:36
Techrights-secuninhibited. However, the permanent damage to the young will have higherAug 08 09:36
Techrights-seccosts in the long run.Aug 08 09:36
Techrights-secit's complex there too, the /debt/ itself is the currency nowadaysAug 08 09:36
schestowitz-TRyou said this months ago. weeks ago I saw an article that I'd stumbled upon saying something similar.Aug 08 09:37
schestowitz-TRbut debt is not the currency of everyone, just the majority, e.g. mortgage takersAug 08 09:37
schestowitz-TRundertakersAug 08 09:37
schestowitz-TRmortAug 08 09:37
Techrights-secit is the currency of the banskters which own the world's various governmentsAug 08 09:39
schestowitz-TR"how I learned to stop worrying and love the virus"Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRfootball resumed Saturday, we'll soon see a wave (not Mexican)Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRhard to research figures: what ratio of savers' money and loans in each bankAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRe.g. we have 10,000 customers with total of 1 billion in savings and we gave mortgages for homes with a total "value" of 10 billionAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRyou know what happens when the bubble implodes, houise pries crash, people default on the mortgage, and suddenly the bank goes under for as little as 10% Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRprice deflationAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRthere is a scheme here for "securing" the savbings of only 85,000 max per personAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRafter the events of 2008Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRit used to be 65,000 iirc, in 14 years it increased only to 85Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRso savers would be wise to split the savers across relativesAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRiow, even your savings at the bank aren't safe Aug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRyou're "safe" (government says) for up to that amountAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRthe rules are probably different in panana and cayman islendAug 08 09:43
schestowitz-TRdays ago I read (michael west... now AAP :/) that our finance minister now predicts 13% inflationAug 08 09:48
schestowitz-TRwhereas banks only give an interest of like 2-3% AT BEST, if you lock it downAug 08 09:48
schestowitz-TRwe can only try to 'cheat' the system with discounted foods, efficient energy use, no travel etc.Aug 08 09:48
schestowitz-TRpeople's salaries have, in effect, decreased by a lot this past yearAug 08 09:48
schestowitz-TRmagnified two or threefold if they have dependantsAug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRthis! is! not! a joke! not a drill, either.Aug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRitf it worsens for 2-3 more years, prices can be up by like 50%Aug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRor salaries effecttively reduceed by that much, IF you still have a job at allAug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRcumulative multipliersAug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRotoh, I predict dissent will increase, new laws be passed to ban the most banal thingsAug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRand social control experiments be introducedAug 08 09:49
schestowitz-TRlike putting microphones in people's homes "for free"Aug 08 09:49
Techrights-secackAug 08 09:51
Techrights-secas usual it is all about concentrating wealthAug 08 09:51
Techrights-secsocial control media will be used further to spin and deceiveAug 08 09:51
schestowitz-TRchina saw seeds of discontent over 996 (9am-9pm, 6 days) and low salariesAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRso the regime just responded with repressive measures, not fairer distribution of capitalAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRnow with capitalism in most countries on the brink they show they're no better than china, Aug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRexcept when they could afford to be betterAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRand journalism is dried up by capitalist means (defunding it)Aug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRin michael west yestyerday I saw the usual BS about fictional "unemployment" figuresAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRreminded me of truthdig when the lady ruined it and had a massive fued with scheerAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRI predict we'll see enhanced attempts to associatre dissent with "reptilians" and "gay frogs"Aug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRI saw those straw man cards played re gates this past weekendAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRthe context being monkeypoxAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRsooner or later just pointing out the patent issues about vaccines or lack of clinical trialsAug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TRgets luimped in with "gay frogs" and/or pepe the frog (bigots)Aug 08 09:54
schestowitz-TR"national security" threatAug 08 09:54
Techrights-secyes, like with the 5G, like flipping a switch the debate went from /if/Aug 08 09:55
Techrights-sec5G should be rolled out to a fight over /who/ should roll it outAug 08 09:55
Techrights-secor patent issues in general :/Aug 08 09:55
schestowitz-TRkaniini got suspended by twitter for (obviously) making a funny joke about 5gAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRwas forced to delete sarcastic remark, which was basically mocking cranksAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRthis is where our society is headingAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRnot to mention debian.coimmunity was not disowned but RE-ownedAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRso now SPI cabal (Microsoft, Lenovo, Google) will use the domain to spread some lies)Aug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRreminds of of force confession in tehran and beijingAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRwhere they use the opposition's own mouth (torture/threats/blackmail) to parrot pro-regimeAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRtalking pointsAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRwith prenning, they made the force apologyu spiel and then 'forced' talk about diversityAug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRlike conditions for "acceptnace" or "return"Aug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRwioth Torvalds we saw that at end of 1018Aug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TR2018Aug 08 10:00
schestowitz-TRa badge of endormeent for "not being rude" to people whose code is utter shitAug 08 10:00
Techrights-secwhich itself is a lie, he was never rude about people, rather being Aug 08 10:02
Techrights-secunambiguous about the code; people are not code and yet the press parroted liesAug 08 10:02
Techrights-secabout his criticism being about people;  Aug 08 10:02
Techrights-secthey succeeded in making it about individuals rather than their codeAug 08 10:24
Techrights-secand it seems to be a functional vehicle for infecting the project with shit codeAug 08 10:24
schestowitz-TRimagine if Lannart was a black lesbian and not a younf person who fits the profile of genocidal naziAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TR1 hours ago I scanned rianne's main latpopAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRit runs Debian 10 on 4GB of RAMAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRit can become slow for several reasonsAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRI scanned which processes were running I disabled snapdAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRrianne added it to install somethingAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRbut it keeps running as a background processAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRimagine thatAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRlike apt taking up 10-20MB in the backgroung all the timeAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRor yum/dnfAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRanyay, I went through the list of processesAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRso much systemd shitAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRnot the init  Aug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRall those other programs from the same brand/unbrellaAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRnow they're effectively controlled not just by SM GitHubAug 08 10:27
schestowitz-TRbut a full-time Microsoft employeeAug 08 10:27
Techrights-secsnap is garbage, like flatpak.  IMHO a bad design and pehpaps only a meansAug 08 10:36
Techrights-secto inject proprietary junk into the system.Aug 08 10:36
schestowitz-TRI think they recognise that decades of no real CS education means more devs who can throwAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TR and glue shit together cannot properly package itAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRso they blobify it like Android does, I don't know how apk are compared to deb or to "snaps" Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRor how "google play" compared to flathub etc.Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRbut they're all resulting in very insecure stuff because you have many of the same code (binarieS)Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRscattered all over the prtice and it's also a waste of disk space (storage got cheap)Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRand it means performance tool, i.e. more ewasteAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TR*tollAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRsoon enough they'll just say we need a whole new OS or VM for each "app"Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRor argue that web browser is enough of a sandboxAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRor tell us the browser is the OS. oh, wait...Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRwith chromeOS, you don't have programs, you have a programAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRall the stuff yoiu run is contrlled at binary level --set aside the spying - by the "masters"Aug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRthey can even taoilor a binary just for you for a sessionAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRlike "google maps" taoiled to a "person of interest" without any way to verify the integrity of the binariesAug 08 10:37
schestowitz-TRwith flatpack, proprieetary and free are indistinguishableAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRhard-linking and self-containment for blobAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRin the past, space and b/w were factors, so you needed to reuseAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRand that meant better patch management tooAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRnow any little brtowser update means my connection is clogged up while it gets like 200MB of "Stuff"Aug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRmaybe to patch some WIndows hole with a single line oe code. so I can be "up to date" with version Aug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRSAME.SAME.X+Aug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRwith 'webapps', it's even worseAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRit's like a kioskAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRyou cannot even delete the binaries you useAug 08 10:40
schestowitz-TRor the data those binaries makeAug 08 10:40
Techrights-secm$, and bill in particular, killed CS globallyAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secI haven't had time to investigate apk vs aptAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secyes and there was some bullshit about trying to force the package developersAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secinto doing the packaging; packaging is for the distros, but my guess is tahtAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secthere are fewer hands every quarter as those with the skill retire or dieAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secand are not replaced at a sustainable rate; the only way to get the prerequisiteAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secskill is to *avoid* current CS programmes yet teach oneself not just programmingAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secbut the theory that used to be taught in previous generation's CS programmesAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secyepAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secthe hardlinking facilitates the inclusion of proprietary payloadsAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secit also means that if you have n packages which depend on library x thenAug 08 10:43
Techrights-secwhen x needs to be updated you have to update all reverse dependenciesAug 08 10:43
schestowitz-TRthat offloads costsAug 08 10:44
schestowitz-TRwe know how corporationsd value "efficiencies"Aug 08 10:44
schestowitz-TRearlier on today rianne and I were discussing what it means to ask for assistance at the shop, inc. at the tillAug 08 10:44
schestowitz-TRMark Shuttleworth herded many thousands of slaves between 2004 to around 2014Aug 08 10:44
Techrights-secackAug 08 10:44
schestowitz-TRwhile at the same time making back room deals with Microsoft, which obviously put off volunteersAug 08 10:46
schestowitz-TRcodecs around 2007 and later azure and wslAug 08 10:46
schestowitz-TRpocock did write what it meant to be a volunteer, then discarded at the earliest inconvenient, blackmailed a bit (conditions)Aug 08 10:46
schestowitz-TRand then demonised as a madmanAug 08 10:46
schestowitz-TRWordPress used to be hundreds of coders who played with WP and B2 and coordinated support, code, mailing lists etc.Aug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRand blogged about itAug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRwhen that became a company it started to revolve more around "SEO" frauds and dodgy extensions, "ecosystem", "clowns"...Aug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRand so a lot of the fun was goneAug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRsort of like Linux (kernel)Aug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRYou'd have to be insane to be a Con Kolivas in 2022Aug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRit's infesible and they don't give a shit about your code because of your email domain suffixAug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TR"buy a seat from Jim and Sheela Microsoft, then come back to us.."Aug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRlast week it turned out Microsoft now tells Linux what things to remove, e.g. DECAug 08 10:50
schestowitz-TRlike they're bossing the whole project nowAug 08 10:50
Techrights-secackAug 08 10:59
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schestowitz-TRback homeAug 08 14:35
schestowitz-TRgetting harde to find discountAug 08 14:35
Techrights-seca little priceyAug 08 14:35
schestowitz-TRgot 32gb usb for 9 poundsAug 08 14:35
schestowitz-TRwaiting for links, a supplementary set for nowAug 08 14:35
schestowitz-TRI updated two criptsAug 08 14:43
schestowitz-TRall I had to do was add the subdomains as you migrated it very transparentlyAug 08 14:43
schestowitz-TRniceAug 08 14:43
Techrights-seccheckingAug 08 14:43
Techrights-secexcellentAug 08 14:48
Techrights-secI'm relieved that it went smoothlyAug 08 14:48
schestowitz-TRnot pushing the changes to git as the address will one day be linked to that same ip anywayAug 08 14:48
Techrights-secokAug 08 14:49
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Techrights-secWindows has not just backdoors, but also "bugdoors"Aug 08 17:58
Techrights-sec-- bugs that they are slow to fix because various agencies are using themAug 08 17:58
Techrights-secfor accessAug 08 17:58
schestowitz-TRfor the first time in over a week, I think, I had to stop a high load at tm-oldAug 08 18:09
schestowitz-TRthose sorts of issues will be a thing of the past after the migrationAug 08 18:09
Techrights-secackAug 08 18:20
schestowitz-TRregardless of intent, the net effect of bug doors and back doors is the sameAug 08 18:21
schestowitz-TRand when the vendor refuses to patch a publicly kknown issue (not just nsa/cisa/microsoft)Aug 08 18:21
schestowitz-TRit's even worse as they willingly open you to attack by anybody, not only themselves as agenciesAug 08 18:21
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> NIST works for NSA (i.e. back doors) agenda, and this is what NSA Bruce has to say on the topic 08 18:25
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards - Schneier on SecurityAug 08 18:25
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> In some sense NIST is worse than NSA because you know what NSA strives to do but EXPECT better from NISTAug 08 18:25
schestowitz-TR Expecting secure crypto from the US regime is like expecting women's rights from TehranAug 08 18:26
Techrights-secackAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secthough with bug doors there is a modicum of plausible deniability and theyAug 08 18:27
Techrights-seccan kind of truthfull claim that it's not an intentional back door evenAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secif the patching itself has been intentionally postponed or neglected in orderAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secto extend access to those in the knowAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secackAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secthough with bug doors there is a modicum of plausible deniability and theyAug 08 18:27
Techrights-seccan kind of truthfull claim that it's not an intentional back door evenAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secif the patching itself has been intentionally postponed or neglected in orderAug 08 18:27
Techrights-secto extend access to those in the knowAug 08 18:27
schestowitz-TR Is an economy with 1000 companies in debt better than an economy with 100 companies in debt, even if call them "successful" loss-making firms?Aug 08 19:00
Techrights-sec"successful" bankruptcyAug 08 19:01
schestowitz-TRdebt companies (loans) apparently tell people it's better to borrow than now to borrow because being in debt is "good for your credit"Aug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TRbased on the BS logic that if you had debt before, than you are more trustworthyAug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TRI mocked this endlessly when rianne told me people had told her thatAug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TRsounds like banksters' propagandaAug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TRcome on, borrow money, it's GOOD for youAug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TRliving within one's means? You're doomed!!Aug 08 19:03
schestowitz-TR"scucessful" bankruptcy = we didn't pay any of the workers we laid off and the lenders turned to government, not to us, for helpAug 08 19:03
Techrights-secackAug 08 19:14
schestowitz-TR"being" just 'a bit' in debt is OK, I can pay that back anytime I want to  = i'm not addicted, I can quit anytimeAug 08 19:15
schestowitz-TRI think in the US maxing up not one but several credit cards is a national sport of sorts...Aug 08 19:15
schestowitz-TRto the point you can have a powwow with mates about how you\re "managing your creddit"Aug 08 19:15
schestowitz-TRand what worthless junk you bought to keep up with "friends"Aug 08 19:15
Techrights-seccould beAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secif you max out one, then other companies tend to send additional, pre-approvedAug 08 19:17
Techrights-seccardsAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secsometimes they come in fast enough that you can kind of pay off parts of the oldAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secones with the new ones and within a few years accumulated more than a lifetimeAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secof debt with no chance out except for a 'successful' bankruptcyAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secthe people who do that tend not to do better afterwards afaikAug 08 19:17
Techrights-secthe Peppermint OS Devuan torrent is seeding quite a bit: there is a lot of Aug 08 19:21
Techrights-secinterest apparently, though perhaps because it is a new releaseAug 08 19:21
Techrights-secMint and the others are just idling and not seedingAug 08 19:21
Techrights-sec... from here at leastAug 08 19:21
schestowitz-TR1) which versionAug 08 19:25
schestowitz-TR2) which DE?Aug 08 19:25
Techrights-sec 08 19:25
Techrights-secPeppermint OS Devuan 64-bit, the installer seemed to offer a choice from Aug 08 19:25
Techrights-secseveral desktop environments, if I was paying attention properlyAug 08 19:25
Techrights-sec 08 19:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Quote by Dave Ramsey: “We buy things we don't need with money we don't...”Aug 08 19:25
-TechrightsBN/ | 1. Download and Install – Peppermint OSAug 08 19:25
schestowitz-TRI means mint 21? or lmde? cin/mate/xfce?Aug 08 19:26
schestowitz-TR*meantAug 08 19:26
Techrights-secthose... Mint 20.3 cinnamon, Mint 20.3 MATE, 2022-04-04-raspberrypi-os-*Aug 08 19:27
Techrights-secYou're right, new versions have been released, however I need the old oneAug 08 19:27
schestowitz-TRyou may be comparing apples (old) to oranges (new) thenAug 08 19:27
Techrights-secYou're right, new versions have been released, however I need the old oneAug 08 19:28
Techrights-secin the archive for now.  Aug 08 19:28
schestowitz-TRI saw 3 or 4 articles in the past 24 hours, inc. official mint blog, re how to UPGRADE to 21Aug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRthey evn made some solid tools for itAug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRthey consider doing AUTOMATIC updatesAug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRand are very eaget to get people OFF the version you're afterAug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRnot every distro is so eager to push people to latest Aug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRbecause it's a lot of work backporting stuffAug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRhence many "rolling" distros Aug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRWindows is a very shitty rolling releaseAug 08 19:30
schestowitz-TRvery unreliable and unpredictableAug 08 19:30
Techrights-secLinux Mint 21 Cinnamon is now seeding but a small fractionAug 08 19:33
Techrights-secif at allAug 08 19:33
schestowitz-TRthey have lots of donated mirrorsAug 08 19:33
schestowitz-TRI saw a lot when I got lmdeAug 08 19:33
schestowitz-TRso maybe they just don't use bittorrent as muchAug 08 19:33
schestowitz-TRis there a torrent tracker that can help us do a "ppuilarity contest" post?Aug 08 19:34
Techrights-seccould be, but it is the efficient way to publish the ISO-9660 imagesAug 08 19:34
Techrights-secnot sure ...Aug 08 19:34
Techrights-sec maybe this ?Aug 08 19:34
Techrights-sec 08 19:34
-TechrightsBN/ | Linuxtracker .::. The Premier Linux Bittorrent WebsiteAug 08 19:34
Techrights-sec 08 19:38
Techrights-secthat first one is reverse chronological the second one is more popularityAug 08 19:38
-TechrightsBN/ | Linuxtracker .::. Index->StatisticsAug 08 19:38
schestowitz-TRgood timingAug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRI know the site   Aug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRseems kde neon and peppermint devuan ed does better (more seeds) than the normal [sic] edition]Aug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRI shall mention this :-)Aug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRbtw, I still use neonAug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRso far it always boots OKAug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRkde does not depend on systemd afaik, only gnome...Aug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRmaybe they can rebase on devuan one dayAug 08 19:40
Techrights-secare you sure, I thought KDE had a lot of systemd dependencies latelyAug 08 19:40
Techrights-secI could be quite wrong thoughAug 08 19:40
schestowitz-TRmy info might be outdatedAug 08 19:40
Techrights-secapt-cache --recurse depends kde-plasma-desktop | grep systemdAug 08 19:43
Techrights-secapt-cache dotty kde-plasma-desktopAug 08 19:43
schestowitz-TRtook screenshot for a postAug 08 19:44
schestowitz-TRbut first, today's links ;-)Aug 08 19:44
Techrights-secackAug 08 19:50
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> PeppermintOS Without Systemd More Popular Than the ’Standard’ Edition? | Techrights ⚓ | ♾ Gemini address: gemini:// 08 19:53
-TechrightsBN/ | PeppermintOS Without Systemd More Popular Than the ‘Standard’ Edition? | TechrightsAug 08 19:53
Techrights-secackAug 08 20:10
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