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schestowitz 09 00:24
schestowitz"Oct 09 00:24
-TechrightsBN/ | Statement/request by Richard Stallman about his recent talk : uwaterlooOct 09 00:24
schestowitzAt the start of my talk on Dec 4, around 30 people were watching.  ByOct 09 00:24
schestowitzthe end, it was around 100.  (I hope this doesn't mean people didn'tOct 09 00:24
schestowitzget notice in advance!)  People have asked me to post the recording,Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzand I will do that.  If you would like to watch the talk, you willOct 09 00:24
schestowitzhave the opportunity.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzWould you please do something for me, that will be greatly helpful toOct 09 00:24
schestowitzme in my activities?  I would like you to show your appreciation forOct 09 00:24
schestowitzmy work and my ideas at the time I need it most.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzI ask you to email the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, atOct 09 00:24, asking the Faculty of Mathematics to host theOct 09 00:24
schestowitzrecording of my talk.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzFor instance, you could say, "I ask the Faculty of Mathematics to hostOct 09 00:24
schestowitzthe recording of the talk that Richard Stallman was invited to give toOct 09 00:24
schestowitzstudents of the University of Waterloo.  His invitation was canceledOct 09 00:24
schestowitzbased on false accusations, but he gave the talk anyway.  Please showOct 09 00:24
schestowitzthat his contribution to the university community is appreciated, byOct 09 00:24
schestowitzhosting the recording now."  Or say whatever you like.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzHowever you say it, please post the same text on the university'sOct 09 00:24
schestowitzsubreddit, so other students can see you ask for this.  You can alsoOct 09 00:24
schestowitztell your friends and acquaintances who have a relationship to theOct 09 00:24
schestowitzuniversity.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitzIf this were a matter of rational argument, a single convincingOct 09 00:24
schestowitzargument would be enough.  Alas, it isn't like that -- it willOct 09 00:24
schestowitzprobably take many statements of support to persuade the dean.  So ifOct 09 00:24
schestowitzyou see that others have sent these messages, don't think that "It'sOct 09 00:24
schestowitzalready done."  Please add one more.Oct 09 00:24
schestowitz"Oct 09 00:24
schestowitz 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Richard Stallman is being falsely accused of things he did not do - r/uwaterlooOct 09 00:25
schestowitz"Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzRichard Stallman is being falsely accused of things he did not do SeriousOct 09 00:25
schestowitzI like to consider myself a progressive person, and I see what everyone is saying here against Richard Stallman.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzBut these accusations that he is misogynist or a defender of pedophilia or a defender of sexual assault are wrong.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzHave a look at these please (and read them completely, please. I have read every single word of Selam G's medium blog posts, and out of respect for that, I would ask that you read the entirety of these two web pages before commenting. Not enough people are reading everything, which is leading to misconceptions. Read everything and decide everything for yourself):Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz 09 00:25
schestowitz 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | How the cancel culture was leveraged against RMS – Loïc DacharyOct 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Low grade "journalists" and internet mob attack RMS with lies. In-depth review.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzRichard Stallman had views on a topic which is considered controversial (sexism, prostitution, racism), and none of his views them defended pedophilia or misogyny or sexual assault, but taken out of context, they seemed that way.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzIf you have actually read both of those web pages, you will understand what I mean. I know that even despite me telling people to read them in their entirety, some people will not. So here is a summary with things heavily copied and pasted from the sources above:Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzClaim: Richard Stallman defended sexual assaultOct 09 00:25
schestowitz    No. According to source #2: "There was a Facebook event calling for a protest regarding donations Jeffrey Epstein made to MIT. Stallman objected to the wording of the description of the event. Objecting to choices of words is something he is known for doing, he is a philosopher after all." The wording of the event was basically saying that Marvin Minsky sexually assaulted Giuffre, which Stallman disagreed with.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    The email was regarding this report by the verge: 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | AI pioneer Marvin Minsky accused of sex with Epstein trafficking victim - The VergeOct 09 00:25
schestowitz        You will see in this article that Giuffre was directed by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Minsky. Is this equivalent to Minsky assaulting Giuffre? Think about this yourselves. If A tells B to have sex with C, C assaulted B? The Facebook post sensationalized "Giuffre being directed to have sex with Marvin" as "Marvin assaulted Giuffre". Why? It makes very little sense to me, and it made very little sense to Dr. Stallman as well. Dr. Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzStallman used to be a colleague of Marvin Minsky from what I understand, and I would also defend any colleague of mine who was wrongly accused of sexual assault by a sensationalized Facebook post. Is defending someone who is wrongly accused of being "guilty" where the principle is that "innocent until proven guilty" the wrong thing to do?Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz        To this date, it has not been confirmed that Marvin Minsky even had sex with Giuffre. Read the section on Marvin's Wikipedia article:, and you might think it is way more likely that Marvin did not have sex with Giuffre, as quoting the sources Wikipedia used (you may verify these yourselves): " There has been no allegation that sex between them took place nor a Oct 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Marvin Minsky - WikipediaOct 09 00:25
schestowitzlawsuit against Minsky's estate.[49] Minsky's widow, Gloria Rudisch, says that he could not have had sex with any of the women at Epstein's residences, as they were always together during all of the visits to Epstein's residences.[50][51] "Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzClaim: Richard Stallman defends pedophiles and pedophilia.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    No. Here is what he says (summary: he is saying Epstein is a serial rapist and should have a longer sentence)Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    (Now) Labor Secretary Acosta's plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein was not only extremely lenient, it was so lenient that it was illegal.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    I wonder whether this makes it possible to resentence him to a longer prison term.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    I disagree with some of what the article says about Epstein. Epstein is not, apparently, a pedophile, since the people he raped seem to have all been postpuberal.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    By contrast, calling him a sex offender tends to minimize his crimes, since it groups him with people who committed a spectrum of acts of varying levels of gravity. Some of them were not crimes. Some of these people didn't actually do anything to anyone.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    I think the right term for a person such as Epstein is serial rapist.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz    What he is disagreeing with is the fact that the word pedophilia has been used differently than the definition in most dictionaries.Oct 09 00:25
schestowitz 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | pedophilia | Definition & Facts | BritannicaOct 09 00:25
schestowitz 09 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | What is Pedophilia: FAQ on Pedophiles and PedophiliaOct 09 00:25
schestowitz        Both the above (which I think are some of the most reputable sources I could find online; Encyclopedia Britannica and WebMD have been around for ages and everyone consults these sources for basically everything), basically say that pedophilia is defined as sex or interest in sex by adults with prepubescent children, which they define as "generally aged 13 or younger". All the minors that Epstein seemed to have raped were above 13 years Oct 09 00:25
schestowitzof age.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz        Stallman thus says Epstein is not a pedophile, since that is not how the term is defined. He also says Epstein is a serial rapist and should be sentenced to much longer prison term, something that I personally agree with as well.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    Read the sources 1 and 2 for more information on his comments on pedophilia. They are all covered in these sources, so please just read them. I am too tired to copy-paste them over, but he is not endorsing the practice.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzClaim: Richard Stallman is a misogynist.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    Likely, this accusation is being made because of some of the quotes and pictures that Selam G. posted. These quotes all seem to be made decades ago, with probably the most controversial one from 1985. There is no source mentioned for these quotes at all, so I don't know how Selam G. managed to get the testimonies of people who are probably 60-70 years old by now.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    The picture of the sign in front of his office did not say "also: hot ladies". This was later added by an unknown person, as mentioned in source #1.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    For the rest of the quotes, it is explained in Source #2. Again, please read both these sources in their entirety.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    The only real questionable quote seems to be this one at the end which was about 1985 apparently:Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    When I was a teen freshman, I went to a buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant in Central Square with a graduate student friend and others from the AI lab. I don't know if he and I were the last two left, but at a table with only the two of us, Richard Stallman told me of his misery and that he'd kill himself if I didn't go out with him.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    I felt bad for him and also uncomfortable and manipulated. I did not like being put in that position — suddenly responsible for an important man. What had I done to get into this situation? I decided I could not be responsible for his living or dying, and would have to accept him killing himself. I declined further contact.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    He was not a man of his word or he'd be long dead.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    - Betsy S., Bachelor's in Management Science, '85Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz    I agree that this is bad. Source #2 mentions this about this quote above:Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz        "The next story does sound inappropriate by today stardards but something that is unacceptable today could have been perfectly fine in 1985 (when it happened). Even if it had happened today, I don't think this alone could justify everything that is being done to Stallman. I say this alone because, as we've seen, the rest are lies and mis-characterizations."Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz        With which I do agree. What is more is that this kind of thing only seems to have happened in 1985 and not in the 35 years since? Stallman made a mistake once, he is not a perfect human being at all. I know a couple of high school friends who have threatened to kill themselves in order to get their way during a relationship or romance as well. Does this make them misogynists? It is terrible behaviour from Stallman, and it happened once Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzin 35 years, if it did happen (again, Selam G. mentions no source for these quotes).Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz        This personally makes me scared as well. I was once a very depressed student and during the time that I was depressed I was thinking about suicide every single day, and am sure made some comments about death or romance that made someone uncomfortable. Should I be cancelled due to that one mistake when I was not mentally well? I don't know what Stallman's life was like when he made this comment or if he was suffering from mental illness. Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzWe need to be a bit more kind. He did not sexually assault this woman, if that's what you are concerned about either. Stallman has never been accused of sexual assault or misconduct, unlike billionaires with lawyers to defend them, such as someone like Donald Trump.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzAll in all, the way the world is headed is scaring me. Stallman even lost his home because of all this misinterpretation by tabloid "journalists" who twist the facts (see here)). What a travesty of free speech we have created with this culture that we endorse.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzI am not a lawyer, but I think Richard Stallman should explore suing for defamation here. This entire defamation episode has cost him his job and respect in the community by people who have twisted his words.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzNext time you see some controversy, please read both sides of the arguments and see what both sides have to say. As I said, I have read both sides, including both of Selam G.'s blog posts, in their entirety. I know that many of you will not even read the sources or even this far into this Reddit post, but if you do, you can now consider both sides when forming your opinion. Sensationalist titles of news articles or blogs do us no good in the Oct 09 00:26
schestowitzquest of procuring facts. I hate that this is what we have come to as a society.Oct 09 00:26
schestowitz"Oct 09 00:26
Techrights-sec 09 02:57
-TechrightsBN/ | Apache HTTP Server 2.4 vulnerabilities - The Apache HTTP Server ProjectOct 09 02:57
schestowitz-TRwaitOct 09 02:58
Techrights-secokOct 09 02:58
schestowitz-TRare all these packages going to be be changed? Also, are the servers delivering up to date packages? it's old EPEL.Oct 09 02:59
Techrights-secit appears so.  I am not experiences in CentOS, so there may be quirks Oct 09 03:00
Techrights-sechowever, see URL above Oct 09 03:00
schestowitz-TRI saw that 2 days ago in CISAOct 09 03:00
schestowitz 09 03:01
-TechrightsBN/ | Security: Patches, Reproducible Builds, and More | Tux MachinesOct 09 03:01
Techrights-secYes, it has been a whileOct 09 03:03
Techrights-secTM comments are not visibleOct 09 03:03
Techrights-sec\Oct 09 03:03
schestowitz-TRyou always had this issue, which is odd as it's part of plain HTMLOct 09 03:03
schestowitz-TRIt says "Submitted", not "comments"Oct 09 03:04
Techrights-secI can see the post, just not anh comments.Oct 09 03:05
Techrights-secAnyway the patch seems to still be outstanding on TR at least.Oct 09 03:05
schestowitz-TRyes, true, but in case the other updates make something break it's good to have a fallback readyOct 09 03:05
schestowitz-TRBTWm,, funny story:Oct 09 03:06
schestowitz-TRI wrongly assumed tmux was available, pressed ctrl+z to restart an irc bot, only then I noticed I had interfered with someone else's processes, that took some seconds to realiseOct 09 03:07
schestowitzrather than surprising that centos would want to update gtk2 on a` headless server, but gtk/gdk used to be more than gui, maybe that's still the caseOct 09 03:10
Techrights-secackOct 09 03:10
Techrights-secyes, ctrl-z and ctrl-c and ctrl-s ...Oct 09 03:10
Techrights-secone becomes dependent and used to tmuxOct 09 03:10
Techrights-secit looks like a full reboot would be required.Oct 09 03:10
schestowitzsome months ago after a reboot systemd barfed and intervention by kaniini was needed to get it going again. Actually, it was a brownout rather than rebootOct 09 03:11
Techrights-seccan we book time for kaniini to be available?  I'd rather not put this off.Oct 09 03:12
schestowitzI will ask now...Oct 09 03:12
Techrights-secThanks.Oct 09 03:12
schestowitzI did not look into the technical details of it, but to what extent would fronting the apache back end with up to date varnish/nginx improve safety?Oct 09 03:13
Techrights-secI have not looked into the details.  The varnish front-end wouldOct 09 03:15
Techrights-secprobably help with performance.  Oct 09 03:15
schestowitzthose can also be used to block dodgy requestsOct 09 03:15
Techrights-sec Proof-of-concept code is seldom includedOct 09 03:15
Techrights-secany more.Oct 09 03:15
schestowitztwitter used to delete all tweets of mine that linked to some code, even if merely sec research sitesOct 09 03:16
Techrights-sec Yes varnish can filter a bit. Oct 09 03:17
Techrights-secnothign good to say about twitter hereOct 09 03:17
Techrights-sec"""Oct 09 03:26
Techrights-secThe danger of the vulnerability mitigates the fact that the problem manifests itself only in the recentlyOct 09 03:26
Techrights-sec released version 2.4.49 and does not affect all earlier releases.Oct 09 03:26
Techrights-sec"""Oct 09 03:26
Techrights-sec 09 03:26
-TechrightsBN/ | Vulnerability in Apache http server 2.4.49 allowing files outside of the site root to be retrieved - itsfoss.netOct 09 03:26
schestowitzit is outside my scrollback range now, but I wrote in social control media that this bugs proves, don't rush to use the latest and greatest. I wrote that 2 days ago.Oct 09 03:28
schestowitzsame applies to wordpress BTW, we use a patched old version. also TMOct 09 03:28
schestowitzthe databases are in a new alpine container, php might be a riskOct 09 03:29
Techrights-secyet incremental chainges are often easier to work through thanOct 09 03:34
Techrights-secmonumental sea changes Oct 09 03:34
schestowitzdon't misunderstand my tone (I cannot be heard in text), but I think we need to aim at replacing the whole OS piecewise and not risk breaking it while we do the 28-part EPO series, which took tons of workOct 09 03:35
Techrights-secokOct 09 03:36
Techrights-sechow and when?Oct 09 03:36
schestowitzkaniini said something about php versions and all, which is one challengeOct 09 03:36
schestowitzapplicable to both TR and TMOct 09 03:36
Techrights-secyes, I looked into that a few years ago.  i've forotten the detailsOct 09 03:37
Techrights-secbut it was possible to update either WP or hold back to a patched PHPOct 09 03:37
schestowitzgood to know, another think kaniini wants to do is change the stack a bit, e.g. get rid of apacheOct 09 03:38
Techrights-secI consider WP a liability in and of itself at this point regardless of versionOct 09 03:39
Techrights-secSure.  Apache2 is not the best any more.  What would be the replacement?Oct 09 03:39
schestowitzone of the niche players, but I need to check is all the redirects and stuff are doable in it, plus it integrates better with web-facing monitoring panel (which I did not ask for)Oct 09 03:40
Techrights-secIt has a powerful rewrite engine but no sites ever take advantage of itOct 09 03:44
Techrights-secand always break their old links when "migrating"Oct 09 03:44
Techrights-secweb-facing monitoring panel usually is a euphamism for javascriptOct 09 03:44
schestowitzit starts small and simple, then gets fat, yes, with load passed to the client endOct 09 03:44
schestowitztoday I accessed IA (for reasons I will make known later) and it was all a JS messOct 09 03:45
Techrights-secyes, IA is in a precarious junction, if the web goes all-in on javascriptOct 09 03:48
Techrights-secthen they will have nothing they can actually archive but placeholdersOct 09 03:48
schestowitz 09 03:48
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft Software Patents in Codecs, Web Font DRM, and Likewise-HP | TechrightsOct 09 03:48
schestowitz 09 03:49
-TechrightsBN/ | Warning: DRM in HTML5, It’s Microsoft Again | TechrightsOct 09 03:49
schestowitz 09 03:49
-TechrightsBN/ | DRM on Text in Mozilla Firefox Not Ruled Out | TechrightsOct 09 03:49
schestowitzot: based on what I hear from family, usland rapidly develops into fullblown shithole of rude people and other nonsenseOct 09 04:01
schestowitzmanning is trying to move to canada now, barrett brown to uk. i think rms has long wanted to move to europeOct 09 04:03
schestowitzus used to be where asylum seekers applied to, now they flee the placeOct 09 04:03
activelowmaybe not ot: it is a legal question. "greencard" and similar, and requirements to relocate.Oct 09 04:07
schestowitzTrump: my friends go to Africa to get rich (pillage the place). Seems like what happened to America itself. And the cannon fodder write off the debt for grifters while going to work and doing two jobs around the clock.Oct 09 04:07
schestowitz*going to war, not work, or bothOct 09 04:07
activelowin germany asylum, geneva refugee, legal working immigrant, and illegal immigrant is distinguishedOct 09 04:08
activelowinside EU inhabitants more or less may freely roamOct 09 04:09
activelowanyway, once a request for asylum was made, altering the legal basis isn't trivial or impossible, to re-designate as working immigrantOct 09 04:10
activelowasylum seekers often have no permit to workOct 09 04:10
activelowhowever this is enforced, because labor is regulated, taxation and social security fees mandatory - nitty gritty detailsOct 09 04:10
activelowif asylum is rejected a geneva "subsidiary protection" status can be granted, without the right to re-unite familyOct 09 04:12
activelow"greens" and "social democrats" altered some legislation, which i am not sure how this affects the legal status, since children born in germany are registered as germanOct 09 04:14
activelowon top of this, vaccination passports now, fees for mandatory testingOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secyes, uneducated nonsense; since the reagan administration began an Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secall out asault on teaching and knowledge, it has morphed into an asault Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secon competency;  however, the baseline of education is too low among theOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secgeneral population for a republic to be maintained; but that's mootOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secsince it has been acknowledged as a oligarchy for more than a few years now;Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secAaland might be a decend destination since he had concerns about being Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secinside the EU proper.Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-sec^decentOct 09 04:18
Techrights-sec^ålandOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secmoscow mitch and trump and the others like them are softening the countryOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secup on behalf of their owners;  Europe is not home free, some of the keyOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secvehicles for shifting control over a scale of generations are present already;Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-seccommercial television and now social control media.Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secno idea any more;  besides most rural areas are impoverished and most Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-securban areas are becoming war zones, economic if not also physicalOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secprimates learn by metaphor and observation; all people see on televisionOct 09 04:18
Techrights-sec(incl. netflix and streaming in that category) and social control mediaOct 09 04:18
Techrights-secis people tearing each other down for the approval of an oligarch or two;Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secthe public has taken those practices to heart over the last decades;Oct 09 04:18
Techrights-secback in a few hoursOct 09 04:19
activelowbesides, immigrating into Europe poses another challenge: Languages, french, german, italian, czech, polish, russian, hungarian, dutch .... choose anyOct 09 04:21
activelowa permit for prolonged stay may or may not require to learn the language and pass some testOct 09 04:22
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schestowitz-TRfunny/nice to see our gemini toolset now has its own user-agent, tooOct 09 14:11
schestowitz-TRlet's hope others will gradually adopt some of these tools and keep them out there (agpl)Oct 09 14:11
Techrights-secYes, I finally fixed the string.  It had extra quotes and somethingOct 09 14:12
Techrights-secweird in the process, outside the agent itself, was making the quotes worse.Oct 09 14:12
schestowitz-TRI run a refresh after every "major" post and then it takes 5-10 mins to complete; I made slight enhancement to the deskop-side callOct 09 14:13
Techrights-secI hope the tools are useful, but I think they are so site specific thatOct 09 14:13
Techrights-secthey can't do much more than serve as a model.  Oct 09 14:13
schestowitz-TRif they are like prototypes, like examples in some textbook, maybe someone can build a framework with these as starting pointOct 09 14:14
Techrights-secA framwork is a lot of complexity.  Gemini is simple, one-offs areOct 09 14:16
Techrights-secprobably much less work than figuring out a framework and then customizingOct 09 14:16
Techrights-secit extensively.  Oct 09 14:16
Techrights-secSLOC    Directory       SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec4191    Links           perl=4122,sh=69Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec2103    Gemini          perl=1447,sh=656Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec643     IPFS            sh=447,python=196Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec334     Desktop-Utils   sh=334Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec186     IRC             sh=95,perl=91Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec65      sbin-tm         sh=65Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-sec15      sbin            sh=15Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-secTotals grouped by language (dominant language first):Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-secperl:          5660 (75.10%)Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-secsh:            1681 (22.30%)Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-secpython:         196 (2.60%)Oct 09 14:17
Techrights-secTotal Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)                = 7,537Oct 09 14:17
schestowitz-TRit this is easily reproducible on the pi side,  maybe we should have that being output to the gemini space? maybe once a week?Oct 09 14:17
schestowitz-TR*ifOct 09 14:18
Techrights-secIt should be just a matteer of adding David A Wheeler's sloccount packageOct 09 14:19
Techrights-secand then wrapping the call in a script and then pointing to the scriptOct 09 14:19
Techrights-secin a cron job.Oct 09 14:19
schestowitz-TRdo you want me to have a go at it?Oct 09 14:19
Techrights-secSure or I can, if you add the package. It should be a quick task.Oct 09 14:19
schestowitz-TRaddingOct 09 14:20
schestowitz-TRaddedOct 09 14:20
schestowitz-TRI saw some other git-centric capsules, but we have more features than themOct 09 14:22
schestowitzMost common capsules by number of working URLsOct 09 14:22
schestowitz* 10000 URLsOct 09 14:22
schestowitz* 9999 URLsOct 09 14:22
schestowitz* 9995 URLsOct 09 14:22
schestowitz* 9973 URLsOct 09 14:22
schestowitz10,000 means we get perfect fetch record; lately, no other capsule had a fidelity this high (maybe 2-3 weeks now)Oct 09 14:23
Techrights-secgemini:// 09 14:33
schestowitz-TRnice! does anything link to it yet?Oct 09 14:33
Techrights-secNot yet, I'll add a link from the Git indexOct 09 14:35
schestowitz-TRThanks, I'll link to the page nowOct 09 14:35
Techrights-secgemini:// 09 14:36
schestowitz-TRyou put it exactly where I too thought it fit bestOct 09 14:36
Techrights-secnpOct 09 14:36
Techrights-secI'll add it to Git now :)Oct 09 14:36
Techrights-secOk, cron it updated too nowOct 09 14:44
schestowitz-TRthanks a lot, I'm finalising daily links now. Today we do LUX in the EPO series, tomorrow UK/IrelandOct 09 14:44
Techrights-secThe national news sites ought to take an interest, but I have no idea how toOct 09 14:45
Techrights-secreach such understaffed and, possibly, compromised groups.Oct 09 14:45
schestowitz-TRsome did cover it around 2015, but a lot changed since thenOct 09 14:46
schestowitz-TRAlso with far fewer freedoms. Reporters are being replace by "social media gurus" and 'SPAMnils'Oct 09 14:47
Techrights-secA lot fewer reporters since 2015Oct 09 14:47
Techrights-sec... on any beat Oct 09 14:47
schestowitz-TRif nobody else covers it, then we have a sort of de facto 'monopoly' on this kind of information so I learned to live with it despite is being infuriating how media and politicians stonewallOct 09 14:52
Techrights-secMost seem to be churnalists or stenographersOct 09 14:53
Techrights-secYes, having a monopoly raises the visibility of the site, but the Oct 09 14:53
Techrights-secmainstream press reaches the non-technical audiencesOct 09 14:53
schestowitz-TRMSM is needed (still) for outrage and, thus, major changeOct 09 14:54
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