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schestowitz 10 04:46
schestowitz"Mar 10 04:46
-TechrightsBN/ | An update on the future of JoinDiaspora.comMar 10 04:46
schestowitzbut any rough ETA for account migration feature released and distributed to pods?Mar 10 04:46
schestowitzNo, no rough ETA. We're thinking in the timespans of many months, not weeks.Mar 10 04:46
schestowitzAs a side note, the @schestowitz account still cannot export its data, should that be treported by email?Mar 10 04:46
schestowitzWe're aware, no need to report! You'll get an email when it's ready.Mar 10 04:46
schestowitz"Mar 10 04:46
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schestowitz-TR2what is your take onMar 10 10:14
schestowitz-TR2osi jumping into the let;'s ban ruissia wagonMar 10 10:14
schestowitz-TR2with italo and "ethical" source trolls?Mar 10 10:14
schestowitz-TR2worth doing video about?Mar 10 10:14
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schestowitz [SUEPO] Safeguard your rights against the zero adjustment of salaries and pensions in 2022Mar 10 14:15
schestowitzDear colleagues,Mar 10 14:15
schestowitzThe new salary adjustment procedure has caused a loss of purchasing power for all staff and pensioners of the EPO. Its application for 2022 has even resulted in a freeze of salaries and pensions. Looking at the rising cost of living, this zero adjustment - visible in the salary slips and pension statements for January 2022 - is all the more significant.Mar 10 14:15
schestowitz Mar 10 14:15
schestowitzThe Central Bureau of SUEPO considers the salary adjustment procedure and its implementation for 2022 illegal. Please find in the attachment a model Request for Review (RfR) for active staff and a model RfR for pensioners so that you can safeguard your rights. Even if you already opposed the adjustment in January 2021 using the templates provided by SUEPO, it is advisable to take action again now. The exception clause causing the zero adjustment Mar 10 14:15
schestowitzhas been applied for the first time.Mar 10 14:15
schestowitz    DOWNLOAD RfR for active employeesMar 10 14:15
schestowitz    DOWNLOAD RfR for pensioners Mar 10 14:16
schestowitzIn order to safeguard your rights, you should file the RfR by 15 March 2022 by following the instructions below:Mar 10 14:16
schestowitz"Mar 10 14:16
schestowitz-TR2a Mar 10 14:23
schestowitz-TR2otaMar 10 14:23
schestowitz-TR2draftMar 10 14:23
schestowitz-TR2recent articles or videos were so effectiveMar 10 14:23
schestowitz-TR2that we now get ad hominem trolls in ircMar 10 14:23
Techrights-sectypicalMar 10 14:23
Techrights-secthey can't come with anything better, so it shows where to hit them harder againMar 10 14:23
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Techrights-secSpafford and many others also backed down over the years and one of the moreMar 10 15:10
Techrights-secharmful turns has been the folding of the EFF.  Mar 10 15:10
schestowitz-TR2when I see eff links I nowadays get all cynical and/or scepticaslMar 10 15:11
schestowitz-TR2because either they hit thew wrong issueMar 10 15:11
schestowitz-TR2or take a position which does not make senseMar 10 15:11
schestowitz-TR2or bothMar 10 15:11
Techrights-secackMar 10 15:11
Techrights-secI figure they were planning on deposing Barlow when he up and died anyway.Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz-TR2think began to sour while he was still there and healthyMar 10 15:12
schestowitz-TR2wrong HR decisionsMar 10 15:12
schestowitz-TR2then, friend-brings-a-friend magnifies the issueMar 10 15:12
Techrights-secYEs, infiltration that way.  Mar 10 15:13
Techrights-secFor the most part, the EFF appears rudderless.  That was probably one of the   Mar 10 15:13
Techrights-secgoals, so that it stopped addressing the purposes it was founded for.  Mar 10 15:13
schestowitz-TR2Or, as one can see in the FSF,  there is fear associating with tackling key issuesMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2but let me set that aside for a momentMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2and try to trace back the modus operandiMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2I think you hire some people who do not care about the orgMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2they can be branded as enrichingMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2e.g. to the imageMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2but not of substance associated with goalsMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2nor qualifiedMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2then they bring in money nfrom the wrong partyMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2like mozilla or LFMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2then yoiu become depoendent on that moneyMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2or else you lose staff, so they fight to keep the moneyMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2this gives them powerMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2e.g. Wim wanting to say why he quit MicrosoftMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2surely oracles did not offer him more moneyuMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2they could do that to prevent him leavingMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2so he saw something at microsoftMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2but now, inside LF board, if he speaks outMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2Microsoft can turn around and asay, remove wimMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2or we stop paying linux foundaitoon and retaliate in other nways toMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2e.g. through shithubMar 10 15:17
schestowitz-TR2linus was never supposed to let these chaions of idiots form power around kernel.oirgMar 10 15:18
schestowitz-TR2not it is too lateMar 10 15:18
schestowitz-TR2they have him by the b0llsMar 10 15:18
Techrights-secsounds about rightMar 10 15:18
Techrights-secLT can *maybe* still take his trademark and walk.  It'd be a big deal and a lotMar 10 15:18
Techrights-secof work but maybe less of a problem for him than if he stays on and continuesMar 10 15:18
Techrights-secbeing marginalized further every month.  Mar 10 15:18
schestowitz-TR2the media would blast him (you can imagine poissible angles)Mar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2he does not control the mediaMar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2so it would undermine whatever his reasons (stated)Mar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2and goalsMar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2the media can misrepresent himMar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2maybe some "old" thing or "man" thingMar 10 15:20
schestowitz-TR2with RMS they can choose more political anglesMar 10 15:20
Techrights-secWith MIT, they had a lot of their own dirt to distract from not just Bill'sMar 10 15:21
schestowitz-TR2LT was reduced to almost clerical role, "Release Manager"Mar 10 15:21
schestowitz-TR2he does not pay a big role in decisions Mar 10 15:21
schestowitz-TR2things like rust are for gulag and its proxy groups to makeMar 10 15:21
schestowitz-TR2LT just signs offMar 10 15:21
Techrights-secNope.  That was a reason for their deposing him.  Mar 10 15:22
Techrights-secRubberstamp mostly, if things are as they look. Mar 10 15:22
schestowitz-TR2I keep forgetting (should memorise this) the proxy group created to paint rust as a "security" thingMar 10 15:23
schestowitz-TR2as nobody would oppose security, esp. not when media portrays even local priv escalationMar 10 15:24
schestowitz-TR2like the equivalent of Windows botnetsMar 10 15:24
Techrights-sec"security" has been the go-to excuse of microsofters, especially when theyMar 10 15:24
Techrights-secdo a search-and-destroy campaign against non-M$ software from the desktops Mar 10 15:24
Techrights-secof work environments.Mar 10 15:24
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Techrights-secgemini has not been updating since many hours ago.  Trying manually for a Mar 10 19:21
Techrights-secsecond time.  The first manual attempt failed with "Could not find feed at URL: ""Mar 10 19:21
schestowitz-TR2i have just changed trafffic shaping mode to make it easier to completeMar 10 19:21
schestowitz-TR2do you have video topic suggestions? (I might as well ask)Mar 10 19:21
Techrights-secthanksMar 10 19:21
Techrights-secnot at the moment, there was a video link yesterday about softwareMar 10 19:21
Techrights-secpatents in the 3D community.  It was long but it is full of mistakes andMar 10 19:21
Techrights-secmisframings, so might provide fodder for a long time.  Mar 10 19:21
Techrights-secThere was another one by Braxman which was very well done and showed a rather Mar 10 19:21
Techrights-secthorough understanding of copyright, software freedom, and licensing, but Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-seche appeared to intentionally misuse terminology.  Perhaps that was to reachMar 10 19:22
Techrights-seca different audience.  Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-secThe M$ clown show, OSI, can be observed in action these days.  Similar Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-secastroturfers and their catspaws are still trying to derail the FSF.Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-sec.. as seen on the LibrePlanet list among other places. Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-secThe braxman one is really quite good if one listens to the definitions he Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-secexpands on.  Therefore I think he has misapplied the terminology intentionallyMar 10 19:22
Techrights-secbut not out of malice.  Mar 10 19:22
Techrights-secackMar 10 19:22
Techrights-secno need to address either directly but the can be used to find point to addressMar 10 19:22
Techrights-secindpendentlyMar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2I will check the links, which I saw in passingMar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2doing a video bout a video is VERY difficultMar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2I think I do not even need to explain why :-DMar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2Evern doing an article about a video is hard, unless the video is split into Mar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2many tiny portionsMar 10 19:22
schestowitz-TR2btw, do you use gemini to keep abrast of posts in irc?Mar 10 19:22
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Techrights-secI try to use it for thatMar 10 19:32
schestowitz-TR2I am linking to gemini more often now, building the "planet" little by little to see what Mar 10 19:33
schestowitz-TR2capsulkes I like and update habituallyMar 10 19:33
Techrights-secmostly I wait for the logsMar 10 19:34
schestowitz-TR2iurc was a massively important investment for usMar 10 19:35
schestowitz-TR2if you look aroiund at blogs, esp. patent and linux ones, they barely get comments anymoreMar 10 19:35
schestowitz-TR2and social contreol media no longer makes up for itMar 10 19:35
schestowitz-TR2those are dead ends and make it hard to have meaningful conversations due to delays and UI shittinessMar 10 19:35
Techrights-secyes, people realize the others had turned to shilling Mar 10 19:36
Techrights-secthe readers fully abandoned them at that pointMar 10 19:36
Techrights-secit looks like the patent lobby is putting in a minimal investment in say-for-payMar 10 19:36
Techrights-secarticles without expectation of wide promulgation or readershipMar 10 19:36
schestowitz-TR2yesk, that is another important factorMar 10 19:37
schestowitz-TR2I recalled last weekMar 10 19:37
schestowitz-TR2when you publish a lonf piece and expect less thaqn 100 people to see itMar 10 19:37
schestowitz-TR2you would barely even botherMar 10 19:37
Techrights-secThey probably do not reach even that many nowadays.Mar 10 19:38
Techrights-secI'm not quite sure the purpose those servce anymore, maybe just placeholders/Mar 10 19:38
Techrights-sec?Mar 10 19:38
schestowitz-TR2yesk, that is another important factorMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2I recalled last weekMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2when you publish a lonf piece and expect less thaqn 100 people to see itMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2you would barely even botherMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2go now to linux.comMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2http/httpsMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2click on any of the latest storiesMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2see the eye at top rightMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2refresh pageMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2so no, it's not even a low count due to cachingMar 10 19:39
schestowitz-TR2pathetic!Mar 10 19:39
Techrights-secUnappealing titles there.Mar 10 19:40
Techrights-secone has some shilling for the anti-foss entity snykMar 10 19:40
schestowitz-TR2yes, I mentioned them by nmame re "security" "census" or whatever they called itMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2OSI did one recentlyMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2then LFMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2then Red Hat... also ona  MacMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2you might think these are long reportsMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2large file, many pagesMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2but after some forward it's justa  mindless shopping listMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2cheaply-produced utter junkMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2someone in commented on itMar 10 19:42
schestowitz-TR2*forewordMar 10 19:43
Techrights-secnot worth the time it took to skim through it :(Mar 10 19:43
Techrights-secYes, there is not really any content in the "articles" they lookMar 10 19:44
Techrights-seclike corporate filler.Mar 10 19:44
schestowitz-TR2they hardly even get their money's or time's worth off it anymoreMar 10 19:44
schestowitz-TR2let's now assume the people who now run something foundatiion careMar 10 19:47
schestowitz-TR2for that somethingMar 10 19:47
schestowitz-TR2I recently did an animated meme of zemlin with gates foundation on himMar 10 19:47
schestowitz-TR2saying go away, linux usersMar 10 19:47
schestowitz-TR2to them, we are the econoy, microsoft is the friendMar 10 19:47
schestowitz-TR2they only count what smells like cashMar 10 19:47
Techrights-secWhich is stupid since they could be doing great things with the site in regardsMar 10 19:49
Techrights-secto advancing the kernel.  However, the LF has changed goals and is about Mar 10 19:49
Techrights-secrepresenting corporate interests within the kernel and not only fails toMar 10 19:49
Techrights-secadvance or promote the kernel but actively harms it.  Mar 10 19:49
Techrights-secYes they promote even hostile interests within the kernel, instead of advancingMar 10 19:49
Techrights-secthe kernel or promoting it to the corporate world. Mar 10 19:49
Techrights-secshort term cash with strings attached instead of boatloads of cash fromMar 10 19:49
Techrights-secindependence. Mar 10 19:49
schestowitz-TR2they never ever respond to FUD against LinuxMar 10 19:50
schestowitz-TR2or patent threats against itMar 10 19:50
schestowitz-TR2BUT WAITMar 10 19:50
schestowitz-TR2Worst yet: they promote NON-Linux kerneklsMar 10 19:50
schestowitz-TR2and perlow wrote a blog post, a long one, to justify this!Mar 10 19:50
schestowitz-TR2based on the  cimin, the heckler/troll in irc todqay and last night Mar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2was connected to the gulagtube "influencer circlejerkMar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2The 'Linux' games has just done a video togetherMar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2with thwe anti-RMS lobbyMar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2for the lols I opened tfir at gulagtube, seeing video from 7 days ago with 14 viewsMar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2go "swap"Mar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2BBBMar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2I meant "the Linux Gamer"Mar 10 19:55
schestowitz-TR2who now shills Windows tooMar 10 19:55
Techrights-secGames?Mar 10 19:56
Techrights-secWaste of time.Mar 10 19:56
Techrights-secWhich games?Mar 10 19:56
Techrights-secHas he sold out recently?  He was quite good until a few weeks ago and thenMar 10 19:56
Techrights-secsuddenly he was pushing Windows and not making appealing videos any more.  Mar 10 19:56
Techrights-secHe did quite mysteriously acquire a whole building...Mar 10 19:56
schestowitz-TR2not only that; like micro larabel he foolishly bragged about itMar 10 19:57
schestowitz-TR2based on thje timing of the troll in ircMar 10 19:57
schestowitz-TR2I reckon it might be himMar 10 19:57
schestowitz-TR2but I cannot prove itMar 10 19:57
Techrights-secIt'd be hard to prove.Mar 10 19:57
schestowitz-TR2but doableMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2not easyMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2takes timeMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2not privacy-respectingMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2the irc logs and mibbit suffix show ipMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2i think he is based near maineMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2I do not want to checkMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2it is n ot honourableaMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2and he was being evasiveMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2reminds me of mister wsl, sho still wrote to me in twitterMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2to shill wsl even though he quit working on itMar 10 19:59
schestowitz-TR2he used to come to our irc channels with mysterious namesMar 10 19:59
Techrights-sec"quit"Mar 10 19:59
Techrights-secmicrosofters never leave the cultMar 10 19:59
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