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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: | Channel #boycottnovell for | Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those who oppose software freedom :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovell-social May 12 01:48
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: | Channel #boycottnovell for | Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those who oppose software freedom :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovell-social May 12 01:48
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schestowitz-TR ota May 12 05:05
schestowitz-TR a) due to a little irc glitch the logs will have double lines (better than missing ones) May 12 05:05
schestowitz-TR b) I had to manually rereun some jobs, I hope the ipfs output is correct (I think so) May 12 05:05
schestowitz-TR c) on TR some gz files are made separate from source dump, which means homedir is left with May 12 05:05
schestowitz-TR very large files, like 8gb for each dump of wordpress. today's gz files are OK. May 12 05:05
Techrights-sec se Git May 12 05:54
Techrights-sec ^see May 12 05:54
schestowitz-TR thanks, got it May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR the issue is already resolved May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR we had it before when migrating from one server to another May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR and both logged to the same file May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR having such a tool is very handy May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR around 2am my connection only to TR got dropped for a few minutes May 12 05:55
schestowitz-TR I had to do lots of manual work as a result May 12 05:55
Techrights-sec I saw no disruption in the monitory program, aside from the usual aroudn 03:40   May 12 05:56
schestowitz-TR <techrights-news> Time for Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to Divulge Data on COVID-19 May 12 05:57
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Time for Freedom of Information (FOI) Request to Divulge Data on COVID-19 May 12 05:57
schestowitz-TR I am thinking of contacting an MP soon May 12 05:57
schestowitz-TR to keep this portal updated May 12 05:57
schestowitz-TR it should not be expensive to do May 12 05:57
schestowitz-TR and it is essential for scrutiny May 12 05:57
Techrights-sec what was the cause of the break in connectivity? May 12 05:58
schestowitz-TR I checked my router, no issue here May 12 05:59
schestowitz-TR it seems like some other people also dropped the connection around that time May 12 05:59
schestowitz-TR maybe some routing issue across the Atlantic May 12 05:59
schestowitz-TR but this was a reminder of the high cost of such outages ESPECIALLY around 2-4AM when there are racing May 12 05:59
schestowitz-TR conditions and several jobs running at certain times May 12 05:59
schestowitz-TR *race conditions May 12 05:59
Techrights-sec acck May 12 06:00
Techrights-sec yes May 12 06:00
schestowitz-TR be patient as later today I might know if I can do TR full-time May 12 06:04
schestowitz-TR rianne already has a job contingency May 12 06:04
schestowitz-TR not confirmed or anything, but we can cope OK May 12 06:04
Techrights-sec ack May 12 06:05
Techrights-sec is it ok to deduplicate the four logs from yesterday? May 12 06:05
Techrights-sec ok May 12 06:05
Techrights-sec ok   May 12 06:05
schestowitz-TR the chain of workflow meant that there are already text versions and gmi versions, May 12 06:05
schestowitz-TR with them in ipfs and a hash May 12 06:05
schestowitz-TR but for html we canoverrise what's on the main server, I suppose May 12 06:05
Techrights-sec ok deduplication of yesterday's four HTML IRC logs is done May 12 06:10
Techrights-sec no the dependencies are not there until the OS upgrade takes place May 12 06:10
Techrights-sec had to download, process, upload.  kept copies ofthe originals May 12 06:10
schestowitz-TR just had to pay the annual fee (not much) for scifitness -- a site over a decade old May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR originally made as a contigency for my job May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR :-) May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR oh, good May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR did yoyu run it on the server side? May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR yes, site updates would be like a "job" if I leave the current one May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR TR is a much bigger job than TM May 12 06:11
schestowitz-TR the duplication started around the time I updated and then rebooted kde neon, for the first time in a month May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR their update process reminds me of Windows May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR I saw something had gone wrong when the output report file showed 1.7 MB html file for TR May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR and I knew it was too big to be sane May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR I did not detect it until this morning because my monitoring script already use uniq May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR did you watch my short video about neon? May 12 06:14
Techrights-sec I should look at Neon some time May 12 06:14
Techrights-sec no I've seen few, text works best for me so I see the summaries in Gemini for May 12 06:14
Techrights-sec the most part May 12 06:14
schestowitz-TR to be fair toBT, so far this year the connection has been very stable May 12 06:16
schestowitz-TR as long as they don's ilently patch and reboot I'm OK May 12 06:16
schestowitz-TR sometimes I check the status before going to bed, to see if they sent a patch, as they reboot about 8 hours later May 12 06:16
schestowitz-TR then, DNS is the main issue as points to the wrong address May 12 06:16
schestowitz-TR (aside from other issues) May 12 06:16
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Techrights-sec Some ISPs don't have the competency to run even a DNS server and lack the May 12 06:27
Techrights-sec paltry technical knowlege to know why it is important to have it close May 12 06:27
Techrights-sec to the end user May 12 06:27
schestowitz-TR me connects to (my rsspi upstairs May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR me looks up DNS May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR me sends a packet across the Atlantic May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR Gulag reponds with an IP address May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR oh, wait, that's home May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR me connects to MY OWN HOME May 12 06:29
schestowitz-TR Thanks, Gulag! May 12 06:29
Techrights-sec the DNS listed on the RPi is your home BT router which probably serves as May 12 06:30
Techrights-sec a cache too May 12 06:30
Techrights-sec at least as far as the outgoing connections go May 12 06:30
schestowitz-TR yes, I was exaggerating a bit May 12 06:31
schestowitz-TR just checked resolv.conf May 12 06:31
schestowitz-TR 192.168.x by default May 12 06:31
schestowitz-TR and some ipv6 address otherwise May 12 06:31
schestowitz-TR I assume it's put there by the ISP when connecting May 12 06:32
schestowitz-TR let's see where that us... May 12 06:32
schestowitz-TR *is May 12 06:32
schestowitz IP AddressCountryRegionCity May 12 06:36
schestowitz 2a00:23c4:c383:c901:e680:7c16:cbc6:b594United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglandLondon May 12 06:36
schestowitz ISPOrganizationLatitudeLongitude May 12 06:36
schestowitz British Telecommunications PLCNot Available51.5085-0.1257 May 12 06:36
Techrights-sec It's put there by DHCP most likely.   May 12 06:37
schestowitz-TR gulg May 12 06:41
schestowitz-TR ssh port open on that May 12 06:41
schestowitz-TR and it's definitely not my address May 12 06:41
Techrights-sec role:           BT Corporate Registry May 12 06:41
Techrights-sec address:        British Telecommunications May 12 06:41
Techrights-sec address:        81 Newgate Street May 12 06:41
Techrights-sec address:        London GB May 12 06:41
Techrights-sec for 2a00:23c4:c383:c901:e680:7c16:cbc6:b594 May 12 06:41
schestowitz-TR Assuming I did this correctly, at least I should be happy not to have an ISP that relays DNS lookups May 12 06:43
schestowitz-TR across an ocean to foreign spying companies May 12 06:43
schestowitz-TR it seems like it links to the router, which then does its own thing for DNS May 12 06:43
schestowitz-TR maybe hidden away May 12 06:43
Techrights-sec is it your BT router?  It is one hop from your RPi May 12 06:44
Techrights-sec SSH is usedthere May 12 06:44
Techrights-sec yes if you look in the router's web admin interface it may tell where it is May 12 06:44
Techrights-sec forwarding DNS requests to May 12 06:44
schestowitz " To use a dynamic domain name system (DNS) service, you'll first need to register with a service provider. The service provider will send you the information that you'll need to set up your Hub (including your service username, password and host name). " May 12 06:46
schestowitz-TR OK, May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR and May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR so unless I change this at the client end, it will default to the router, which uses that May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR oops May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR the second is 56, not 57 May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR the web interfact does not let me change that May 12 06:47
Techrights-sec ack May 12 06:47
schestowitz-TR the external drive on the pi started working really hard May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR I unmount'ed it May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR and we put the drive back in thr drawer May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR will swap over to another external anyway May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR good practice regardless May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR a bit extra physical effort May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR gemini served 5k pages in the first 7 hours of the day and other crucial things run off it May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR inc. rianne's working notes and mine May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR if we leave the job, rianne's noc pi with 2 VPNs can be repurpsosed for something else May 12 07:10
schestowitz-TR note to internal, cannot verify yet: seems like spamnil now pays for spambots or clickbots May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR to boost the "views" of older vdideos May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR no other explanation given the pattern I observed last night May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR but it is hard to prove except by patterns May 12 07:13
Techrights-sec could be May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR I know suh "services" exist for typical social control media May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR so gulagtube is likely covered tio May 12 07:13
schestowitz-TR swapnil cannot market himself if the "guests" see the videos are viewed by almost nobody May 12 07:13
Techrights-sec it would be somethig that would match his style May 12 07:14
schestowitz-TR his web site,, I still observe and sometimes mention in IRC May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR they have started hiding # of hits May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR because it was embarassing May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR I remember the counts in Muktware, more than 10 times higher May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR that site now boosts the worst of the worst May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR with the token "ontopic" thing May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR so you know it's all sponored junk May 12 07:15
schestowitz-TR me cehecks May 12 07:16
schestowitz-TR a) linux dot com May 12 07:16
schestowitz-TR 2) tfir May 12 07:16
schestowitz-TR c) gulagtube for patterns May 12 07:16
schestowitz-TR 2 means b May 12 07:23
schestowitz-TR seems you need JS to see the "eye" thing May 12 07:23
schestowitz-TR wow, 24 views. Well done, googlebot May 12 07:23
schestowitz-TR a) linuc.vom became a tribute to the dead CTO May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR I don't want to poke fun May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR he looks just a little over my age May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR they run a "memorial fund" for his kids' education May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR he seems to have 2 young kids May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR wikipedia says LF has 150 employees now May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR they run like a company May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR SJVN menions the death May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR but no details on where or how he died May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR based on the words, maybe tragic circumstances May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR and unexpected May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR his twitter account is still up May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR 566 followers May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR last tweet in January May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR so maybe health problems May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR they lost two managers in a year or two May 12 07:24
Techrights-sec ack May 12 07:24
Techrights-sec like a company? into the ground and then ask for a bailout? :/ May 12 07:24
schestowitz-TR by lost I mean they died May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR very high-profile managers May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR not some random staff May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR I should not really say this, but linus does not seem healthy to me May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR I did not see medical records May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR I don't know him in person May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR I'm not a physician May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR but at 52 you are not supposed to have a body like that May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR I assume he had a treadmill as part of medical consulation (GP or wife, judo lady) May 12 07:29
schestowitz-TR maybe he stopped using it May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR the tribute page for Shubhra Kar has only 164 views May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR compared to the usual 30-60 views May 12 07:30
Techrights-sec no he has not looked to be in good shape since the attack which forced him out May 12 07:30
Techrights-sec they probably still nibble at him to keep his stress levels high May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR which aren't impacted by cahe, the figure go up when I hit f5 May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR this is a shocking collapse of a once-good site May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR for a while spamnil used that like a tissue to get s few more hits for his failking videos May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR spamnil's channel has some popular videos, but they are not his May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR it's just some clips from stuff like debconf May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR he's like roel :-) May 12 07:30
schestowitz-TR this is why rianne wanted to resign weeks ago May 12 07:31
schestowitz-TR jon became more stressful May 12 07:31
schestowitz-TR and lately her diet too became worse May 12 07:31
schestowitz-TR (mine was OK, I quit giving a shit years ago, I'm "jut milklng") May 12 07:31
schestowitz-TR let's see if wayback machine does the spamnil gulag channel May 12 07:32
Techrights-sec dont feed it May 12 07:32
schestowitz-TR screenshots only May 12 07:33
schestowitz-TR they have one snapshot only this year, april May 12 07:33
schestowitz-TR I have a method in mind, but I think these snapshots are insufficient May 12 07:33
Techrights-sec ack May 12 07:38
Techrights-sec :) May 12 07:38
schestowitz-TR hahaha, I think I nailed it May 12 07:39
schestowitz-TR let me get myself covered May 12 07:39
schestowitz-TR with more bits of evidence May 12 07:39
schestowitz-TR BUSTED! May 12 07:39
schestowitz-TR this is not about a failure May 12 07:39
schestowitz-TR but an ethical breach May 12 07:39
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!) May 12 07:40
Techrights-sec yes, strategically much  more important, though NVDIA's move, if sincere, is May 12 07:44
Techrights-sec also valuable to advance Software Freedom May 12 07:44
schestowitz-TR these sorts of posts are very time-consuming, but a lot more vaulable then YetAnorher(R) May 12 07:58
schestowitz-TR NVIDIA yada yada open source blah blah May 12 07:58
schestowitz-TR yes, I have just said this to rianne, very important May 12 07:58
schestowitz-TR ntoice however I was referring to the COVERAGE of the new May 12 07:58
schestowitz-TR rather than the news May 12 07:58
Techrights-sec yes true May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec however, nvidia's announcement needs examiniation by some with kernel or driver May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec experience to say whether anything of substance has been freed May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec it's not openwashing but I'd be more comfortable seeing an assessment of May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec how much essential material is still locked May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec The "unedited press conference" mentions "open source" by name at about 12:00 May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec unfortunately nvidia seemsto have fallen into github May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR usually I'm of the opinion that, if you can just link to the original May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR e.g. distro release May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR do that May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR no need for many mal-infmormed bits of blogspam May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR just send people to the site May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR and save or spare the hassle May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR of trying to guess things May 12 08:00
schestowitz-TR draft May 12 08:00
Techrights-sec May 12 08:01
Techrights-sec it's not clear which are MIT and which are GPL May 12 08:01
Techrights-sec ack May 12 08:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-GitHub - NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules: NVIDIA Linux open GPU kernel module source May 12 08:01
schestowitz-TR [06:51] <techrights-news> Nvidia: we're open. We opened SOME bits (openwash) in PROPRIETARY platform... of MICROSOFT. But I guess I should not be complaining at this time; this is better than how it used to be... May 12 08:01
schestowitz-TR I said some other things last night May 12 08:02
schestowitz-TR anyway, I have things more urgent to moan about :-) May 12 08:02
Techrights-sec ack May 12 08:07
schestowitz-TR liam from gaming on linux has just issued an appeal for monet May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR he uses patreon May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR he told me just asking for money barely works May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR you need to offer something extra May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR maybe he can get microsoft/activison to send a CRATE of games May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR and offload that onto ebay ;- May 12 08:21
schestowitz-TR ut games don't cost $10,000 like EPYC CPUs May 12 08:21
*able (~68bc7b99@54n9xgft8g6u2.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 09:07
*able has quit (Quit: Connection closed) May 12 09:08
Techrights-sec :/ May 12 09:43
Techrights-sec :q May 12 09:43
schestowitz-TR I was just thinking of changing my twitter profile picture to text that says 'Twitter is MusKSA-owned propaganda' May 12 09:43
schestowitz-TR The murderers now partly own Twitter while calling it "free speech" (and bringing back a criminal who called for violence against rival politicians) May 12 09:47
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ ) May 12 09:47
schestowitz-TR btw, while shaving i watched robertson's video about gimpo May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR he perpatuates a lot of fud May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR because, as usual, his source is conde nast (redddit) May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR someone who to remind him "linux" subreddit is CENSORING the actual May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR Linux users and the mods there are hostile May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR this is common knowledge May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR he seems unaware May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR he expressed surprised that so many anti-gimp comments were posted there May 12 09:49
Techrights-sec too bad May 12 09:49
Techrights-sec way too many mistake condenast / redddit for anything other than a hostile site May 12 09:49
schestowitz-TR i used to be there for a few years, maybe around 2012 May 12 09:50
schestowitz-TR of course they banned my account May 12 09:50
schestowitz-TR for posting too much pro-linux picks May 12 09:50
schestowitz-TR in the correct sections May 12 09:50
schestowitz-TR it's bad for engagement wiotth advertisers like microsoft May 12 09:51
schestowitz-TR they do campaigns with microsoft May 12 09:51
schestowitz-TR like their promotions of ie9 and bill gates May 12 09:51
schestowitz-TR THIS is their business model May 12 09:51
schestowitz-TR the ads are threads May 12 09:51
schestowitz-TR <techrights-news> Criminals always prefer criminals in positions of power. Social control media favours criminals. Look who the largest networks are owned by. Zuck, MusKSA. Ferdinand Marcos and Duterte ("junior") latest evidence of this... May 12 09:55
schestowitz-TR twitter = gatekeeper May 12 09:57
schestowitz-TR or another layer to obstruct media that is honest May 12 09:57
schestowitz-TR better be nice to tesla; don't want to risk losing my "audioence"... or constituents May 12 09:57
Techrights-sec control of twitter will be a terrible thing, especially with an increasing May 12 09:58
Techrights-sec amount of politicians and agencies using *in* *place* *of* offical communications May 12 09:58
Techrights-sec yest, gate keeper, filter, king maker May 12 09:58
Techrights-sec the latter only if enough politicians give it control over their speech May 12 09:58
Techrights-sec yep May 12 09:58
Techrights-sec just like that May 12 09:58
schestowitz-TR because their web sites do not have "like" button May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR so they cannot publicly signal their perceived "popularity" May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR or boast fake number of "views" in gulagtube/twitter/fb May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR this is dumb May 12 10:02
Techrights-sec ack May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR we did experiment with ranking widgfets in TR around 12 years ago since maybe 13 years ago May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR we removed that he it was useless May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR the plugin is still there but disabled May 12 10:02
schestowitz-TR joe avg: i have 10,000 'friends' (in FB May 12 10:04
schestowitz-TR politicians: I'm admired by a million "peoplew" (bots paid for in Twitter via some webspam agency; romney was caught) May 12 10:04
schestowitz-TR spamnil: millions of people watched debconf clips I edited out of videos and uploaded to youtube May 12 10:04
schestowitz-TR roel: I'm youtube's biggest FILM-MAKER May 12 10:04
schestowitz   <li> May 12 10:06
schestowitz                                     <h5><a href="">NVIDIA GPUs Go Open-Source With Its Linux Graphics Drivers</a></h5> May 12 10:06
-TechrightsBN/ | NVIDIA GPUs Go Open-Source With Its Linux Graphics Drivers May 12 10:06
schestowitz                                     <blockquote> May 12 10:06
schestowitz                                         <p>This release is a significant step toward improving the experience of using NVIDIA GPUs in Linux, for tighter integration with the OS, and for developers to debug, integrate, and contribute back. For Linux distribution providers, the open-source modules increase ease of use. They also improve the out-of-the-box user experience to sign and distribute the NVIDIA GPU driver. Canonical and SUSE are able to May 12 10:06
schestowitz immediately package the open kernel modules with Ubuntu and SUSE Linux Enterprise Distributions.</p> May 12 10:06
schestowitz                                     </blockquote> May 12 10:06
schestowitz                                 </li> May 12 10:06
schestowitz-TR The late George Carlin (from memory/paraphrased): when you're born to this world May 12 10:09
schestowitz-TR you get a ticket to the freak show May 12 10:09
schestowitz-TR when you watch idiots waste their life away by Zuck- and MusKSA-site ownerd and controlled sites May 12 10:10
schestowitz-TR get popcorn May 12 10:10
schestowitz-TR (they will never get anything meaningful done and all their 'work' will vanish quickly) May 12 10:10
schestowitz-TR he did anther skit about voting (in teh US) being meaningless May 12 10:10
schestowitz-TR and how he's rather stay home and jerk off or something May 12 10:10
schestowitz-TR "at least I'll have something to show for it" May 12 10:10
Techrights-sec ack May 12 10:19
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schestowitz-TR shitcoins going down the loo May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR some innocent fools will suffer May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR you made a group a-c compariuson before May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR like group a knows computing May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR group b does not May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR and group c takes adventage of... May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR in shitcoins May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR there are the cranks behind the schemes May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR the victims further down May 12 10:44
schestowitz-TR and the people in the middle who help the cranks sell it to the victims in large numbers May 12 10:44
Techrights-sec ack May 12 10:57
schestowitz-TR Lessons of lives: companies NEVER do wrong. Never. In their minds! It's always someone ELSE's fault. "SUPPLY SHORTAGE!!" " May 12 10:58
schestowitz-TR Password sharing!!" "PANDEMIC!" "THE RUSHANAS!!!!!!" Companies even hire their own sets of liars (usually MBAs and lawyers) May 12 10:59
schestowitz-TR to do the lying. It works in the short term (lying to clients and shareholders). Until they wisen up or go broke.AAA May 12 10:59
schestowitz-TR forgot your analogy about computer literacy and groups May 12 10:59
schestowitz-TR but it can be generalised for many otherr scenarios May 12 10:59
schestowitz-TR the predator, the victim, and the middlemen May 12 10:59
Techrights-sec yep May 12 10:59
Techrights-sec ack May 12 10:59
schestowitz-TR content: i told rianne about netflix and the ads May 12 11:02
schestowitz-TR she said something about password something May 12 11:02
schestowitz-TR I said, "password sharing" May 12 11:02
schestowitz-TR just an excuse they make May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR as companies do May 12 11:03
Techrights-sec yes that's just a pretense, they've been planing for ages May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR apple always falls back on "supply chain", not a lack of demand May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR or broke cultists May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR now the flailing car industry, air travel (inc. hotals) and other industries do a hybrid of excuses May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR "hang on, stay with us, we'll figure this out by year YYYY" May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR "nothing wrong with the system" May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR "it's nature" May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR "it's russia" May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR they have all the excuses lined up upfront May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR it's the russian virus sharing passwords!!! May 12 11:03
schestowitz-TR catch-all excuse: password-sharing ("pirates") russian viruses troll farm May 12 11:03
Techrights-sec "pirates" May 12 11:04
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@kz4nv6wpcvrgw.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 11:05
schestowitz-TR you might be married to a pirate = you watched the movie in bed with the spouse next to you May 12 11:05
schestowitz-TR now, THAT'S why business is "down"... May 12 11:05
schestowitz-TR go back to the cinema with 2 masks and a $10 bowl of dried up popcorn from yesterday afternoon May 12 11:05
Techrights-sec that would be relatively fresh popcorn there :/ May 12 11:05
schestowitz-TR last movie we watched there was the last planet of the apes May 12 11:06
schestowitz-TR I think 2018 May 12 11:06
schestowitz-TR maybe 2019, but either way a very long time ago May 12 11:06
schestowitz-TR   /me gets popcorn to watch gulag go down the drain while spamnil drains out his bank account to maintain perception May 12 11:07
schestowitz-TR of self-importance and mislead guests May 12 11:07
Techrights-sec the LF was and OSI were in position to do a lot of good, especiallu outrrach May 12 11:09
Techrights-sec but that must be why they were destroyed by microsofters, quislings, and various May 12 11:09
Techrights-sec useful idiots May 12 11:09
schestowitz-TR you can see what I said yesterday about SJVN (in IRC) May 12 11:12
schestowitz-TR the mentor of SPAMNIL, accoding to Spamnil May 12 11:12
schestowitz-TR "coming out" May 12 11:12
Techrights-sec no idea; I haven't seen one of his videos since many years ago when he still May 12 11:12
Techrights-sec tried to do interviews May 12 11:12
schestowitz-TR Spamnil does not know what coming out means May 12 11:12
schestowitz-TR sometimes I cannot understand what he says either May 12 11:12
schestowitz-TR it is rather terrible, trust me May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR sometimes I play one just to amuse rianne May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR he sits there with a pan like mister guru and talking nonsense you can barely comprehend May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR with buzzwords and swallowed words May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR LF is his 'pimp' May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR they direct "clients" to him and other "former" LF staffers May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR this way they maintain the funnel of company May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR it gets poured by companies like vmware at the top May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR and then trickled down to liars and frauds May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR that's what LF does, except outsourcing things to githu May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR even the eulogies over a dead CTO May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR you need to open a Microsoft account May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR to leave condolences May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR I would not make a big deal of it May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR due to the sensitivity of this situation May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR poor guy May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR and his family, young kids... May 12 11:15
schestowitz-TR Gotta laugh at how Pro Publica claims to care about child safety while bagging bribes from Jeffrey Epstein's enabler, Bill Gates May 12 11:15
DaemonFC Yarr harr! May 12 11:16
DaemonFC Bill Gates and the letter to hobbyists. May 12 11:18
DaemonFC If you pirate DOS I may have to get a job other than yelling at people for an hour a day and then cheating on my wife in a special Mercedes I use just for that. May 12 11:18
Techrights-sec ack May 12 11:23
schestowitz-TR "The Covid-19 pandemic continues, but funding for vaccines, tests, ventilation, and treatment does not" ☛ | Source: The Nation May 12 11:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Congress Leaves Those Most Endangered by Covid in the Lurch | The Nation May 12 11:51
schestowitz-TR I should really chase Tim and hook up for an episode some time, IIRC we approach 100th ep. May 12 11:52
schestowitz-TR not so many compared to some May 12 11:52
schestowitz-TR but it started 12 years ago and did not end May 12 11:52
Techrights-sec Yes, I hope he is doing well.  Though assuredly his is quite busy May 12 12:03
schestowitz-TR employment has been difficult, but that is personal May 12 12:03
schestowitz-TR (spouse also, there are two kids) May 12 12:03
Techrights-sec that always adds to both the pressure and intensity       May 12 12:04
schestowitz-TR the media does not put it that way May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR people learn from personal experience, only after thinking the media taught them May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR and it cannot be "aborted" or withdrawn May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR there is usually pressure from parents as well May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR more so if they are religious May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR and then peers or so-called 'friends' add to the pressure from 'sideways', not 'above' May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR "hey, want to get as fucked up as we are?" May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR "whay are YOU not vaccinated with this serum yet? In case something goes wrong, it's unfair that only May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR I will suffer" May 12 12:07
Techrights-sec I notice there are more Spectre(R) brand vulnerabilities in x86 but no coverage May 12 12:07
Techrights-sec security would go up if x86 were to go away post haste May 12 12:07
schestowitz-TR ARM = layoffs May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR shitcoins dopwn May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR NVIDIA would not "open up" UNLESS it deemed it a GOOD BUSINESS decision May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR so you know things have changed May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR and only; daya ago someone unlocked" the 'shitcoin generator' for NVIDIA May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR devaluding the fake currency maybe? Dunno... May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR robertson make some bad assertion in his new video re china May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR skip to the later bits about x86 May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR and see what he said about china needing AMD and Intel May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR he is a student May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR and clearly isn't too familiar with the h/w scene May 12 12:10
schestowitz-TR he did teach me a gimp trick today May 12 12:10
Techrights-sec ack May 12 12:11
schestowitz-TR company meeting in 3 hours May 12 12:12
schestowitz-TR sorry for typos May 12 12:12
schestowitz-TR trying to wrap everything up before then May 12 12:13
schestowitz-TR tomorrow we'll cycle to buy food and burn calories May 12 12:13
schestowitz-TR I exceeded 95kg, first time in a decade I think May 12 12:13
psydruid May 12 12:32
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 503 @ ) May 12 12:32
Techrights-sec ack     May 12 12:43
Techrights-sec it might be a good idea to squeeze in an exercise session or walk before May 12 12:43
Techrights-sec the meeting May 12 12:43
schestowitz-TR <techrights-news> And now the US lets KSA via Musk (MusKSA) buy a widely-used communication gatekeeper, Twitter ☛ | Source: Counter Punch May 12 12:43
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-The National Interest Whitewashes Saudi Aggression in Yemen - May 12 12:43
schestowitz-TR good idea May 12 12:43
Techrights-sec gatekeeper is probably the most succinct description of what it does May 12 12:50
Techrights-sec it is not a communications servers, thats' for sure May 12 12:50
schestowitz-TR forgot the pot on the hob boiling wqate   May 12 12:50
schestowitz-TR for our tea May 12 12:50
schestowitz-TR kitchen ecame steam room May 12 12:50
schestowitz-TR NewsGaud: Microsoft-connected, imperialistic, censorious, lying engine. Guarding the fake narrative (lies) of empire, PROTECTING and GUARDING the powerful with alternative explanations of what's going on May 12 12:55
schestowitz-TR "From the announcement of the Biden Administration's new “Disinformation Governance Board" to NewsGuard's "Disinformation Fingerprints" project, free speech is under attack in the U.S." May 12 12:55
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-John Kiriakou: Biden’s Orwellian ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ and Other Assaults on Free Press – May 12 12:55
Techrights-sec humidity goes up quickly but good it was caught before a fire May 12 12:55
schestowitz-TR it is electric and on thermostate, worst that can happen is energy wastedd May 12 12:56
schestowitz-TR *thermostat May 12 12:56
Techrights-sec ok May 12 12:57
schestowitz-TR "After the USSR’s breakup, the OSCE knew that the large number of Russian speakers in Ukraine would become an issue" ☛ | Source: Scheerpost May 12 12:58
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-I led talks on Donbas and Crimea in the 90s. Here’s How the War Should End. – May 12 12:58
schestowitz-TR this issue is not unique to ukraine May 12 12:58
schestowitz-TR ICYMI, 'news' 'guardi' gets preinstalled on some  things May 12 12:58
schestowitz-TR like microsoft things May 12 12:58
schestowitz-TR so you see the direction things are going May 12 12:58
schestowitz-TR don't wait until the water boil, mister frog May 12 12:58
*DaemonFC has quit (Quit: Leaving) May 12 13:01
Techrights-sec ack May 12 13:05
schestowitz-TR should I habitually drop here news about 3-d printing? May 12 13:06
schestowitz-TR or has it reached peak boredom? May 12 13:06
Techrights-sec ^peak May 12 13:09
schestowitz-TR feels like this spring/summer the appetite of the fish grew threefold May 12 13:10
schestowitz-TR without them haviung grown in size (they're not meant to) May 12 13:10
schestowitz-TR don't want to overfeed, but they finish quickly and look for more May 12 13:10
schestowitz-TR Another form of looting. Meanwhile the Saudis buy the communication platforms via MusKSA, so don't expect such issues to "trend" ☛ | Source: Common Dreams May 12 13:19
-TechrightsBN/ | Amid Record Pump Prices, Oil Giants Enjoy 'Sky-High' $41 Billion Q1 Profits: Report May 12 13:19
Techrights-sec the platform will continue to serve as a magaphone for specific interests May 12 13:19
Techrights-sec ack May 12 13:29
schestowitz-TR [13:32] <techrights-news> "tens of billions of dollars in subsidies for profitable U.S. tech corporations" ☛ theft by Microsoft et al. May 12 13:32
-TechrightsBN/ | As Covid Aid Languishes, Congress Moves Ahead With Massive Corporate Subsidies May 12 13:32
-TechrightsBN/ | The United States Government Should Quit Bailing Out Microsoft at Taxpayers’ Expense | Techrights May 12 13:32
schestowitz-TR Netflix "facing Wall Street pressure to keep quarterly earnings up in the face of more competition" ☛ | Source: Techdirt May 12 13:36
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-The Netflix Nickel-And-Diming Is Probably Only Just Getting Started | Techdirt May 12 13:36
Techrights-sec ack May 12 13:36
Techrights-sec How much smaller is the reported "profit" in proportion to the size of the May 12 13:36
Techrights-sec bailouts? May 12 13:36
schestowitz-TR the task of VERIFYING the accountants is not easy May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR they will call the likes of bill parish "cranks" May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR and blackmail the news wire into censoring anything that's asaid May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR like "News" "Guard" May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR Like EPO :-) May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR "we're doing great!!!" May 12 13:38
schestowitz-TR (and we sue or threaten to sue those who do not agree) May 12 13:38
Techrights-sec Bill did very good work and I think M$ further obfuscated its accounting May 12 13:40
Techrights-sec as a result. May 12 13:40
Techrights-sec yes the usual lies and deception from "business" too little emphasis is spent May 12 13:40
Techrights-sec on actual work and most of the effort, it appears, goes into bluffing May 12 13:40
Techrights-sec which is pathetic since the bluff is wasted work and fools no one except May 12 13:40
Techrights-sec maybe themselves, and maybe not even themselves May 12 13:40
schestowitz-TR fake-it-till-will-the-last-person-please-turn-the-lights-off May 12 13:41
schestowitz-TR iirc, nobody in the media reported microsoft getting 3 billion gift from the trump regime May 12 13:41
schestowitz-TR during the pandemic May 12 13:41
schestowitz-TR ryan was just reading their sec stuff and noticed it May 12 13:41
schestowitz-TR in small prints May 12 13:41
schestowitz-TR smalltalk: i used to 'fight' with 'drpizza' (microsoft-connected child rapist; didn't know at the time) over a lot of thing May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR s May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR after he had come to irc May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR he would be one of t he most prominent peeople to lie about microsoft "results" May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR he's no accountant May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR he was a mule for microsoft May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR in the old days I would meticulously read what was aid and pick the leads May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR in a sense showing how much bluffing was going on May 12 13:43
schestowitz-TR those articles are still in TR, but too old to find easily (10+ years) May 12 13:43
Techrights-sec article retrieval is a problem, I was looking for other articles on TR and TM May 12 13:45
Techrights-sec and could not find them even after about 20 minuteso searching using multiple May 12 13:45
Techrights-sec methods May 12 13:45
Techrights-sec I even could recall the approximate timeframe May 12 13:45
schestowitz-TR at least you know it actually ON-line somewhere May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR so many sites have perishes, so 10 years after publication May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR 1) site dea May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR *dead May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR 2) amd changes/url structure changed May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR 3) no copy in IA (or you don't have the URL anymore May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR in TR we are careful to keep two things May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR 1) full title May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR 2) full url (includes domain) May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR twitter has neither May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR .tcoi May 12 13:48
schestowitz-TR May 12 13:48
Techrights-sec ack May 12 13:48
*Despatche (~desp@u3xy9z2ifjzci.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 13:53
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 13:59
*activelow has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s) May 12 14:07
*activelow (~activelow@v8nadz8adup3w.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 14:09
schestowitz-TR assume ota May 12 14:19
schestowitz-TR if not re epo May 12 14:19
schestowitz-TR then company meeting May 12 14:19
schestowitz-TR OTA May 12 14:19
Techrights-sec ack May 12 14:19
schestowitz-TR meetinh over May 12 17:01
schestowitz-TR ietf client May 12 17:01
schestowitz-TR maybe for now we just reduce number of hours covered May 12 17:01
schestowitz-TR i will record tqwo epo videos at the moment May 12 17:01
schestowitz-TR recorded the meeting btw (110 mins) May 12 17:02
schestowitz-TR just for my reference May 12 17:02
Techrights-sec ack May 12 17:02
Techrights-sec ok     May 12 17:02
Techrights-sec good to have reference May 12 17:02
Techrights-sec did they tip their hand on any key issues? May 12 17:02
schestowitz-TR rianne is happy May 12 17:03
schestowitz-TR less burden on her May 12 17:03
schestowitz-TR i will talk about it later May 12 17:03
schestowitz-TR we need to catch up with tm May 12 17:03
schestowitz-TR OTAx2 May 12 17:03
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@9x8gs4uekkjrk.irc) has joined #boycottnovell May 12 17:58
schestowitz-TR done recording May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR the net effect (rianne asked about weekend rota) will likely be fewers hours but less tax deduction May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR but that is negotiable May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR that would mean better sleep, more time for other things, and I can better distance myself May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR (I hope) from clients I dislike May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR my fear was that they would try to get more to work more on projects May 12 18:22
schestowitz-TR NOC is easy-peasy May 12 18:22
Techrights-sec ack May 12 18:23
Techrights-sec excellent May 12 18:23
schestowitz-TR we don't need a lot in savings,  but draining out cash reserves over time it also not good May 12 18:24
schestowitz-TR I am writing the draft for the first video (internal doc) May 12 18:24
schestowitz-TR later the same for second video and doc May 12 18:24
schestowitz-TR (when you don't have kids any unused money is wasted work, sort of) May 12 18:24
Techrights-sec no that's not good; especially when you should be putting away money into May 12 18:25
Techrights-sec a pension or double pension May 12 18:25
schestowitz-TR our pensions are safe and we can cash out at 55 (I checked) May 12 18:25
Techrights-sec that's a relief and something to keep an eye on May 12 18:29
schestowitz-TR draft May 12 19:06
Techrights-sec ack May 12 19:06
Techrights-sec it could be emphasized in the beginning that this is about the executives May 12 19:06
Techrights-sec driving away talent May 12 19:06
schestowitz-TR The EPOI is like the company we're in May 12 19:06
schestowitz-TR able to keep just May 12 19:06
schestowitz-TR 1) low-hanging fuit May 12 19:06
schestowitz-TR 2) talent, provided it's made to work very veryn  little May 12 19:06
schestowitz-TR rianne was getting extra wortk burden lately May 12 19:07
schestowitz-TR for me, it was mostly a RISK of it becoming the same May 12 19:07
schestowitz-TR ddos mitigation at TM initiated May 12 19:20
Techrights-sec ack May 12 19:20
*DaemonFC has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s) May 12 19:56
schestowitz-TR draft #2 May 12 20:07
Techrights-sec ack May 12 21:01
*psydroid2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s) May 12 23:05
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