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schestowitzx 13 09:55
-altlink_22b/#boycottnovell-📣 Cloudflare: | 🙆 Alternative: 13 09:55
-TechrightsBN/ | Why it is wise to add bitcoin to an investment portfolio | The EconomistOct 13 09:55
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schestowitz-TR2 13 13:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Miguel “mask and vax” de Icaza (@migueldeicaza): "What they lack in smarts, they make up in volume." | nitterOct 13 13:44
schestowitz-TR2our friend MiguelOct 13 13:44
schestowitz-TR2the crowd of the trollOct 13 13:44
schestowitz-TR2from MicrosofOct 13 13:44
schestowitz-TR2 13 13:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Miguel “mask and vax” de Icaza (@migueldeicaza): "Went to see what that was about, and they are still talking about me? They need to see a doctor." | nitterOct 13 13:46
schestowitz-TR2using all that gender politicsOct 13 13:46
schestowitz-TR2to distract from the actual substanceOct 13 13:47
schestowitz-TR2typical BSOct 13 13:47
schestowitz-TR2DaemonFC: ^^Oct 13 13:47
psydruidstay classy Miguel El TraidorOct 13 13:48
schestowitz-TR2yeahOct 13 13:48
schestowitz-TR2at least you see the target audienceOct 13 13:48
schestowitz-TR2the same tactics against RMSOct 13 13:48
schestowitz-TR2call people transphobic or somethingOct 13 13:48
schestowitz-TR2even those who are notOct 13 13:48
DaemonFCMiguel tried interviewing to work on Internet Explorer in 1997. So it shows where he's been at the entire time.Oct 13 13:49
DaemonFCGNOME was just a paycheck and a way to try to prove his loyalty, by stuffing it with Microsoft shit as part of a resume.Oct 13 13:49
psydruidI am convinced he and Friendman were sent out on a mission to destroy free software from the inside out by MicrosoftOct 13 13:49
psydruidindeedOct 13 13:49
psydruidFriedman*Oct 13 13:49
psydruidlol, FriendmanOct 13 13:50
DaemonFCI'm a friend, man!Oct 13 13:50
schestowitz-TR2psydruid: they are together in thisOct 13 13:50
schestowitz-TR2anyway, you see their methodsOct 13 13:50
psydruidI'm your friend, I will stab you in the back in a friendly way!Oct 13 13:50
schestowitz-TR2they  are class traitorsOct 13 13:50
schestowitz-TR2and they attack the communitytOct 13 13:51
DaemonFCOOXML and the worst boot firmware ever.Oct 13 13:51
schestowitz-TR2they cannot defend what they do on ethical and technical groundsOct 13 13:51
schestowitz-TR2so they start provoking peopleOct 13 13:51
schestowitz-TR2and then use all that unrelated nonsenseOct 13 13:51
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR2, Matthew Garrett was smearing Coreboot the other day on Twitter.Oct 13 13:51
DaemonFCThe whole reason Google uses it on Chromebook is to get away from dodgy and unsupportable uEFI mess that would just make the Chromebooks unreliable with decades of bugs and ridiculous Microsoft specs that are 100x bigger than they need be.Oct 13 13:52
psydruidhe will shout about it from rooftops everywhere he goesOct 13 13:52
schestowitz-TR2don't mention "rooftops"Oct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2he'll make false allegationsOct 13 13:53
DaemonFCThey didn't really get away from any of the BIOS problems.Oct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2apparently leah hates his gutsOct 13 13:53
psydruidyeah, just against me hopefullyOct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2for the FUDOct 13 13:53
DaemonFCBecause they copypasted all of the code that was a true nightmare and then wrote a bunch more.Oct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2promote Microsoft bootOct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2bash libre and core bootOct 13 13:53
schestowitz-TR2get FSF awardOct 13 13:53
*schestowitz-TR2 in disbeliefOct 13 13:53
psydruidseeing his life's work being reduced to zero value must hurt his prideOct 13 13:54
schestowitz-TR2did FSF waste an award in an effrot to appease a professional troll?Oct 13 13:54
schestowitz-TR2psydruid: wellk, he still amassed a lot of money by attacking usOct 13 13:54
schestowitz-TR2can probably retire alreadyOct 13 13:54
schestowitz-TR2at 40 somethingOct 13 13:54
DaemonFCSince there was no hard requirement to drop any ACPI or AML stuff, there's still code that was copypasted that goes looking for Windows 98 and Linux 2.4 kernels that you can't even run on uEFI anymore.Oct 13 13:54
DaemonFCIt still exists on Lenovo's current laptops even though they removed the CSM module that could allow it to POTENTIALLY boot some old OS like that.Oct 13 13:55
psydruidschestowitz-TR2, retire to do what? tweet nonsense all day long?Oct 13 13:55
DaemonFCIn their books, if it works at all, it's perfect. Leave it alone.Oct 13 13:56
DaemonFCNo reason to do a code cleanup.Oct 13 13:56
DaemonFCAnd to Miguel and Matthew, those people are role models.Oct 13 13:56
psydruidhow hard is it to boot other operating systems on current Intel and AMD hardware?Oct 13 13:56
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR2, And if you talk about this, they never give you a reply. Ever.Oct 13 13:56
psydruidI have zero experience with it, so I don't knowOct 13 13:57
DaemonFCpsydruid, On this laptop? You can't boot anything that needs a legacy BIOS.Oct 13 13:57
DaemonFCYou also probably can't boot anything that doesn't understand all of the weird firmware bugs and disregards them.Oct 13 13:57
DaemonFCOr anything that doesn't implement Windows 10's style of ACPI code.Oct 13 13:58
DaemonFCAt least if you want power management to work.Oct 13 13:58
schestowitz-TR2I never tried alternative bootloadersOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2almost did with SEABIOSOct 13 13:59
DaemonFCThe problem Linux used to have with ACPI wasn't that firmware just disregarded it entirely. Oct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2iirc, whatever that was calledOct 13 13:59
psydruid2 years ago I installed Debian amd64 in QEMU on Debian arm64 to see if that would be a viable way to run and test applications for that architecture, but I think it will still take a few more years for the performance to become good enough for such scenariosOct 13 13:59
DaemonFCIt's that it said "If you're Linux, take this bad code path and crash.".Oct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2well, not bootloadersOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2wrong termOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2more like BIOSOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2now it's not even biosOct 13 13:59
psydruidat least with QEMU you can still get a regular open BIOSOct 13 13:59
DaemonFCAnd so since Linux 2.6.9, it ignores those cases and uses a Windows ACPI table.Oct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2they 'cook' or 'bake' malicious crap into the computersOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2and let the OS even MODIFY thisOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2what a terrible designOct 13 13:59
schestowitz-TR2with network accessOct 13 13:59
psydruidwithout any of the uEFI, Secure Boot and TPM nonsenseOct 13 14:00
DaemonFCThe TPM is not mandatory. IF you don't have a driver for it, you could just ignore it and let it not work at all.Oct 13 14:01
psydruidI know it isn't mandatory, but shipping it by default is already something that should be up to the user/buyer and not to the x86 computer industryOct 13 14:02
DaemonFCTheoretically, uEFI doesn't need bootloaders.Oct 13 14:02
psydruidjust make a facility for people to insert their own TPMsOct 13 14:02
DaemonFCBut you can't even rely on that because many OEMs cripple it so you need a bootloader again.Oct 13 14:02
psydruidunless the goal is controlling your clientsOct 13 14:02
psydruidbut then I am not sure I want to deal with your companyOct 13 14:02
DaemonFCLinux has a driver for the TPM in this laptop, I think.Oct 13 14:04
DaemonFCNot sure what uses it.Oct 13 14:04
DaemonFCI don't like encrypted storage.Oct 13 14:07
DaemonFCI don't have anything that sensitive and I'll probably lose my data to some complexity or bugs introduced by the encryption itself before I lose control of the storage.Oct 13 14:08
DaemonFCPlus you can wipe a drive before discarding it.Oct 13 14:08
psydruidI can see a use case for work computersOct 13 14:08
psydruidbut even the control should be with IT support and not with the hardware vendorOct 13 14:09
DaemonFCTo the Matthew Garretts, security is losing your data because Bitlocker freaks out at every BIOS update and randomly for good measure.Oct 13 14:09
DaemonFCschestowitz-TR2, ^Oct 13 14:09
psydruideven then*Oct 13 14:09
DaemonFCsomething happened something happened - Windows 10Oct 13 14:10
DaemonFCI saw another error like this on Windows 11 recently.Oct 13 14:10
psydruidit's still a farce that this operating system is being used to control an entire hardware industryOct 13 14:11
psydruidand also to carry out important tasks at companiesOct 13 14:12
psydruidwhen it isn't suitable for anything more than playing SolitaryOct 13 14:12
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schestowitz-TRheadsupOct 13 21:30
schestowitz-TRwe have an important whistleblowerOct 13 21:30
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft/GitHubOct 13 21:30
schestowitz-TRwill try to use mumble for e2eeOct 13 21:31
psydruidIt looks like they are aware of the backlash and that Techrights helps getting their abuses out into the worldOct 13 22:11
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