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schestowitz 13 00:00
-TechrightsBN/ | Today and in prior days we've been seeing people in the s... | MindsDec 13 00:01
schestowitz"Capitalism."Dec 13 00:01
schestowitzWhen too much of the capital is hoarded by too fewDec 13 00:01
schestowitz 13 00:02
schestowitz"Oh, yeah. His "Little Brother" propaganda piece ... and Knights of the Rainbow table where unaccountable narcissists are the "superheroes" who will protect humanity... The "good-guy hacker" myth is part of what's forming the cultural zeitgeist that allows state and corporate actors to abuse surveillance tools in the first place."Dec 13 00:02
-TechrightsBN/ | "Cory @Doctorow on #surveillancecapitalism is likely well... | MindsDec 13 00:02
schestowitz"If you want to help people, you should be telling them not to be relying on technology and to avoid it whenever possible."Dec 13 00:02
schestowitz 13 00:02
schestowitz"You're full of shit. He's been in office a total of four years. And he's running a syndicate? The Bidens own an island next to Little Saint James... And TRUMP'S the one running a syndicate. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT."Dec 13 00:02
-TechrightsBN/ | Trump’s Pardons Have Been Sparse and Self-Serving — And T... | MindsDec 13 00:02
schestowitz 13 00:02
schestowitz"This was made by someone who has no idea what "libertarian" is, or has any conception of what "Libertarians" think or believe."Dec 13 00:02
-TechrightsBN/ | ☆ Dmitri ☭ ( | MindsDec 13 00:02
schestowitz"It's mainly a criticism of deregulation... but the type of deregulation that most libertairans favor is that of removing regulations put in place by lobbyists for multinational corporations that favor their own business model, while crippling small and independently owned busineess. Like the CRV regulations which were supported by COKE AND PEPSI  and hurt small-town bottlers... SO THEY WOULDN'T HAVE TO WASH GLASS BOTTLES..."Dec 13 00:02
schestowitz 13 00:02
-TechrightsBN/ | Coke and Pepsi sued for creating a plastic pollution ‘nuisance’ | Plastics | The GuardianDec 13 00:02
schestowitz 13 00:03
-TechrightsBN/ | CA Notify App Is A Useful Arrow in the Fight Against COVI... | MindsDec 13 00:03
schestowitz"EFF is a judas-goat NGO. Covid-Apps and contact-tracing are the realization of the complete and total destruction of personal privacy."Dec 13 00:03
schestowitz 13 00:04
schestowitz"And this isn't so much in defense of Trump, as it is a condemnation of someone who chooses to IGNORE the towers of evidence of corruption of the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Gores along with the grifting and nepotism from Diane Feinstein and her investment banker husband."Dec 13 00:04
schestowitz 13 00:04
schestowitz 13 00:04
-TechrightsBN/ | Russian State Duma adopts law extending presidential immu... | MindsDec 13 00:04
schestowitz"long live the king."Dec 13 00:04
schestowitz 13 00:05
schestowitz"what? isn't that what you wanted? equal prices"Dec 13 00:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Kremlin-linked Rossiya Bank earning $27 million annually ... | MindsDec 13 00:05
schestowitz 13 00:05
-TechrightsBN/ | It’s Not Section 230 President Trump Hates, It’s the Firs... | MindsDec 13 00:05
schestowitz"Isn't the argument for 230 reform/removal is because of censorship?Dec 13 00:05
schestowitzOne of severalDec 13 00:05
schestowitz 13 00:06
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:06
-TechrightsBN/ | Why isn’t the Linux Desktop more popular? | MindsDec 13 00:06
schestowitzHow many times does the commentator use the term "Linux" to describe an entire operating system?Dec 13 00:06
schestowitz"Linux" is not an operating system but is the kernel for GNU / Linux based operating systems.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzI also noticed quite a few minor issues with this video (such as his on-screen annotation containing a misspelling of the word "accessible") and am wondering if he fully reviews his content before publishing.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzAnyway, he made a number of interesting points, most of which I agree with.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:06
schestowitz"i think he uses term linux intentionally. more wannabe "gadget people" will digest what hes saying easier. will be more compelled to watch."Dec 13 00:06
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzI feel as I'm hearing some stuff that just isn't true.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzFirstly, I don't think the gentleman is aware of, or has perhaps never used the KDE Plasma desktop environment and KDE connect I mean you can easily browse, share, and sync files without a hard connection. And honestly, I can't think of very many distros that don't support Plasma and the KDE framework.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzAnother example is all this talk about the difficulty in installing a distro to disk. I mean really? You can simply burn the ISO to DVD by right-clicking on Windows, booting from the DVD, letting Linux use the entire drive for the install. Isn't this the same way people load Windows on their PCs too?Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzWhat I did not hear was probably the biggest reason more folks don't use Linux, is that they are simply afraid to use something unfamiliar to them.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzI mean how many times did the OP use the word 'fear' or 'scared' in this presentation.Dec 13 00:06
schestowitzI mean imagine a user thinking to migrate to a Linux desktop. If they were not scared before they watched it, they sure as hell would be by the time they did finish watching it.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz'Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzLet me just say I realize the purpose here was not to bring people to Linux, but to explain why the Linux Market share is so low.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzWith all due respect, I would add this video into that equation.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz     Verified Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzI just rewatched this video twice and have a couple more thoughts.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzFirstly, the commentator talks about a single marketing campaign. While I admit that marketing campaigns are good and necessary for the purpose of increasing the market share of Linux (and BSD) kernel based operating systems, there is something that the commentator is either forgetting or is ignoring. That thing being the idea that the free market principle is good.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzAt the end of the day, choice is good, competition is good, free market ideology is good.Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzThe free market isn't just good as a superficial idea (after all, how many distributions are available which only real promotes the idea of having differences within the way that they look? ie. having a stock Ubuntu base with the only real difference being related to having a different out-of-the-box colour scheme or a few extra tweaks provided) but also aids in providing innovation and promoting distributions that may be used for Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzspecific tasks (ie. distributions which are aimed directly at the retail "triple A"  games and entertainment demographic or distributions that are aimed for use within the corporate, end-user workstation market).Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Secondly, the commentator also discusses the idea of a single branding message and brings up the idea of that the "Tux the penguin" mascot is considered as being "cartoony". However, he seems to ignore the fact that as far as the majority of users are concerned, most (if not all) distributions are recognised by their own logo brands (may that be the round logos which Canonical uses to promote their range of Ubuntu based Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzdistributions, the gecko logo which is used to promote SuSE or the red fedora hat which Red Hat uses). For the most part, the "Tux the penguin" is not seen or recognised by the average user."Dec 13 00:07
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzThirdly, most average users (especially when ignoring the "triple A" game demographic) do not really care about which operating system they are using to perform their required tasks. As long as they can use their device to perform a task then as far as they are concerned (to use an old cliché), the operating system "just works".Dec 13 00:07
schestowitzAs long as the user can use the operating system as they require and with out putting in too much thought into the process, as well as being able to upgrade the applications / operating system easily, then why should the average user care which operating system they are actually using?Dec 13 00:08
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:08
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzFourthly (and possibly a bit of a controversial point), with the re-emergence and continuing growth of ARM architecture market, it can be argued that the x86 architecture market (ie. the "IBM compatible" market) is loosing traction and slowly loosing market share. Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzI am old enough to remember that between approximately 1985 and 1994, the ARM (Motorola 6800x0) market was more popular when compared to the x86 market as far the average domestic consumer was concerned.Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzWith the ongoing increase popularity of the modern ARM architecture market, we are seeing a growth in the sales of ARM based mobile devices and single board computers (especially with recent hardware innovations within the "Pi" market). Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzWhen considering the cost and the intellectual property issues surrounding the x86 architecture, as well the relativity slow (arguably, poor) activities of Microsoft within the domestic consumer based ARM market and the recent reversal of Apple to increase  their own activities within the ARM architecture market, and decreasing (dropping?) their (Apple's) activities within the x86 architecture market, there is a continuous growth Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzwithin the ARM architecture based market.Dec 13 00:08
schestowitzThis growth is also aiding the increased interest within the Linux (and possibly the BSD) kernel based open source operating system market as well (especially within the context of the end-user / consumer demographic market).Dec 13 00:08
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:08
schestowitz 13 00:09
-TechrightsBN/ | Pam Anderson posts bikini pic as she calls on Trump to pa... | MindsDec 13 00:09
schestowitz"you mean she still hot??? cool"Dec 13 00:09
schestowitz 13 00:09
schestowitz"what you mean become? it never really stops..."Dec 13 00:09
-TechrightsBN/ | Gangsterism as Foreign Policy: Assassinations are Becomin... | MindsDec 13 00:09
schestowitz 13 00:10
-TechrightsBN/ | 'Home Means Everything': Campaigners Aim to Stop All Evic... | MindsDec 13 00:10
schestowitz"yeah. demand lowder. maybe something will change (it's not)"Dec 13 00:10
schestowitz 13 00:10
-TechrightsBN/ | ● NEWS ● #meduza #ru #russia ☞ Russian lawmakers grant f... | MindsDec 13 00:10
schestowitz"That doesn't sound good."Dec 13 00:10
schestowitz 13 00:10
schestowitz"Don't see it passing Senate?"Dec 13 00:10
-TechrightsBN/ | In Blow to Drug War, House Backs Decriminalizing Pot as V... | MindsDec 13 00:10
schestowitz 13 00:10
schestowitz"and then they complain about otal survailence"Dec 13 00:10
-TechrightsBN/ | Here's a thought: back in the days people took valuable ... | MindsDec 13 00:10
schestowitz 13 00:11
schestowitz"Same goes for the FreeBSD guys and other hypocrites carrying around their macbooks."Dec 13 00:11
-TechrightsBN/ | #Microsoft : Microsoft loves Linux, but we hate using Li... | MindsDec 13 00:11
schestowitz 13 00:11
schestowitz"cereals sucks. big time"Dec 13 00:11
-TechrightsBN/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Philosophy | MindsDec 13 00:11
schestowitz 13 00:12
-TechrightsBN/ | #intel #defects #linux | MindsDec 13 00:12
schestowitz"Its apparently a driver for the intel power management."Dec 13 00:12
schestowitz 13 00:12
schestowitz"naaah. forget it. only china and afganistan have raw materials american assholes, sorry I mean business, need"Dec 13 00:12
-TechrightsBN/ | For the US in Afghanistan’s Endless War, Surrender is App... | MindsDec 13 00:12
schestowitz 13 00:12
schestowitz"nope"Dec 13 00:12
-TechrightsBN/ | The 'Going Back to Normal' Mirage | MindsDec 13 00:12
schestowitz 13 00:13
-TechrightsBN/ | 'Few Things Matter More to Humans': UN Report Says We Mus... | MindsDec 13 00:13
schestowitz"'Sup, Schesty? You DO realize that the UN is evil incarnate, right?"Dec 13 00:13
schestowitz 13 00:13
-TechrightsBN/ | What Is Functional Programming? | MindsDec 13 00:13
schestowitz"Is anyone on Minds looking at Categories yet ?"Dec 13 00:13
schestowitz 13 00:13
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:13
-TechrightsBN/ | Jimmy Fallen says, "Can't we just go one week without Rud... | MindsDec 13 00:13
schestowitzPresident Trump has mentioned powerful people in the shadows.Dec 13 00:13
schestowitzGoing to be interesting when their cover's finally blown~!Dec 13 00:13
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:13
schestowitz 13 00:13
-TechrightsBN/ | Hannibal loves Clarice Starling. #MicrosoftLovesLinux | MindsDec 13 00:13
schestowitz"shit.. spoilers!"Dec 13 00:13
schestowitz 13 00:13
-TechrightsBN/ | Very heavy attack on #techrights today, but the attacker ... | MindsDec 13 00:14
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:14
schestowitzmaybe you would be interested... at least it's historically accurate. not like at meduza's Dec 13 00:14
schestowitz 13 00:14
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:14
-TechrightsBN/ | Third Reich Economy. Who stands behind the Hitler..pdf | MindsDec 13 00:14
schestowitz 13 00:14
-TechrightsBN/ | World Intellectual Property Review has quit pretending to... | MindsDec 13 00:14
schestowitz"The mainstream invents nothing"Dec 13 00:14
schestowitz"The world is like Edison stealing from Tesla, constantly. Losers with all the money, pretending elitism. Ha. *pushes around countries*"Dec 13 00:14
schestowitz 13 00:15
-TechrightsBN/ | Why the Trumpists’ Calls for Dictatorship Should Worry Us | MindsDec 13 00:15
schestowitz"It's time to fix the problem of an overreaching government. Governmental systems will never change unless its people force that change. GOVoteX is the solution to the problem. Gone are the days of government agencies policing themselves. Now We The People are back in charge. Download the app and view the full project. #minds #voterfraud #freedom #solutions #politics"Dec 13 00:15
-TechrightsBN/ | GOVoteXDec 13 00:15
schestowitz 13 00:15
-TechrightsBN/ | Our gym has lost so many members, so now they hand out co... | MindsDec 13 00:15
schestowitz"murica..."Dec 13 00:15
schestowitzUKDec 13 00:15
schestowitz 13 00:15
schestowitz"biden can't save anything. gave up. you doomed.Dec 13 00:15
-TechrightsBN/ | How Biden Can Do More Than Just Restore Trump’s Environme... | MindsDec 13 00:15
schestowitz 13 00:16
schestowitz"another anti putin pro europe "journalist" claim somthing against russia :) those westerners. never know where to stop :)"Dec 13 00:16
-TechrightsBN/ | Journalist Ilya Azar files claim against Russian authorit... | MindsDec 13 00:16
schestowitz 13 00:16
schestowitz"memorial is not human rights group. it's like saying green peace it's enviromental organisation"Dec 13 00:16
-TechrightsBN/ | Human rights group ‘Memorial’ issues statement in support... | MindsDec 13 00:16
schestowitz 13 00:16
schestowitz"Just got back on Ubuntu lastnight after being stuck with an old comp with Microsoft for years! hahah it's like Heaven and Hell"Dec 13 00:16
-TechrightsBN/ | #Canonical / #Ubuntu : #FOSDEM 2021 Community DevRoom, Sn... | MindsDec 13 00:16
schestowitz 13 00:16
-TechrightsBN/ | People allowing microphones into their bedrooms, recordin... | MindsDec 13 00:16
schestowitz"I have no mics or cams on, at all. Hitting hard as a Terminator robot, still, though. Ah ha. V. :D"Dec 13 00:16
schestowitz"They can see this. What I want them to see. Weirdo creeps. Give me an aircraft carrier and $5 billion dollars. lolsDec 13 00:16
schestowitz 13 00:17
schestowitz"Yeap"Dec 13 00:17
-TechrightsBN/ | Status Quo Ante and the Return to Normal - | MindsDec 13 00:17
schestowitz 13 00:17
-TechrightsBN/ | I, like many others, am glad that #trump will be a citize... | MindsDec 13 00:17
schestowitz"you sound just like republicans with their "arrest killary, biden, obama etc". personification it's stupid.Dec 13 00:17
schestowitz 13 00:18
-TechrightsBN/ | 6 Best Linux Distributions That are Not Based on Ubuntu o... | MindsDec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Recently tried Manjaro Plasma on a laptop - Works great, way better than ubuntu. After using Arch, I don't really want to use a distro that doesn't have pacman as the package manager. (Although I have been tempted by Gentoo for a source based distro and Fedora for system policy support)"Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz"One caveat though - I have previously tried to install Manjaro on my desktop, and ended up re-installing Arch again instead. I believe it was related to NVIDIA graphics drivers, but I'm not 100% sure."Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz 13 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:18
-TechrightsBN/ | A New Us Policy Toward Venezuela: What’s In It For Presid... | MindsDec 13 00:18
schestowitz"The vast majority of Venezuelans recognize the USA, not their own government, as the cause of their suffering and rally round President Maduro who is rightly seen as defending them"Dec 13 00:18
schestowitzI'm certain the communist propagandists at "counter punch" see it that way, but the rest of the sane world does not. It is well known that Maduro's policies (which continued from Chavez' policies) are to blame for the current state of Venezuela. When politicians start seizing private companies' assets it tends to make private companies not want to do business there, sanctions or no.Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz 13 00:18
schestowitz"For those that may not have known or forgotten..."Dec 13 00:18
-TechrightsBN/ | Google Illegally Surveilled, Interrogated, and Fired Work... | MindsDec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:18
schestowitzNot sure why this is suddenly news. We knew Google was doing evil things since well before they said "Don't be evil" - Plus the very fact that a corporation has a slogan based upon subjective moral values should have been a massive red flag to anyone intelligent.Dec 13 00:18
schestowitzThe big issue is the large number of useful idiots who support companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google doing "fact checks" on people they disagree with. Not sure why anyone would want a fact check done by companies that are obviously untrustworthy.Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz 13 00:18
schestowitz"Calling it before I read the article: "America will be utopia as long as everyone does what I say." (Socialists and communists have been saying this for over a century now, and is not any different than Christians believing in an afterlife utopia - both are not likely to happen)"Dec 13 00:18
-TechrightsBN/ | America's Past Has Shown the Power of 'We.' Here's How We... | MindsDec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Also.... Kinda funny that this article's header basically says MAGA, but with way more words."Dec 13 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:19
schestowitzLord - even more laughable than I thought. "Individual rights are selfish. Turn your criticism inward (unless you are a progressive nut like the author)."Dec 13 00:19
schestowitzThese people lack any sort of self-awareness and then expect others to be self-critical. The thing is only someone without any sort of internal retrospection would espouse the opinions in the article.Dec 13 00:19
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:19
schestowitz"But yeah, apparently if we follow the Progressive Era and just not be racist - paradise. SMH. This reminds me of the people who predict Jesus' return over and over and get it wrong, but people still listen to them."Dec 13 00:19
schestowitz 13 00:19
schestowitz"Tuition free college is just a scam to give billions to rich elites who run universities in return for providing a substandard education to the masses."Dec 13 00:19
-TechrightsBN/ | 'Bye-Bye, Betsy DeVos. You Won't Be Missed,' Says Sanders as | MindsDec 13 00:19
schestowitz 13 00:20
-TechrightsBN/ | With Pandemic a 'Tipping Point,' UN Warns 1 Billion More ... | MindsDec 13 00:20
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:20
schestowitzA couple of things:Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz1. This isn't the "effects of covid-19" - this is the effects of global elites shutting down economies using covid-19 as a bogeyman.Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz2. The article title is contradictory to the article's data. It isn't 1 billion "more" people, but 1 billion people totalDec 13 00:20
schestowitz3. While it is sad to see anyone in abject poverty, previously it was estimated that 1.5 billion people were in abject poverty - so this would actually be a reduction from previous years, not that it wouldn't be an increase in poverty, but that it would still continue the downward trend of the last 30+ years.Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz4. As with anything that is predicted (including the projected millions of deaths from covid in the US) there is likely going to be a significantly different than projected.Dec 13 00:20
schestowitzYou really should stop publishing ridiculous propaganda and learn to be more critical of what you post.Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz,million%20every%20year%20since%201990.Dec 13 00:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Global Extreme Poverty - Our World in DataDec 13 00:20
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz 13 00:20
schestowitz"Im already in december 5."Dec 13 00:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Moscow to start coronavirus vaccine roll out on December ... | MindsDec 13 00:20
schestowitz 13 00:20
-TechrightsBN/ | New Data Show Income of Top 0.1% Soared 345% While That o... | MindsDec 13 00:20
schestowitz"Data also shows abject poverty has been on the decline for over 50 years."Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz\\Dec 13 00:20
-TechrightsBN/ | Humanity Faces Climate "Suicide" Without US Rejoining Paris | MindsDec 13 00:20
schestowitz"Too bad China isn't going to do anything even if they sign on to the agreement"Dec 13 00:20
schestowitz 13 00:21
-TechrightsBN/ | Are the Republicans just a pack of total shameless psycho... | MindsDec 13 00:21
schestowitz"The author is confused - they didn't realize they were actually looking at the editorial board of Salon."Dec 13 00:21
schestowitz 13 00:21
-TechrightsBN/ | Trump Threatens to Veto Major Defense Bill Unless Law Pro... | MindsDec 13 00:21
schestowitz"And just like that, the Democrats suddenly support the military."Dec 13 00:21
schestowitz 13 00:21
schestowitz"The author does realize that this isn't 2008, right?"Dec 13 00:21
-TechrightsBN/ | Why Do We Wage Decades-Long Futile Wars in the Middle Eas... | MindsDec 13 00:21
schestowitz 13 00:22
schestowitz"I think you missed what I'm saying - not talking about the difficulty of saying the words (both are two syllables) - I'm talking about knowing how to pronounce the words."Dec 13 00:22
-TechrightsBN/ | I'd like to see Torvalds' reaction to people saying that ... | MindsDec 13 00:22
schestowitzMany people say say LIE-NOXDec 13 00:22
schestowitz 13 00:22
schestowitz"No, you just think that it is because you were told to by massive corporate news agencies and/or their "grassroots" propaganda outlets like counterpunch and common dreams."Dec 13 00:22
-TechrightsBN/ | Who President Biden is Indebted to (e.g. Google Monopoly ... | MindsDec 13 00:22
schestowitz 13 00:22
schestowitz"Trump Won The 2020 Election With A Landslide Win. Massive voter fraud was done from countries outside of the U.S. You don't live in the U.S. nor are you a U.S. citizen. I Strongly Suggest That Stay In Your Own Country."Dec 13 00:22
-TechrightsBN/ | Trump Will Be Evicted, but Trumpism Lives On | MindsDec 13 00:22
schestowitz""Dr" Roy loves to do the foreign election interference he still believes Russia was up to."Dec 13 00:23
schestowitz 13 00:23
schestowitz":)))) "investigation" ...."Dec 13 00:23
-TechrightsBN/ | Unsavory sanitization How Russian banking regulators got ... | MindsDec 13 00:23
schestowitz 13 00:23
-TechrightsBN/ | 1 in 49 Coloradans contagious with COVID-19, says Polis | MindsDec 13 00:23
schestowitz"(Laughs in 99.9% survivability) "Dec 13 00:23
schestowitz"And Polis went to that party. "Dec 13 00:23
schestowitz 13 00:24
schestowitz"Traitors deserve the death penalty."Dec 13 00:24
-TechrightsBN/ | Trump Moves to Expand Ways to Kill Prisoners -- Including... | MindsDec 13 00:24
schestowitz 13 00:24
-TechrightsBN/ | Trump Failures Highlighted in GAO's Devastating Report on... | MindsDec 13 00:24
schestowitz"Urgent action in this case means locking people up permanently in gulags."Dec 13 00:24
schestowitz 13 00:24
-TechrightsBN/ | Bill Would Prevent the President from Nuking Hurricanes | MindsDec 13 00:24
schestowitz"Some news stories are a lot of fun and entertaining and this is right up there.   What most people don't know is Nancy Pelosi has been putting a committee together for the 25th Amendment so she can get into the White House by removing Biden."Dec 13 00:24
schestowitz 13 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Differing Mask Mandates in Georgia Schools Put Teachers a... | MindsDec 13 00:25
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzA whirlwind of lies regarding excess mortality. How dishonest people with an over-inflated ego and no knowledge are making fools of the whole world:Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz- by not understanding what Gaussian distribution isDec 13 00:25
schestowitz- what White noise isDec 13 00:25
schestowitz- how peaks will affect such dataDec 13 00:25
schestowitzThe result is:Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz- hundreds of thousands of imagined excess deathsDec 13 00:25
schestowitzDetailed explanation, from A-Z:Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz- from the basic mathDec 13 00:25
schestowitz- to the analysis of their false graphsDec 13 00:25
schestowitz- and to the scientific paperDec 13 00:25
schestowitz 13 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Lying with Statistics, EUROMOMO and excess deaths in EUrope - YouTubeDec 13 00:25
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz"Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzThere can be no doubt we are fully living in that joked about Orwell 1984 dystopian nightmare. And...Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzWe were warned and now the Shadow Governments of the world are moving as you would expect a Tyrannical force would to counter WE THE PEOPLE who are pushing back...Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzSpy Agencies are threatening to 'Take Out' Dr. Mercola and others...Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz- British and American intelligence agencies are collaborating to eliminate “anti-vaccine propaganda” from public discussion using sophisticated cyberwarfare toolsDec 13 00:25
schestowitz- According to Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, anti-vaxxers are “an extremist group that pose a national security risk,” because “once someone has been exposed to one type of conspiracy it’s easy to lead them down a path where they embrace more radical world views that can lead to violent extremism”Dec 13 00:25
schestowitz- Among the websites cited by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate as promoting extremism that poses a national security risk to the U.K. are:Dec 13 00:25
schestowitzMercola.comDec 13 00:25
schestowitzChildrenshealthdefense.orgDec 13 00:25
schestowitzOrganicconsumers.orgDec 13 00:25
schestowitzThe Informed Consent Action NetworkDec 13 00:25
schestowitzThe National Vaccine Information CenterDec 13 00:25
schestowitzAnd a special dedication it seems to davidicke.comDec 13 00:25
schestowitz#covid1984 #tyranny #thegreatreset #truth #freedomDec 13 00:25
schestowitz 13 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Center for Countering Digital HateDec 13 00:25
schestowitz 13 00:25
schestowitz"I doubt Biden will ever take office"Dec 13 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Israel’s Gift to Joe Biden, 52 Days Before He Even Takes ... | MindsDec 13 00:25
schestowitz 13 00:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Federal judge blocks Trump administration attempt at new ... | MindsDec 13 00:25
schestowitz"There is a thing called then and now. Learn the difference."Dec 13 00:25
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schestowitz[01:15] <schestowitz> hi, href. I just wanted to ask, any ETA for No pressure, just asking...Dec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <href> this weekDec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <schestowitz> thank you, much appreciatedDec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <schestowitz> if you need any help, let me knowDec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <href> hardware died hard, sorry for that downtimeDec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <schestowitz> thanks for keeping the site going!Dec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:41] <href> backups were hard to restore properly (but they do!) now it's re-importing (and it's a huge db, has others and takes ages)Dec 13 10:52
schestowitz[10:42] <schestowitz> yes, kaniini told meDec 13 10:52
schestowitz"The obvious solution is to make Section 230 immunity—which shields porn sites and other Internet companies from civil liability for the content posted on their platforms—conditional on implementing age verification."Dec 13 11:42
schestowitzx 13 11:42
-TechrightsBN/ | Science Says Porn Is a Huge Problem. Lawmakers Must Stop Ignoring It | OpinionDec 13 11:42
schestowitz Dec 13 11:42
schestowitzx 13 11:42
-TechrightsBN/ | Christmas Background for Zoom, Microsoft Teams: How to Get Grinch, Elf and Home Alone ImagesDec 13 11:42
schestowitzx 13 11:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft forms partnerships to ensure reliable delivery of COVID-19 vaccines - NeowinDec 13 11:44
schestowitzx 13 11:52
-TechrightsBN/ | Google Workspace gets more Microsoft Office integrations - SiliconANGLEDec 13 11:52
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schestowitz 13 16:31
schestowitz"Dec 13 16:31
-TechrightsBN/ | ViCo for Oral Proceedings at the EPO – CIPA’s view - Kluwer Patent BlogDec 13 16:31
schestowitzDear Mr Gillespie,Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzIf it was really a worry for CIPA to attempt avoiding problems relating to “visa and/or work permit arrangements for travelling from the UK to the Schengen Area”, it could have said so.Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzIf there would have been a worry of this kind, this worry is whatsoever not justified. Just have a look at Art 134, especially Art 134(6 and 8). According to Art 134(6) members of the epi are even entitled to establish a place of business in any Contracting State in which proceedings established by this Convention may be conducted! That is in The Netherlands and in Germany. I know of one London firm of patent attorneys which Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzestablished a branch in Munich as early as in 1980!Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzQualified representatives from non-EU contracting states are or have been regularly present at OP in person before the pandemic, and I have never heard that travel restrictions were imposed upon them. The possible necessity of obtaining a visa cannot justify that OP in form of ViCo have to become mandatory.Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzI therefore have to maintain that the reasons brought forward by CIPA have more to do with business reasons than with possible travel restrictions!Dec 13 16:31
schestowitz"Dec 13 16:31
schestowitzfigosdev: “1982, British female computer programmer working from home via acoustic coupler teletype (paper, no screen). Time mark 10:30 …” 13 16:47
-TechrightsBN/ | The Computer Programme (5): The New Media (Communications & Media) - InvidiousDec 13 16:47
schestowitz> computer programmer working from homeDec 13 16:47
schestowitzAirliner engineer/designer.Dec 13 16:47
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schestowitzoiDec 13 19:52
schestowitzoiaohm: Dec 13 19:52
schestowitz> Although that had nothing to do with what was being said-- Oiaohm'sDec 13 19:52
schestowitz> point was that fully-free actually means "non-free in a way that isDec 13 19:52
schestowitz> considered acceptable" and can still be argued as not only non-free, butDec 13 19:52
schestowitz> even less free.Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> As I said, it's not everyday nitpicking about free vs. non-free, it'sDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> actually Stallman's most difficult, complicated and most tenuousDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> position regarding freedom. I still defended the position, but I alsoDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> defended the people who disagree with it. Of Stallman's positions onDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> free software, it could easily be the most difficult to agree with.Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> Dec 13 19:53
schestowitz> MinceRDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> there still is plenty of free software that actually works better thanDec 13 19:53
schestowitz> the proprietary alternativesDec 13 19:53
MinceRindeed rms' position has many issuesDec 13 19:54
MinceRhis support for systemd, which isn't freedom-respecting is oneDec 13 19:55
schestowitzapparently there are things he thinks but won't sayDec 13 19:55
schestowitzmaybe about systemd as wellDec 13 19:55
MinceRmandating that distributions make it difficult for users to install proprietary software is anotherDec 13 19:55
schestowitzfear for sponsorsDec 13 19:55
MinceRthe combination of the two is particularly puzzlingDec 13 19:55
schestowitz 13 23:27
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@hsoc: @schestowitz Any updates?Dec 13 23:27
schestowitzLater this weekDec 13 23:27
schestowitz 13 23:28
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@rosammat: @TimothyWSchwab @JoeBiden @AOC @ewarren @jeremycorbyn @yanisvaroufakis @joeathialy @paranjoygt @suchetadalal… 13 23:28
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@rosammat: @TimothyWSchwab @JoeBiden @AOC @ewarren @jeremycorbyn @yanisvaroufakis @joeathialy @paranjoygt @suchetadalal… 13 23:28
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:28
schestowitz@TimothyWSchwabDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @JoeBidenDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @AOCDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @ewarrenDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @jeremycorbynDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @yanisvaroufakisDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @joeathialyDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @paranjoygtDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @suchetadalalDec 13 23:28
schestowitz @sonaliranadeDec 13 23:28
schestowitzQuote TweetDec 13 23:28
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:28
schestowitz 13 23:28
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@PAddictRecovery: @schestowitz But will it actually matter and do headlines like those give false hope to a problem people don't even… 13 23:28
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@PAddictRecovery: @schestowitz But will it actually matter and do headlines like those give false hope to a problem people don't even… 13 23:28
schestowitz"But will it actually matter and do headlines like those give false hope to a problem people don't even understand?"Dec 13 23:28
schestowitz 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@glynmoody: excellent, more like this needed everywhere 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #desmog #Environment ☞ New Youth #Climate Lawsuit Launched Against UK Government on Five Year Anniversary… 13 23:29
schestowitz 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@rbarraud: @schestowitz #FMAll.Dec 13 23:29
schestowitz 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@rbarraud: @schestowitz #EDLIN or #Bust!!1!! ;-)Dec 13 23:29
schestowitz 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@informacija: O0 #INFOSEC 13 23:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: #Cyberpunk2077 is playable on Linux right now, but it's not the best #gnu #linux #gamesDec 13 23:29
schestowitz 13 23:30
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Flavia0847: I see Michaelle Jean, Canada's former GG, first-Worlder and plenipotenriary for Haitian redevelopment and a I start… 13 23:30
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Flavia0847: I see Michaelle Jean, Canada's former GG, first-Worlder and plenipotenriary for Haitian redevelopment and a I start… 13 23:30
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:30
schestowitzI see Michaelle Jean, Canada's former GG, first-Worlder and plenipotenriary for Haitian redevelopment and a I start detecting the stink of US hegemony.Dec 13 23:30
schestowitzQuote TweetDec 13 23:30
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:30
schestowitz 13 23:59
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@appyoomkin: So #NSA #DOD are you ready now to move off SELinux? Maybe it's time to shut the backdoor and move to a version of L… 13 23:59
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@appyoomkin: So #NSA #DOD are you ready now to move off SELinux? Maybe it's time to shut the backdoor and move to a version of L… 13 23:59
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:59
schestowitzAudra_Meidas #MeidasMighty #FlipGeorgiaBlueDec 13 23:59
schestowitz🌊Dec 13 23:59
schestowitz😷Dec 13 23:59
schestowitz💙Dec 13 23:59
schestowitz@appyoomkinDec 13 23:59
schestowitz·Dec 13 23:59
schestowitz10mDec 13 23:59
schestowitzSo #NSA #DOD are you ready now to move off SELinux?Dec 13 23:59
schestowitzMaybe it's time to shut the backdoor and move to a version of Linux that doesn't have it. Dec 13 23:59
schestowitzYou have known since 2015. Dec 13 23:59
schestowitz 13 23:59
schestowitzMaybe it's time to get some #apparmor #grsecurityDec 13 23:59
-TechrightsBN/ | Red Hat and NSA: This is Not News | TechrightsDec 13 23:59
schestowitz#RussiansHackUsAgenciesDec 13 23:59
schestowitz"Dec 13 23:59

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