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schestowitzgenerating the IRC  and IPFS stuff right now. an irc netsplit caused an issue/delayJun 14 06:42
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TechrightsBNHello World! I'm TechrightsBN running phIRCe v0.75Jun 14 06:42
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schestowitz>>>> My diaspora timeline felt too sparse and quiet.Jun 14 07:06
schestowitz>>> There was a temporary issue, also with Twitter exports. Is it OK now?Jun 14 07:06
schestowitz>> It was, but...  looks like it's failed again, for the past couple ofJun 14 07:06
schestowitz>> days or so.Jun 14 07:06
schestowitz> Sorry, false alarm, it was the diaspora pod I use that had stoppedJun 14 07:06
schestowitz> federating for some reason.Jun 14 07:06
schestowitzAh, OK. I hope it all works now.Jun 14 07:06
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] OK, I THINK it all works now. I THINK. But it is worth double checking everything as I did manual runs. IRC netplits and disruption caused the job to freeze, at least I  had a go at practising a manual run of the whole chain of scripts.Jun 14 07:12
schestowitztesting. 14 07:29
-TechrightsBN/ | Having followed this all a little too much (with a big bowl of popcorn), I must ... | Hacker NewsJun 14 07:29
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <li>Jun 14 10:00
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <h5><a href="">Linux on Chromebooks just might get me through a Masters in Computer Science</a></h5>Jun 14 10:00
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @">Linux )Jun 14 10:00
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <blockquote>Jun 14 10:00
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <p>I’m considering this for two reasons. </p>Jun 14 10:00
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <p> First, I’m on a budget and would prefer not to buy a new computer just for the Masters program. </p>Jun 14 10:00
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] <p> Second, I want to see how far Linux on Chromebooks can take me down this path. I realize that most Chromebook owners aren’t walking this path with me. (Although if you are pursuing a Masters in Computer Science, let me know!) But this could show many people that the ability to run Linux apps on a Chromebook is more useful and powerful than they might think. </p></blockquote></li>Jun 14 10:00
schestowitz1. 14 10:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft buys Bethesda games, bolstering its cloud gaming lineupJun 14 10:07
schestowitz2. 14 10:07
schestowitz# "leak" == marketing, in this caseJun 14 10:07
schestowitzx 14 10:08
schestowitz# :(Jun 14 10:08
-TechrightsBN/ | Site report for | NetcraftJun 14 10:08
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] In the May 31st conversation in Brazil with RMS, he kind of wanders ratherJun 14 10:16
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] far out during the Q&A.  Perhaps it is not so appropriate to getJun 14 10:16
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] a transcript?Jun 14 10:16
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] And instead just leave it as audio/video?Jun 14 10:16
schestowitzI know exactly what you mean. There are things more worthy of turning into text. yesterday IRC was hectic and truly exhausting on many levels... I barely found time to do articlesJun 14 10:16
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] headsup on IRC change, 1:30pm 14 13:32
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] 12:25 in those logs (not BST)Jun 14 13:33
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] ackJun 14 13:33
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] readingJun 14 13:33
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] ok IP address change should be schedule so that the DNS TTL is shortenedJun 14 13:35
tr-bridge[schestowitz/tr] I don't know how exactly to do this, I just think lower it, change, then afterwards take that back up, maybe hours later?Jun 14 13:35
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] I presume TR, TM, and HV will all move to new IPv4 addresses at the sameJun 14 13:41
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] time?Jun 14 13:41
schestowitzSuffice to say (in 2021 it should be obvious), you cannot judge a distro's popularity or userbase just based on number of downloads. Nowadays some companies download it once, then deploy it to thousands of machines or millions of devices, then sell those devices.Jun 14 14:28
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schestowitzI did not get disconnected and the last line I saw was "I presume TR, TM, and HV will all move to new IPv4 addresses at the same"Jun 14 16:06
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] that was the main part. though has an IPv4 address tooJun 14 16:07
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] If there is a changeover date, it'll be easy to wind the TTL downJun 14 16:07
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] once the move is made to put it back to normalJun 14 16:08
schestowitzyes, I have forwarded that already to kaniini in the main channel. My question was, did I miss something in ytalk after that line (impending followup)? I just saw a clear ytalk session after thatJun 14 16:08
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] "last" on this machine shows you got disconnecte at 14:16 UTCJun 14 16:10
schestowitzThis connection/link was always glitchy for reasons unknown to me, it would re-establish the SSH link maybe 10 times per dayJun 14 16:10
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] there was a bit of my own chatter about OT stuffJun 14 16:10
schestowitzI saw all the stuff about flowersJun 14 16:10
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] strangeJun 14 16:11
schestowitzI would have brought it up earlier (months ago), but I assume you could notice this too, it's like there's a disconnection after idling or something and it would not reconnect until timeout maybe 30 mins laterJun 14 16:12
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] I noticed it but scripted around it.  Do you have ServerAliveCountMaxJun 14 16:14
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] and ServerAliveInterval set in ~/.ssh/config for your client?Jun 14 16:14
schestowitzprobably not, I also noticed that idle connection to TR/TM from this box would time out after a while unless I run something in itJun 14 16:14
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] The server does not do heartbeat to check the clients.   I suppose I could turn that on.Jun 14 16:15
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] Probably a good idea then to use ServerAliveCountMax and ServerAliveIntervalJun 14 16:15
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] for those connections.Jun 14 16:15
schestowitzHost *Jun 14 16:18
schestowitz    ServerAliveInterval 300Jun 14 16:18
schestowitz    ServerAliveCountMax 2Jun 14 16:18
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] there may be lightning here tomorrow.  If so, I may have to power down for aJun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] while, but the forecasts are so unreliable that who actually knows.Jun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] When I used to be outside all the time, I could predict the weather aJun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] week in advance far more accurately that the current service here does it/Jun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] Probably better with ServerAliveInterval 30 or so and ServerAliveCountMax 3 to 5Jun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] see ssh_config(5)Jun 14 16:19
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] The former controls how often the heartbeat is sent, the latterJun 14 16:21
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] controls how many times in a row it can go missing before the sessionJun 14 16:21
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] disconnects.  It will keep the session from disconnecting from idlingJun 14 16:21
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] and thus timing out.  It will also disconnect the session much fasterJun 14 16:21
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] when the connection really is broken.  T1;2A1;2A1;2AAAAAhen tmux is needed.Jun 14 16:21
schestowitzthanks, we will know if this sticksJun 14 16:21
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] If you put it in at the end of ~/.ssh/config for that client, use the wildJun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] card:Jun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] Host *Jun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] ServerAliveCountMax 3Jun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] ServerAliveInterval 60Jun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] If you assign those to more specific patterns or individual hosts even thenJun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] put them higher up.  The config file is first-match so specifics ought toJun 14 16:24
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] go first and generalities last and everything else on the scale in the middle.Jun 14 16:24
schestowitzThanks! Done.Jun 14 16:25
tr-bridge[Techrights-sec/tr] npJun 14 17:00
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