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schestowitz__ 18 00:06
schestowitz__"Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__It seems to me that this referral raises fundamental questions of that thing called "natural justice" which we instinctively honour. No man shall be judge in his own cause. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done.Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__Is it that EPO executives, managers and, indeed, and governors are all unfamiliar with such concepts? Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__Or is it that they do grasp them, at an instinctive level, but have meanwhile become inured to ignoring them?Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__ReplyMar 18 00:06
schestowitz__AnonymousWednesday, 17 March 2021 at 21:20:00 GMTMar 18 00:06
schestowitz__I am sorry, but I can't share more details; the source is extremely reliable: you'll see that this is no joke, unfortunately. I could myself not believe it, when I was told, but I am not surprised.Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__"Mar 18 00:06
schestowitz__ 18 00:07
schestowitz__"Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__Are you being serious? Please tell me that this is some kind of sick joke. I had seen the recent change regarding a date of oral proceedings but had never contemplated that it would relate to proceedings before the EBA.Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__If true, then this development would be just like crime in a multi-storey car park ... just wrong on so many levels.Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__Firstly, the referral is not even listed on the EPO web site. Can the patent profession really be expected to put together amicus briefs in the extremely short time that would be available between publication of details of the case (presumably by end of March) and a date sufficiently in advance of the oral proceedings to permit detailed consideration of those briefs? This would compare unfavourably even to the obviously sham Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__consultation on Art 15a RPBA!Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__Secondly, unless the parties to the proceedings all agree to the VICO format, how can OPs before the EBA possibly be conducted by VICOs without (at the very least) giving the impression of the EBA having already reached a decision on the answer to the question referred?Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__Thirdly, the inclusion of members that drafted the proposal for Art 15a RPBA would, if true, be completely beyond the pale. The inclusion of such members would kill off any prospect of even the APPEARANCE of impartiality.Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__"Mar 18 00:07
schestowitz__ 18 00:08
schestowitz__"Can you share details with us? The Register is still silent, and so is the oral proceedings calendar and the EBoA websection."Mar 18 00:08
schestowitz__Re: Fwd: G1/19 first reactions w/ Rudolf Teschemacher and many moreMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> ---------- Forwarded message ---------Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__ : *Bastian Best* < <>>Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__>  Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Hi  -Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Last week, the Enlarged Board of Appeal finally published itsMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> long-awaited decision *G1/19 about the patentability of computerMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> simulations*. Does it revolutionize the patentability of computerMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> simulations and patents for software in general, as some had hoped? OrMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> is it rather a controlled evolution of the EPO’s framework forMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> computer-implemented inventions?Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> To find out I talked to a number of great experts in the field: RudolfMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Teschemacher, Martin Wilming, Martin Huynh, MartinMar 18 00:33
schestowitz__> Schweiger and Christof Karl. Many thanks to everyone for contributing!Mar 18 00:33
schestowitz__[04:19] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> i don't see any explanation in thereMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:19] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> just that you set +mMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:19] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> let me read more, thoughMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:20] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> i can't speak on the channelMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:26] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> well, i can't find your -social channel, nor can i find any way to contact you except here, do you want me to write everything in gpg armored messages?Mar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:29] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> also, your GPG key is over plain HTTP, it could be edited by my ISPMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:29] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> i need you to use a secure channel to at least tell me the fingerprint, or the security is just a jokeMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:30] <schestowitz__> true, it's a problem as wellMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:30] <schestowitz__> I need to convert my site to gemini sometimes... when time allowsMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:30] <schestowitz__> see latest article from OlivaMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:30] <schestowitz__> reposted in TechrightsMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:30] <schestowitz__> he recommends GeminiMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:31] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> where's the social channel? i don't really want to stay on an +m channelMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:31] <schestowitz__> #boycottnovell-social does politics tooMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:31] <schestowitz__> the main channel won't say +mMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:31] <schestowitz__> it's a temporary measure, helps cool down some friction between peopleMar 18 04:34
schestowitz__[04:34] <mjg59> No, I object to him failing to moderate his forums.Mar 18 04:34
schestowitz__"The feed for The Nation has been broken for a while, doing manual entry now"Mar 18 05:42
schestowitz__it says a lot when sites don't even notice... nor careMar 18 05:42
Techrights-secirc is workMar 18 05:47
schestowitz__x 18 06:09
Techrights-secmaintenance complete,Mar 18 10:21
schestowitz__Did I miss anything? Since 6am UTC all I got was "maintenance complete,"Mar 18 10:21
schestowitz__any other text I certainly did not seeMar 18 10:22
Techrights-secmaintenance complete, I thinkMar 18 10:27
schestowitz__ 18 10:38
schestowitz__"Mar 18 10:38
schestowitz__Das größte Problem ist wohl die aktuelle Zusammensetzung. Der erste Senat ist voll von Korruptionsvertuschern und Prohibitionisten.Mar 18 10:38
schestowitz__Interessant dieser Artikel, der unterstellt Prof. Dr. Stephan Harbarth wäre nur aus Lobbygründen zum BVerfG gegangen.Mar 18 10:38
schestowitz__"Mar 18 10:38
Techrights-secThat wouyld be about it though I am not sure when I mentioned about havingMar 18 10:57
Techrights-secset up the spare computer until the end of April.Mar 18 10:57
Techrights-secIt would be for testing a static site generator and conversion from wordpressMar 18 10:57
Techrights-secIt's at the same addres but port 2229, using your same key and the pwd is inMar 18 10:57
Techrights-secthe file.Mar 18 10:57

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