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schestowitz-TR2I have added gemini urls to the irc bots that spew out irc logs and bulletins when they're generated. we'll see if it's bug-free tonight. Today is our anniversary.Sep 18 10:35
Techrights-secCongratulations.Sep 18 10:44
Techrights-secWhen the articles are mostly text, they are almost always easier to readSep 18 10:44
Techrights-secas Gemini rather than WWW.Sep 18 10:44
Techrights-secThe navigation is easier and there are fewer distractions surrounding theSep 18 10:44
Techrights-secbody of the post.Sep 18 10:44
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schestowitzx 18 11:40
-TechrightsBN/ | microsoft: Microsoft and Honor sign partnership to develop new AI, devices, IT News, ET CIOSep 18 11:40
schestowitz=Sep 18 11:40
schestowitzx 18 11:40
-TechrightsBN/ | The rise of tablets: Why we don't need laptops or phones anymore | ComputerworldSep 18 11:40
schestowitz# passive "consumption" onlySep 18 11:41
schestowitz=Sep 18 11:41
schestowitzx 18 11:41
-TechrightsBN/ | New attacks continue using Linux to attack Windows systems – The Clare PeopleSep 18 11:41
schestowitz=Sep 18 11:41
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Techrights-secuntested:Sep 18 13:39
Techrights-secdiff --git a/IPFS/ b/IPFS/complete-index-split.shSep 18 13:39
Techrights-secindex be19a03..f91b480 100755Sep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec--- a/IPFS/complete-index-split.shSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec+++ b/IPFS/complete-index-split.shSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ awk '{print "* " $0}'  txt | grep ' techrights-' | sed 's/ techrights-/ TR /' |Sep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec echo '' >>   /home/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec echo '##      IRC Logs' >>   /home/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec echo '' >>   /home/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec-awk '{print "* " $0}'  txt | grep -v ' techrights-' | sed 's/[(].*$//' | sed 's/ irc-log-/ /'  >>  /homSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sece/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec+awk '!/ techrights-/ {sub(/(.*$/,""); sub(/ irc-log-/," "); print "* " $0}'  txt >> /home/gemini/geminiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec echo '' >>   /home/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
Techrights-sec echo '=>      /        back to Techrights (Main Index)' >>   /home/gemini/gemini/ipfs/index.gmiSep 18 13:39
schestowitzgit pull &&  git show | grep DaeSep 18 13:53
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Techrights-secI have just seen your push and I got the changes for ipfs, will deploy that soon and testSep 18 20:46
schestowitzI've just pushed again. Together with the monitor script, it can take (using curl or wget ) and then process them for concise overview. I run it locally on the file, from a lesser PC over ssh with refresh every 20 secsSep 18 20:50
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schestowitz 18 22:55
-TechrightsBN/ | DABUS: An AI inventor or the Emperor's New Clothes? - The IPKatSep 18 22:55
schestowitz"Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzIs your title a reference to the 1989 600-page brick "The Emperor's new mind" by Roger Penrose, or is it just a coincidence?Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzThe book seeks to provide an answer to the question "can computers have a mind?", by taking the reader on a breathtaking tour of modern mathematics and physics. The author's view, if I can summarize it, is that there is still something fundamental missing in understanding the nature of "strong AI".Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzI find this topic rather irksome, and I'm at a loss to understand what the petitioners are really after, or what harm they are actually suffering. In my view, at best they are some pedants tediously trying to make their point, and at worst they are hiding some sinister unavowable motives. The proper forum to settle these questions would be to petition democratically elected governments, rather than pushing their agenda, whatever it is, through Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzcourts, who would in the end make new law rather than "interpreting" existing statutes.Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzThis debate also ignores the historical origins of the right of the inventor to be named, which was a fight that lasted roughly six decades centered around 1900. In turn this raises questions about theories for justifying patents, which are rarely explicitly invoked. The classical bargain theory is already unsatisfactory, and would fail if the source of "innovation" is a non-sentient bucket of chips. (Advocates often hopscotch between theories Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzwithout even realising it.)Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzIn any case, one should be careful about what one wishes for: what is good for the goose should also apply to the gander. If the skilled person of Art. 56 EPC could be under some circumstances a multidisciplinary team, then why couldn't it be an AI system? Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzBack in the USSR, one Genrich Altshuller looked at countless patents to try to understand how inventors think, and came up with a systematic set of rules for solving technical problems. This came to be codified in a method called "TRIZ", which has a minor cult-like following. It is actually rather seductive, and is in my view a kind of generalised problem-solution approach. Very roughly, the analysis involves the identification of constraints Sep 18 22:55
schestowitzand contradictions in the problem statement, and lists rules suggesting which approach could be tried, such as "Do it inversely", "Change the state of the physical property.", or "Do it in advance." (from "Suddenly the inventor appeared", by Altshuller, 1994; other books, such as "Grundlagen der klassischen TRIZ" provide more elaborate tabulations)Sep 18 22:55
schestowitz"Sep 18 22:55
schestowitz 18 23:00
-TechrightsBN/ | DABUS: An AI inventor or the Emperor's New Clothes? - The IPKatSep 18 23:00
schestowitz"Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzIn my humble opinion you start from a wrong premise. You consider that AI “does create inventions, in the sense that its outputs would not have been obvious to a skilled person without the use of such a machine”.Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzThe problem is that any AI system cannot by essence do more than it has been told to do. And all the ambiguity results from this wrong premise. Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzIn that respect, I cannot imagine that “AI becomes better than humans at generating unforeseen results”.Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzThere is therefore no need to adapt the level of inventive step to match what would be obvious for an AI (or for a skilled person with the assistance of AI).Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzI cannot follow you when you express the fear that it “may become very much harder for a mere human to make a patentable invention”. Sep 18 23:00
schestowitzTo me the discussion on AI is highly academic and should remain in this field. Sep 18 23:00
schestowitz"Sep 18 23:00
schestowitz 18 23:01
-TechrightsBN/ | No "German injunction gap" expedition in Abbott v Dexcom global diabetes battle, as Mr Justice Mellor expresses "some regret" - The IPKatSep 18 23:01
schestowitz"My understanding is that the German system when it requires a "security" it is not a promise to pay but the actual amount has to be deposited at the court. This is of itself a significant issue as you lose all power in getting it back. This was some 10+ years ago so it may have changed. "Sep 18 23:01
schestowitz 18 23:01
-TechrightsBN/ | Book Review: Intellectual Property Law in China, 2nd Edition - The IPKatSep 18 23:01
schestowitz"Tian Lu wrote: "Those who are innovating and exploring modalities in the justice system do not shake China’s tradition of statutory law. The discourse in this book would have been more rigorous if the additional explanations above had been provided." But on the same page 9 the authors write "Chinese law is different from the Common Law tradition in that the decision of a higher court or even of the SPC does not bind the lower court (unlike Sep 18 23:01
schestowitzthe above-mentioned Interpretations), so that they may decide differently in a similar case." And then the reference is made to my editorial IP in China: Moving closer to the common law system for the sake of uniformity:|Sep 18 23:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds ( status 0 @| )Sep 18 23:01
activelow"AI" isn't an academic term; it is unspecific, and unscientific, quackerySep 18 23:06
activelowlacking a definition instead Turing proposed some shallow test a chatbot reproducing indistinguishable phrases from social media blather defined this term, which it doesn'tSep 18 23:09
activelowschestowitz: "Turing test" with the argument to verify what wasn't specified to begin with. it is tautological circular, usncientific and deceptive argument.Sep 18 23:10
schestowitz-TR2activelow: I agree HEY HI is  vagueSep 18 23:11
schestowitz-TR2they don't say SVMsSep 18 23:11
schestowitz-TR2or Neural networksSep 18 23:11
schestowitz-TR2they want to keep it broad and genericSep 18 23:11
activelowFor example, "AI" was evident when some script scraped of phrases from british yellow press, and then claiming "see this is innovative AI reproducing the intellect of british yellow press"Sep 18 23:11
schestowitz-TR2"hey hi" can be computer or just programSep 18 23:11
activelowof cause, it is indistinguishable, if some yellow press gossip was written realtime by an author or if it was scraped from some database of archived text samplesSep 18 23:13
activelow"Turing test", doesn't verify anythingSep 18 23:15
activelowin any case, a chatbot scrapes text samples, written by humans, and the algorithms to select phrases tooSep 18 23:16
activelow"AI" doesn't invent nor innovate, AI isn't at least identifiable, it isn't an objective term, it is a highly unspecific and abstract *concept*Sep 18 23:17
activelowwhich cannot be either proven or disproven to exist or notSep 18 23:17
activelowsince *concepts* do NOT qualify with existence, only objects doSep 18 23:17
activelowsuch as *time* as an abstract concept does not neither exist or not, it is only a watch to measure time which can either exist or notSep 18 23:18
activelowthen next, "AI" as an *abstract* and unspecific concept had to be verified for it's utility, if this concept could predict or model anything at all: no it cannot.Sep 18 23:19
activelowif algorithms (differential equation systems) are modeled according to natural brain function then this is objective, it can be qualified and quantified, such as layers of a (algorithmic) neural perceptronSep 18 23:20
activelow"AI" cannot be qualified or quantified, it is deceptive, harmful quackerySep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2it's all outlandish and infantile... hey hiSep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2we need to mock people who use the termSep 18 23:21
activelowschestowitz-TR2: are there any chatbots present on techrights IRC?Sep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2noSep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2not "hey hi"Sep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2the logic is very simpleSep 18 23:21
schestowitz-TR2like output of title of given urlSep 18 23:21
activelowordinary text processing, not implying some text parser is trivial (given the power of Perl regex for example)Sep 18 23:22
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schestowitz 18 23:37
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@mikenov: BA-LO-NEY! Phony Baloney! #NewAbwehr - #KGB #PoliticalWeapon in action! 18 23:37
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #TheNation ☞ There’s No Good Reason #FBI Director #ChrisWray Still Has a Job 18 23:37
schestowitz 18 23:37
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@glynmoody: "Truss scored particularly badly in a 2019 analysis by DeSmog and the Guardian of MPs’ votes on climate change, bei… 18 23:37
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@glynmoody: "Truss scored particularly badly in a 2019 analysis by DeSmog and the Guardian of MPs’ votes on climate change, bei… 18 23:37
schestowitz|""Truss scored particularly badly in a 2019 analysis by DeSmog and the Guardian of MPs’ votes on climate change, being present for 10 votes and voting positively in two."|Sep 18 23:37
schestowitz 18 23:38
-TechrightsBN/ | bremont Alfredo (@at2rty): "The world laughed when Biden dissed Australia’s PM as ‘that fella from Down Under,’ but to Aussies like me it’s no joke🤔😉 $The Prisoner: Season 1 Episode 1 - Arrival (Full Episode) via @YouTube" | nitterSep 18 23:38
schestowitz 18 23:39
-TechrightsBN/ | Σbob (@SigmaBob): "<bugger>Doesn't the NHS do that here?</bugger> I guess losing that is next on the books for the Tories. @JoeBiden" | nitterSep 18 23:39
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