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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Friday, March 19, 2021

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schestowitz__Re: Spare computer through xxxxxxxxxx Apr 2021Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> I've set up a spare computer which can be used to test the backups or,Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> more importantly, export from WordPress to a static site generator.  DoMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> you have a preference for static site generators?  The hardware can beMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> available through the xxxxxxxxxx of April, hard deadline.Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> That machine is at the same address and uses the same SSH key but is onMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> port xxxxxxxxxx.  Your password is in the file.  Let me know when you haveMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> changed it and then I can add you to sudoers.Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> The backups / database dumps as of this morning are present inMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> /home/xxxxxxx/ but that is an archive directory and new services shouldMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> not be set up in it.  I'd like to use more accounts for the variousMar 19 00:13
schestowitz__> services to ensure better privilege separation.Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__ cat pw.txt Mar 19 00:13
schestowitz__cat: pw.txt: Permission deniedMar 19 00:14
schestowitz__xxxxxxxxxx@devuan:~$ sudo suMar 19 00:14
schestowitz__We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local SystemMar 19 00:14
schestowitz__Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:Mar 19 00:14
schestowitz__:DMar 19 00:14
schestowitz__:DMar 19 00:14
schestowitz__I will squeeze in two extra parts between part 15 and epilogue in the Microsoft-EPO series. I will have more time to study the relevant documents during the weekend.Mar 19 00:28
schestowitz__We're currently fighting over infrastructure as Microsoft seems to be paying the "right" people... never been in such a volatile situation before. Never. Doing lots of diplomacy these days instead of research.Mar 19 00:28
*rianne_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Mar 19 12:10
*rianne__ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 19 12:10
schestowitz__MinceR: Mar 19 20:24
schestowitz__[20:24] <mjg59> What are you defining as bloat?Mar 19 20:24
MinceRno contextMar 19 20:25
schestowitz__yeahMar 19 20:26
schestowitz__no good for the channel, eitherMar 19 20:26
schestowitz__leading to fake sec advocacyMar 19 20:26
schestowitz__pro-NSA 'security'Mar 19 20:26

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