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schestowitzRe: Action in US SenateAug 20 00:19
schestowitzThanks for passing alone the screenshot. Yes, the Web is a mess and they encourage everyone to outsource "trust" to military-connected companies or CAs. More below.Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz> In your great video, you discuss Microsoft trying to force the use ofAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> DOCX by implementing a surcharge - the USPTO is getting rich extortingAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> inventors for Microsoft - and at 14;07 I noticed the quote below fromAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> canopic.jug.  I thought I would look that up, and found the link, and,Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz> when I went to the link, I got this "Your connection is not private"Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz> message.  Other <> links seem toAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> work.  Aug 20 00:19
schestowitzEither your browser force you to use https, which we do not officially support, or Google is messing about. This is an ongoing problem with the way today's monopolistic Web works. Look into gemini:// instead:Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz 20 00:19
-TechrightsBN/ | Legionella Control, Belfast, Water Testing & Tank Cleaning from TechRight Environmental, Northern IrelandAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> These things are always a bit of a mystery to me when they popAug 20 00:19
-TechrightsBN/ | Techrights on Gemini | TechrightsAug 20 00:19
schestowitz> up.  I'm using Chrome with DuckDuckGo, but I don't know if that matters.Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 00:19
schestowitz> Thought you would be interested in this.   Aug 20 00:19
schestowitzDuckDuckGo is not safe. See 20 00:19
-TechrightsBN/ | Why You Should Avoid DuckDuckGo (DDG) 2021 Edition, Now Microsoft-Hosted and With Extra Privacy Risks | TechrightsAug 20 00:19
schestowitzSorry for the disappoint, but more people need to be warned about DDG, which boils down to an expensive marketing scam.Aug 20 00:19
schestowitzRegards,Aug 20 00:19
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schestowitz2"Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzWhat's new in Kiwi Next?Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzNetworks and settings rememberedAug 20 06:18
schestowitzAll your settings and networks will be remembered for when you come back. You won't need to be re-entering your favourite networks every time you open Kiwi anymore.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzMobile and tablet supportAug 20 06:18
schestowitzNow that over 50% of internet usage is now on mobile, Kiwi has complete mobile support with new layouts and messages. Everything is accessible with just your fingers.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzEmbedded images and videosAug 20 06:18
schestowitzOpening photos and videos within Kiwi now gets pinned at the bottom of the screen. This lets you switch channels, keep talking without it going off-screen, and have that permenant youtube video playing while you're talking.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzZNC integrationAug 20 06:18
schestowitzWhen connecting to a ZNC server, Kiwi will now automatically detect it and look for any other networks in your ZNC account. If any are found then they are shown in a list - just one click away from connecting to it.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzAliases editorAug 20 06:18
schestowitzA full alias editor to create command aliases to handle users in your channel, administrate your network or project, or even join multiple commands into a single helpful command. Created by a simple text editor that lets you copy/paste/share your aliases wherever you please.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzRaw IRC powerAug 20 06:18
schestowitzIf you're a power IRC user or like to get indepth, Kiwi now uses the raw IRC protocol directly in the browser. Look at the raw IRC messages going back and forth, send raw commands, or use it's scripting to test out new protocol ideas and experiments.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitzThe most IRCv3 compliant open source web IRC clientAug 20 06:18
schestowitzIRC is being pushed forward by the IRCv3 working group which brings us new features that any IRC client can be using. Not only taking part, but Kiwi is one of the most IRCv3 complete web clients that exists.Aug 20 06:18
schestowitz"Aug 20 06:18
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schestowitzno need to write a blog post about it, afaik, but IO managed to fix a bunch of web-based IRC stuff, so we're a lot better off now :-)Aug 20 10:10
schestowitz"router maint; ssh will break but tmux will be ok; eta 30 min; "Aug 20 10:12
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schestowitzthis IRC channel has been stuck for hours, saying nothing after "router maint; ssh will break but tmux will be ok; eta 30 min; " I thought waiting longer would help, but I saw no further activity after that and could type nothing, hence ctrl+c'd itAug 20 12:27
schestowitz 20 12:42
-TechrightsBN/ | NO TITLEAug 20 12:42
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   This server is also part of the GIMPNet network,​ alsoAug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   known as As such you should respect theAug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   GNOME's Code of Conduct while participating in discussionsAug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   on any of the GNOME-​related channels:Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​ 20 12:42
schestowitz-​Aug 20 12:42
-TechrightsBN/ | Foundation/CodeOfConduct - GNOME Wiki!Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   A list of the most relevant GNOME channels and other generalAug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   information can be found at the following page:Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​ 20 12:42
schestowitz-​Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   The Network now supports nickname and channel registrations,​Aug 20 12:42
-TechrightsBN/ | GettingInTouch/IRC - GNOME Wiki!Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​   query NickServ,​ ChanServ (and issue the command 'help'),​ respectively.Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz-​ Aug 20 12:42
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:42
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Techrights-secAh.  THere was some writing today but it is gone now. Aug 20 13:56
schestowitz-TRbased on the tone I am guessing nothing too important. iirc, somewhere in system files the portions of ytalk streams can be foundAug 20 13:57
schestowitz-TRabout 10 times over the past 6 months, esp. after system updates, I checked if thunderbird let's me do pgp to  secondary address but no... still no fix. maybe v91 has a fix, but debian has not built it yetAug 20 13:58
Techrights-secI don't have v91 either but have heard a few mixed reviews of it.Aug 20 14:14
Techrights-sec$ apt-cache policy thunderbird | sed -n '1,3p'Aug 20 15:16
Techrights-secthunderbird:Aug 20 15:16
Techrights-sec  Installed: 1:78.11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.21.04.2Aug 20 15:16
Techrights-sec  Candidate: 1:78.11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.21.04.2Aug 20 15:16
schestowitz=Aug 20 15:46
schestowitzx 20 15:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Microsoft invests in Rubrik at reported $4B valuation to expand partnership - SiliconANGLEAug 20 15:46
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