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Techrights-secsmall changes pushed to Git.  Do you have a timeline for when we should Oct 20 08:42
Techrights-sectry re-scraping the site to rebuild the Gemini mirror?  I think  Oct 20 08:42
Techrights-secthere are still a few medium changes needed but not yet noticed.Oct 20 08:42
Techrights-secThe handling of self-linked images was modified today and that is one Oct 20 08:42
Techrights-secsuch example.Oct 20 08:42
schestowitz-TRIn the past this particular img style was rare, it became more common in the past year or so. Do you still have local copies of all the html of all posts or is another round of scraping needed?Oct 20 08:43
Techrights-secNo, very few, they took up space but if we re-scrape then I'll keep some on   Oct 20 08:46
Techrights-secthe back up drive(s).Oct 20 08:46
schestowitz-TRI am trying to think if in one fell swoop we can also make the site static, but we're far too dependent on WordPress workflows. Or maybe something else to be done with the dataset, such as IPFS?Oct 20 08:47
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Techrights-secIt'd be one way to have a static site: archive the old stuff by scraping onceOct 20 08:55
Techrights-secand then use Hugo or Pelican or similar for the new posts.  The consistencyOct 20 08:55
Techrights-secof page steucture provided by a static site generator is an asset.Oct 20 08:55
schestowitz-TRthink sort of 'aloud', even the gemini code depends on wordpress, not to mention bulletins etc.Oct 20 08:56
schestowitz-TR*thinkingOct 20 08:56
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Techrights-secYes, though it is mainly dependent on RSS and then having a perfect, consistentOct 20 08:59
Techrights-secstructure for each post.Oct 20 08:59
Techrights-secWordPress is just one means to set the content within a structure.Oct 20 09:11
Techrights-secThe old stuff won't change.  So I will scrape it again and keep the staticOct 20 09:22
Techrights-secHTML archived.Oct 20 09:22
Techrights-secI'll do 2006 - 2020.Oct 20 09:22
schestowitz-TRthe load would be on a server with loads of extra capacity, so no risk associated with it. That's also a bit of a site backup. Sometimes I wonder about associates files. For a long time now we've not backed up the file system (offsite).Oct 20 09:23
schestowitz-TRot (no need to reply): after 5 days I finally get to see a GP (this morning)Oct 20 09:23
Techrights-secI don't worry about the file system, beyond the dire need for a full upgrade,Oct 20 09:27
Techrights-secI do back up the data every day more or less.Oct 20 09:27
schestowitz-TRthat's very good and a relief to me. I always need to think from the perspective of, what if I vanish for whatever reason and can the data/info stay online for hard-working leakers who take risk?Oct 20 09:28
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schestowitz-TRfor comment or correction, draft about finland now in wordpressOct 20 13:12
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Techrights-secIs it ok to move the spam in the inbox to the spam subdirectory?Oct 20 18:40
Techrights-secThe messages are about 90% spam.Oct 20 18:40
schestowitz-TRwhich account?Oct 20 18:40 20 18:41
schestowitz-TRyes, a purge is longover due, but I think it's pop3 with "leave messages on server"?? Can't recall...Oct 20 18:41
Techrights-secI have a IMAPS connection leaving messages on the server.  AFAIK POP3 can't.Oct 20 18:42
schestowitz-TRthe spam can be thrown away; maybe at a later stage we'll find that account handy again, though I worry about email in general seeing where mozilla is going (probably coming up with ways to 'monetise' us)Oct 20 18:43
Techrights-secYes, Mozilla has removed mention of Thunderbird from the main part of itsOct 20 18:45
Techrights-secweb site and you have to know about it a priori to be able to search for itOct 20 18:45
Techrights-secin the search engines and thus find the official page.Oct 20 18:45
schestowitz-TRall they really needed to do was keep gecko up to date and leave the rest alone; they broke tons of extensions since Ryan got involved. Net gain naught.Oct 20 18:46
Techrights-secNegative gain from what I see.  They burn through lots of money but almostOct 20 18:55
Techrights-secnone of it is spent on software development or future advancement.Oct 20 18:55
Techrights-secGoogle wants them dead, but at a time of their (Google's) choosing and notOct 20 18:55
Techrights-seca minute earlier.  GMail has also turned to crap as have just about anythingOct 20 18:55
Techrights-secelse.  Self-hosting means ending up in the spam filter even if one ticks Oct 20 18:55
Techrights-secall the right boxes as far DMARC, DKIM, and SPF go.Oct 20 18:55
schestowitz-TRI want to remind you it was Baker who years ago (not as CEO) opwenly bashed email and said people were moOct 20 18:55
schestowitz-TRving in "gmaianyway (I think she did mention gmail)Oct 20 18:55
schestowitz-TRShe basically declared defeat when we were doing OK, reminds me of UFI 'secure boot' asnd OOXMLOct 20 18:55
Techrights-secI don't remember but it's not a surprise.  M$ offers "Outlook" but that's a Oct 20 18:56
Techrights-secmail loss system not functional other than for plausible deniability.Oct 20 18:56
Techrights-secYes, I recall also with the browser snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.Oct 20 18:56
Techrights-secHow is she benifitting Mozilla that she is worth ~ $3 million per year?Oct 20 18:56
schestowitz-TRno, wait, she netgs this money from GoogleOct 20 18:56
schestowitz-TRand then writes blog posts defending he true paymasterOct 20 18:56
schestowitz-TR*herOct 20 18:56
Techrights-secYep.  It also looks like she deepens the dependence on Google rather thanOct 20 18:58
Techrights-secworking towards independence.  It will allow Google to capture the 'market' forOct 20 18:58
Techrights-sece-mail eventually.  Facebook is against e-mail. M$ is against e-mail.  Oct 20 18:58
Techrights-secGoogle is against e-mail.  Several small players like Slack(tm) are alsoOct 20 18:58
Techrights-secpropagandizing against it.  Oct 20 18:58
schestowitz-TRDiscord, yay!Oct 20 18:58
Techrights-secMozilla started to die when it took on enough bad people to kick out Oct 20 19:03
Techrights-secthe CTO / CEO over DRM.  The rest of  the noise was just a distraction.Oct 20 19:03
Techrights-secold: 20 19:03
-TechrightsBN/ | Mozilla laid off 250 people, and the company overhaul is just beginning - Protocol โ€” The people, power and politics of techOct 20 19:03
schestowitz-TRyesterday I joked with DaemonFC that if they wish to loser users REAL fast now they'd blog something -- anything -- about vaccine mandatesOct 20 19:03
schestowitz-TR*to loseOct 20 19:03
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