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schestowitz                                                                                       │·····························································Apr 21 05:18
schestowitznetwork maintenance (router) in a bitApr 21 05:18
schestowitzAfter that you said additional things, but they no longer you up and it's like it rolled back a bit, now showing them in a session that I cannot write into, so something may have gone wrong and many I have missed further updates, tooApr 21 05:19
schestowitz"Apr 21 06:48
schestowitzNotice on Molly de BlancApr 21 06:48
schestowitzDear Dr. Roy,Apr 21 06:48
schestowitzThis copy goes also to xxxxxx, a researcher who gave me someApr 21 06:48
schestowitzindications related to Molly de Blanc.Apr 21 06:48
schestowitz"Apr 21 06:48
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schestowitzAs xxxxxxx pointed out, she used email address on that GithubApr 21 06:59
schestowitzletter. However, Jennifer Mcgowan answered from 21 06:59
schestowitzDate: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 11:29:38 -0400Apr 21 06:59
schestowitzFrom: Jennifer McGowan <>Apr 21 06:59
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schestowitzCc: Trademarks <>Apr 21 06:59
schestowitzSubject: Re: Molly de Blanc harassment and cyberbullyingApr 21 06:59
schestowitzDear xxxxxxxxxxx,Apr 21 07:00
schestowitzThank you for reaching out. Molly de Blanc is not an edX employee, and herApr 21 07:00
schestowitzprior email address is not active. We have taken steps to address this.Apr 21 07:00
schestowitzBest regards,Apr 21 07:00
schestowitzJenniferApr 21 07:00
schestowitz"She uses sex to infiltrate organizations." [Editor's note: not clear if that refers to gender/diversity factor, e.g. gender-balancing or her secret relationship with a Debian Project Leader)Apr 21 07:01
schestowitz>> I think that it would be worth putting it into the timeline, as I haveApr 21 07:01
schestowitz>> seen pattern of false representations.Apr 21 07:01
schestowitz>Apr 21 07:01
schestowitz> It is important to find facts and photos to back this up.Apr 21 07:01
schestowitzDid we not find it? is one, FSF, OSI, Debian project, did youApr 21 07:01
schestowitzwatch the video? So far I know she is nobody in Debian Project at thisApr 21 07:01
schestowitztime, neither was she something special, but she writes she is.Apr 21 07:01
schestowitz> At FSF, Molly's boss was John Sullivan who is a Debian Developer.  AtApr 21 07:01
schestowitz> GNOME her boss is Neil McGovern, another Debian Developer.  Did John orApr 21 07:01
schestowitz> Neil know about Molly's relationship with Chris Lamb?  Did they give herApr 21 07:01
schestowitz> money to travel to events with her boyfriend?  Do they have conflicts ofApr 21 07:01
schestowitz> interest being members of Debian and other organizations?Apr 21 07:01
schestowitzI see there conflict of interests, as FSF does not endorse Debian, butApr 21 07:01
schestowitzDebian developer works in FSF, is not quite straight.Apr 21 07:01
schestowitzPocock (not quote above) said this to somebody:Apr 21 07:03
schestowitz"Her Debian Developer title was granted to her when she was dating ChrisApr 21 07:03
schestowitzLamb.  He was the Debian Project Leader.  He gave her the title and heApr 21 07:03
schestowitzgave her Debian's formal endorsement to be the candidate for the OSIApr 21 07:03
schestowitzboard.  This helped her become OSI president.Apr 21 07:03
schestowitz"She seems to have influence using personal connections in someApr 21 07:03
schestowitzorganizations, for example, I think she is involved in censoring myApr 21 07:03
schestowitzemail address from the LibrePlanet and GNU mailing lists.  Now I have toApr 21 07:03
schestowitzCC people every time I send a message."Apr 21 07:03
schestowitzMy source is actually people in GNUApr 21 07:03
schestowitzthey're really unhappy about the hate letterApr 21 07:03
schestowitzPocock said to one of them:Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"It is important to put it in terms that professional women respect, for example "she had romantic conflicts of interest"Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"If people think it is a debate about her love life or her body then theyApr 21 07:04
schestowitzwill have sympathy for her.Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz> I think that it would be worth putting it into the timeline, as I haveApr 21 07:04
schestowitz> seen pattern of false representations.Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"It is important to find facts and photos to back this up.Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"For example, how many times were Chris Lamb and Molly de Blanc at the same conference?Apr 21 07:04
schestowitzWhen did Chris Lamb approve travel payments for Molly de Blanc using Debian money?Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"At FSF, Molly's boss was John Sullivan who is a Debian Developer.  At GNOME her boss is Neil McGovern, another Debian Developer.  Did John or Neil know about Molly's relationship with Chris Lamb?  Did they give her money to travel to events with her boyfriend?  Do they have conflicts of interest being members of Debian and other organizations?Apr 21 07:04
schestowitz"If anybody asks these questions on debian-project they will be immediately censored.  The Debian Social Contract, point #3 says they will not hide problems."Apr 21 07:04
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schestowitz <li>Apr 21 09:13
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">Interview with Michael Lucas *BSD, Unix, IT and other books author</a></h5>Apr 21 09:13
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Apr 21 09:13
schestowitz                    <p>WApr 21 09:13
-TechrightsBN/ | Interview with Abhinav Upadhyay, NetBSD and FOSS developer - nixCraftApr 21 09:13
schestowitzriters do not make their living writing books. We create and license intellectual [sic] property [sic]. Ignorance of copyright is rife throughout both writing and open source folks. I’ve given up discussing copyright with technology folks, because the misconceptions are so broadly and deeply entrenched. If you’re making your living with words, though, you must understand copyright. For folks in the US, I recommend Nolo Press’ Apr 21 09:14
schestowitzCopyright Handbook. Much of that book is also relevant globally, but there might be local equivalents.</p></blockquote></li>Apr 21 09:14
schestowitzx 21 11:19
-TechrightsBN/ | Why Xinjiang is Emerging as the Epicenter of the U.S. Cold War on China - CounterPunch.orgApr 21 11:19
schestowitz# what about 70 years of genocide against Tibet?  Oh, wait, Tibetans Apr 21 11:19
schestowitz# unlike another group do not have a social control media presenceApr 21 11:19
schestowitz> That message was from two days ago, so little was added since.Apr 21 18:00
schestowitz> Apr 21 18:00
schestowitz> Can we test both SIP and Mumble sometime soon?  We don't have to talkApr 21 18:00
schestowitz> long, just establish that we can connect using those methods if needed.Apr 21 18:00
schestowitz> Apr 21 18:00
schestowitz> It's been a while since we've tested SIP.Apr 21 18:00
schestowitzI am going to give that a go tonight, catching up with the weird attack on the DB at the moment.Apr 21 18:00
schestowitzGlad not much was missed in ytalk.Apr 21 18:00
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schestowitzOn 15 December 2020, 1.448 employees representing 22,6% of all staff participated in a strike. It is the highest result of an industrial action since 2016 and a clear signal to the President that there is room for improvement in terms of social peace.Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzIn the January 2021 salary slip, the Office deducted 1/20th of a monthly’s salary for a whole day of strike (instead of 1/30th) or 1/40th for half a day of strike (instead of 1/60th). The excessive strike deductions are already the subject of complaints which are pending in front of the Tribunal.Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzIn an open letter to Mr Campinos on 28 January 2021, SUEPO has requested a confirmation that the outcome of the judgment will apply to all staff who went on strike since the new strike regulations were put in place, namely since 1 July 2013. In his reply of 24 February 2021, Mr Campinos wrote that “the Office considers it not opportune to make any commitment at this stage and prefers to await the Tribunal’s judgements on the Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzpending cases”.Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzTherefore, in order to safeguard their rights, affected staff members must challenge the excessive strike deductions by filing a request for review at the latest on 25 April 2021 as follows:Apr 21 23:02
schestowitz    Fill in the Word template with your personal data and date on the first page and your signature on the last page,Apr 21 23:02
schestowitz    Convert the filled in RfR into a PDF,Apr 21 23:02
schestowitz    Retrieve your salary slip of January 2021 from MyFips (MyFips -> Salaries and Allowances -> Salary slip)Apr 21 23:02
schestowitz    Send your filled in RfR PDF together with your salary slip by email AND the annex CA/D 5/13 with request for acknowledgment of receipt to managementreview@epo.orgApr 21 23:02
schestowitzPlease keep a copy of the email you sent and of the PDFs in your paper archives and electronic archives. These documents will be necessary later for filing an internal appeal and for filing a complaint in front of ILOAT.Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzA decision from the President is then due two months after filing the request for review. In case of a rejection, you will then have three months to file an internal appeal.Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzSincerely yours,Apr 21 23:02
schestowitzYour SUEPO CommitteeApr 21 23:02
schestowitzChallenging excessive strike deductions in 2021: Request for review -> DEADLINE 25 APRIL Apr 21 23:02

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