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schestowitz-TRIn case it is an FS thing, I've checkeded the video dir for zero-size files and nothing thereApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRnow I test TM backups on TR Apr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRthe one for apr 19 returned an error, 16 also, 17 OK, 15 not OK (gunzip fails), 13, 14, 20 alsoApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRdamagedApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TR"invalid compressed data--format violated"Apr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRon TM:/home/boycottn I can gunzip the fole OK  Apr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRI am now testing TR wordpress backupApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TR20/04 fails, (same error as for TM gunzip), 19/04 fails also, 18/04 works OK, 8gb not compressed,Apr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TR17 fails, 16 fails, 15 fails, 14 (oldest) fdails alsoApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRso of all the backups only 18-04 iis usable for TR wordpress, I checked head and tail of the dump tooApr 21 00:34
schestowitz-TRin /var/log/messages I see nothing of interest. with wiki db dump, gunzip ok with 20-04,19-04, NOT 18-04,Apr 21 00:40
schestowitz-TR17 through 14-04 are all OK. AFAIK, we never properly tested any of the backup on this new server untilApr 21 00:40
schestowitz-TRthis month, so maybe gzip running so fast on many cores leads to it? I'm only guessing. Best check/safeApr 21 00:40
schestowitz-TRthan be sorry later.Apr 21 00:40
schestowitz-TRdrupaldatabase is a lot smaller, 14,18, and 20 fail to gunzip, the rest are OKApr 21 00:45
schestowitz-TRI've tested the hypothesis this is an old issue, undetected until nowApr 21 01:03
schestowitz-TRI tried to uncopmpress 5 files (one 2022, 2 2021, 2 from 2020) and they all worked fineApr 21 01:03
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Techrights-secwe do have the temporary machine to test backups on for a few more daysApr 21 09:38
Techrights-secwhois $(host 2>&1 | awk '/address/ {print $4; exit}') | grep "^Org"Apr 21 09:38
Techrights-sec:(Apr 21 09:38
Techrights-secAFAIK a recent changeApr 21 09:38
Techrights-secackApr 21 09:38
schestowitz-TRwoke up afteer belated easter restApr 21 09:38
schestowitz-TRwill catch up here shortlyApr 21 09:38
schestowitz-TRwant to post some links, catch up with irc, and gemini firstApr 21 09:38
schestowitz-TROK, I am ready nowApr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TRchecking itwireApr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TRI don't have whois installed and prefer to minimise number of new packagesApr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TRwhat does the output show?Apr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TRAlso:Apr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TR1) did you see the gemni ling about long covid and tasteApr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TR2) i suspect the gif meme issue might be a coincidence or it could be anyone, but I assured myself it's a sole caseeApr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TR3) after (2) I decided to revisit a week-old issue we forgot about with gunzip, I reckon the dumps are fine, Apr 21 09:42
schestowitz-TRcompressing them is the issueApr 21 09:42
Techrights-sectry here, it's installedApr 21 09:46
Techrights-sec1) not yetApr 21 09:46
Techrights-sec2) ??Apr 21 09:46
Techrights-sec3) strange that gzip is not reliable  Apr 21 09:46
Techrights-secport xxxxxxxApr 21 09:50
Techrights-secno, but I can guess at what it says about symptoms Apr 21 09:50
Techrights-sec 21 09:50
Techrights-sec:/Apr 21 09:50
-TechrightsBN/ | Long COVID: Loss of smell or taste | Long-term effects of COVID-19Apr 21 09:50
Techrights-sec 21 09:54
-TechrightsBN/ | Persisting olfactory dysfunction in post-COVID-19 is associated with gustatory impairment: Results from chemosensitive testing eight months after the acute infectionApr 21 09:54
schestowitz-TR "The horrible virus has done my tastebuds in. This is *deeply* annoying and frustrating for me. If I try and eat meat or some formsApr 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRof citrus then it tastes of cigarettes." gemini:// 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRI'm connected to the server (test), I see it's public_html only, was about to test gunzip on older backupsApr 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRI choose to think that the gif file becoming empty was an accident, at worse vandalism, at worst 'inside job' (LF)Apr 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRbut the gunzip think seems to be older, it's just that we noticed it thanks [sic] to the TM incidentApr 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRand last night I realised it was also affecting TR backupsApr 21 09:56
schestowitz-TRtesting the 3 TR backups from last night with gunzip, just out of curiousityApr 21 10:00
schestowitz-TRtbh, if one in two works OK, then we might be 'safe', but this is not the way it shoudld workApr 21 10:00
schestowitz-TRand I saw no system level warnings that should suggest file system level problemsApr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TROK, wordpress dump from this morning works OKApr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TRi did head and tail on it tooApr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TRit's 7.8gbApr 21 10:01
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schestowitz-TRthis morning's drupal DB is 'bad' (rather, the gz file)Apr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TRwiki is OKApr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TRwiki OK for 2 mornings in a row now, 1.1gb uncompressedApr 21 10:01
Techrights-secackApr 21 10:01
Techrights-secreading gemini link atmApr 21 10:01
Techrights-secyes I've not unpacked much more than thatApr 21 10:01
Techrights-secI'm doing backups again atm and will test the compression in about 20 to 30Apr 21 10:01
Techrights-secminutesApr 21 10:01
Techrights-sectroublingApr 21 10:01
Techrights-seccould a disk be going bad?  Apr 21 10:01
schestowitz-TRthat's what I'd like to knowApr 21 10:02
schestowitz-TRbut other than that meme file becoming zero sized with system datastamp not changedApr 21 10:02
schestowitz-TRI did not notice any other problemApr 21 10:02
schestowitz-TRalso, all the video checksums are always OKApr 21 10:02
schestowitz-TRTM and TR are on the same physical hostApr 21 10:11
schestowitz-TROn TM, last night I attempted to gunzip ther single singhly dumpApr 21 10:11
schestowitz-TRit waent OK and one minute ago I did this morning's dump too. it went OK.Apr 21 10:11
schestowitz-TRI'm willing to not write anything for a while just to ensure we test our backups and don't lose site filesApr 21 10:11
schestowitz-TRother than the meme mystery I could not see any other issue, but you might want to run a seatch for zero-sized filesApr 21 10:11
schestowitz-TRnot sure if awk is needed, I think bash and fnd can doApr 21 10:11
Techrights-secfind can do  itApr 21 10:22
Techrights-secfind /path/ -type f -size 0c -printApr 21 10:22
schestowitz-TRdo you want to run that or should I?Apr 21 10:23
schestowitz-TRLike I said, assuming vandalism, even echo '' > fileApr 21 10:23
schestowitz-TRthe time stamp on that empty file would be changedApr 21 10:23
Techrights-secwhich path?Apr 21 10:24
Techrights-sec yes in most, but not all, casesApr 21 10:24
schestowitz-TRlet's try the whole user ~ Apr 21 10:25
schestowitz-TRsee if we can find a pattern of interestApr 21 10:25
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Techrights-secok I will run it, I suppost ionice should be used with itApr 21 10:29
Techrights-secsee /tmp/find.logApr 21 10:29
schestowitz-TRthanks, looking....Apr 21 10:29
schestowitz-TRi Apr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRso far it looks OKApr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRthe VID files I think I uploaded temporarily there and later flushed themApr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRthe rest are things like locks (so far)Apr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRwe need to back up root /root  sometimesApr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRnothing critical there, but if lost, we'd have to restore stuff from thereApr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRsome of it is ancient (>10 years ago)Apr 21 10:38
schestowitz-TRI see two "other links" empty, but that's probably by designApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TREOF :-)Apr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TROK, much of that I can justify as "yes, makes sense"Apr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRthe file that I saw empty yesterday I still suspect was rubbed offApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRmaybe by someone who did not like the memeApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRbut the guzip thing was VERY VERY important to the bottom of regardlessApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRmaybe guzip ~/archive/*.gzApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRto see what's the "earliest" bad GZ fileApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRif you have a copy of that offlineApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRor just -t for testingApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRwhich I guess I could do on the live server?Apr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRremember: THIS IS MY LIFE'S and SUSAN's and RIANNE'S work, inc. on holidaysApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRand although we're not a "BANK" this data will need to be secured for history's sakeApr 21 10:39
schestowitz-TRwe don't have a bank's budget, but see what happened to Groklaw just a few years down the lineApr 21 10:39
Techrights-secokApr 21 10:40
Techrights-secyes those were probably days when the old file was appened instead of theApr 21 10:40
Techrights-secnew file; the new work flow reduces the likelihood of thatApr 21 10:40
Techrights-secwhich GIF?Apr 21 10:40
schestowitz-TRre the gif file, see what I wrote last night and then pasted again an hour agoApr 21 10:40
Techrights-secremember the -c option Apr 21 10:41
Techrights-secyes I will try with the offline copyApr 21 10:41
Techrights-secbest not to mess with the live copyApr 21 10:41
Techrights-seceither way it will be slow; processing ...Apr 21 10:41
Techrights-secyesApr 21 10:41
Techrights-secgroklaw made some mistakes (perhaps intentionally) regarding conversionApr 21 10:42
Techrights-secto a static siteApr 21 10:42
Techrights-secI don't have the scroll back and did not notice a URL for a GIF either timeApr 21 10:42
Techrights-secor a pathApr 21 10:42
Techrights-secackApr 21 10:46
schestowitz-TRlet's leave that aside, suppose the file system is OKApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRI did some gulagwandering for forums re gzip/gunzipApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRassuming maybe the hardware itself can damage the integrity of the archiveApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRbecause, afaik, since moving to this server we never had to restart a DBApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRuntil this monthApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRif we find some bad archives from 2021, then we know it's not a new issueApr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRand predates thec change of physical media in February (IIRC)Apr 21 10:55
schestowitz-TRI mean, restore a DB, not restart a DBApr 21 10:56
schestowitz-TRbut we rarely had to restart the DB as well, since the DBs got moved to a container of their ownApr 21 10:56
Techrights-secthere is also the question of LXC, I don't know how experimental it isApr 21 10:57
Techrights-secIt will take a while longer to finish the regular backups and then Apr 21 10:57
Techrights-secrun gunzip -c on the files Apr 21 10:57
Techrights-secackApr 21 10:57
schestowitz-TRI guess that I should be relieved that as a side effect of this mishap/incident we're made to lookApr 21 11:01
schestowitz-TRclosely into a real issue, and moreover do some sanity checksApr 21 11:01
schestowitz-TRthere were some blessings in disguide lately, like finding out about obs studio due to noisetorch/kde neon woesApr 21 11:01
schestowitz-TRand distributing tuxmachines DB dumbs across 12-hour intervansl, among other thingsApr 21 11:01
schestowitz-TRas I said, writing new nmaterial is far less important than assuring the integrity of masses of old materialApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRnot many sites can last this long in an age with a "long term support" is just 5 yearsApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRand media shifting, host shifting etc. is routinely requiredApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRwe already moved this setup a lot, 2 moved (or 3 including initial) under this hostApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRplus a migration to another physical drive, jyst months agoApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRthgis is 'the fun' of 'IT'Apr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TRimagine other disciplines being so volatilApr 21 11:02
schestowitz-TR*volatileApr 21 11:04
schestowitz-TRthis will have ramifications on a professional and personal levelApr 21 11:04
schestowitz-TRalready you hear of tons ofm people who "lose all their photosApr 21 11:04
schestowitz-TRstolen pphone, bad driver, "clown" shutdown (apropos isteon(TM))Apr 21 11:04
schestowitz-TRso by pushing people off physical firm you assure they're forgotten fast Apr 21 11:04
schestowitz-TR*physical filmApr 21 11:04
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Techrights-secyesApr 21 11:05
Techrights-secthere are interests which benefit from the chaos and churn howeverApr 21 11:05
Techrights-sec(on a general level, globally)Apr 21 11:05
schestowitz-TRthey should transform the NSA into "photo restortation services Inc."Apr 21 11:07
schestowitz-TRfinally some positive use for these drift nets of dataApr 21 11:07
schestowitz-TR(I have millions of files on my external drives, some are backups for relatives too, like a "vault" of sorts)Apr 21 11:07
schestowitz-TR(every x years the ccaapcity doubles and the "old" drive can be copied into the new, with spare space leftr)Apr 21 11:07
Techrights-sec:/ it is probably all there in UtahApr 21 11:09
schestowitz-TR3 years ago it added the 'assange file' to it collectiobs Apr 21 11:10
schestowitz-TRsent from londonApr 21 11:10
Techrights-secyes though even on normal drives, bits can flip for no good reasonApr 21 11:11
Techrights-secthus the work on OpenZFS and BtrFS in that regardsApr 21 11:11
schestowitz-TRmicrosoft, oracleApr 21 11:13
schestowitz-TRnot much for them to gain from data integrityApr 21 11:13
schestowitz-TRtoo busy w/ graftApr 21 11:13
schestowitz-TRthen coverupApr 21 11:13
Techrights-seclooking at the backups, some recent backups have not been gzippedApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secdrupaldatabase-20220419.dumpApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secwikidatabase-20220420.dumpApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secwikidatabase-20220421.dumpApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secwordpressdatabase-20220421.dumpApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secif not also some othersApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secthey should remaain gzipped, the program has a -cc option to avoidApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secaffecting the file itself while decompressingApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secthe backup drive on this end does not have infinite free spaceApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secand mysql dumps compress nicely, when they are not corruptedApr 21 11:17
Techrights-secnp Apr 21 11:18
Techrights-secok, rerunning the backupApr 21 11:18
schestowitz-TRthis is me 'testing' themApr 21 11:18
schestowitz-TRsorry about that, yes, I did delete some "bad" files afterwardsApr 21 11:18
schestowitz-TRI think that only for TM the on-server stack of backups goes years backApr 21 11:18
Techrights-secApr 19 still is uncompressed in the cache on TRApr 21 11:20
schestowitz-TRI have deleted it since because this morning's (21) deflated OKApr 21 11:20
schestowitz-TRfor this past week, the wordpress backups were mostly 'bad' (the GZ files were)Apr 21 11:20
schestowitz-TRit is a bit scary to think that we can go on for almost a week if not weeks without a working DB dumpApr 21 11:20
schestowitz-TRto recover from if neededApr 21 11:20
Techrights-secI will compress these on TR:Apr 21 11:28
Techrights-sec /home/boycottn/drupaldatabase-20220419.dumpApr 21 11:28
Techrights-sec /home/boycottn/wikidatabase-20220420.dumpApr 21 11:28
Techrights-sec /home/boycottn/wikidatabase-20220421.dumpApr 21 11:28
Techrights-sec /home/boycottn/wordpressdatabase-20220421.dumpApr 21 11:28
Techrights-secyes, but it is more scary to think about the filesystem or the Apr 21 11:28
Techrights-secobsolete, defunct operating systemApr 21 11:28
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schestowitz-TRyes, I tested this one last night and many more tooApr 21 11:47
schestowitz-TRfor 21 it's OK, also on the local (TM) machineApr 21 11:47
schestowitz-TRor ratther, that one alone is OK, today at 5pm we'll see if the remote too is OKApr 21 11:47
schestowitz-TRwhat I'd like to know is, when did we start getting bad dumps and whyApr 21 11:47
schestowitz-TRI did not sleep well because of thisApr 21 11:47
Techrights-secok rsyncing files to the local drive ...Apr 21 11:47
Techrights-secgzip: tm-db-20220420.dump.gz: invalid compressed data--format violatedApr 21 11:47
Techrights-sec:(Apr 21 11:47
Techrights-secgzip: tm-db-20220419.dump.gz: invalid compressed data--format violatedApr 21 11:47
Techrights-secok it the next dump will be at 20:12 or so, server timeApr 21 11:47
Techrights-secagreed. it is an important questionApr 21 11:47
schestowitz-TRwhat we do know it that it predates the issues we had on the tuxmachines web siteApr 21 11:48
schestowitz-TRbecause we checked dumps going a week prior to itApr 21 11:49
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Techrights-sec 21 11:51
Techrights-secprobably not relevant but indicative of a need to upgradeApr 21 11:51
Techrights-sectm-db-20220418.dump.gz is okApr 21 11:51
-TechrightsBN/ | CVE-2022-1271Apr 21 11:51
Techrights-secyesApr 21 12:03
schestowitz-TRrianne is posting in TM nowApr 21 12:09
schestowitz-TRI will try to focus not on posts today but more pressing stuffApr 21 12:09
schestowitz-TRanyway, one slow week in two decades is not a big dealApr 21 12:09
schestowitz-TRthere's a lack of important news anyhow (not just in software)Apr 21 12:09
schestowitz-TRseems like it was a lot more dynamic 10+ years agoApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRnot latest android, or apps, or clown... the industry is stagnating for sureApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRthere is nothing exciting in the new release of ubuntuApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRand vista * became a shoddy, restrictive "apps" and "advertisiing" (spying) platformApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRyou merely rent to be usedApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRwhen you give "the people" very shoddy tools (phone and apps) their ability to organiseApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRand make meaningful change ism impeded greratlyApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRand centralisation means you can 'switch people off'Apr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRlike therew was remorse 'up there' about giving peopple too much power and autonomyApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRand now it is hip to have spy home ("smart") and rent culture in spotify/netflixApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TRand sharing something with neighbours is like terrorismApr 21 12:10
Techrights-secthere are only a small fraction of people at work as tech journalists Apr 21 12:10
Techrights-secnowadays compared to even 10 years ago and of those that remain, mostApr 21 12:10
Techrights-secare on the payroll of m$ directly or indirectlyApr 21 12:10
Techrights-sectm-db-20220417.dump.gz is okApr 21 12:10
Techrights-sectheir general productivity goes down and they have to struggle to stayApr 21 12:10
Techrights-secafloatApr 21 12:10
schestowitz-TR[10:21] <techrights-news> "The UK has an obligation not to send any person to a place where their life or safety is at risk and the gApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRovernment must not abdicate that responsibility.",-seApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRnt-to-home-sec-for-approval.html | Source: IT Wire (sadly, this site was outsourced to Microsoft criminals)Apr 21 12:14
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @,-se )Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRI wonderApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TR1) what this means to work tools of Sam  (Email 'collaborationApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TR2) pressure from above, inc. "suggestions" of topics to coverApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRHis "sauce" blog had its rss feed break many times over the yearsApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRthey used mambo, then joomla iircApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRtheir site is technically quite a messApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRsometimes very slow, sometimes clownflare, sometimes JS a mustApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRstan beer left and now there's some guy I never heard of Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRtheir home it to make a profit by some ads, job ads, and puff piecesApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRsam is not very technical, but he always had a big mouth and was non-conformistApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRwe used to chat a lot behind the scenesApr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRhe did get told off my management, iirc, to the point where they removed some Apr 21 12:14
schestowitz-TRof his articlesApr 21 12:14
Techrights-secchecking all the gzipped dumps stored here will take a whileApr 21 12:15
Techrights-secwell the seem to have given him a stout kick in the ass with this recent moveApr 21 12:15
Techrights-sec"change the system  from within" is at best appeasement, which ...  Apr 21 12:19
Techrights-secackApr 21 12:19
schestowitz-TRyou know, I always laughed at this whole "change the system from within"Apr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRunless you are an evil mole like elopApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRaral balkan joked about greta thunberg joining exxonApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRor the people joining the army to reform it... as if they couldApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRnow, in sam's case, he has always worked alongside very troublesome colleaguesApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRmany vanished, I still remember some namesApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRsome are microsoft boosters in other sites nowApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRe.g. dave winder in forbesApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRsam stayed there very longApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRwhitney webb started her own blog late Apr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRchris hedges is having his work purgedApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRfirst truthdigApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRand now gulagtubeApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRthere's a lesson to be learned from all this, but if you don't teach people basic technical skillsApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRtheir blog will collpase at some point and data will be lostApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRthat goes back to the point I made above ^^ about keeping people powerlessApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRdis-empowering people for collectiuve control over themApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRinc. journalistsApr 21 12:20
schestowitz-TRsorry to go on a tangent here, but I do think the nature of our hosting (OS upgrade due) gives us high poitentialApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRand advantage, both for TM and TRApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRphoronix has contraints to do with cost, e.g. electric billsApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRother sites need to hire expensive tech support to keep goingApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRwe have one such client with SLA at workApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRthey are activvists for human rightsApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRbut must get support contracts for the tech sideApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRLXer linked to pro-Microsoft article yesterdayApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRthey linked to us days ago (as noted today), the traffic they bring these days is minusculeApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRlike x10 less than 10-15 years agoApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRLinux Today the sameApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRbut at the same time social control media becames only/mostly politics/gossip, by intention (to "look big")Apr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRright now we attract sources and whistleblowers simply because they have nowhere else to turnApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TRsome got censored elsewhere, e.g. Medium vs LewisApr 21 12:25
schestowitz-TREPO has muzzled even its own union using threatsApr 21 12:25
Techrights-seccosts tend to increase pressure even when they are meetableApr 21 12:26
Techrights-secI've stopped reading LXer long ago.Apr 21 12:26
Techrights-secIt's not like they have anything interesting with great frequency any moreApr 21 12:26
Techrights-secthe worst is so-called and formeer journalist pretending that social controlApr 21 12:26
Techrights-secmedia is a source of informationApr 21 12:26
schestowitz-TROne has to self-censor a lot when copies go to Twitter  Apr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRthat applied to me too, more so after some sanctionsApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRwhich were not even for the most "strong" or "controversial" opinionsApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRmostly things to do with Bill and Big PharmaApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRwhen I got off all these platforms the tone changed because I didn't haveApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRto justify myself to moderatorsApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRso all these former journalists, as RMS might say (citing Chomsky actually; he told this to me in Oxford),Apr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRare limited to a very narrow range of permissible viewsApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRanything outside the Twitter spectrum is outlandish and puts your very existence at triskApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TR*riskApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRthe media promotes this idea that Twitter will be "safe" (for now) so long as you are Apr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRnow some GOPKKK politician or David Ike or some other butApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TR*butApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TR> nut Apr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRbut the broom goes further and further each yearApr 21 12:30
schestowitz-TRpolitician get paid not to tweet but to read law and assess what they are doingApr 21 12:33
schestowitz-TRunlike the public which is already over-occupied 9-5+ commute+kids etc.Apr 21 12:33
schestowitz-TRI give much credit to people who all along saw that social control media was Apr 21 12:33
schestowitz-TRharmful short-term gratification like smokingApr 21 12:33
schestowitz-TRall this "social" stuff goes up in spokeApr 21 12:33
schestowitz-TRlike did, not even many years after it was "talk of the town"Apr 21 12:33
Techrights-secHow are they able to get so much leverage over the union(s) without turncoatsApr 21 12:36
Techrights-secwithin?Apr 21 12:36
Techrights-secyes twittier is one means "they" use to shift the overton window on a greatApr 21 12:36
Techrights-secmany topicsApr 21 12:36
Techrights-sec 21 12:36
-TechrightsBN/ | How the Politically Unthinkable Can Become Mainstream - The New York TimesApr 21 12:36
Techrights-secexcept they do the opposite nowApr 21 12:36
Techrights-sec 21 12:36
-TechrightsBN/ | The Overton Window – Mackinac CenterApr 21 12:36
Techrights-secdigg sucked from day one; it always blocked and hid anything and everything Apr 21 12:36
Techrights-secrelated to both OpenDocument Format and open standards at a time when Apr 21 12:36
Techrights-secboth were otherwise being discussed across the industryApr 21 12:36
schestowitz-TRI could do a TR search on this topic as we did cover how Digg and others had covered -- or had not -- ODFApr 21 12:38
schestowitz-TRyou would struggle these days to explain to people what the site was, who was there, what was discussed etc. Apr 21 12:38
schestowitz-TRI put an online copy of all my submissions thereApr 21 12:38
schestowitz-TRabout 10k of them iircApr 21 12:38
schestowitz-TRI also left about 13k commentsApr 21 12:38
schestowitz-TRall are gone nowApr 21 12:38
Techrights-secit was a badly biased site, though perhaps not as bad as conde nast's redditApr 21 12:39
schestowitz-TRthe bias if the business modeApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TR*modelApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRmany accused it of being very pro-appleApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRmaybe because of the co-foundersApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRbut it was also far too soft on microsoftApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRreddit was starting to emergeApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRsucking up even harder to microsoftApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRand then twitterApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRalong with FBApr 21 12:42
Techrights-secwhich only ever pretends to have open discussions, when it realityApr 21 12:42
Techrights-secthey are very tightly controlled and censoredApr 21 12:42
schestowitz-TRthey do not claim to be "free speech"; they use other termsApr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TRbut, to me, gemini and blogs with rss try to rectify thisApr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TReven replies should not be in blog posts themselvesApr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TRbut in your own turf Apr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TRe.g. Re: Leaving GeminiApr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TRthis way censorship is not a problem at allApr 21 12:44
schestowitz-TRand you don't rely on the mercy of other platform ownersApr 21 12:45
schestowitz-TRor their ability to keep their sites onlineApr 21 12:45
Techrights-secyes the business model is mass manipulation of public opinionApr 21 12:45
schestowitz-TRyou mention busiuiness modelsApr 21 12:46
schestowitz-TRlook at event brochures of LFApr 21 12:46
schestowitz-TRnot for attendees Apr 21 12:46
schestowitz-TRfor for sponsorsApr 21 12:46
schestowitz-TRthen you understand what Twitter means to themApr 21 12:46
Techrights-secI think old, pre-sale Slashdot scared them in that regard since for a fewApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secyears it ws the single most influential site on the net but not under controlApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secof either M$ or its aligned interestsApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secyepApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secyes, the optimal approach is to have one's own site or blog and postApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secresponses there    Apr 21 12:47
Techrights-sectheir brochures show what they are really about. however there is a lotApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secof wishful and "magical" thinking going on among the general populationApr 21 12:47
Techrights-secincluding the general developer and FOSS developer populationApr 21 12:47
schestowitz-TRit is hardly shocking that LF shilsl GitHubApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRthey think alikeApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRand speaking of "LIKE", they want "measurable" thingsApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRagain, see how the brochures put itApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRand wjhat services are on saleApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRmaybe they throw some "free" voucher in for spamnail spamtalkApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRcoming soon: get booth, now limited offer of "gratus" tweet from Jono Bacon,"Apr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRone "Let's Talk" and "To the Point" with spamnil, and one puff piece with ChristineApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TRof FOSS FarceApr 21 12:50
Techrights-secLF is stocked with microsofters and other GPL -hostile entitiesApr 21 12:50
schestowitz-TR[09:25] <techrights-news> Ericsson literally worked with terrorists. Now it has TWO seats in the board of the Linux Foundation. ☛ | Source: IT WireApr 21 12:50
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-iTWire - Ericsson cannot estimate impact of DOJ breach noticesApr 21 12:50
activelowGPL itself can be dangerous to "free software", because it enables undesireable changes by those who can push most of those (GTK1-2-3-4, thats no progress for free software, that's an attack against it, in the name of GPL)Apr 21 12:52
activelowGPL without _standards_ that isApr 21 12:52
activelowI remember 10 years ago Microsoft hit a record of most monthly commits to linux kernel (with their virtualizatin stuff iirc)Apr 21 12:53
Techrights-secyep andthere will be no repercussions for their actions, not even Apr 21 12:54
Techrights-sec(or especcially)) economic contraintsApr 21 12:54
schestowitz-TRactivelow: just codeApr 21 12:54
schestowitz-TRgreg k-h complained about itApr 21 12:55
schestowitz-TRLOC ~= qualityApr 21 12:55
schestowitz-TRnumber of commits can be a sign of many errorsApr 21 12:55
Techrights-secyes, I saw that, the HTTP site can be releagted to a mirror of the GeminiApr 21 12:55
Techrights-secsite but it ought to be retained if for no other reason than to driveApr 21 12:55
Techrights-secattention to Gemini;  However, it's their choice whaichever way.Apr 21 12:55
schestowitz-TRGemini is still growingApr 21 12:57
schestowitz-TRUSENET not does some of the comms, but as some paut it, better to have discussions across capsulesApr 21 12:57
schestowitz-TRan online https archive of the mailing lists (read-only) sort of defeats the purpose and spirit of the projectApr 21 12:57
schestowitz-TRanyway. I am finding many gemini:// links these days, sometimes gopher tooApr 21 12:57
schestowitz-TRsome are lengthy and good use of timeApr 21 12:57
Techrights-secyes though the list would have helpedApr 21 13:00
Techrights-secthat's a drawback to automation; there are a number of good sites whichApr 21 13:00
Techrights-secI /ought/ to check but since they are covered reasonably well by the automatedApr 21 13:00
Techrights-secfeed agregator there is little incentive since I already have information Apr 21 13:00
Techrights-secoverload as it isApr 21 13:00
schestowitz-TRmoreover, the project is now "big enough" to grow on its ownApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRwith or without email to "talk about" GeminiApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRwe need to talk less ABOUT GeminiApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRand instead USE and LEWVERAGE geminiApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRto make new and unique "content"Apr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRI added 2 or 3 GemLogs saying it this month after drew had moaning that Gemini talks about itself too muchApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRin techrights we barely cover Gemini anymoreApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRand the automated updates have worked OK for daysApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRso I mostly forgot about thoseApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRinformation is a pyramidApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRif properly organised (i.e. notm BillBC) Apr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRthen you choose the level you wantApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRgranularityApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRand if time permits you go deeper or further down the pyramicApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRin techrigghts we divide by topicsApr 21 13:01
schestowitz-TRso it's easier to skip things you do not relate toApr 21 13:01
Techrights-secyesApr 21 13:04
schestowitz-TR[12:52] <activelow> GPL without _standards_ that isApr 21 13:06
schestowitz-TRlike formal satndards?Apr 21 13:06
schestowitz-TRyou could argue that GPL overcomes some of these thingsApr 21 13:06
schestowitz-TRboth GPL software and 'standard' can be bloatedApr 21 13:07
schestowitz-TRlike MPEGApr 21 13:07
activelowschestowitz-TR: motif widget toolkit is an example, which type of standard together with GPL protect software freedomApr 21 13:26
activelowin this case it is an IEEE standard, which guarantees stability and software freedomApr 21 13:26
activelowit is not possible to attack motif anymore, because it is guarded by both mentioned standards and GPLApr 21 13:27
activelowif the IEEE standard was dropped from motif, this permitted any changes to it in compliance with GPL license termsApr 21 13:28
activelowand this is exactly what happened to GTK2/3/4; it was attacked in compliance with GPL, it was GPL itself which killed GTK stabilityApr 21 13:28
activelowotherwise i don't know the details of MPEG and standardization, patent claims etc.Apr 21 13:29
activelowand the irony with formerly proprietary motif widget toolkit which RMS objected to, nowadays motif is more "free" than FSF/GNU endorsed GTK/GNOMEApr 21 13:31
schestowitz-TRYou've long pointed out, correctly, lockin associated with bloatApr 21 13:31
schestowitz-TRwhich becomes a freedom issueApr 21 13:31
schestowitz-TRFSF and GTK/GNOME are GNUApr 21 13:31
schestowitz-TRor related to GNUApr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRI don't think FSF specifically endorses or recommends GNOMEApr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRGIMP maybeApr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRGIMP is GNUApr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRnot GNOMEApr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRand GTK is developed by ICBM mostlyApr 21 13:32
activelowfurthermore, i consider GPL copyleft too weak, GPL copyleft does not prevent "incorporation" into proprietary products (FSF is lying if they claim GPL copyleft did)Apr 21 13:32
schestowitz-TRGPL is sued a lot in proprietaryApr 21 13:33
schestowitz-TRlike clown computingApr 21 13:33
schestowitz-TRthen there's afferoApr 21 13:33
schestowitz-TRmost clown BS runs proprietary "webapps"Apr 21 13:33
schestowitz-TRthey use GPL for OS and stuffApr 21 13:33
schestowitz-TRthen there's LGPLApr 21 13:33
activelowsued how? even without GPL copyleft violations, the GPL copyleft clause itself is too weakApr 21 13:33
activelowLGPL is even weaker copyleftApr 21 13:34
activelowyet ordinary GPL copyleft is too weak already (another suspicious FSF stance when they imply GPL copyleft was strong)Apr 21 13:34
activelowif, IBM, as a major GPL copyright holder and/or author, if IBM chose _not_ to enforce GPL copyleft, then the entire copyleft claim is voidApr 21 13:35
activelowbecause, i think, it is _only_ the copyright holder which can enforce copyleftApr 21 13:36
schestowitz-TRin court?Apr 21 13:36
schestowitz-TRor gentleman's agreement/settlement?Apr 21 13:36
schestowitz-TRsometimes contacting an author is enoughApr 21 13:36
schestowitz-TRand then the code is released "back"Apr 21 13:36
schestowitz-TRwhich I think is preferableApr 21 13:37
schestowitz-TRmore consensual, no lawyers necessaryApr 21 13:37
activelowbtw. i do support GPL and copyleft, yet GPL (regardless of LGPL) is too weak and unspecific, concerning both undesirable and desirable copyleftApr 21 13:38
schestowitz-TRdon't mind me asking, but... have you released some programs to the public?Apr 21 13:38
activelowschestowitz-TR: yes, i released the most efficient and most secure symmetric block cipherApr 21 13:39
schestowitz-TRis it public somewhere?Apr 21 13:40
schestowitz-TRI want to assessApr 21 13:40
activelowgithubApr 21 13:40
activelowalthough, since there wasn't any feedback about this, i didn't push any update anymoreApr 21 13:40
schestowitz-TRok, nobody is perfect ^_^Apr 21 13:40
activelowand, i do not work for zero incomeApr 21 13:40
activelow 21 13:41
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-GitHub - agg1/scram88: scram88 polymorphic scrambler matrix crypto stackApr 21 13:41
schestowitz-TRyou can self-hostApr 21 13:41
schestowitz-TReven on your own PCApr 21 13:41
schestowitz-TRwith DNS set up righApr 21 13:41
schestowitz-TRI need another machineApr 21 13:41
schestowitz-TRrekonq gives me blank pages in shithubApr 21 13:41
activelowfor BaphometOS my connection is too slow: 2mbit uplinkApr 21 13:42
activelowand i am not willing to outsource anywhere into clown where i do not have full control over the serverApr 21 13:42
activelowfurthermore, i fear, if i released BaphometOS, then GPL copyleft enforce did catch me, because i cannot publish without any ROI while others capitalize upon GPLApr 21 13:44
schestowitz-TR"lite" is the non-commercial?Apr 21 13:44
activelowlite means i got another variant of this, nonetheless lite doesn't weaken the cryptographic strength at allApr 21 13:45
schestowitz-TRyou are one month older than  meApr 21 13:45
activelowand for studying puproses of non-primitive recurse LFSR the lite variant is more suitableApr 21 13:46
activelowmeanwhile, i removed the entire dm-crypt API from kernel here, and implemented an even simpler variantApr 21 13:46
activelowwhich i won't publish eitherApr 21 13:46
schestowitz-TRthe code could use more comments (just saying')Apr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TR*sayin'Apr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TRalso, patents don't work as exclaimed thereApr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TRmaybe a misunderstandingApr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TRthey're something you must apply forApr 21 13:47
activelowschestowitz-TR: i don't f**ing careApr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TRin this case, software/mathsApr 21 13:47
schestowitz-TRthe attorneys know how to cheat the corrupt EPOApr 21 13:48
schestowitz-TRto get patents on abstract things, even other people's workApr 21 13:48
activelowi don't think it is a patent issue anyway, it is an issue of "author's rights" and "berne convention"Apr 21 13:48
schestowitz-TRanyway, it's GOOD that people still work on cryptoApr 21 13:48
schestowitz-TRthe "official" stuff is not trustworthyApr 21 13:49
activelowfurthermore, i do disagree with RMS and "intellectual property", meaning, my reading of "intellectual property" is "author's rights"Apr 21 13:49
schestowitz-TRBND along with six-eyes hunt down anyone who makes crypto not "approved" (e.g. weakened) by themApr 21 13:49
activelowlol, you know, i "downgraded" the most recent implementation to 32bitApr 21 13:50
schestowitz-TRI think calling them "rights" at all is a disservice to the concept of concrete rightrsApr 21 13:50
schestowitz-TRrights to food, water, due process...Apr 21 13:50
activelowi mean, i am looking forward to their argument, why and how 256bit crypto is advertised, while i am totally happy with 32bitApr 21 13:50
schestowitz-TR64bit being too hard to figure out in the processor sense?Apr 21 13:50
schestowitz-TRdoesn't matter how many bitsApr 21 13:50
activelowthe cipher strength cannot be easily estimated with amount of bitsApr 21 13:51
schestowitz-TRif it doesn't work, it doesn't workApr 21 13:51
schestowitz-TRrightApr 21 13:51
schestowitz-TRit's a cock-measuring contentApr 21 13:51
schestowitz-TR*contestApr 21 13:51
activelowthe key to understanding is: "known plaintext attacks"Apr 21 13:51
activelowand my design is not prone to itApr 21 13:51
activelowso i can happily live with 32bits advertisedApr 21 13:51
activelowfurthermore, ECB is the best choice, in practice; off-topic, just saying, ECB isn't the problemApr 21 13:52
schestowitz-TRI agree that they measure the wrong thingApr 21 13:52
schestowitz-TRheh, ECBApr 21 13:53
schestowitz-TREuropean Central Bank... (Also)Apr 21 13:53
activelowelectronic codebook modeApr 21 13:53
activelowwikipedia is lying about itApr 21 13:53
schestowitz-TRhow many "bits" was ENIGMA?Apr 21 13:53
activelowdon't knowApr 21 13:53
activelownonetheless, enigma was a brilliant piece of engineeringApr 21 13:54
schestowitz-TRiirc, they modulated signalsApr 21 13:54
schestowitz-TRand the way it was encoded/decoded was by mechanical instrumentsApr 21 13:54
schestowitz-TRbefore semiconductorsApr 21 13:54
schestowitz-TRThe patents that kill 21 13:57
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Corruption in Drug Patents: Take Away the Money - CounterPunch.orgApr 21 13:57
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@memzbmehf99re.irc) has joined #boycottnovellApr 21 14:00
activelowGPL is missing another clause, such as, _everyone_ (not copyright holder only) has the right to enforce copyleft of any GPL piece of softwareApr 21 14:01
activelowthe solution of the FSF, was insisting on copyright assignment to FSF (GCC)Apr 21 14:01
activelowyet even then, FSF only as copyright holder of GCC could enforce copyleft, not meApr 21 14:03
activelowmeanwhile, GCC dropped copyright assignment to FSF, which isn't that relevant anymore anyway, because copyleft clause of GPL is too weakApr 21 14:03
activelowit may have been the intention of GPL, yet the copyleft clause should have read such as "all GPL source code must be released to _everyone_"Apr 21 14:08
schestowitz-TRwho would you have enforced it against and why?Apr 21 14:08
activelowok, furthermore GPL does _not_ prohibit "incorporation" into proprietary/commercial products (microsoft WSL)Apr 21 14:09
activelownot that i wanted to see the source code of Microsoft Windows, certainly not, yet i want _everyone_ to have the opportunity to see it, what Pentagon had for saleApr 21 14:10
activelowand, even if, such as GNOME, is hiding the truth in plain sight, even then it isn't recognized what is endorsed, spywareApr 21 14:10
activelowand my vision of FSF is, they continue lying about it (supposedly strong copyleft, invalid intellectual property, spying)Apr 21 14:12
Techrights-secIt looks like about 40 of the acrhived files are bad.  The first oneApr 21 14:12
Techrights-secmay be tm-db-20220106.dump.gz and a few days in a row there are badApr 21 14:12
Techrights-secthen again quite a few from there on outApr 21 14:12
Techrights-secsee /tmp/gunzip.log on the RPiApr 21 14:12
Techrights-secand /tmp/gunzip.errApr 21 14:12
schestowitz-TRhow many files do you have prior to jan 6th? I'm trying to understand when the problemn began as we might be able to associate that wApr 21 14:13
schestowitz-TRwith some change to the siteApr 21 14:13
schestowitz-TRlast night I tried 2 dumps from 2021 and 2 from 2020 (TM)Apr 21 14:13
Techrights-secthe above list is a check of the full set hereApr 21 14:28
Techrights-secboth files include the list of corrupted gzip files but the .err one has theApr 21 14:28
Techrights-secspecific error message tooApr 21 14:28
Techrights-secIf I were to guess I would say the gzip files are corrupted in-placeApr 21 14:28
schestowitz-TRso it started around Insurrection Day?Apr 21 14:32
schestowitz-TRThe files from 2020 and 2021 that I tried were OKApr 21 14:32
schestowitz-TR4 of them in totalApr 21 14:32
schestowitz-TRtesting 3 files from Dec 2021Apr 21 14:33
Techrights-secyes those are the bad files I can make a diff showing the suspected good filesApr 21 14:33
Techrights-secThe first corrupt file is from the anniversary of the insurrection butApr 21 14:35
Techrights-secthat is probably a coincidence.  I would suspect something with LXC if Apr 21 14:35
Techrights-secI had to take a wild guess or the drive upon which the data is stored, butApr 21 14:35
Techrights-secdo not have the means to check the latter nor the knowledge to check theApr 21 14:35
Techrights-secformer.Apr 21 14:35
schestowitz-TRthe physical drive was changed around FebruaryApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRso the errors persisted after thatApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRthat's why it's useful to  trace it back to datesApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRtrying 5 more from Nov 2021 Apr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRthey are all OK, tooApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRso in total 12 files from 2011 that I tested uncompress OKApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRJan 6th onwardd 4 nights in a row it failedApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRMaybe patching at HV?Apr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRso far I saw no such error in TM, but  I could only check 2 dumpsApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRit would be worth seeing if this affects just one VMApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRas they use a different OS versionApr 21 14:40
schestowitz-TRactivelow: fsf does not endorse gnome afaikApr 21 14:44
schestowitz-TRit does recommend gnuApr 21 14:44
schestowitz-TRand gnome is barely even doing justice to the gApr 21 14:44
schestowitz-TRin 2009 some a-holes tried to remove gnome from gnuApr 21 14:44
activelowFSF does promote GPL, and GPL without _standards_ applicable to GTK ruined gnomeApr 21 14:48
activelowfurthermore, FSF does endorse and promote distributions which ship with gnomeApr 21 14:49
schestowitz-TRa distro can contain 2 thousand componentsApr 21 14:49
schestowitz-TReven moreApr 21 14:49
schestowitz-TRif you count their reposApr 21 14:49
schestowitz-TRit doesn't mean fsf endorses all these componentsApr 21 14:50
schestowitz-TRbtwApr 21 14:50
schestowitz-TRgtk can make other DEsApr 21 14:50
schestowitz-TRand it doesApr 21 14:50
schestowitz-TRso gtk/gnome duality wasn't always this tightApr 21 14:50
schestowitz-TRICBM made it soApr 21 14:50
activelowand, for example, if epiphany(gnome)/chromium/mozilla were expelled the FSF/GNU/Linux would loose almost their entire user base and many developersApr 21 14:50
activelowi consider GTK itself compromised, even when systemd/dbus are entirely removed (which is possible still)Apr 21 14:51
activelowand again, FSF/GNU/Linux cannot ditch GTK entirely without loosing almost their entire userbase and most developersApr 21 14:52
activelowand strengthening GPL is impossibleApr 21 14:52
activelowsuch as "all GPL source code must be released to _everyone_"Apr 21 14:53
Techrights-secI can check TR's backups too but those were just for TM since you mentionedApr 21 14:53
Techrights-secit most recently.Apr 21 14:53
activelowand "GPL source code is prohibited from incorporation into all non-free software"Apr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRTechrights-sec: Apr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRhow far back did the TM tests go? I mean, maybe I  duplicate effort hereApr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TReach such backup is about 160,000 "posts"Apr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRin table drupal.nodeApr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRwhich incidentally is easy to use to make a file dump to GemText filesApr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRit will be something like ADD ... or INSERT and then the HTML stuff for body and a field for titleApr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRso no need to even scrape any pagesApr 21 14:53
schestowitz-TRactivelow: who would you sue?Apr 21 14:54
schestowitz-TRor rather, do you worry the authors (FSF, CLA) will deny ou access to code they get back?Apr 21 14:54
activelowwith regards to my individual interests?Apr 21 14:54
activelowi would sue Deutsche Telekom, German employment agency, and hundreds of "human resource" officesApr 21 14:55
activelowunrelated to free softwareApr 21 14:55
schestowitz-TRthey are too conencted to the stateApr 21 14:55
schestowitz-TRyou would not winApr 21 14:55
activelowdamages due to violation of my rights accumulates to millions of cash alreadyApr 21 14:56
schestowitz-TRDT is like pseudo-privateApr 21 14:56
schestowitz-TRlike BT hereApr 21 14:56
schestowitz-TRasking state courts to hold the state accountable is hardApr 21 14:56
activelowadd to this damages to public interest of hundreds of millionsApr 21 14:56
activelowthe latter being difficult to quantify, as the amount of jobs lost in east-germany, for exampleApr 21 14:57
schestowitz-TRthey would need proof. But anyway, this is diverging away from the original topic.Apr 21 14:59
schestowitz-TRwhich was GPLApr 21 14:59
activelowi got proof for this: bavarian officials threatening me with incarcerationApr 21 15:01
Techrights-secsee /tmp/gunzip.all for the full listApr 21 15:02
Techrights-secgrep -v -F -f /tmp/gunzip.log /tmp/gunzip.allApr 21 15:02
Techrights-secwill show the good ones, with the except of odd names like tm-db-20220412-damaged.dump.gzApr 21 15:02
schestowitz-TRI don't think we changed anything that month, but maybe system updates were applied to HV (notApr 21 15:04
schestowitz-TRthat I am aware)Apr 21 15:04
Techrights-secapplied or needed Apr 21 15:04
schestowitz-TRthinking 'aloud':Apr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRthe issue started before and persisted after disk changeApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRthe "bad" file (gif) was apparently one of a kind, maybe perpetually a mysteryApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRwe have no potent evidence that the physical disk is to blameApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRwe could, for a few nights, try another compression programApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRthere are a few ones that compress betterApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRbut our scripts look for "gz" specificallyApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRI have just checked and xz is installed on TRApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRone experiment can be, alter the script to compress with xzApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRafter a week or so test all the backupsApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRthe syntax for xz is the same as .gzApr 21 15:11
schestowitz-TRthis would:Apr 21 15:12
schestowitz-TR 1) help us get better backupsApr 21 15:12
schestowitz-TR 2) help us pin-point the issueApr 21 15:12
schestowitz-TR 3) leave us with scripts that offer several compression optionsApr 21 15:12
schestowitz-TR(some of these scripts are over 10 years old)Apr 21 15:12
schestowitz-TRJust chatted with Rianne about thisApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRand explained to her the situationApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRinc. OS upgradeApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRminutes ago I finished other links+combinedApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRso I will focus on Daily Links today, videos and posts not a  priorityApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRI plan to check this evening's backupApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRWith the sites doing 8/hits second and Gemini running OK I am not too worried Apr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRabout focusing on new leaksApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRand IRC is budy regardlessApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TR*busyApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRnot much trolling lately, which is better than budy and disruptiveApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TR*busyApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRthe irc network has also been adopted by other projects, such as decloudflareApr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TR(not logged)Apr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRso there are parallel efforts in one place, with commonalitiesApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secackApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secI wonder about automation.  Verification of proper compression ouught toApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secbe possible but I don't like the idea of working around errors of unknownApr 21 15:25
Techrights-seccauseApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secexcellent that IRC is improvingApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secexcellent.  cloudflare is a bigger problem than most people who are even awareApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secof cloudflare usually knowApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secand there are  relatively few that are aware even of cloudflareApr 21 15:25
Techrights-secany idea how hard it is to set up BigBlueButton on a RPi?Apr 21 15:25
schestowitz-TRWe set that up at work like 7 years ago Apr 21 15:27
schestowitz-TRI was not involved in thgat projectApr 21 15:27
schestowitz-TRI saw the link aboput Moodle and BBBApr 21 15:27
schestowitz-TRFSF used MNumble and BBBApr 21 15:27
schestowitz-TRas noted in the RMS talk, which also used outsourced IRCApr 21 15:27
Techrights-secI hope it is easier now.Apr 21 15:27
schestowitz-TRWe used openfire a lot (jabber)Apr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRbefore the idiots like sarin and The Liar cameApr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRand decided that it wasn't "clown" enough Apr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRand maybe tougher to 'police'Apr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRthe management brought the jabber server down at least once if not twiceApr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRbased on false protexts Apr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TRto thwart the possibility of stuff chating/unitingApr 21 15:29
schestowitz-TR*staffApr 21 15:29
Techrights-secyes that's a main reason that "Slack" is pushed on workers, all communicatinsApr 21 15:31
Techrights-seceven "private" ones are logged and available for perusal by managementApr 21 15:31
Techrights-secI figure "Slack" rode in on the name confusion with Slackware.  Managers wereApr 21 15:31
Techrights-secrecipients of targeted marketing for "Slack" and asked their technical staffApr 21 15:31
Techrights-secwhat they though of "Slack".  Thinking that the managers meand Slacware,Apr 21 15:31
Techrights-secthe answer was "great".  Or at least that's one scenario.  Apr 21 15:31
schestowitz-TRIn tuxmachines there is atill a "Slack" categoryApr 21 15:31
schestowitz-TRbut it's about the distroApr 21 15:31
Techrights-sec Apr 21 15:32
Techrights-secIt was always about the distro until a few years ago when Apr 21 15:32
Techrights-secsome garbage proprietary surveillanceware rode in over the nameApr 21 15:32
Techrights-secand no trademark dispute was madeApr 21 15:32
schestowitz-TRit would be hard to winApr 21 15:33
schestowitz-TR1) generic dictionary wordApr 21 15:33
schestowitz-TR2) not a distroApr 21 15:33
schestowitz-TR3) I forgot.... never mind lack of registration, but there was another basis I had in mind, doesn't matter, this is just IRCApr 21 15:34
Techrights-secWell the  garbage proprietary surveillanceware did use a name based on Apr 21 15:34
Techrights-secitApr 21 15:34
Techrights-sec2) it's a "technical Apr 21 15:34
Techrights-sec" thing and thus confusion among managers.  However, being able to monitorApr 21 15:34
Techrights-secall communication via the surveillanceware was probably the main sellingApr 21 15:34
Techrights-secpointApr 21 15:34
schestowitz-TRI think you 'downplay' this piece of malwareApr 21 15:36
schestowitz-TRit tracks a lot more than conversationApr 21 15:36
schestowitz-TRand Microsoft rode the tails of it, turning Skype for Business into "productivity-measuring" malware (Team)Apr 21 15:36
schestowitz-TRnow trying to bundle this malwareApr 21 15:36
schestowitz-TRwith highly notorious practices that the pandemic helped to normaliseApr 21 15:36
schestowitz-TR*TeamsApr 21 15:36
Techrights-secM$ tries to bundle its own malware with anything it can get away withApr 21 15:38
Techrights-secThe host may not survive the paracitism though. Apr 21 15:38
Techrights-secMost companies rarely survive partnerships with M$ for very longApr 21 15:38
schestowitz-TRwatch out, Sam! ;-)Apr 21 15:38
Techrights-secyepApr 21 15:39
Techrights-secI would like to be wrong but both his employment and his employer are not longApr 21 15:39
Techrights-secfor the world.  He'd be wise to polish his resume, but there are so fewApr 21 15:39
Techrights-secworkplaces to consider any more.Apr 21 15:39
schestowitz-TRit looked like his name was "borrowed" for puff pieces disguised as articlesApr 21 15:40
schestowitz-TRwhich made his RSS fedd intolerable to meApr 21 15:40
schestowitz-TRwhereupon it was just droppedApr 21 15:40
schestowitz-TRtoo long to scoop up his real articlesApr 21 15:40
schestowitz-TRthe webspam outnumbered thoseApr 21 15:40
schestowitz-TRota Apr 21 17:01
schestowitz-TRnew epo docApr 21 17:01
schestowitz-TRCOVID-19 Numbers in the UK Havent Fallen, Testing Has Fallen (Hiding the Problem) to Lowest Levels in 1.5 Years and Death Toll ContiApr 21 17:01
schestowitz-TRnues to Climb 21 17:01
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » COVID-19 Numbers in the UK Haven’t Fallen, Testing Has Fallen (Hiding the Problem) to Lowest Levels in 1.5 Years and Death Toll Continues to ClimbApr 21 17:01
schestowitz-TRdraftApr 21 17:22
schestowitz-TRit is always important to know where one standsApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TReven when it nois not convenientApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRself-deluding mindset is a ticking time bombApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRbeing cynical about onself and about life is healthyApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRhumour is a coping mechanismApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TR(there is nothing funny about a plague though)Apr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRspeaking of humour, i've made a yo dawg memeApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRlet's see if it gets deleted ;-=)Apr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRI've added a draft about gemini, very shortApr 21 18:04
Techrights-secThe "Yo Dawg" meme usually involves some kind of obvious reference toApr 21 18:04
Techrights-secrecursionApr 21 18:04
schestowitz-TRYes, but I could not think of something in a someting in this contextApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRmy energy provider is the same. rianne watched part of the video I made yesterday. I also added 3Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRmore messages to my blog post afterward.Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRCharge more, do less.Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRBefore the "successful bankruptcy"Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRI told him,Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRbusinesses come and goApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRand you woulg go faster if you treat clients like thisApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRbanks are the sameApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRat this point they do very littleApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRsome4 excist only on paper or some aws 'account'Apr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRbut still, I'd rather put money there than in fakecointsApr 21 18:08
schestowitz-TRor perishable items that lose value very fastApr 21 18:08
Techrights-secokApr 21 18:23
Techrights-secackApr 21 18:23
Techrights-secyou'll note that almost all the cryptocurrency aritlces for daily linksApr 21 18:23
Techrights-secfall under the Energy category, because they do nothig more than wasApr 21 18:23
Techrights-secelectricity and emit fossil carbonApr 21 18:23
schestowitz-TRfor a few years I was a bit sympathetic but abundantly hesitant to consider those myselfApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TRin recent years perception shifted not because of FUDApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TRbut because the cost of "minting" this shit (so-called 'mining') became ratherApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TRludicrousApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TRplus, too many out there, plus NFT-like BSApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TRdidn't live up to the promise, created many charalatans thoughApr 21 18:25
schestowitz-TR"bros";Apr 21 18:25
Techrights-secI made the choice in 2009 not to participate in what was already then a Apr 21 18:32
Techrights-secmassive waste of electricity; furthermore, there is a limited and small Apr 21 18:32
Techrights-secnumber of bitcoins *and* the transaction cost in time, money, and electrictyApr 21 18:32
Techrights-secis so high as it has no value as a currency even for large transactionsApr 21 18:32
Techrights-secthere was no promise.Apr 21 18:32
Techrights-secsome charlatans found satoshi's leftove notes in the trash at the end ofApr 21 18:32
Techrights-sechis experiment and have been running with it ever sinceApr 21 18:32
Techrights-sec 21 18:32
-TechrightsBN/ | Bitcoin from Satoshi-era wallet suddenly activates after 11 years | The IndependentApr 21 18:32
schestowitz-TRcraig wright epitomises the typeApr 21 18:32
schestowitz-TRand even alex graveyleyApr 21 18:32
schestowitz-TRpeople "worth" $200 MILLION and living with dad, having to rent a car and staying at the gf's homeApr 21 18:33
schestowitz-TRIME, some people lack patience and instead of work work for many years they seek a get-rich-fast Apr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRmethodApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRmy dad noticed the sakeApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRso they reach out to high risk all all-risk stuffApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRlike exchanging the little money they do earn into some dubious crapApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRon the net, a SHOCKING number of fakecoin sites exist and have entered gulag noiseApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRI see them all the timeApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRthey seem to be preying on thoseApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRthe only way to grow the value of the scheme is to add more people to itApr 21 18:38
Techrights-secyes, seen thatApr 21 18:38
Techrights-secponzi scheme or pyramid schemeApr 21 18:38
schestowitz-TRNFT seems like the sake old scam Apr 21 18:40
schestowitz-TRwith alluring graphics instead of fake (fictoon) coin being presented as some shiny golden coin with a BApr 21 18:40
schestowitz-TRwith two lines going through itApr 21 18:40
Techrights-secNFT is bizarre, one can see that there is no resale valueApr 21 18:40
activelow 21 18:41
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Elon Musk says he has $46.5 billion for Twitter takeover bid | News | DW | 21.04.2022Apr 21 18:41
schestowitz-TRNFt 4 LSDApr 21 18:46
Techrights-sec 21 18:46
-TechrightsBN/ | Leaked ‘Shill Price List’ Shows Wild World of Crypto PromosApr 21 18:46
Techrights-secHa.  I would like for both of them to lose.  Twitter is overdue for closureApr 21 18:47
Techrights-secand or bankruptcyApr 21 18:47
Techrights-secone downside of a purchase would be that there would be an infusion of money Apr 21 18:47
schestowitz-TRYou know, I was thinking earlier today or yesterdayApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRwith offers like these, which might not even be legally binding (can be PR stunts)Apr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRthere is a lot of potential for Apr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TR1) buy share in twitterApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TR2) offer to buyApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TR3) sell shares you've just gamesApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRknowing thatApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TR4) you would walk away, claiming to have been inslted or somethinApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRwhere would SEC BE!?Apr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRThis is a modus operandi we did see in the pastApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRthe mobsters can't be blind to itApr 21 18:50
schestowitz-TRhe built empires of fake valuations, based on nothing but liesApr 21 18:50
Techrights-seclies and, well, more liesApr 21 19:02
schestowitz-TRthe fun thing about frauds and charlatans is,Apr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRthey're usually on borrowed timeApr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRamong the banksters, they are very "senior" (old)Apr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRso sooner or later you get to see their sandcastles collapsingApr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRsometimes they even take their own life before they reach what's left of itApr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TR"well, he's dead"Apr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRso you go back, minding your own businessApr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRnot relying on schemes, loans, and a chain of lies so complex (a web)Apr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRthat you cannot keep up with itApr 21 19:07
schestowitz-TRand then you become king of freenode, a kingdom of nobodyApr 21 19:07
Techrights-secNot necessarily all on borrowed time, some stay half a step of the tar andApr 21 19:08
Techrights-secfeathers.  Others simply pass the torch and another fraud picks up as theApr 21 19:08
Techrights-secprevious one gets run out of town on a rail.  Apr 21 19:08
*DaemonFC (~daemonfc@446jbhab3kewc.irc) has joined #boycottnovellApr 21 19:26
*wallacer has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)Apr 21 19:32
schestowitz-TRmind if we use this approachApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRafter gz is madeApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRrun gunzip -t $fileApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRI just have, for evening TM dumpApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRit's OKApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRthen, if there is output, create or add to fileApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRthis operation seems to be a lot faster than actually extractingApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRI don't think we have that in git, so I will write directly on the serverApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRI am starting with a test line for the drupal dump aloneApr 21 19:35
schestowitz-TRwill add more if it works as expectedApr 21 19:35
Techrights-secackApr 21 19:35
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Apr 21 19:47
*u-amarsh04 has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Apr 21 19:47
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