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schestowitz>> Yes, but we have little new material about the latter.Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> Don't dilute it too much by covering too little at a time, that will Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> only hurt.  Also, be careful not to end up retrying the case.  Despite Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> doing that in a public forum, at best, you will not be able to do as Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> good a job as the prosecutors did.  Focus on the court decision.  Any Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> connection to Gates directly will be hard to glean from these records, Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> as I presume his lawyers have pored over them continuously for over 6 Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> years already.  Jun 22 01:07
schestowitzSo what approach would work better? Of course we could publish the PDFs, but few would bother looking into these and it might be discouraging future instalments.Jun 22 01:07
schestowitzMy personal view is that billg is unlikely to be connected directly anyway.Jun 22 01:07
schestowitz> Interesting that you mention India. In 1943 my History teacher, Doc Guernsey, would pull down the wall map and strike India with his long stick pointer and say....Here lies the future’s most powerful nation in the world. It did not happen, China raised itself up to a greater degree. India has made great strides and gained respect when it comes to education and technology but for some reasons, has lagged China’s world position.Jun 22 01:08
schestowitzPerhaps their various restrictive religions and separate states have been the culprit.Jun 22 01:08
schestowitzThey are a lot smaller and thus more overpopulated.Jun 22 01:08
schestowitz> I saw the latest article. Quick question, if you don't mind. Is this guyJun 22 01:11
schestowitz> Jones STILL working at the mansion? Jun 22 01:12
schestowitzIt is very unlikely, IMHO.Jun 22 01:12
schestowitzWe do have to wonder what's left out from the documents and whether some could be tampered to hide particular details (which is possible).Jun 22 01:12
schestowitzI am more interested in the Epstein connection to Gates, but info on this is a lot more limited at this time.Jun 22 01:12
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schestowitz>> My personal view is that billg is unlikely to be connected Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz>> directly anyway.Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz> That's my thought, too.  As mentioned, his lawyers have had many years Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz> to go over the documents and have made sure there are no direct connections.Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz> Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz> There might be some way of reviewing it without enumerating the sick Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz> activities going on there at the mansion.Jun 22 08:06
schestowitzFor the time being, as I did another pass, I can't think of another aspect worth covering, for now...Jun 22 08:06
schestowitz[07:06] <xxxx> Hi.Jun 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:07] <xxxx> Google doesn't show this, but have you seen Selam Gano's resumé?Jun 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:07] <xxxx> Please don't attribute this to me!Jun 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:08] <xxxx> The only archive of this page on IA: 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:08] <xxxx> 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:08] <xxxx> 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:08] <xxxx> Resumé: 22 08:07
-TechrightsBN/ | About Me – selam jie ganoJun 22 08:07
schestowitz[07:08] <xxxx> She worked at MIT Media Lab.Jun 22 08:07
schestowitz[08:06] <schestowitz> We already knJun 22 08:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Selam G. ’18 | MIT AdmissionsJun 22 08:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Portfolio – selam jie ganoJun 22 08:07
schestowitz[08:19] <xxxx> Someone (allegedly with pro-Putin views, but that probably does not matter) called the stuff happening in the U.S. right now a civil war.Jun 22 08:26
schestowitz[08:20] <xxxxx> An SJW war… that was seen a few years ago on the Web already…Jun 22 08:26
schestowitz[08:23] <xxxx> Sad to see AdrienneGT's Twitter keep linking to her webpage about her misunderstanding of how Wikipedia works even formally.Jun 22 08:26
schestowitz[08:26] <xxxxxx> (Though maybe I wouldn't have used speedy deletion — but nowadays stuff is probably not speedily deleted as much, and I'd be in favor of an article about free software, so I'd rather not overenforce a rule that could affect one in the future :)Jun 22 08:26
schestowitz[08:27] <xxxxxxx> Deletionism vs inclusionism. Still, the administrator who proposed deleting it did actually ask for a second opinion. And she then called them racists.Jun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:28] <xxx> But I guess you've seen that all.Jun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:28] <schestowitz> noJun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:28] <schestowitz> I don't do twitterJun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:28] <schestowitz> please use the public channelJun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:28] <schestowitz> dnms trigger interrupting notificationsJun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:29] <schestowitz> which also steal focusJun 22 08:29
schestowitz[08:29] <schestowitz> email me if you need privacyJun 22 08:29
schestowitz> Good Morning Jun 22 12:00
schestowitz> Jun 22 12:00
schestowitz> Thank you for the email, currently Gavin is Furloughed and I'm his manager. Have you got a phone number I can call you regarding your enquiry.Jun 22 12:00
schestowitzHi,Jun 22 12:00
schestowitzPlease contact me on 0Jun 22 12:00
schestowitzxJun 22 12:00
schestowitz> Ok.  I've tweaked the social control media interleaving some more.  The Jun 22 12:09
schestowitz> changes will show up in the next batch.Jun 22 12:09
schestowitzAttached is the full file :-)Jun 22 12:09
schestowitzI am also attaching post-ffJun 22 12:09
schestowitzGood to keep on more than one PC...Jun 22 12:09
schestowitz> HIJun 22 12:10
schestowitz> Jun 22 12:10
schestowitz> Thank you for the email, can I ask how much you paid please. Also can you confirm that it was a cash payment to Gavin.Jun 22 12:10
schestowitz> Jun 22 12:10
schestowitz> Thank you.Jun 22 12:10
schestowitzI paid 220 for the chair, in cash, to Gavin.Jun 22 12:10
schestowitz        <li><h5><a href="">What is RedHat OpenShift?</a></h5>Jun 22 15:15
schestowitz<blockquote><p>We live in a software-driven world, where organizations are expected to deliver increasingly complex applications with speed and agility across diverse IT environments.Jun 22 15:15
schestowitzThose who understand the value of securing a competitive advantage by leveraging modern tools to make the software development process more efficient are always looking for innovative solutions and don’t hesitate to integrate them into their workflow if the benefits they offer are attractive enough.Jun 22 15:15
schestowitzPromising to empower developers to innovate and ship faster, RedHat OpenShift is one of the leading tools for developing and deploying modern applications across diverse environments, and this article introduces the concepts behind it.Jun 22 15:15
-TechrightsBN/ | What Is Amazon Linux 2? – Linux HintJun 22 15:15
schestowitz</p></blockquote></li>Jun 22 15:15
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