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Techrights-secat about 29 minutes, RMS begins to discuss sw patentsSep 22 08:11
Techrights-secat about 56 minutes he gets to the Q&ASep 22 08:11
Techrights-secoverall I think it's an improvement that the background information isSep 22 08:11
Techrights-seccovered by the 14-minute TED video.  Most people are already at least partiallySep 22 08:11
Techrights-secfamiliar with it.  Sep 22 08:11
schestowitzthere was a bit of a powwow about it in ircSep 22 08:11
Techrights-secIt's equinox already, today.Sep 22 08:31
schestowitz-TRoh, yeah, I could sense today was a special day but did not recall whySep 22 08:32
Techrights-secAFAIK the vaccines reduce the symptoms in the vaccinated but do not preventSep 22 10:04
Techrights-secthem from spreadingit onwards, that is not the most ideal situationSep 22 10:04
schestowitz-TRit is tempting to say, that's what happens when you do things in a great hurrySep 22 10:05
schestowitz-TRbtw, the full RMS talk was requested 3.2k times in the past 20 hours, well worth the effort! extra audience for the angry dude.Sep 22 10:09
Techrights-secExcellent.  Once he got going, the talk was rather good.  He has a Sep 22 10:14
Techrights-secnewer way of covering the old topics.  The Q&A was the better part, though.Sep 22 10:14
schestowitz-TRunless you are new to him, in which case all the talk is new information. I've scanned for "ukraine"; seems that for the whole lot it's 4.5k views.Sep 22 10:14
schestowitz-TRto be clear though, I very rarely check traffic like this, but in this case b/w consumption was off the chart, so I got curiousSep 22 10:17
schestowitz-TRwe have attempted to contact meduza by numerous means; they don't replySep 22 10:21
schestowitz-TRabsolutely terrible time to be off the (RSS) grid with election and protestsSep 22 10:21
Techrights-secI wrote to them at the end of August and have not gotten a response.  Sep 22 10:22
Techrights-secI think I wrote to them before that, too, and have no response yet.Sep 22 10:22
schestowitz-TRI have tried birdsite, which is clobbering users at the momentSep 22 10:22
schestowitztl;dr I also checked the tuxmachines accounts. Same thing. Impression suddenly halved, they're basically now showing to "followers" what they subscribed for.  Theory needs proving somehow. 22 10:25
-TechrightsBN/ | Twitter — Like Google’s YouTube — is ‘Hiding’ Tweets From People Who Follow You | TechrightsSep 22 10:25
schestowitz-TR*not showingSep 22 10:26
schestowitz-TRsocial control with carrot and stickSep 22 10:26
schestowitz-TR"come to us, we are better thsn RSS, we do PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!!!" (until we don't) Same with feedburner, not sure if you paid attention to what happened this yearSep 22 10:28
Techrights-secTwitter and the other social control media are all about the Sep 22 10:48
Techrights-secmass manipulation of public opinionSep 22 10:48
Techrights-secThe tool for that is ranking and filtering.Sep 22 10:48
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schestowitz-TRwe may need an overemcompassing term to also include Google Search, YouTube etc. YouTube is just more like FB but video-centric, Google Search is like Bing -- a censorship machine for China, US, EU, France RTbF, maybe one day EPO tooSep 22 10:49
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Techrights-secterm: WWIIISep 22 12:14
schestowitz-TRWorld Wide 3=W3C?Sep 22 12:16
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Techrights-secWorldWar III.  I figure it has already started and been going a while,  Sep 22 12:44
Techrights-secjust not that it has gotten to the 'kinetic' stage yet.  Sep 22 12:44
Techrights-sece.g. 22 12:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Arjen Kamphuis • MuckRockSep 22 12:44
schestowitz-TRwhat do you make of Wuhan?Sep 22 12:44
Techrights-secIn which context?  I have not followed it of late but it is a very populated Sep 22 12:45
Techrights-secregion.  There's a lot of cover up and misdirection about most aspects of Sep 22 12:45
Techrights-secanything within the borders. Sep 22 12:45
schestowitz-TRrianne's father, a manager at a chemical plant, reckons that this coronavirus strain was optimised in the labSep 22 12:47
Techrights-secYes, but there is so much noise that it is hard for the authorities to properlySep 22 12:50
Techrights-secinvestigate.  Then there is the traditional obstinacy from the CCP.Sep 22 12:50
schestowitz-TRlike with 9/11, k00ks have poisoned the well. so cpp blames "cia", some blame "market", and people conflate intentional leak with accidential (which at the end does not matter; the outcome is what it is)Sep 22 12:51
Techrights-secIMO much of that poisoning is semi-intentional.  The kooks are kooks, butSep 22 13:01
Techrights-secvarious interests benefit from firing the up extra hot and winding them Sep 22 13:01
Techrights-secup further against specific targets so as to discredit any discussion of Sep 22 13:01
Techrights-secthe topic.  Voting fraud machines is one such example out of many.  Sep 22 13:01
Techrights-secThere was an artice about that specifically in the daily links recently,Sep 22 13:01
Techrights-secbut cant refind it.  Sep 22 13:01
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schestowitz 22 16:13
-TechrightsBN/ | The Unified Patent Court. Do we finally have a predictable timeline? - The IPKatSep 22 16:13
schestowitz"Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzIn the last para of #8, Attentive nails it. If the goal is to harmonise within the EU the jurisprudence on patent validity (and infringement) there are better ways to do it than the UPC as presently set up. Better because they build on the world's best body of jurisprudence on patent validity, namely the established case law of the Boards of Appeal of the EPO. Industry is always reminding us of its need for "certainty" when contemplating further Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzrounds of investment in technological innovation. For industry, litigation is therefore to be deprecated, to be seen as a last resort, a damper on investment in new technology. The litigators would like to see more uncertainty, thereby to generate more litigation, earlier, a first rather than a last resort. Now ask: which group of people is driving hardest for the UPC? Could it be those who make money out of patent litigation?Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzOf course, lawyers in Paris and London consider themselves to be unfairly treated, when all the business of the EPO Boards of Appeal is conducted in Munich. One has to ask to what extent the efforts to hobble and neuter the Boards are made by persons with greater loyalty to Paris and London than to the industries who crave certainty in matters of patent validity. London is the world's epicentee for rent-seeking, for something called Rentier Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzCapitalism. Who remembers what Prime Minister Johnson's rallying cry in his last election campaign "F*ck Business"?Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzCome on, all you readers who want to see more technological innovation in Europe. Let's take the opportunity given by BREXIT to build something better than the flawed UPC. Give the job to ta committee of three EU Member States other than France and Germany. I suggest the Republic of Ireland (English law, computer-implemented inventions, medical technology), The Netherlands (pre-eminent in patent litigation, technologically vibrant) and a country Sep 22 16:13
schestowitzsouth of the Alps, perhaps Italy. Sep 22 16:13
schestowitz"Sep 22 16:13
schestowitz"Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzFor EPLA, its promoters asked the opinion of CJEU. We all know the result: not conform to Union law, cf. C 1/09. And EPLA was dead. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzEPLA's promoters became UPCA's promoters. It has been claimed all along that the UPCA is in conformity with Union law, but this has never been tested.Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzIf the UPCA was so clearly conform to Union law, why was the CJEU never asked its opinion about it? The question thus remains: were the UPC/UPCA promoters frighten that the CJEU would not give a positive answer? Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzIn the UPCA as it stands, the problem of Art 7(2) UPCA has not been solved, as London is still mentioned as seat of one of the sections of the central division. In the annex to the UPC IPC classes A and C are meant to be dealt with in London.Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzLooking at it objectively: a treaty relating to a Court accepting primacy of Union law, mentions a section located in a country which is not any longer member of the EU. How can such a treaty be in conformity to Union law?Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzUp to now the solutions offered by the UPC’s promoters were characterised by a quite wild legal fantasy as the duties allocated to London should be “provisionally” distributed between Paris and Munich, in order to be later be allocated to another country. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzIt is difficult to see any legal basis in such a bizarre arrangement. Neither Art 31 and 32 VCLT nor Art 87(2) can really be taken seriously as legal basis. To me this resemble more to Carpetbagger's discussions than a sound legal reasoning. Which IPC class should “provisionally go to Paris: A or C or vice-versa?Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzIf anybody tells me this is in conformity with Union law, I will have to burst out in laughter. If the notion of the rightful judge does have any value, and I believe in Europe it has a value, it is not possible that the hodgepodge thus created can be in conformity with Union law. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzThere is another aspect in the UPCA which seems difficult to reconcile the UPCA with Union law. A judge who is dismissed by its peers according to Art 10 of the Statute of the court, which is part of the UPCA has no means of redress, not even to the CJEU. How can this be in accordance with Union law? Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzI can only but agree with Max Drei: what is going on with the UPCA is in a sense criminal as only private interests are behind the fig leaf of an imperious necessity for Europe’s industry in general and SMEs in particular. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzI also agree with IPMouse, the only way to challenge the mess is to bring it in front of the CJEU one way or another. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzFOARP is right. The original idea of the UPC promoters was to bring it into force as quickly as possible and before everybody could have a careful look at it and realise what was going on. I see one positive effect to the Brexit: it stalled the entry into force of the UPC and might through Art 7(2) UPCA bring it to fail. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzThe only correct way to deal with the problem posed by Brexit is to clarify the problem created by Art 7(2) before the UPC enters into force. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzBut this means further delays, and by then the interest for the UPC will have gone. After all, the EU lived perfectly well for 50+ years without something like the UPC and creating such an institution in view of the very few transnational litigations a year is not worth it. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitzThere are other ways, much cheaper, to harmonise litigation within Europe and those ways can apply not only to the whole of the EU, but also to all member states of the EPC. Sep 22 16:15
schestowitz"Sep 22 16:15
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Techrights-secWith 2001-09-11, the PATRIOT-act was ready and waiting on the shelf forSep 22 16:44
Techrights-secan opportunity, any opportunity, to get deployed.  If there had not been thatSep 22 16:44
Techrights-secpassively allowed disaster there would have been another disaster along shortlySep 22 16:44
Techrights-seceither actively or passively enabled.  The PATRIOT act was not written quickly,Sep 22 16:44
Techrights-secgiven the convoluted nature of its references to what got changed and how.  Sep 22 16:44
schestowitz-TRin latest 2 techbytes eps tim mentioned how covid19 was used to pass some really malicious laws over here too...Sep 22 16:45
Techrights-secI'd not be surprised if those laws were ready and waiting to be pulled off theSep 22 17:18
Techrights-secshelf in just such an opportunity.  Sep 22 17:18
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schestowitz>>> Your login script is broken and logs out the same second it logs in soSep 22 17:48
schestowitz>>> there is not time for a connection.Sep 22 17:48
schestowitz>> Should I increase the delay in the loop?Sep 22 17:48
schestowitz>>Sep 22 17:48
schestowitz> The delay between the connection and disconnection needs to be increasedSep 22 17:48
schestowitz> quite a bit.Sep 22 17:48
schestowitzI've increased to 20 secs.Sep 22 17:48
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schestowitz> Can you upload it somewhere?  I'd like to see it to either find if itSep 22 18:01
schestowitz> can be improved or optimize my script to deal with it best.Sep 22 18:01
Techrights-secthanksSep 22 18:02
schestowitz-TRnap time for me.......Sep 22 18:03
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Techrights-sec ytalk 'sleep 1; ytalk Sep 22 19:32
schestowitz"Sep 22 19:35
schestowitz                                   │···········································································Sep 22 19:35
schestowitzwithout the username after the ytalk command, the script would only be able                             │···········································································Sep 22 19:35
schestowitzto respond to an incoming ytalk not initiate one.  However, the window for                              │···········································································Sep 22 19:35
schestowitzthat is very, very short since the other end will timeout quickly.  So the                              │···········································································Sep 22 19:35
schestowitzabove modification should greatly increase the ability to reconnect.   Sep 22 19:35
schestowitz"Sep 22 19:35
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