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Techrights-sec /var/tmp would be better since the RPi can get rebooted after various updatesApr 24 05:18
schestowitz   <li>Apr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">How to create a coil spring (helix) in SketchUp</a></h5>Apr 24 05:27
-TechrightsBN/ | How to create a coil spring (helix) in SketchUpApr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                        <p>Recently, I started doing a while bunch of new models in SketchUp, and I always try to only use my own components, never anything from the 3D warehouse. This means extra work, but also more satisfaction when you succeed. But then, I did face one big challenge. How to make a helix, a three-dimensional spiral, that most elusive of shapes.</p>Apr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                        <p>In essence, most of 3D design is just figuring the intricate intersect of planes in three dimensions. Sounds trivial, but sometimes, you end up scratching your head, not quite sure what to do. I decided to check a number of online tutorials, and while they do accomplish the task, I found them impossible to reproduce. The actual steps needed in SketchUp baffled me more than the concept of how a helix Apr 24 05:27
schestowitzshould look like. Well, eventually, with great satisfaction, I worked it out. It's not the prettiest or most efficient method, but it's dead simple. Let me show you.</p>Apr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 24 05:27
schestowitz                                </li>Apr 24 05:27
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schestowitz-TRoriginally I wanted to put it in your account, but for that I'd have to use ssh rather than quick drop and drop in dolphinApr 24 07:19
schestowitz-TRthe key thing is having the files on more than one lapApr 24 07:19
schestowitz-TRPutin and Luka are even madder than EPOApr 24 07:19
schestowitz-TRLuka took down a whole plane just to roughen up some bloggerApr 24 07:19
schestowitzOn 4/24/22 00:04, Roy Schestowitz wrote:Apr 24 07:33
schestowitz[snip]Apr 24 07:33
schestowitz> I don't know who promotes the above law (if Breton, be suspicious; weApr 24 07:33
schestowitz> wrote tons about him), but I know someone who might know a lot moreApr 24 07:33
schestowitz> about it.Apr 24 07:33
schestowitzI suppose that would be Dr Patrick BreyerApr 24 07:33
schestowitz 24 07:33
schestowitzI get the impression that he may be the most active of any of the (good)Apr 24 07:33
-TechrightsBN/ | Patrick Breyer – Digitaler Freiheitskämpfer und EuropaabgeordneterApr 24 07:33
schestowitzpoliticians on that front.Apr 24 07:33
schestowitzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxApr 24 07:33
schestowitz  <li>Apr 24 07:35
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Firmware - what are we going to do about it?</a></h5>Apr 24 07:35
-TechrightsBN/ | Steve's blogApr 24 07:35
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 24 07:35
schestowitz                                        <p>In my opinion, the way we deal with (non-free) firmware in Debian is a mess, and this is hurting many of our users daily. For a long time we've been pretending that supporting and including (non-free) firmware on Debian systems is not necessary. We don't want to have to provide (non-free) firmware to our users, and in an ideal world we wouldn't need to. However, it's very clearly no longer a sensible Apr 24 07:35
schestowitzpath when trying to support lots of common current hardware.</p>Apr 24 07:35
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 24 07:35
schestowitz                                </li>Apr 24 07:35
schestowitz>> If that was 8 hours apart, considering the length of the post fromApr 24 07:43
schestowitz>> Steve, this would be believable. Otherwise I call it a coincidence.Apr 24 07:43
schestowitz> They have a cache of things like that ready to publish on-demand.  HeApr 24 07:43
schestowitz> didn't write it immediately before posting it.  At the bottom of theApr 24 07:43
schestowitz> email he notes that other people had reviewed a draft.  It may have beenApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> sitting in his drafts folder for a week or two.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> He put the email on his blog as well so it would appear at the top onApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> uncensored.debian.communityApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> Various people noticed a similar pattern: whenever somethingApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> controversial appears on, one of RussApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> Allbery's book reviews usually appears within a couple of hours.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> This all may sound a bit paranoid but remember these are veryApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> thin-skinned people, they have a pathological obsession with hiding anyApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> criticism.  It may not relate to the intelligence agency stuff at all,Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> they are simply so afraid of criticism that they go out of their way toApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> hide it.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitzThis is always a possibility. Companies do the same. LF seemed to have done it when I exposed two LF scandals in two days back in December. They emptied their cache (about 6 fluff items) in just 2 days. That felt rushed and premature. That overlapped a Zemlin and IRS 'blunders'...Apr 24 07:44
schestowitzProving such correlation is very hard.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitzEPO is the same BTW...Apr 24 07:44
schestowitzIn summer last year Vista 11 fake "leak" was likely hiding from two crises: 1) Gates Foundation being abandoned. 2) leaks about Microsoft commandeering the whole "big tech" narrative. Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz>> By the way, conflating the military with "Mossad" isn't helping, asApr 24 07:44
schestowitz>> Mossad is notorious even domestically. A better headline would speak ofApr 24 07:44
schestowitz>> the military (like the body) rather than Mossad. It would passApr 24 07:44
schestowitz>> "clickbait" smell test.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz> The article now has links to the Wikipedia article.  Notice thatApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> engineers and programmers don't follow the normal military serviceApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> route.  They may genuinely end up doing cyber war stuff even if it isApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> not Mossad.  It is harder to explain that in a blog title but IApr 24 07:44
schestowitz> understand the point you are makingApr 24 07:44
schestowitzThere's this thing called 8200, if I recall correctly.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitzYou might want to look into the roots of the company Snyk, which we consider to be a bit of a Microsoft 'proxy'.Apr 24 07:44
schestowitz-TR------Apr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRIn Techbytes I've put some redacted stuff of interestApr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRfor transparency without too much attentionApr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRI think it's understandable that some people may know identities; for others,Apr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRthat needs to be made obscure enough and hard to locate by searchesApr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRI've not been very actively in  IRC lately. This is intentional.Apr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRThe main channel runs OK on its own.Apr 24 07:47
schestowitz-TRWe have about 70 users online, on average...Apr 24 07:47
Techrights-secackApr 24 07:48
Techrights-secfetching *.pdf and *.docApr 24 07:48
Techrights-sec4 PDF filesApr 24 07:48
Techrights-sec3 M$ Word filesApr 24 07:48
schestowitz-TRthe file format was not my choice, it is now ooxml, and libreoffice handlesApr 24 07:49
schestowitz-TRall the 'features' there OKApr 24 07:49
schestowitz-TRfor practical reasoins (exposing EPO abuses) I need to separate docApr 24 07:49
schestowitz-TRformat activism*it is NOT OOXMLApr 24 07:49
Techrights-secI can see the reasons for retaining the "original" formatsApr 24 07:50
schestowitz-TRI've alreadycorrected some typos in parts 2-3 this morning Apr 24 07:52
schestowitz-TRthis is still work in progress, intercepting (reporting) typos would helpApr 24 07:52
schestowitz-TRI have still not finalised my approach for dealing with patent "news" (noise)Apr 24 07:52
schestowitz-TRof utmost concern: linking to sites I strongly disagree withApr 24 07:52
schestowitz-TRand more so: linking to falsehoods (even if there is an in-line rebuttal)Apr 24 07:52
schestowitz-TRlast night I realised that in some sense we already won thr argumentApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRI was reading some comments, not paid-for fluff, and convinced myselfApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRthat perceptions had shiftedApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRlike RMS/GNU/FSF inspired CC and WWW, criticism of the patent status quoApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRis infectiousApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRyou now see comments you could not see 10-20 years agoApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TReven from within the microcosam/occupationApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRLast week NY Times did a piece about itApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRthen I saw several articles about the NY Times pieceApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRgenerally agreeing that the patent system is capturdApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRand no longer cushions innovationApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TREPO is one area where we get in-depath insights,Apr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRso the soft underbelly of "the machine"Apr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRis laid bareApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRin a similar vein, the media is "finding out" only NOW that Vista 11 is "Smaller" than XPApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRbased on statcounter alone we already said this months agoApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRand the point being, even without WBers sometimes you can use data points by whichApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRto proactively suppress shills and trollsApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRI noticed that even Microsoft Paul (T) took note of thisApr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TRThey are very concerned and this past week they started pushing WSL again Apr 24 07:59
schestowitz-TR(Windows retention strategy)Apr 24 07:59
Techrights-secyes but the risk is that they can do the attrition startegy which they used   Apr 24 08:04
Techrights-secwith the first round of Visa to grind down resistance.  The Apr 24 08:04
Techrights-secGNU/Linux distros and FreeBSD ought to be making hay with this.  Apr 24 08:04
Techrights-secFreeBSD instead are a bunch of Windows boosters and Canonical and the otehrApr 24 08:04
Techrights-seccompanies backing the vaiorous distros have all be heavily infiltrated.Apr 24 08:04
Techrights-secEinfeldt had estimated that going below around 85% desktop market shareApr 24 08:04
Techrights-secwould pop the Windows bubble.  Most people believe that M$ makes moneyApr 24 08:04
Techrights-secfrom selling Windows, that is a myth which M$ likes to perpetuate.Apr 24 08:04
Techrights-secThe real money comes from the monopoly rents and it is the OEM monopoly whichApr 24 08:04
Techrights-seccounts there.  The stuff with the UEFI, TPM, Restricted boot, and so onApr 24 08:04
Techrights-secis an attempt to lock in what they can with aspirations to havingApr 24 08:04
Techrights-secenough market share remaining after that to be able to continue theirApr 24 08:04
Techrights-secleveraging of old monopolies into new ones.Apr 24 08:04
schestowitz-TRI have just tried, in vain (vague headline), to find last week's article aboutApr 24 08:04
schestowitz-TRaschool (US, IIRC) changineverything to GNU/Linux, client side alsoApr 24 08:04
schestowitz-TRChromebooks weaken Windows and force the revenue of WIndows downApr 24 08:05
schestowitz-TRbut they won't usher in any real emancipation, nor will they give pupils Apr 24 08:05
schestowitz-TRthe core skills needed to lead the way away from WindowsApr 24 08:05
schestowitz-TRGulag is like enemey of enemy in this contextApr 24 08:05
Techrights-secAnother area, which is probably the largest if I were to guess, would be Apr 24 08:07
Techrights-secthe buying and selling of its own stock..  That probaby brings in moreApr 24 08:07
Techrights-secrevenue than the other areas.  Note also that M$ "profit" even with Eron-Apr 24 08:07
Techrights-secstyle accounting is less than the government bailout it got with JEDIApr 24 08:07
schestowitz-TRspeaking totally in the abstract here, you know where I stand in my hypothesesApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRon US "tech"Apr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRLike Luka with his "tech" sector in Minck, with 1% tax ratesApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRThe real goal isn't to create a profitable economApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRbut an economic yoke tgar helps the ruling class (or dicatoator) of a nationApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TR1) spy/control the populationApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TR2) spy abroad or leverage (e.g. blackmail, taking blogger's plane down)Apr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft is a centerpiece going back to the 1990sApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRthe gov. put Microsoft in a split dilemmaApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRnow it has back doors in over 200 countries woirldwiddeApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRGulag tells the US gov. what over 5 billion people think (or browser, or search for)Apr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRthat does not need to be directly profitableApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRthe bproblem is, all these "hobby projects" of sociopathic ruling classes/dictatorsApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRare a yoke on taxpayers, whose contributions are paid in the form of debt (i.e. borrowingApr 24 08:11
schestowitz-TRfrom the futture, based on speculations or delusions of grandeur)Apr 24 08:11
Techrights-secyes, as complained about a lot, technology is more about control thanApr 24 08:15
Techrights-secfunctionality or usability or reliabilityApr 24 08:15
Techrights-secM$ /is/ the backdoorApr 24 08:15
Techrights-secthe continued existence of M$ is a drag on the world economy and hits the USApr 24 08:15
Techrights-sececonomy worse than mostApr 24 08:15
Techrights-secyes the taxpayers foot the bill for the backdoors and spyware used against themApr 24 08:15
Techrights-secas mentioned the debt itself is the new currencuApr 24 08:15
Techrights-sec^currencyApr 24 08:15
schestowitz-TRMicrosoft , Gulag, and Palantir help the US harvest medical dataApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRWe already have solid proof that, as per Wikileaks/Cablegate, the USApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRleverages such information to discredit and manipulate foreign leadersApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRlike Kirschner in ArgentinaApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRI hope that thew Belarus  series helps illuminate how "apps fur diktatur"Apr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRis really a thingApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRor NSO Group/ClearView/something "bright" (the hypePhone back doors) for IsraelApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRGermany has Gamma Group, which I assume just rernamed rather than shut downApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRThe US is "world leaders" in this regard, but US took 11,000,000,000,000 (I had toi countApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRthe zereoes) in loads in just 2 years of pandemic, so it's overdoing itApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRoverdosing so to speakApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRpeople do not read books anymore (few do)Apr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRbut some books about silicon valley were making points /similar/ to theseApr 24 08:17
schestowitz-TRI did not read these books, but I saw allusions to themApr 24 08:17
Techrights-secnope and I would posit that young people /cannot/ read books and not    Apr 24 08:18
Techrights-secdue to lack of availability eitherApr 24 08:18
schestowitz-TRphysical books are "dangerous"Apr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TR1) they last longApr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TR2) they pass hands without the government seeing who from/toApr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TR3) they cannot be remotely removed (store, DMCA etc)Apr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRlike "app stores", there's centralised controls associated with "e" 'books'Apr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRStalin and Putin "approve"Apr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRthey can eliminate books  without the carbon footpinr associated with physicalApr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRbook burningApr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRApplem  now takes it a step further by hashing and making DBs on files in the OSApr 24 08:22
schestowitz-TRit'll pass to other OSApr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TR"because das kinder!"Apr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TR*derApr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TR(I think, I'm not good at connecting words... or German for that matter)Apr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TRthe way to legalise books (and kinder "eggs"/chocolate) is to mouild them into the  shape of a rifleApr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TRand then claim they're covered by 2nd Am.Apr 24 08:23
Techrights-sec4) they are accessible and easie to deal with than e-booksApr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TRI hope they at least hand out their inventories to good homesApr 24 08:23
schestowitz-TRinstead of pulping, which cannot be undoneApr 24 08:24
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schestowitz-TR "Here's someone from Europe who was interested in reading a story about a person in a small US (United States) town [3] and yet, theApr 24 09:04
schestowitz-TRy couldn't because the owners of the news website (which isn't owned locally, but instead by a larger company in another state [4]) pApr 24 09:04
schestowitz-TRrobably doesn't care about European readers." gemini:// 24 09:04
Techrights-secThat is isolationism on the part of the larger corporations there.  It is a Apr 24 09:04
Techrights-secpart of removing democratic control of the contry in favor of fascism or     Apr 24 09:04
Techrights-secsimilar.  If people can't see whats; going on, more trouble can be madeApr 24 09:04
Techrights-secbefore people respond to it. Apr 24 09:04
schestowitz-TRthey do also crush newsrooms. I suppose limiting their audience is one way to justify this.Apr 24 09:05
Techrights-secthe buying up of local news is so that it provides a local name to disemminateApr 24 09:16
Techrights-secnational level corporate propaganda within the community, there is noApr 24 09:16
Techrights-secneed or reason for them to keep more than a skeletal staff for actual localApr 24 09:16
Techrights-secnews Apr 24 09:16
schestowitz-TRr audience is one way to justify this.Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRI will admit I rarely follow "local" news sites in the UKApr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRManchester has one big sites/paper, M.E.N.Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRbut it makes sense that, as you say, they rope in localApr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRfor mostly mindless gossipApr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRlike local pubs, places to go events, footballApr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRbut the "added value" is the amplification of national and intl Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRpropaganda Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRso it boils down to control over minds and, thus, behaviour/attitudesApr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRI recognise that some mindset cohesion is desirable for building Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRcommunities with cultures, traditions etc.Apr 24 09:19
schestowitz-TRrather than dealing with millions of lone wolvesApr 24 09:19
Techrights-secThe local news would build the community, removing local news and replacingApr 24 09:28
Techrights-secit with a mouthpiece for corporate propaganda works to erode that communityApr 24 09:28
schestowitz-TRMEN is full of too much 'hoi polloi' junk to be usableApr 24 09:29
schestowitz-TReityher in paper form (distributed free sometimes)Apr 24 09:29
schestowitz-TRor as web siteApr 24 09:29
schestowitz-TRbetter to post less and based on merit/qualityApr 24 09:29
schestowitz-TRbut this is not their objectiveApr 24 09:29
Techrights-secackApr 24 09:37
schestowitz-TRthought experiment: I access their site's front page nowApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TRmust consent to malicious spyingApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TRprobably by american firmsApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> When I access manchestereveningnews (local news) I cannot proceed without consenting to data about me being sent toApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TR about 50 "partners" that spy on me from US, Germany, etc. JavaScript made the Web a toxic place. We need to compel companies to moveApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TR away from it.Apr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TRtop story is about very rich peopleApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TRalong the whole topApr 24 09:38
schestowitz-TRcausing envy and streife, at least along class linesApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRnot race or gender (that seems to be for Daily Fails)Apr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TR*FailApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRmostly local newsApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRthen, OMG "ADVERTORIAL"Apr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRfor Dubai tripApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRit;'s even marked as suchApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRtourism spamApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRthere's a heart symbol in the logo with ukraine flagApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRnot sure why that's needed in a local news siteApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRthe right wing would call that "virtue signalling"Apr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRall in all, I got NO story of use out of itApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TReven the football story is 100% gossipApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRabout someone's feelingsApr 24 09:39
schestowitz-TRnot a transfer or actual concrete newsApr 24 09:39
Techrights-sec:(Apr 24 09:43
Techrights-secas mentioned the local part is in name only; they have been bought outApr 24 09:43
Techrights-secto ride on the name recongition built up in previous generations and nowApr 24 09:43
Techrights-secsquandered to promulgate national corporate propaganda within the local Apr 24 09:43
Techrights-seccommunitiesApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRnow I feel maentally drained and damagedApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRthey also did clickbait like "never guess what happened next"Apr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRheadlines designed to create mystiqueApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRI hate thoseApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRyoutube's front page became like thisApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRI went there just moments ago to look for the boxing match noted in MENApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRso it's a wormhole of noiseApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRmental clutterApr 24 09:43
schestowitz-TRlike twitter in 2022Apr 24 09:43
Techrights-secthe goal of many, including the corporations, has been to eliminate the Apr 24 10:05
Techrights-secparticipatory nature of the WWW and turn it into something more akin to Apr 24 10:05
Techrights-seccable TV with ads, DRM, and allApr 24 10:05
Techrights-secSo not just one-way transmission but who can transmit is also tightly controlledApr 24 10:05
Techrights-secSee the DSA fight or lack there of which should be going on in EU at this Apr 24 10:05
Techrights-secmomentApr 24 10:05
schestowitz-TRpeople's voices get funneled via wall street, through Twitter, Facebook etc.Apr 24 10:06
schestowitz-TRSwarm-like controlsApr 24 10:06
Techrights-secthe illusion of speech is given since a select subset of voices are allowApr 24 10:09
Techrights-seced visibility;Apr 24 10:09
schestowitz-TR<techrights-news> "One may think that when it comes to 3D printing, slicing software is pretty much a solved problem."  https://hackApr 24 10:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Could not resolve host: hack; Unknown error ( status 0 @ https://hack )Apr 24 10:12 | Source: HackadayApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TR-TechrightsSocial/#boycottnovell-social- A Universal, Non-planar Slicer For 3D Printing Is Worth Thinking About | HackadayApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRWikileaks DID enjoy visibility thereApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRUntil it became Twitter policy to lock thei accoutns, make t hem less visible etc.Apr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRThe problem is, Wikileaks elevated Twsitter Inc. to Wikilekas "boss" statuApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRthis is, in general, a short-sighted shortterm gain magical thinkingApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRGulagTubers were soo busy wanking over # of subecribersApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRbut thenthe very concept of subscriber changedApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRwikileaks would have been vastly better offApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRhad it built its brand and presence online on RSS feedsApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TReven if only 100k people added that to their readersApr 24 10:12
schestowitz-TRrather than 5 million Twitter 'followers'Apr 24 10:12
Techrights-secthey and many other people ignored or denied the obvious nature of social control media in order to be able to pretend to be with theApr 24 10:39
Techrights-sec in crowd.  That was Apr 24 10:39
Techrights-secappearance was not just an illusion but an outright lie, and it bit themApr 24 10:39
Techrights-secon the ass later quite hard.Apr 24 10:39
Techrights-secThey were just some of the many fools than helped grow the illusion of twitterApr 24 10:39
schestowitz-TRnow it is all about fake choiceApr 24 10:39
schestowitz-TReven middle-aged white men can unergo transition into "vulnerable minority"Apr 24 10:39
schestowitz-TRand the social control media be taken over from withinApr 24 10:39
schestowitz-TRto chase down people who call out the bullshitApr 24 10:39
schestowitz-TRthe greater the BS, the wider the net can be castApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRmind you, this applies to Islamists tooApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRit's statistically provable that it begets more violenceApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRby saying so out loud is verboten Apr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRI see that Daily Fail is using nuclear-level trollingApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRto  invoke emotional reactionApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRit's like MEN one level upApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRManchester Evening NewsApr 24 10:40
schestowitz-TRI want to say something for the record:Apr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRTwitter changed. To say I made a mistake joining after Tony Manco had asked me to joinApr 24 10:44 (I was hesitent) and them put copies in Twitter) is revisionismApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRthe problen is how the sites change over the yearsApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRFB was also different in 2006, maybe close to benign at the very startApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRfwiw, during ooxml/odf wars bob sotur was posting this stupid "tweet" thingApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRand he also shilled second ligeApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRI thought, "what is he a kid?"Apr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TR1-2 years later there were also "tweets" with my name in themApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRthe key problem is,Apr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TR(to emphasise to people)Apr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRgiving someone else control over your platform of mouthApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRthey may seem benign and courteous at firstApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRbut they are still in controlApr 24 10:44
schestowitz-TRlike a saudi husbandApr 24 10:45
schestowitz-TRand when things go sour they still have control over you,Apr 24 10:45
schestowitz-TRsuch as your data and your perceived "audience"Apr 24 10:45
Techrights-secackApr 24 10:45
Techrights-secyes, as usual, it is about controlApr 24 10:45
Techrights-secand thus modifiying the message and shifting the "narrative"Apr 24 10:45
Techrights-secthus the analogy to sharecroppingApr 24 10:45
schestowitz-TRon the internet, it is very hard not to be boassed by masters like dns, icann, nominet (uk) etc.Apr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRthose are problem further up the chainApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRthe "copyright holders" and Russia sanctions crowd have begun chasing them, tooApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRbut then again the wiring between people is almost always going to be centrally controlledApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRwireless meshes only work under certain conditions in very densely populated citiesApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRbut then there is the power of encryptionApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRwhere you avoid being banned by hiding what's moving up and down the streamApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRhence, the war on encryption is not about privacyApr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRit's about control Apr 24 10:48
schestowitz-TRactivelow (in the channel at the moment) did some work on encryption  Apr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TRI disagree with him on many political issuesApr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TRbut IME, people who work on unapproved encryption get in a lot of troubleApr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TReven if their first attempt at it sucksApr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TRthere is the prospect they will get it right laterApr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TROver the years I spoke to people and heard from people who,Apr 24 10:51
schestowitz-TRmerelt for developing ciphers, would get harassed a lotApr 24 10:51
Techrights-secThe harassment is probably targeted and the target chosen on purposeApr 24 10:52
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activelowon my TODO: removal of CONFIG_CRYPTO from linux kernelApr 24 11:06
activelownone of this is required inside kernelApr 24 11:06
activelowall that remains will be the 32bit non-primitive recurse LFSR for loopdevApr 24 11:06
Techrights-secackApr 24 11:08
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schestowitz-TRCNC ☛ | Source: HackaApr 24 11:17
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Omnibot Shows Off Over A Decade Of CNC Prowess | HackadayApr 24 11:17
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schestowitz-TR[14:59] <techrights-news> Spamnil now has quite a few videos with fewer videos than days and some are - gasp - less than half the numApr 24 16:22
schestowitz-TRber of views than days, e.g. one month since publication, less than 15 views. LF bet its farm on a person who repels people.Apr 24 16:22
Techrights-secsearch engines have been producing worse than useless results for a longApr 24 16:22
Techrights-sectime now, as far as I know intentionallyApr 24 16:22
Techrights-secLF probably chose Spamnil knowing he can run the service into the groundApr 24 16:22
Techrights-secHe probably is blissfully unaware that his mediocracy is being exploited soApr 24 16:22
schestowitz-TRI am about to publish many screenshots from Gulag NoiseApr 24 16:23
schestowitz-TRabout UPCApr 24 16:23
schestowitz-TRany feedback you can give me on the effect of this style would helpApr 24 16:23
schestowitz-TRas I invest a lot of time in this...Apr 24 16:23
schestowitz-TReta 30 minsApr 24 16:23
schestowitz-TRso far, I think it is the "least bad" approchApr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRit captures the text, authors' names, commentsApr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRdoes not send them trafficApr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRit is conciuseApr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRand I can produce that RELATIVELY fastApr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRI also think that among UPC antagonists it can help "rally the troops"Apr 24 16:25
schestowitz-TRand shame the liarsApr 24 16:25
Techrights-seclookingApr 24 16:29
Techrights-secno draft ?   Apr 24 16:29
Techrights-secokApr 24 16:29
schestowitz-TRthere will be twoApr 24 16:29
schestowitz-TR5 mins,Apr 24 16:29
schestowitz-TRone is singleApr 24 16:29
schestowitz-TRimageApr 24 16:29
schestowitz-TRthe other 24 imagesApr 24 16:29
Techrights-secgoogle and the others like to blame "the algorithm" and that is sufficient toApr 24 16:35
Techrights-secfool or distract most people; however it is google employees which have writtenApr 24 16:35
Techrights-secmonitor and tune the algorithms to produce the results they desire ...Apr 24 16:35
schestowitz-TRdraftApr 24 16:35
activelowand neither the google employees nor any algorithm is repsonsible for the content or what is searched forApr 24 16:36
Techrights-seclookingApr 24 16:40
Techrights-secfor the uninitiated the highlighted points need clarification as to theirApr 24 16:40
Techrights-secimportance, the pandering to Russia for exampleApr 24 16:40
Techrights-secor the significance of that particular authorApr 24 16:40
schestowitz-TRgood point, I think after the next article I will do a video and longer text explaining the importance of those things, inc.Apr 24 16:41
schestowitz-TRwith voice and freeform textApr 24 16:41
schestowitz-TRtonight comes part 2 and video about it (belarus)Apr 24 16:41
schestowitz-TRdraftApr 24 17:15
schestowitz-TRI will publish for now, I think typos are not there anymore and I added a bit of clarityApr 24 17:15
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schestowitz-TR"My mother passed away at 58. Covid and her heart couldn't stay beating." gemini:// 24 18:12
schestowitz-TROTAApr 24 18:12
schestowitz-TRdoneApr 24 18:12
schestowitz-TR35 minsApr 24 18:12
Techrights-secackApr 24 18:45
Techrights-secnow about 15 minutesApr 24 18:45
Techrights-secthe results start to come in at 18 UTCApr 24 18:45
Techrights-seccheckingApr 24 18:45
schestowitz-TRthe backups?Apr 24 18:45
schestowitz-TRin tmux there is a pane devoted to showing gz errors, if any, in real timeApr 24 18:45
schestowitz-TRthe backup on TM was always good when I checkedApr 24 18:48
schestowitz-TRand so far on TR no back gz files in about 2-3 daysApr 24 18:48
Techrights-secackApr 24 18:48
Techrights-secwith a newer version of tmux the pans could have actual labelsApr 24 18:48
Techrights-secyesApr 24 18:48
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