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schestowitz[TR2]">> Upon reading that last piece I though, impact of stress could beApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]>> reiterated, emphasised.Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> The heart attack text is from the wife, it is not from a coroner.  ThereApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> is a very big difference, especially when you consider how bad the wifeApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> must feel at the moment she is writing it.Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]>Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> I don't think there is a lot of benefit in publishing that text at allApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> because then I would have to explain why it is untrustworthy and thatApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> would insult the wife.  It is better to simply say no official reportsApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]> are ever published in this particular country.Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]If he was alone, as stated, then how do they know what happened (witnesses who saw something before he was alone)?Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]The police and paramedics often do a good job of gathering evidence atApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]the scene of a death.  When confronted with such a scene, they areApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]working on the hypothesis that it is a crime scene until the possibilityApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]of murder or assault is ruled out.Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]Heart attacks are not always instant.  He may have been able to use hisApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]phone to call for help and describe the symptomsApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]The post-mortem analysis may have revealed further details about theApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]cause of deathApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]But if any such evidence was collected by authorities, it was neverApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]published.  So maybe they made up this bike/heart attack story.Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]Same goes for the Thiemo Seufer car accident.  If the accident happenedApr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]the way they said, why would they be afraid to release the documents?Apr 24 01:17
schestowitz[TR2]Why would there be no news reports?"Apr 24 01:17
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