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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Monday, January 25, 2021

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schestowitz__paJan 25 00:23
schestowitz__Birthdays are rare, time to show we care,Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__To forget would be unfair, at the calendar to stare,Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__Some people grow up, some only in age,Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__Some people find solace, in a job inside a cageJan 25 00:23
schestowitz__Family, however, is another thing altogetherJan 25 00:23
schestowitz__Family isn't caging, it's about coming together,Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__On this very special day I want to sincerely wish,Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__A special happy day, with a cake or a nice dish :-))Jan 25 00:23
schestowitz__--poem to my sister (a birthday today)Jan 25 00:23
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schestowitz__> Hello Roy,Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> Hope all is well and you are coping ok in these unusual times. Have youJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> been able to do much training with the gyms being shut? I have beenJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> working from home for a year now and have improvised a makeshift gym inJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> my basement. I also go running into the Peak District hills across myJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> road. I read somewhere about plans for a Covid passport to enable theJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> vaccinated to travel/enter public buildings, have you been able to avoidJan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> the virus?Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__> Speak soon,Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__Hi mate,Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__Yes, as far as I'm aware we've both avoided it (not even the slightest of symptoms) as we wash everything we buy if fresh, otherwise leave it in quarantine for a few days. Had BT engineers ('open'reach) over twice this month, but we're a room apart with protective gear. In terms of gym, the place is dead... almost nobody there except us, so it feels mostly safe. They shut a month ago and will hopefully reopen next month. It was Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__shut down for 4 weeks in November. When not there we're working out from home with YouTube for motivation/guidance (no equipment).Jan 25 11:39
schestowitz__I know some people who suffer a lot from this. Especially extroverts. The long "timeout" let me do lots of site-related work this past week, so I can't complain myself.Jan 25 11:39

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