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schestowitzDead Richard,Sep 26 07:43
schestowitzYour talk in Ukraine was originally uploaded to YouTube, so we're taken the liberty to convert it to WebM and it has been viewed about 5,000 times in 26 07:43
schestowitzThe WebM file can be added toSep 26 07:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Richard Stallman’s First Public Talk (Delivered in Person) in Years, Now With a Free Format | TechrightsSep 26 07:44
schestowitz 26 07:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Talks - Richard StallmanSep 26 07:44
schestowitz 26 07:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Audio/Video - GNU Project - Free-Software FoundationSep 26 07:44
schestowitzMeanwhile, when you speak in Poland tomorrow, it's worth noting that it's the anniversary: 26 07:44
-TechrightsBN/ | Reminder: GNU Turns 38 This Monday Around Midday (When GNU’s Founder Gives Talk in Poland) | TechrightsSep 26 07:44
schestowitzHappy hacking,Sep 26 07:44
schestowitz 26 07:56
schestowitz"It's "Climate Change" propaganda enacted as policy that is causing the bulk of Global food shortages."Sep 26 07:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Raj Patel: Climate, Conflict and Capitalism Drive Global ... | MindsSep 26 07:56
schestowitz 26 07:56
schestowitz"Technically, we're never at war with anyone. A small minority start it and another small minority fight it. The rest of the people are all at the mercy of the military industrial complex."Sep 26 07:56
-TechrightsBN/ | United States of War: How AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal Co... | MindsSep 26 07:56
schestowitz"War mongerers don't represent American or British people, they represent themselves and their interests"Sep 26 07:56
schestowitz 26 07:56
-TechrightsBN/ | Daily summary | Coronavirus in the UK | MindsSep 26 07:56
schestowitz 26 07:56
-TechrightsBN/ | " The Truth and only the truth" that will make you free f... | MindsSep 26 07:56
schestowitz 26 07:57
-TechrightsBN/ | PowerShell on Linux? A primer on Object-Shells - Fedora M... | MindsSep 26 07:57
schestowitz"Is it pushing lock-in or just talking about a potentially useful tool? Considering PowerShell (not to be confused with Windows Powershell) is open-source and licensed under MIT, the threat of vendor lock-in seems minimal."Sep 26 07:57
schestowitzIt integrates with other stuffSep 26 07:57
schestowitz 26 07:59
-TechrightsBN/ | The Far Right Calls Biden a "Tyrant" Over Vaccine Rules M... | MindsSep 26 07:59
schestowitz"Sep 26 07:59
schestowitzAppeal to majority, tyranny of the majority anyone? Just because most Americans back the rules, doesn't mean Biden has the authority to make them.Sep 26 07:59
schestowitzthumb_upSep 26 07:59
schestowitzthumb_downSep 26 07:59
schestowitz"Sep 26 07:59
schestowitz 26 08:00
-TechrightsBN/ | The economy of EVMs | MindsSep 26 08:00
schestowitz"No way, paper ballots is the only way to vote."Sep 26 08:00
schestowitz"thats a zerg rush"Sep 26 08:00
schestowitz 26 08:00
-TechrightsBN/ | “People Are Desperate”: Biden Vows Mass Deportations as T... | MindsSep 26 08:00
schestowitz 26 08:00
schestowitz"I Can't stop watching doomsday films like The End of the World (1916), The War of the Worlds (1953), Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), The day the Earth stood still (1951) The Omega Man (1971)It's like there's no tomorrow."Sep 26 08:00
-TechrightsBN/ | A lot of people who still get infected with #covid19 are ... | MindsSep 26 08:00
-TechrightsBN/ | Google Their mission is to program humanity. | MindsSep 26 08:00
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schestowitz[19:51] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> sorry for disturbingSep 26 09:18
schestowitz[19:51] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> while ago i had seen you supported /keyxSep 26 09:18
schestowitz[19:52] <schestowitz> keytool?Sep 26 09:18
schestowitz[19:52] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> fishSep 26 09:18
schestowitz[19:53] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> had to patch irss-fish plugin, because it segfaulted, and wanted to quickly test with a peer who supported /keyx and setkeySep 26 09:19
schestowitz[19:53] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> strangely your client doesn't respond to /keyx anymoreSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[19:53] <schestowitz> I'm not sure of keyxSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[19:53] <schestowitz> I do use some CLI tools for i/o in xSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[19:54] <schestowitz> but I'm no gurusSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[19:54] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> i did successfully keyx once, but your client doesn't respond anymoreSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:15] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ?OTRv23?Sep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:23] <schestowitz> my client as in IRC, server?Sep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:23] <schestowitz> I need to check what keyx actually isSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:23] <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> end-to-endSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:23] <schestowitz> ohSep 26 09:19
schestowitz[20:23] <schestowitz> it's ircSep 26 09:19
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* sets mode +q #boycottnovell schestowitzSep 26 09:20
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Techrights-secIRC post - "2 hours ago Missed schedule", posted nowSep 26 10:32
schestowitz-TRthanks. Are you good at accounting or reading financial statements? I read my employer's now, and some of that is too cryptic to me...Sep 26 10:32
Techrights-secnot really, I usually get help with that myself Sep 26 10:35
Techrights-secHow long is the statement?Sep 26 10:35
Techrights-secThe trend for about 30 years has been to obfuscate the data.  Sep 26 10:35
Techrights-secMany no longer have a "bottom line" at all. Sep 26 10:35
Techrights-secSome schools (MBA) teach people to cook the books and have two sets Sep 26 10:35
Techrights-secof financials, a public one for investors and anoter for tax purposes.Sep 26 10:35
schestowitz-TRA few years ago I took more detailed notes, but in short:Sep 26 10:36
schestowitz-TR1. the company is not in a good stateSep 26 10:36
schestowitz-TR2. the company just turned 23 yearsSep 26 10:36
schestowitz-TR3. the company keeps changing official registered namesSep 26 10:36
schestowitz-TR4. there are still at least 2 currently activeSep 26 10:36
schestowitz-TR5. the CEO a'bsconed' to the US after divorceSep 26 10:37
schestowitz-TR6. the wife was a director, who I can see in the filing was terminated under the old company nameSep 26 10:37
schestowitz-TR7. 9 months later we were invited to sign documents for the new company nameSep 26 10:37
schestowitz-TR8. it's easy money for us, even if not much. AFAIK, the financial risk is not the workers', not a liabilitySep 26 10:38
schestowitz-TR9. I used to read about how it's better to leave companies before they go under because it looks better?Sep 26 10:38
schestowitz-TRthoughts?Sep 26 10:38
Techrights-secThose are the same schools which train the MBAs for "successful bankruptcies"Sep 26 10:43
Techrights-sec-- plural.Sep 26 10:43
Techrights-sec9. Yes.  And more practical.  However, I gather a lot of hiring practiceSep 26 10:43
Techrights-secis just bizarre these days and based on superstition or other non-factualSep 26 10:43
Techrights-secbases.  Sep 26 10:43
Techrights-secAre the financials online anywhere?Sep 26 10:44
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schestowitz-TRyesSep 26 10:45
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Techrights-secThanks.  Will look but it may take a day or so.Sep 26 10:49
schestowitz-TRThanks, another pair or eyes can help. bear in mind we get paid about 80-100 pounds net (after tax) for very little work, for me no more than an hour per shift. Net work.Sep 26 10:50
schestowitz-TRThey can barely come to us with demands for fear of losing key staffSep 26 10:50
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schestowitzx 26 11:14
schestowitz# fails to mention upgrades to GNU/LinuxSep 26 11:14
-TechrightsBN/ | If you install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC, you will not get updates - TechzimSep 26 11:14
schestowitzI saw the article last night and added it to TM because almost half of it actually DOES advocate gnu/linuxSep 26 11:15
Techrights-secThose are difficult to call, for me.  I greatly dislike when they start outSep 26 11:17
Techrights-secon a good track and then close off with some crap which they foist off Sep 26 11:17
Techrights-secusing the credibility built up in the first part.  Sep 26 11:17
Techrights-secSo some I post some I dont'.  Maybe it's not so important to be a stickler forSep 26 11:17
Techrights-secdetail.  Sep 26 11:17
schestowitz-TRmy initial instinct was the same, but then I decided to dig deeper and see if gnu/linux gets a mention at all.Sep 26 11:18
schestowitzre jobs, two lovely mottos I picked recently from the ibm layoff forums are, 1) you get a pay increase by working less (per hour) 2) employers pay just enough to keep you, and you work just enough to keep the jobSep 26 11:19
Techrights-secUnfortunately.  Not too long ago it was good pay for good results.  But thatSep 26 11:25
Techrights-sechas changed across the board.  It might be one of the contributing factorsSep 26 11:25
Techrights-secto the downfall and collapse of what's left of civilized society.  The    Sep 26 11:25
Techrights-secbehavior is going already.  Sep 26 11:25
Techrights-secThere are hundreds of applicants for most job postings these days.Sep 26 11:25
Techrights-secWith that volume, the selection process becomes very arbitrary and inaccurate.Sep 26 11:25
Techrights-secI'm not sure how much the old method of knowing people helps any more.Sep 26 11:25
schestowitz-TRFrom what I am hearing, most people get jobs through connections and interviews are sometimes theatre for compliance purposesSep 26 11:26
Techrights-secIn some ways that is a relief to hear.  It has its own downsides butSep 26 11:28
Techrights-secat least it is possible to bring in skill that way.  The other way, manySep 26 11:28
Techrights-secget to the interview by having gamed the HR drones.Sep 26 11:28
schestowitz-TRReferrals from existing insiders can help (like vouching or like debian chains of trust). My sister's partner recently got a job this way and wasn't the first. Many jobs I had over the years I got without an interview or just some very informal chat.Sep 26 11:29
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Techrights-secAny that weren't downright unpleasant and/or unsafe I got that way too.Sep 26 11:30
schestowitzx 26 11:31
-TechrightsBN/ | Tomorrow’s soldiers will have their reality augmented | The EconomistSep 26 11:31
schestowitz# handout to keep m$ afloat;Sep 26 11:31
schestowitz# yet in exchange our own soldiers will die because of this m$ boondoggleSep 26 11:31
Techrights-secAlthough when there is an internal candidate in mind, it is usually a wasteSep 26 11:34
Techrights-secof time to apply and compete for that one.  Sep 26 11:34
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Techrights-secapropos the financials, it looks like there will be relevant information at  Sep 26 13:30
Techrights-secthe end of October.Sep 26 13:30
schestowitz-TRif only I could interpret it reliably :-)Sep 26 13:31
Techrights-secWell, there is little information to interpret.Sep 26 13:32
DaemonFCDebian 11 seems to work okay on my Thinkbook 15 ITL Gen2. There werre some odd ACPI errors on boot though.Sep 26 14:18
DaemonFCBut then again, what else is new?Sep 26 14:19
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schestowitz 26 16:18
-TechrightsBN/ | Authorship of photographs and ownership of image rights in Nigeria: Banire v NTA-Star TV Network Ltd - The IPKatSep 26 16:18
schestowitz"I can't be the only reader here to get two-thirds of the way through this posting before realising that the sentence beginning "The Appellant was the plaintiff at the (Federal) High Court where she had sought a declaration that the Respondent/Defendant’s use of her photographs on its billboards.. " did not mean that the appellant took the photographs, but instead that she was the subject of the photographs in question. Similarly the fact that Sep 26 16:19
schestowitzwe are told that "VNML took the photograph ..." turned out to be the other sense of 'took', and not the appropration sense, as would have been more usual in a case of alleged infringement. "Sep 26 16:19
schestowitz 26 16:22
-TechrightsBN/ | The Unified Patent Court. Do we finally have a predictable timeline? - The IPKatSep 26 16:22
schestowitz"Sep 26 16:22
schestowitzAs the RPUPCA only exist as 18th draft, going back to 2015, I doubt that the commission's opinion has been requested.Sep 26 16:22
schestowitzAt the member of the commission in charge of the topic is one of the staunchest supporters of the UPC it will go through without batting an eyelid. Sep 26 16:22
schestowitzIt is not clear from the UPCA or from the PPA when the opinion of the commission has to be sought. Sep 26 16:22
schestowitz"Sep 26 16:22
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schestowitz 26 18:00
-TechrightsBN/ | Reasons for an EBA referral on plausibility, post-published evidence and problem-solution - The IPKatSep 26 18:00
schestowitz"Sep 26 18:00
schestowitzAccepting post published information, in order to show that an invention is enabled or to justify a broad claim, should not be taken into account as it boils down to give a premium to slapdash drafting and/or hurried filing. Sep 26 18:01
schestowitzIt is only when the invention is ripe that a patent application should filed and not before. Sep 26 18:01
schestowitz"Sep 26 18:01
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schestowitz 26 20:21
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@jrbrtson: @schestowitz Embrace, extend, extinguish?Sep 26 20:21
schestowitz 26 20:22
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@andymorphs: @schestowitz i think its the fact that we can see the effort they're going to makes it feel like its a serious product.Sep 26 20:22
schestowitz 26 20:22
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@affiShiller: @schestowitz Market Red - $BETU GreenSep 26 20:22
schestowitz 26 20:23
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Vecchi_Paolo: @schestowitz No, there are no cows roaming the streets around Bologna (generally). I guess that is Bolonia in south… 26 20:23
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Vecchi_Paolo: @schestowitz No, there are no cows roaming the streets around Bologna (generally). I guess that is Bolonia in south… 26 20:23
schestowitz"Sep 26 20:23
schestowitzNo, there are no cows roaming the streets around Bologna (generally).Sep 26 20:23
schestowitzI guess that is Bolonia in southern Spain.Sep 26 20:23
schestowitz"Sep 26 20:23
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