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schestowitz__> Hi :-) and thank so much for the lovely article I've just seen! VeryFeb 27 07:35
schestowitz__> kind, and great about cyling them round; glad you like them, and manyFeb 27 07:35
schestowitz__> thanks again.Feb 27 07:35
schestowitz__> Greetings,Feb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> Sorry for the delayed response. I took a look at the capsule and itFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> looks like you have a lot of great content. It is unfortunately not wellFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> structured for how spacewalk works (but is undoubtedly a good andFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> functional structure in general).Feb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> Feb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> Spacewalk works based on page hash comparrison. Since your capsule movesFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> things into pages based on month/year, spacewalk would only see anFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> update every month or year... rather than every time you add a newFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> article. I am unfortunately, and with regrets, not able to update a linkFeb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> to the current month folder every time the month changes.Feb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> Feb 27 07:45
schestowitz__> I definitely support what y'all are doing and if you end up with a pageFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> that shows maybe the top 10 or 20 most recent posts sorted by date orFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> hte like I'd be happy to include it as a part of the spacewalk feed. IFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> know making something extra just for this feed is probably out of scopeFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> for you, but wanted to offer just in case you were interested.Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> Be in touch and let me know how you'd like to proceed. If moreFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> information on how spacewalk works would be helpful I can provide thatFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> as well.Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__> Best wishes,Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__Hi,Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__How aboutFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__gemini:// 27 07:46
schestowitz__and alsoFeb 27 07:46
schestowitz__gemini:// 27 07:46
schestowitz__Let me know if that works better or needs further work.Feb 27 07:46
schestowitz__Regards,Feb 27 07:46
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schestowitz__> Former media advisor Brittany Higgins[1] went public about 2 weeks ago,Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> claimingFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> a) rape on the sofa of female defense minister,Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> b) she didn't specify the suspect's name (Lehrmann), reports suggest herFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> gripe is with the Government for helping suspect make a clean getaway,Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> officials even steam cleaned the sofa before the police could check itFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Even though she never told anybody the name of the suspect, three otherFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> women immediately made complaints about the same suspectFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> I can't help wondering, if this guy had the same profile as Appelbaum,Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> would there be even more women with the same concerns as the first four?Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> The cover up is a story in itself, it involves the most senior officialsFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> in a G20 government, that potentially makes it a lot bigger than theFeb 27 08:50
schestowitz__> Alex Salmond stuff.  Australia also seems to have much more intenseFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> injunctions such as the Securency super-injunction and the injunctionFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> that concealed the case against Cardinal George Pell.Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | WikiLeaks gag order: open justice is threatened by super-injunctions | Australia news | The GuardianFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> It seems that both techrighs and have beenFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> shadow banned by Twitter and Facebook, so you have something in commonFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> The media are having a field day with it because there are so manyFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> pictures of the victim alongside powerful figures:Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | ‘ACCESS TO SUITE’: List of staffers who knew of ‘incident’ | Queensland TimesFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> and also because everybody is obviously lying, even a junior journalistFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> might get lucky exposing a lie with the right questionFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> I might write something comparing the way Lehrmann's name has beenFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__> protected against the way Appelbaum and Assange where deliberately shamed.Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__I generally know so little about these Aussie affairs that I'd rather not touch it myself, for fear I might write something wrong. Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__Twitter went further than shadow-banning.Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__Compare Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__ (January)Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__toFeb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Twitter is Hiding Techrights and Partly Shadowbans Yours Truly | TechrightsFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__ (Feb)Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__and one day later:Feb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Twitter: We Suspend Your Account For Quoting the Media About Bill Gates | TechrightsFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__ 27 08:51
schestowitz__Afterthought (an hour ago):Feb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Twitter Has Just Suspended the President of FFII for Naming Bill Gates Patent Profiteering and Factual Information About Twitter Censorship (Updated) | TechrightsFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__Another example for the mix is RMS.Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__The whole thing "started"  with a mailing list post, which was almost understandably controversial.Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__But he was cancelled for many women online then saying things about him, about things he's alleged to have "thought" ages ago. Or even outright fabrications (never corrected), e.g.:Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__ 27 08:51
schestowitz__The damage is done:Feb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | The Fake ‘Door Sign’ Used to Frame Richard Stallman and Misrepresent Him One Year Ago (the Media Never Corrected This Slanderous Allegation) | TechrightsFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__ 27 08:51
schestowitz__ 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ | One Year Later Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols’ Libel Against Richard Stallman Remains Online and Uncorrected at ZDNet | TechrightsFeb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/ Can Linux Run Video Games? • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ⇨ Feb 27 08:51
schestowitz__"dude, it depends on the hardware, come on... are you trolling?"Feb 27 08:51
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Can Linux Run Video Games? | Tux MachinesFeb 27 08:51
schestowitz__"it can’t sorry, you need to switch to windows"Feb 27 08:52
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schestowitz__   <li>Feb 27 09:35
schestowitz__              <h5><a href="">Mageia 8 Linux distro ready for download</a></h5>Feb 27 09:35
schestowitz__              <blockquote>Feb 27 09:35
-TechrightsBN/ | Mageia 6 Linux distribution now available for downloadFeb 27 09:35
schestowitz__                <p>"ARM support has continued to develop, with both AArch64 and ARMv7 now having all packages built and being close to primary architectures now. Support for Wi-Fi installation in the classical installer using WPA2 encryption has been added, as well as improved support for newer filesystems allowing installations on F2FS. Support for NILFS, XFS, exFAT and Windows 10 NTFS has been improved to allow for better Feb 27 09:35
schestowitz__partition management," says Donald Stewart, Mageia developer. </p></blockquote></li>Feb 27 09:35
schestowitz__                <li>Feb 27 09:37
schestowitz__                  <h5><a href="">Getting Started with LibreOffice 7.0 Guide Just Arrived!</a></h5>Feb 27 09:37
schestowitz__                  <blockquote>Feb 27 09:37
schestowitz__                    <p>The Documentation Team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the LibreOffice 7.0 Getting Started Guide, updated to include all LibreOffice 7.0 features. </p>Feb 27 09:37
-TechrightsBN/ | Getting Close to LibreOffice 4.1 - The Document Foundation BlogFeb 27 09:37
schestowitz__                    <p> The guide is written for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly with LibreOffice. Readers may be new to office software, or may be familiar with another office suite. This guide is a valuable asset for all users. </p></blockquote></li>Feb 27 09:37
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schestowitz__I have put DB login details in my personal notes. I was going  to send a more complete formula over ssh, but I see you got it anywayFeb 27 10:15
schestowitz__BTW, I still toggle logging on and off for Gemini, so the file is never complete. Over the past 2 days, however, due to growing strain from spiders, I left it on for longer periods of time. It helps to know how much it affects our connection and what the limits/bottlenecks are. Gemini is small, so I think a million requests per day can be barely noticeable. To us in the house anyway...Feb 27 10:39
schestowitz__IOW, for something compact like gem text I don't foresee a need to host from outside one's premisesFeb 27 10:39
schestowitz__In the days of gophers you'd assume modem connections, so no 10MB per page midsetFeb 27 10:40
schestowitz__In the days of gophers you'd assume modem connections, so no 10MB per page mindsetFeb 27 10:40
Techrights-secYeah. Though I am wondering specifically which parts the one bot wasFeb 27 10:40
Techrights-seclooping through the other day. Feb 27 10:40
schestowitz__I keep an eye on the gemini mailing lists now but have not subscribed as there it too much and lots of OT stuffFeb 27 10:41
Techrights-secgopher and wearly web were concurrent.  Feb 27 10:42
Techrights-secLOTS of off topic stuff there, too bad.  Feb 27 10:42
Techrights-sec There are also a lot of peopleFeb 27 10:44
Techrights-secthat don'tr / won't understand what document metadata is.  Where it is usefulFeb 27 10:44
Techrights-secand whether there should be some in Gemini text is another matter, but Feb 27 10:44
Techrights-secit's hard to discuss when many don't grasp the topic.  Which is a major puzzleFeb 27 10:44
Techrights-secsince many claim to be in ICT yet lack core knowledge and some major concepts.Feb 27 10:44
Techrights-secThe TR browsing structure is only possible because there was a way to Feb 27 10:44
Techrights-secsmuggle date and title of documents through the workflow to the end stage.Feb 27 10:44
Techrights-secAt the end of the day it is about ke-value pairs.  Fighting over the semanticFeb 27 10:45
Techrights-seccontents is pointless.   Perhaps that this their goal, to bog it downFeb 27 10:45
Techrights-secwith concern trolling and fake misunderstanding.Feb 27 10:45
Techrights-secI'm not sure adding metadat to gemini files is good, I am not sure it is bad.Feb 27 10:51
Techrights-secBut it is frustrating that while some clearly understand, and that is good,Feb 27 10:51
Techrights-secmany appear to refuse to understand the concepts.Feb 27 10:51
Techrights-secAnyway, with direct access to the MariDB database through SQL, it will bFeb 27 10:51
Techrights-sece possible to streamline and simplify the generation of pages.  Feb 27 10:51
Techrights-secIt's more of an exercise in principle now, but doing it that wayFeb 27 10:51
Techrights-secis more likely to be reusable by other projects.Feb 27 10:51
schestowitz__ime, what's lacking is documenting (project's generic name isn't helping), so we need to document, cover, advocate, just spread gemini:// links etc.Feb 27 10:51
schestowitz__For a large site focused on tech news we can become an early show case >on a large scale< and I think this gives us some influence over the direction taken as nothing is yet set in stone or standardisedFeb 27 10:52
Techrights-sects would come from pacakgingFeb 27 10:53
Techrights-secsome clients for various distros.Feb 27 10:53
schestowitz__I can poke some DDs, but not sure of the procedures followedFeb 27 10:53
Techrights-secAgreed, but one of the biggest advancements would come from pacakgingFeb 27 10:54
Techrights-secsome clients for various distros.Feb 27 10:54
Techrights-secIt's more of a few skill levels below DDFeb 27 10:56
Techrights-seceven I could probably package, if I had a dedicated system and ensured thatFeb 27 10:56
Techrights-secI could commit to setting time aside for a cycle or two.Feb 27 10:56
schestowitz__it might be best for the original s/w devs to do/propose, then pass to a DD/DM with keyring accessFeb 27 10:57
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schestowitz__iow, I think it's well outside our scope and priority. Some of the main tools rely on the BLOAT of rust cargo cult, which having explored on arm the other day, I now regard to be as bad as ElectronFeb 27 10:57
schestowitz__frameworks and bloat are now seen as benign and simple tools as malicious and dangerousFeb 27 10:58
schestowitz__I always feel a bit guilty about logging gemini, knowing what this project is inherently against, but I'm sure others too pursue some sort of diagnostics, which makes sense when one address can make half a million reqs in several hours. Should we package something up to that effect? Maybe as means of DDOS protection? Surely it'll become a real issue in coming months/years.Feb 27 11:02
schestowitz__I added gawk as a dependency for dates in the logsFeb 27 11:03
schestowitz__iftop -i wlan0 -P -t -L 1000 | grep -B 0 -A 1 :1965  | grep -v :1965 | gawk '{ print strftime("[%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:]"), $0 }' >> /home/gemini/log.txtFeb 27 11:04
Techrights-secsudo tcpdump --direction=in -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$2); subFeb 27 12:30
Techrights-sec(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$4); print $1, $2, $4;}'Feb 27 12:30
Techrights-secmore accurate than iftopFeb 27 12:30
schestowitz__let's try that...Feb 27 12:30
schestowitz__it seems to work ok so far, and with more real-time-like traitsFeb 27 12:33
Techrights-sectcpdump may have to be added, but it is the mainstay of network toolboxes every-Feb 27 12:34
Techrights-secwhereFeb 27 12:34
Techrights-secalso throw in a -p there in the tcpdump partFeb 27 12:34
schestowitz__cat Feb 27 12:36
schestowitz__tcpdump -p --direction=in -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,,); sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,,); print , , ;}' >> /home/gemini/log.txt Feb 27 12:36
schestowitz__corrected now, lost some bitsFeb 27 12:38
schestowitz__ may now need amending. I kept the old version of the logger aside (old filename).Feb 27 12:40
Techrights-secyes and it won't miss connections Feb 27 12:41
Techrights-secit is precise since the gemini protocol has one-one for connections and requestFeb 27 12:41
Techrights-sec^ tarioFeb 27 12:41
Techrights-secratioFeb 27 12:41
Techrights-secok I'll check the scriptFeb 27 12:41
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Techrights-secthe can be simplified to just contain tailFeb 27 12:49
Techrights-secall setFeb 27 12:49
Techrights-secremember the >> append redirect?Feb 27 12:49
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schestowitz__did the port change or something? I've been struggling here, can't figure out why it's not writing anything with either network toolFeb 27 13:17
Techrights-secsudo tcpdump --direction=in -p -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$2);Feb 27 13:19
Techrights-secsub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$4); print $1, $2, $4;}' >> /home/gemini/log.txtFeb 27 13:19
Techrights-secit has to write to expected location Feb 27 13:19
schestowitz__either the new or the old one-liner would not write to that file anymore and it does not seem to be a permissions issue (I checked loads of things)Feb 27 13:19
Techrights-secok.  on the RPi it must be:\Feb 27 13:23
Techrights-secsudo tcpdump --direction=in -p -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$2);Feb 27 13:23
Techrights-secsub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$4); print $1, $2, $4;fflush();}' >> /home/gemini/log2.txtFeb 27 13:23
Techrights-secadjust the log name as neededFeb 27 13:23
schestowitz__now=`date +"-%Y-%m-%d"`Feb 27 13:33
schestowitz__echo '----------------------------------------------------------------------------' >> /home/gemini/gemini-log${now}.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__echo -n 'Restarting logging at ' >> /home/gemini/gemini-log${now}.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__date >> /home/gemini/gemini-log${now}.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__echo '' >> /home/gemini/gemini-log${now}.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__# tcpdump -p  --direction=in -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$2); sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$4); print $1, $2, $4;}'  >> /home/gemini/log.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__sudo tcpdump --direction=in -p -l -tttt -i wlan0 'tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn) != 0 and port 1965' | awk '{sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$2);sub(/\.[0-9]+$/,"",$4); print $1, $2, $4;fflush();}' >> /home/gemini/gemini-log${now}.txtFeb 27 13:33
schestowitz__The viewer may need to be adapted somewhat for this, I think having a separate directory like ~/log is worthwhile tooFeb 27 13:34
Techrights-seca separate directory is probably a good ideaFeb 27 13:36
schestowitz__you have just made oneFeb 27 13:37
schestowitz__ok, it's now running and writing correctly to the right file/sFeb 27 13:39
schestowitz__just tidied up ~ a little with subdirsFeb 27 13:46
Techrights-secyes, see also ~?bin/tcpdump-logger.shFeb 27 13:47
Techrights-secmuch improvedFeb 27 13:47
schestowitz__checking..Feb 27 13:47
schestowitz__imported to "pi" the more elegant script (bash) and reran with files set afresh (binned the older files in /tmp )Feb 27 13:53
schestowitz__do you want to modify or should I? File location changed (dynamic) and maybe the format too needs adapting to (awk)Feb 27 13:56
Techrights-secI'll get itFeb 27 13:57
schestowitz__excellent, thanks. I was reluctant to run my old hack with cli mode top because it was too cpu-intensive to be worth it, except when diagnosing. The current implementation is a lot better and doesn't have high i/o in the mixFeb 27 13:58
Techrights-secok I have ~/bin/ and ~~/bin/ matchingFeb 27 14:04
schestowitz__I have just diff'ed ~/bin/ and what's running. It seems not to have changed since I fused that in.Feb 27 14:04
schestowitz__except indentation? I see file change 5 mins ago.Feb 27 14:05
schestowitz__to avoid conflicts I've just put RO  in ~gemini/binFeb 27 14:07
Techrights-secyes tweaking, a bad habit of always changingFeb 27 14:08
schestowitz__I know my lazy quick and dirty hacks can be factorised thereFeb 27 14:08
schestowitz__to make it less like spying and more like DDOS prevention is might be worth extending to give something like count of reqs per host, periodically, to highlight bw hogsFeb 27 14:09
Techrights-secthen it will have to escalate in complexityFeb 27 14:10
schestowitz__that can be a separate script e.g. flag_hoarder.shFeb 27 14:10
Techrights-secthat can be in awk or perl thenFeb 27 14:12
schestowitz__host in space-separated line feed is always 3rd elementFeb 27 14:13
schestowitz__I typically process that with 'cut' and you could reuse some online hacks for counting and sorting by number the hostnamesFeb 27 14:14
schestowitz__for multi-day 'cat' can help (aggregating files)Feb 27 14:14
schestowitz__something like cat log* | cut SOMETHING | sort THEN CRUNCH/CountFeb 27 14:15
Techrights-sec$ awk '$3 {a[$3]++} END{ for (b in a) {print a[b],b}}' OFS="\t" /home/gemini/logs/gemini-log-$(date +"%F").log Feb 27 14:16
Techrights-sec| sort -k1,1nr -k2,2Feb 27 14:16
Techrights-secawk ... /home/gemini/logs/*.logFeb 27 14:16
schestowitz__this works! gee, that was fast!Feb 27 14:17
schestowitz__can be periodically run with 'clear' and maybe two-pane tmux for ~/bin/ Feb 27 14:18
schestowitz__would decrease the number of command we need to run rather than monitoring pane to observeFeb 27 14:18
Techrights-secit's awk, so low overheadFeb 27 14:19
Techrights-secwatch will do that. Feb 27 14:19
Techrights-secwatch awk ... Feb 27 14:19
schestowitz__maybe wrap it in a shell script on ~/bin?Feb 27 14:19
Techrights-secsee the -n or --interval optionFeb 27 14:20
schestowitz__I see you edit the file (.swap)Feb 27 14:21
Techrights-seclock release, sorry I forgot it was openFeb 27 14:22
schestowitz__now it is run with watchFeb 27 14:22 is the wrapper for the above awkFeb 27 14:22
Techrights-secIt's not so efficient in that it will re-read the whole file, so the interval Feb 27 14:23
Techrights-secought to be nice and longFeb 27 14:23 is in placeFeb 27 14:25
schestowitz__chmod setFeb 27 14:25
Techrights-secok, 755 might be better permissions or 555 or 550Feb 27 14:26
schestowitz__I think one script with fail -f was modified a bit to accomplish something different and then exitFeb 27 14:29
schestowitz__I've modified 3 lines, commented out two and brought another up to date with the filename formatFeb 27 14:32
schestowitz__./ is locked, I was going to make a rule for edge case of date being added for logger shutdown/startup (something to exclude "at")Feb 27 14:34
Techrights-secsee also /lib/systemd/system/gemini-tcpdump-logger.serviceFeb 27 14:35
Techrights-sec/usr/local/sbin/tcpdump-logger.shFeb 27 14:35
Techrights-secOh, it is just read onlyFeb 27 14:36
Techrights-secnow it is writable againFeb 27 14:36
schestowitz__With the daemon running the "at" thing will no longer be an issueFeb 27 14:37
schestowitz__we'll just need a policy for flushing out rotated logs or whatnot to respect privacyFeb 27 14:37
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Techrights-seclogrotate can do thatFeb 27 14:38
schestowitz__should I just turn off the logging from pi account? Assuming the daemon can do the same already?Feb 27 14:38
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)Feb 27 14:38
Techrights-secyes the 'pi' account does not need to do logging now, the (ugh) systemdFeb 27 14:40
Techrights-secservice does that nowFeb 27 14:40
schestowitz__coming soon: Task Manager :-) OK, disabling that at the pi account nowFeb 27 14:41
schestowitz__   Active: active (running) since Sat 2021-02-27 14:32:24 GMT; 10min agoFeb 27 14:43
schestowitz__there are two files on logs, maybe one is from an old script that was not updatedFeb 27 14:44
schestowitz__Oh, there is a missing "-log"Feb 27 14:45
schestowitz__I will override the service, comment out the currentFeb 27 14:46
schestowitz__I've changed the file in /usr and restarted/reloaded the service, though it still writes logs to the old locationFeb 27 14:53
Techrights-sec$ sudo crontab -l | grep -Ev '^$|^#'Feb 27 14:53
Techrights-sec0 0 * * * /bin/systemctl restart gemini-tcpdump-logger.serviceFeb 27 14:53
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Techrights-sec/home/gemini/logs/gemini-2021-02-27.log is getting the input for nowFeb 27 14:57
schestowitz__yes, it has gotten split into two filesFeb 27 14:57
schestowitz__and I worry that the other peripheral scripts probably anticipate the form with "-log" in itFeb 27 14:57 for example anticipates the newer form (filename)Feb 27 15:00 and in ~/bin nowFeb 27 15:05
Techrights-seclook for the new file nameFeb 27 15:05
schestowitz__I made some changes to location, but I cannot get my head around the fact it's still writing to the older location, no matter if I restart the service Feb 27 15:06
Techrights-secthose were the only two ther looking for the old oneFeb 27 15:06
Techrights-secwhich old location?Feb 27 15:08
schestowitz__I think that the "newer" one has "log-" or "-log" in the filenameFeb 27 15:08
schestowitz__Oh, I think my commenting style in the middle broke itFeb 27 15:15
schestowitz__I also see you've just edited that outFeb 27 15:15
schestowitz__the file structure we want is  /home/gemini/logs/gemini-log-$(date +"%F").logFeb 27 15:19
schestowitz__I think it boils down to inconsistent in what we thought would be the target fileFeb 27 15:20
schestowitz__I think it boils down to inconsistent thinking or confusion/lack of understanding in what we thought would be the target fileFeb 27 15:20
Techrights-secfixed, I thinkFeb 27 15:20
Techrights-secthere was some weird stuff in the service scriptFeb 27 15:20
schestowitz__It was my fault for putting a comment in a multi-line bitFeb 27 15:21
Techrights-secThere were also some invalid filters in tcpdumpFeb 27 15:21
Techrights-secI'll set all the scripts to /home/gemini/logs/gemini-log-$(date +"%F").logFeb 27 15:21
schestowitz__Yes, we keep changing our stuff back and forth due to unintended lack of understandingFeb 27 15:22
schestowitz__imagine what it's like when two devs get confused over what "master" turns to, "main" or "leader"Feb 27 15:22
Techrights-secyesFeb 27 15:24
Techrights-secok the system script is fixed, I'll copy a backup to ~/binFeb 27 15:24
schestowitz__Cheers, I'll test what existing scripts we have. I see that logging still goes into gemini-2021-02-27.log in ADDITION to the other file? Maybe two service running at the same time? Have not checked.....Feb 27 15:25
Techrights-secHmm.  That means a bug in the systemd file, I'll get itFeb 27 15:28
schestowitz__the rest all seems to work now, I'll make it easier for me to monitor now, esp. as we tend to attract some crazy bots (two of them yesterday)Feb 27 15:29
Techrights-secKillMode=processFeb 27 15:34
Techrights-secneeded to beFeb 27 15:34
Techrights-secKillMode=control-groupFeb 27 15:34
Techrights-secorFeb 27 15:34
Techrights-secKillMode=mixedFeb 27 15:34
schestowitz__The IBM way of doing think. IBM is not mast... I mean, leader in LinuxFeb 27 15:34
schestowitz__The IBM way of doing things. IBM is not mast... I mean, leader in LinuxFeb 27 15:34
Techrights-secsystemd is not about making things easier or more efficent, one lookFeb 27 15:35
Techrights-secat the code belies that.  What systemd appears to be about is IBMFeb 27 15:35
Techrights-seccarrying through on M$ old goals of decommodifying LinuxFeb 27 15:35
Techrights-secIt's getting too complex for any amateur or part-timerFeb 27 15:35
schestowitz__I had to learn because all the server distros now have itFeb 27 15:36
Techrights-secIBM probably read the Halloween Documents years ago, and figured theu                                                          Feb 27 17:49
Techrights-seccould beat M$ at its own game and attack Linux by wrapping it in                                                               Feb 27 17:49
Techrights-secPID1 and being the bottleneck between the kernel and GNU spaceFeb 27 17:49
schestowitz__might we also joke that 'Microsoft came from IBM' (in some weird sense)?Feb 27 17:49
Techrights-secMaybhe but more that IBM saw what M$ was trying to do and decided to beat themFeb 27 17:54
Techrights-secat it: docommoditizationFeb 27 17:54
schestowitz__Maybe I can think of an article to do about it, but that would require os/2 research and I know too littleFeb 27 17:54
Techrights-secIt'd be hard to dig up the material but there was a lot at the time.  M$        Feb 27 17:57
Techrights-secbackstabbed IBM badly over NT vs OS/2.  They led IBM into thinking thatFeb 27 17:57
Techrights-secthere would be applications for OS/2, at the same time M$ was acquiringFeb 27 17:57
Techrights-secpartial copyright over OS/2.  So later on down the road, IBM could do nothing with OS/2 because M$ shared  copyright.Feb 27 17:57
schestowitz__When lawyers (of law school drop-outs) dominate companies and not techs... we all loseFeb 27 17:57
Techrights-secand MBAs.  I am sure there is an inversre relationship between theFeb 27 17:58
Techrights-secnumber of MBAs in a company to its viability.  The only problem is thatFeb 27 17:58
Techrights-secthe research would be in the area of "business" and so the MBAs wouldFeb 27 17:58
Techrights-secbe the ones to decide about the research grant.Feb 27 17:58
Techrights-secTHey'd block it.Feb 27 17:58
Techrights-sec\Feb 27 17:58
schestowitz__./ now has further improvements, which will be noticed immediately if you run it. That helps me run things in one terminal instead of two.Feb 27 21:48

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