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schestowitz 27 05:01
-TechrightsBN/ | NixiИ: " love it! the confusion …" - LinuxRocks.OnlineOct 27 05:01
schestowitz" love it! the confusion my workmates are experiencing! "why would anyone disable javascript!""Oct 27 05:01
schestowitz 27 05:01
schestowitz"mhhhh that's a lot of stuff from this year"Oct 27 05:01
-TechrightsBN/ | PleromaOct 27 05:01
schestowitz 27 05:02
schestowitz"Oct 27 05:02
-TechrightsBN/ | Jérémie Zimmermann 🎶💗🧀: " I also thi…" - La Quadrature du Net - Mastodon - Media FédéréOct 27 05:02
schestowitz also think this is not related. End of extradition hearing was scheduled in May, then postponed because of pandemics... Oct 27 05:02
schestowitzWhichever is the next US president can decide to cancel extradition request and this whole grotesque case, no matter what the UK decides in first instance (as it is likely that there will be an appeal of the decision, whichever party wins it...).Oct 27 05:02
schestowitzDon't get me wrong, that whole shitfuckery is highly political, but again timing of verdict, i think, isn't.Oct 27 05:02
schestowitz"Oct 27 05:02
schestowitz 27 05:03
schestowitzI used to love OpenShot. Having been a Windows Movie Maker addict once upon a time, the interface felt quite intuitive for me to use. However, due to all the bugs, I just couldn't keep using it. I am using Kdenlive now and it's a much more stable experience. Of course, I still prefer the interface of OpenShot over Kdenlive's interface but I am slowly getting a hang of it now."\"Oct 27 05:03
-TechrightsBN/ | The Super User: " I used to love OpenShot…" - Librem SocialOct 27 05:03
schestowitz 27 05:03
-TechrightsBN/ | jd in .hu: " I think th…" - Todon.euOct 27 05:03
schestowitz"I think the main reason is to wait for the Empire's elections to finish. No reason to make decision in which the next US President could alter or change or make moot."Oct 27 05:03
schestowitz>> MinceR: there are even "Smart" sex toys now... and apparently someOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> people think it'll enrich their lifeOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Those are awesome, incidentally.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Our new regime in the activism world is largely sex-prohibitiveOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> (selectively, as most totalitarian regimes are) so we probably won't beOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> talking about liberating sex toys.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Alex Oliva pushes for us to liberate mobile devices, one could argueOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> that anything designed to be attached to the body (or inserted) wouldOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> fall under "mobile computing".Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> If Oliva ever makes the grand push for liberated mobile, it would mostOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> likely lead to a push for liberated sex toys. But for the record, IOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> typically find your tone regarding such matters amusingly Victorian, andOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> long ago resigned to the idea that you would be no ally in this. WhichOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> isn't a crime or a giant shortcoming; I mean, even if you were a "prude"Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> (which is most likely worse than what you are) you're still important toOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> the movement in so many other ways. That's what counts, and it counts.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> I would put it down to being British, but I dated one while in the UK,Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> and she was no prude.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Besides, you shouldn't have to love sex to promote free software. EvenOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> if you do, you should of course feel welcome to be private about yourOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> feelings on it. Even being a prude shouldn't disqualify an advocate, theOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> only problem is putting them in charge of what the rest of us talk about.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitzI think there was a misunderstanding.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitzI was poking fun at "smart" rather than the toys.Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz>> iirc, protonmail is NSA-connectedOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Arguably, everything developed on Github is NSA-connected. It depends onOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> what you mean by "connected."Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:25
schestowitz> <>Oct 27 05:25
-TechrightsBN/ | ProtonMail · GitHubOct 27 05:25
schestowitz> Something bizarre is happening with Techrights and the Internet archive.Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> It's either caused by a serious problem with IA, or one of theOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> plugins/web-of-things things that TR loads. It's happened twice now.Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> When you go to archive a page (and this has only happened twice out ofOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> many other times it did not happen) sometimes you don't get an archiveOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> of the page.Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Instead, you get an archive of or These are bothOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Chinese websites, as popular in China as Google or inOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Britain. Here's an actual URL that was archived instead of an article:Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> [SNIP]Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Obviously Techrights never serves garbage like that, you can go to ViewOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Source and see for yourself. But this isn't just in the contents of theOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> archived page-- it *is* the archived page.Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:34
schestowitz> Based on track record, I wouldn't be surprised if a WordPress plugin isOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> somehow responsible. It would have to be something that the plugin loadsOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> from a 3rd party server, unless there was a plugin update that pulled inOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> a compromised version that behaves normally most of the time. A 3rdOct 27 05:34
schestowitz> party server seems more likely.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> But it's also possible that something is wrong with Internet Archive.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> These days, with it being broken like never before in its history,Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> that's not difficult to believe.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> You might show this to your team, though there is no implication ofOct 27 05:35
schestowitz> something for them to do. Loading Techrights by itself never loads QQ orOct 27 05:35
schestowitz> Baidu instead, so why it would during an archive is fairly inexplicable;Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> especially when it does so infrequently. This should probably be sent toOct 27 05:35
schestowitz> IA, but they're useless anyway.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> Not planning on finding this resolved. It will continue or not, but weOct 27 05:35
schestowitz> probably won't ever find out what it is, or was. There probably isOct 27 05:35
schestowitz> either malware or a serious misconfiguration somewhere in this chain,Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz> but unless it's a rogue WordPress plugin it's probably not on your side.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitzMy initial guess was, when I first saw it, rogue page requests are responsible. I saw that done by Russian spiders. They basically manage to interject themselves into search results by 'tricking' the server into serving pages in a particular way. It's more like URI hacking, not an issue with the server itself, albeit the server could probably mitigate the effects.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitzAFAIK, TR and TX (tux) never had security incidents. We saw no evidence of any. Of course a misconfig by IA is also a possibility. The effect of them storing the wrong page is minimal unless we go offline as a site.Oct 27 05:35
schestowitz>> I made online the same comment you made regarding colorls. You canOct 27 05:44
schestowitz> find it posted on the same day.Oct 27 05:44
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:44
schestowitz> Oct 27 05:44
schestowitz> Ah, there you go. I looked for it (not in the right place) and knew itOct 27 05:44
schestowitz> was possible I missed the disclaimer. Carry on, then!Oct 27 05:44
schestowitzI rarely include comments of this nature inline at TR, as if to publicly bash a program on that basis alone (GitHub).Oct 27 05:44
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schestowitz        <li>Oct 27 10:37
schestowitz                  <h5><a href=";px=XServer-Abandonware">It's Time To Admit It: The X.Org Server Is Abandonware</a></h5>Oct 27 10:37
-TechrightsBN/ | Linux Hardware Reviews, Open-Source Benchmarks & Linux Performance - PhoronixOct 27 10:37
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Oct 27 10:37
schestowitz                    <p>The last major release of the X.Org Server was in May 2018 but don't expect the long-awaited X.Org Server 1.21 to actually be released anytime soon.</p></blockquote></li>Oct 27 10:37
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