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schestowitz 31 01:36
schestowitz"How secure is GitHug, anyway?"Mar 31 01:36
-TechrightsBN/ #ibm #redhat #security = #nsa first Mar 31 01:36
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Fake Security is Still a Real Problem, Even in the GNU/Linux (and BSD) Spheres | TechrightsMar 31 01:36
schestowitzNSA-secure (meaning NSA will 'protect ' you)Mar 31 01:36
schestowitz"I’ve seen it a million times - an organization will start spending its accumulated Good Will. They can get away with this for quite some time if they have talented marketing/propaganda people on staff."Mar 31 01:36
schestowitz 31 01:37
-TechrightsBN/ I really don't understand where #mozilla is going. Seems they use the reputation of #firefox and its existing userbase (what's left of it) for goals that have nothing to do... even remotely... with the original Mozilla. This dooms the whole company. Mar 31 01:37
schestowitzmaybe Baker panning for her next job/careerMar 31 01:37
schestowitz"I hope all the traitors jump ship. They can go to OSI, Linux foundation. Just leave FSF alone. I guess FSFE will break up, guess they loathe RMS."Mar 31 01:37
schestowitz 31 01:37
-TechrightsBN/ April in #techrights will be about lots of #epo #corruption and seeing that the anti-FSF coup is mostly over now (dust settling, media losing inertia, companies walking away from a defunct coup attempt) I think it'll be a great month of much crime exposed. Mar 31 01:37
schestowitzFSFE is propped up by monopolies that use it to lobby for them. They don't do coding, unlike GNU.Mar 31 01:38
schestowitz"The Asus Transformer Pad TF701T looks quite interesting, once that is supported."Mar 31 01:38
schestowitz 31 01:39
-TechrightsBN/ Tens of Nvidia Tegra devices now run mainline #Linux thanks to the "grate" project Mar 31 01:39
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Tens of Nvidia Tegra devices now run mainline Linux thanks to the "grate" projectMar 31 01:39
schestowitz"Haters hate themselves."Mar 31 01:40
schestowitz 31 01:40
-TechrightsBN/ #ibm lobby #fail #gpl #rms #fsf Mar 31 01:40
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Looks Like the Pro-FSF Petition Will Double the Number of Signatures of FSF Haters | TechrightsMar 31 01:40
schestowitz 31 01:40
-TechrightsBN/ #ibm #redhat employees cannot find flaws in my reporting, so they've resorted to 100% ad hominem attacks, trying to hide my articles from the public. That is, Red Hat people who did not ALREADY quit IBM. Mar 31 01:40
schestowitz"So it goes."Mar 31 01:40
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | IBM is Destroying Red Hat and Red Hatters Are Leaving | TechrightsMar 31 01:40
schestowitz 31 01:41
-TechrightsBN/ FSF is cleaning out, essentially the anti-RMS elements are being cast aside. If anything, the FSF becomes more in tune with its real and original goals, mission... Mar 31 01:41
schestowitz"And now, that he does not have to kiss Red Rat´s asses, he can raise his voice against systemdick"Mar 31 01:41
schestowitzYes, that was my initial thought when Red Hat came from behind the mob it had inflamedMar 31 01:41
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schestowitz"Mar 31 08:46
schestowitzHi.Mar 31 08:46
schestowitzI don't know if you even have time to edit or read all this. Mar 31 08:46
schestowitzAfter research, I discovered changes at CC to "open the door" to open source.Mar 31 08:46
schestowitzThe people there embrace this and Ehmke.Mar 31 08:46
schestowitzHere are some details. Mar 31 08:46
schestowitz"Mar 31 08:46
schestowitz"Mar 31 08:47
schestowitzYou can put my name on it or if you decide not to, that's fine too. Mar 31 08:47
schestowitzThanks. I'll try to write shorter or be more concise in the future, where possible.Mar 31 08:47
schestowitz"Mar 31 08:47
schestowitz>Mar 31 12:13
schestowitz> I will respond to this in post form tomorrow, without mentioning names...Mar 31 12:13
schestowitz>Mar 31 12:13
schestowitzWow! I wasn't expecting the post! I was just... kinda taking the weight of those ideas off me.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitzIt's ok, of course: I have no problem with the post. I'm actually happy for it, as it makes me feel my oppinion is important to others. So thanks.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitzA few notes, just as feedback.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitzAgain, just talking with you people, as the thing matters to me. But publish whatever you consider, I'm ok with it.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitz* Dr. Roy, please feel free to use my name, or my common alias "xxxxxxxxx", as I don't mind. And if you believe that's not a good idea, feel also free to keep it anonymous. Just know I'm not saying anything here I wouldn't say everywhere else. And edit everything as you consider: I just trust your criteria.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitz* Silly mistake: "placard" should be "pancart". IDK if that's the right word in english, but I mean "the cardboard sign that person holds in its hands". "Placard" looks like a typo, as it means something else entirely.Mar 31 12:13
schestowitzCheers. Mar 31 12:14
Techrights-sec2after each article would it be possible to run so                                                     Mar 31 12:50
Techrights-sec2that the gemini articles turn up right away?Mar 31 12:50
Techrights-sec2That would be a way to promote Gemini and increase the potential audeince                                                    Mar 31 12:50
Techrights-sec2for the important series.Mar 31 12:50
schestowitzI know what you mean, but looking at the traffic in real-time using my programs this is not yet justified (effort/benefit)Mar 31 12:51
schestowitz 31 15:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@never_released: @acruiz @lasombra_br Somehow says: > 30,000 blog posts have been published; we're stronger… 31 15:09
schestowitz"Mar 31 15:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Welcome to TechrightsMar 31 15:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@never_released: @acruiz @lasombra_br Somehow says: > 30,000 blog posts have been published; we're stronger… 31 15:09
schestowitzSomehow says:Mar 31 15:09
schestowitz> 30,000 blog posts have been published; we're stronger and bigger than ever, and we have no intention of stoppingMar 31 15:09
schestowitzHow the hell?Mar 31 15:09
schestowitz"Mar 31 15:09
schestowitz 31 15:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@lasombra_br: @acruiz @never_released Well, I don't want to go there in a public forum, but the fact that… 31 15:09
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@lasombra_br: @acruiz @never_released Well, I don't want to go there in a public forum, but the fact that… 31 15:09
schestowitz"Mar 31 15:09
schestowitzWell, I don't want to go there in a public forum, but the fact that is used as evidence of anything is just... Mar 31 15:09
schestowitzPerson facepalmingMar 31 15:09
schestowitz"Mar 31 15:09
schestowitz 31 15:10
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@lasombra_br: @never_released @acruiz Might be a mention of posts on Fediverse?Mar 31 15:10
schestowitz 31 15:10
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@never_released: @acruiz @lasombra_br Roy Schestowitz even got himself suspended from Twitter.Mar 31 15:10
schestowitz 31 18:05
-TechrightsBN/ | Re: [DNG] FSF, RMS and a danger to almost all GPL codeMar 31 18:05
schestowitz"Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzOn Sat, 2021-03-27 at 08:30 -0400, Steve Litt wrote: Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> And now you're suggesting Devuan put that all at risk to take a stand Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> on RMS. Well you know what? No distro should get involved with Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> politics, and this RMS thing *is* politics. It cost Mint plenty of Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> users when they said supporters of Israel shouldn't use Mint, and it Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> just might destroy Devuan if they take a stand, on either side, on Mar 31 18:05
schestowitz> this RMS thing. Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzSomething struck me as deeply wrong about your post but I couldn't Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzarticulate it. After much pondering it struck like a bolt and it was Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzthe paragraph above that did it so thanks. :) Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzThe RMS thing is politics, that is why they want him gone, he won't Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzinject politics into the the FSF. And we must fight because we are all Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzin extreme danger. Apparently we all just assumed Richard Stallman was Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzimmortal and would always lead the FSF or we wouldn't have done what we Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzall did. We must save Richard's bacon long enough for everyone to fix Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzthe problem. Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzHang on for a brief diversion, the tale will get back on track. CoCs. Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzThey are annoying but can't impact usage. They can't be avoided in most Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzprojects now because too many developers work for corporations and would Mar 31 18:05
schestowitzbe fired for failure to demand them. Because Free Software licenses Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzdon't allow restrictions on field of use, they don't impact users at Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzall. If enough productive developers decided they didn't like the CoC Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzthey could easily smash it with a Libreoffice gambit. One way gate. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzFork a new project site under a new name with a one line CoC sayin "The Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzonly code of conduct is be excellent and never propose editing this Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzfile, it is the only mandatory banning offense." The new fork can take Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzevery patch from the original but the original can't touch the new site Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzlest they accept code from people who haven't agreed to the standard Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzpozzed CoC. Checkmate, the second a critical mass of independent Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzdevelopers decide to go for it. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzNow imagine Stallman is out at the FSF and somebody tries this. All Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzthey need do is release the GPL4, allowing CoCs, field of use Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzrestrictions and all the rest of the political nonsense be integrated Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzinto the actual license, impacting developers AND users. It was your Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzmentioning Mint's misguided (and certainly unenforcable) attempt to Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzimpose field of use restrictions on their users that got the thought Mar 31 18:06
schestowitztrain going. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzIt is vital that as many projects as possible get to work NOW to change Mar 31 18:06
schestowitztheir license terms. Corporate dominated projects are probably already Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzpast the point where they can be saved. Be prepared to grab the last Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzavailable version under a sane license when the time comes, and as Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzevents are moving ever faster, it will come soon. As of now there are Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzonly three possibilities that are survivable. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzGPL2, GPL3 and GPL2 or GPL3 at your option. No "or later" ever again. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzBSD code of course has no defense when the corporate HR depts come Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzcalling with demands. Nothing to be done about that. Haven't had time Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzto look at the other licenses. Anything with an "or later" clause, be Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzwarned and pay attention to who you are giving unilateral authority to Mar 31 18:06
schestowitzrewrite the license to. Mar 31 18:06
schestowitz"Mar 31 18:06
schestowitz 31 20:20
schestowitz"Mar 31 20:20
schestowitzSo, when it comes to information regarding G 1/21, it seems that the public will have to content itself with a Communication from the EBA added without any fanfare to the EPO's website:Mar 31 20:20
schestowitz 31 20:20
schestowitzI may be mistaken, but this seems to me to be the one and only occasion upon which a communication from the EBA regarding a referral (and providing information on the deadline for third parties to file written statements) has not been published in the OJ EPO.Mar 31 20:20
schestowitzFunnily enough, a different development that occurred only one day earlier, namely AC decision number CA/D 3/21, IS reported in this month's Official Journal. As all will be aware, that is the decision to formally approve Art 15a RPBA. It is almost as if the EPO is trying to rush through the decision in G 1/21 and to do all that it can to avoid attracting the attention of the public to what is going on.Mar 31 20:20
schestowitzThis latest development might not provide conclusive proof of a conspiracy to use any means necessary to ensure that Art 15a RPBA remains in force. However, it makes it harder than ever to explain away the numerous, POTENTIALLY prejudicial developments in connection with G 1/21 as simply being a series of unrelated mishaps.Mar 31 20:20
schestowitz"Mar 31 20:20
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Resolving timed out after 10520 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Mar 31 20:20
-TechrightsBN/ | EPO - Oral proceedings in case G 1/21Mar 31 20:20
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Techrights-sec2Congratulations                                                 Mar 31 20:21
Techrights-sec2(wrong linke)Mar 31 20:21
Techrights-sec2Congratulations:                                                           Mar 31 20:21
-TechrightsBN/ | Discover EuroHPC | European High Performance Computer Joint UndertakingMar 31 20:21
-TechrightsBN/ | It’s That Epic 30,000 | TechrightsMar 31 20:21
schestowitzI have a massive headache todayMar 31 20:21
schestowitz 31 22:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Ender205: 13) 1998'de Bill Gates’in iş stratejileri ateş altında kaldı: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Adalet Bakanlığı Microsof… 31 22:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Ender205: 13) 1998'de Bill Gates’in iş stratejileri ateş altında kaldı: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Adalet Bakanlığı Microsof… 31 22:01
schestowitz"13) 1998'de Bill Gates’in iş stratejileri ateş altında kaldı: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Adalet Bakanlığı Microsoft'a AntiTrust İhlalinden dava açtı. 18 aylık duruşma sırasında Gates saatlerce ifade verdi."Mar 31 22:01
-TechrightsBN/ | Bill Gates Deposition - TechrightsMar 31 22:01
schestowitz 31 22:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Bobby_Network: 13/100: In 1998 Bill Gates’ business strategies came under fire: United States Department of Justice sued… 31 22:01
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@Bobby_Network: 13/100: In 1998 Bill Gates’ business strategies came under fire: United States Department of Justice sued… 31 22:01
schestowitz"Mar 31 22:01
schestowitz13/100: In 1998 Bill Gates’ business strategies came under fire: United States Department of Justice sued @MicrosoftMar 31 22:01
schestowitz for AntiTrust Violation. During the 18 months trial, Gates gave hours over hours of testimony. 31 22:01
schestowitz"Mar 31 22:01
schestowitz 31 22:02
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@blau_araujo: Red Hat/IBM “Where’s IBM in all this? Nowhere. IBM is busy trying to get itself another monopoly.” 31 22:02
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Trolling Community Developers of GNU/Linux Via Patent Trolls — Part III: The Technical and Legal Burden as Weapon Against the Community | TechrightsMar 31 22:02
schestowitz 31 22:05
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@psymin: "Free software liberates society" 31 22:05
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Why the Fate of an RMS-Led Free Software Foundation Matters to You Even If You’re Not So Technical | TechrightsMar 31 22:05
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