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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: Friday, January 01, 2021

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schestowitzthere was a cron job bug, not a major one (it could not run date properly when run as a cron job); do not yet use the file from the pi, it's invalid and I'm fixing the bug, will then regenerate itJan 01 03:23
schestowitzbasically date commands return nothing or fail when run as cron job, maybe some bash-related thing like EXPORT. Am investigating... the rest worked OK as cron job it seemsJan 01 03:23
schestowitzbut found and fixed. Whether it is 100% sorted out we'll know tomorrow when it's attempted autonomously againJan 01 03:38
schestowitz*bugJan 01 03:38
schestowitzbackup happening now, I am checking if I can access the site. static OK, wiki slow but OK, I guess wordpress access delayed while it dumps its DB... we'll know in a moment if it timed out or just delays the page reqJan 01 03:44
schestowitzwow, all 32 cored fired up and I was able to get to wordpress too. We'll see if monitoring stops picking downtimes at these times. I reckon we've mostly solved this issue.Jan 01 03:44
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