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acer-box__heads is w/o systemdDec 30 09:38
acer-box__we gave to elephants last nightDec 30 09:38
Techrights-secJust donated to Tails.  I guess that was the last on the list for the year.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secI hope the FSF is in shape again by next year that I can in good conscienceDec 30 10:32
Techrights-secdonat to them  again.k    Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secYes, I should also promote Heads.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secElephants are quite interesting creatures.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secVery wise and empathic.  Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secThe bulls don't put up with much shit, which is why they stopped using themDec 30 10:32
Techrights-secfirst in circuses.  They'd always rampage eventually and could remember whereDec 30 10:32
Techrights-seceveryone had run and hid, pull them out and kill them one at a time.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secLeft in the wild, they are rather peaceful.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secTheir front leg bones, at least, are solid.  And the elephants can hear infrasoundDec 30 10:32
Techrights-secSo I wonder if they can feel and or transmit through their front legs too,Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secnot just the ears. Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-sec 30 10:32
-TechrightsSocial/ headsDec 30 10:32
Techrights-secListed as dormant.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secLast update was 2018.  Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secTHere has been a run of anti-privacy articles recently.Dec 30 10:32
Techrights-secThe theme is extreme violation of basic rights in order to crack horribleDec 30 10:32
Techrights-seccases.Dec 30 10:32
schestowitzytalk hung up when I was downstairs doing exercise, I got text ranging from the above [start...finish]. Did I miss anything before or in between/after?Dec 30 10:38
Techrights-secNo, that was it.  I think.  The program disappeared when the disconnectionDec 30 10:40
Techrights-secoccured.  I have been quiet since then.  Dec 30 10:40
Techrights-secExercise is good.Dec 30 10:40
Techrights-secIt's midday and though it seems very bright it measures at under 60 LuxDec 30 10:40
schestowitzNordic blogger Daniel Anexanderson (not real surname, I forgot) mentioned buying lights, or maybe it was Daniel of CurlDec 30 10:41
schestowitzytalk deals extremely poorly with terminal resizes, I must remember never to mess with anything there once it is set. Works well only if I leave it with alerts, tinker-free, no disconnectionsDec 30 10:42
Techrights-secAs for the text, there have been several articles on abusing surveillance.Dec 30 10:44
Techrights-secI wonder if it is part of a campaign.Dec 30 10:44
Techrights-secLights are not needed except for video conferencing, which I don't do/Dec 30 10:44
Techrights-secHOwever, in the other parts of the year, sunglasses are obligatory.Dec 30 10:44
Techrights-secYou can run ytalk inside a tmux session.  That makes it more robust againstDec 30 10:44
Techrights-secdisconnection.Dec 30 10:44
Techrights-secMaybe emacs in collaboration mode would be better.Dec 30 10:44
schestowitzI was going to try tmux, but then I thought, no... too much extra complexity where not much is needed. I am mostly accustomed to ytalk by now. I tried to resize to see if the buffer had something (recent) above "Just donated to Tails." and you said no, so I assume I lost nothing, not even after  " The theme is extreme violation of basic rights in order to crack horrible" Dec 30 10:45
schestowitzI wrote a lot about privacy today as it seems to be a theme in general and needs rebutting. I shall do a video in a moment, have not decided on topic yet. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!Dec 30 10:46
schestowitzI cannot do any video on a subject I'm not really familiar with as that might lead to errors that are impossible to correct (editing text is easier)Dec 30 10:47
Techrights-secText would be more appropriate than video.  WIth text you can think things Dec 30 10:48
Techrights-secthrough several times over and review and revise.Dec 30 10:48
Techrights-sec 30 10:48
-TechrightsSocial/ | Insecure wheels: Police turn to car data to destroy suspects' alibisDec 30 10:48
schestowitzI saw only this one article about it; it was actually sent to me when an error, only a title but no URL. Had to search the Web and find many copies (also Yahoo) of that same reportDec 30 10:48
schestowitzThere's already an abundance (I think) of videos and talks about all aspects of spying and privacy, very few on software freedom, so would rather focus on what's scarceDec 30 10:49
schestowitzcoming soon. Leak: Today's EPO Breaks Its Contract With Former Staff of the EPO, Not Just Existing StaffDec 30 10:50
Techrights-secI saw like three or four recently but am not sure if I can gather them allDec 30 10:51
Techrights-secin one place.  I skim through so many.Dec 30 10:51
Techrights-secSoftware freedom is part of that.  Look at the NBC article and seeDec 30 10:51
Techrights-secthat part of the core problem is who *really* owns the car.Dec 30 10:51
Techrights-secand its software and the data gathered by the software.Dec 30 10:51
schestowitzgood pointDec 30 10:51
Techrights-secWow.  EPO management are really crooked.  It's truly bizarre that no regionalDec 30 10:52
Techrights-secnews covers it.Dec 30 10:52
Techrights-secAs for the missing anchor text I should add in an additional checkDec 30 10:55
Techrights-secand then maybe use colored alerts or something.Dec 30 10:55
Techrights-secI recently forced checking of the XHTML and the script won't uploadDec 30 10:55
Techrights-secuntil everything is valid and well-formed.Dec 30 10:55
schestowitzecho ========== QUOTESDec 30 10:55
schestowitzgrep \"\" links-after.html Dec 30 10:55
schestowitzecho ========== NO ANCHORDec 30 10:55
schestowitzgrep "><\/a"  links-after.htmlDec 30 10:55
schestowitzecho ========== TMDec 30 10:55
schestowitzgrep "tuxmachines"  links-after.htmlDec 30 10:55
Techrights-secOh.  The logic is already there in the merging and culling scripts.  Dec 30 10:57
Techrights-secIt is just a matter of introducing a fatal error when encountering an Dec 30 10:57
Techrights-secemtpy A or no HREF attribute.Dec 30 10:57
Techrights-sec.. while printing out what is there so it can be looked up and completed.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secI prefer vi for editing those templates but found that I can reduce the Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secnumber of errors I introduce by using emacs for that instead.  Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secI should also move to Rakulang but am lacking the motivation, but am Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secvery close to actually getting movign on it.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secWith the NBC article above, the police should be able to get Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-seca warrant for the data but they should have to ask the car's Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secowner not Google or the car's vendor.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secTHere was anothef article where the vehicle was stolen and the thiefDec 30 11:41
Techrights-secvoice was recorded by the car and used to identify him while Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secthe car's tracking placed him at the scene of the crime.  Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secBut I cannot find that specific article.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-sec 30 11:41
-TechrightsSocial/ | Insecure wheels: Police turn to car data to destroy suspects' alibisDec 30 11:41
Techrights-secThat's that one.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-sec 30 11:41
-TechrightsSocial/ | She didn't know her kidnapper. But he was using Google Maps — and that cracked the case.Dec 30 11:41
Techrights-secgeofencingDec 30 11:41
Techrights-secwho owns the smartphone and the data it collects?Dec 30 11:41
schestowitzwill use these links with the videDec 30 11:43
schestowitzoDec 30 11:44
Techrights-secThe Amazon Ring doorbell is another example like with the cars.Dec 30 13:22
Techrights-secAnd Google NestDec 30 13:22
Techrights-sec        Dec 30 13:22
Techrights-sec 30 13:22
Techrights-secbunch of press releases onlyDec 30 13:22
Techrights-sec 30 13:22
-TechrightsSocial/ | CIO News | Enterprise IT, Enterprise Technology, Tech Industry News - ET CIODec 30 13:22
Techrights-sec 30 13:22
-TechrightsSocial/ | Bad Neighbors? How Amazon’s Ring Video Surveillance Could be Undermining Fourth Amendment Protections - California Law ReviewDec 30 13:22
-TechrightsSocial/ | How your Tollway I-Pass could affect your divorce | Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C.Dec 30 13:22
Techrights-sec 30 13:22
-TechrightsSocial/ | The Illinois Tollway Turns Over Your I-Pass Data | WBEZ ChicagoDec 30 13:22
Techrights-secGrauniad:Dec 30 14:46
Techrights-sec 30 14:46
-TechrightsSocial/ | Dozens sue Amazon's Ring after camera hack leads to threats and racial slurs | Amazon | The GuardianDec 30 14:46
schestowitzthanks, I have published a video about this, added some of the links above. I've just made another quick video while Rianne is out (buying food) to explain what software we use...Dec 30 14:46
schestowitzwould you want to join in over mumble in the future (I don't know how to plug inputs/outputs for quality, but can research if we go down that route)Dec 30 15:06
Techrights-secsure as long as it is not recordedDec 30 15:07
schestowitzOK, let's leave that aside as possibility as thing to explore another day. I still think kaniini is postponing as long as possible, intending to just throw across the VMs without (yet) doing the container-by-container workDec 30 15:08
schestowitznext video: How We Record Videos With Very Low-Budget Gear and Only Free (Libre) SoftwareDec 30 15:09
Techrights-secI have mumble up and running at xxxxxxxxxxxnet/TR/ but thatDec 30 15:11
Techrights-secwould be for private conversations rather than forum related stuff Dec 30 15:11
Techrights-secI've used it a bit these last few months.  The sound is ok.Dec 30 15:11
Techrights-secKeep in mind that the videos have a high threshold to cross as a means of Dec 30 15:11
Techrights-secconveying information.  Many read much more quickly than they can listen.Dec 30 15:11
Techrights-secWritten material also shows up in the search engines, so maybe the videosDec 30 15:11
Techrights-seccan be your brainstorming for articles?Dec 30 15:11
schestowitzsometimes I do video, then text. Sometimes vice versa. Still learning, experimenting, improving a bit. The videos don't take extra time (almost none) and I always put them next to text.Dec 30 15:12
schestowitzTBH, I am stupid with "social" web crap. Dec 30 15:13
schestowitzI've often told rianne, where have people gone?Dec 30 15:13
schestowitzwhy is lxer dyingDec 30 15:13
schestowitzsame for Linux TodayDec 30 15:13
schestowitzAre people in FB?Dec 30 15:13
schestowitzDon't knowDec 30 15:13
schestowitzwhat comes after social control media?Dec 30 15:13
schestowitzare people flocking to video/youtube?Dec 30 15:13
schestowitzI never saw things like tiktok in action, have no clue what they doDec 30 15:13
schestowitzI do know we must be ready to evolveDec 30 15:14
Techrights-secI've got to run some xxxxxxx and will be back in about xxxx\hours more or less Dec 30 15:15
schestowitzI've just checked apache logs. says 19,3k hits on "ogv" for the past 3.5 daysDec 30 15:18
schestowitzI think the video can get more visibility and for longer on some topics, I'll probably run out of good topic anyway some time soonDec 30 15:19
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*rianne_ ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialDec 30 15:55
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*rianne_ ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialDec 30 15:56
Techrights-secThe TikTok stuff is just a bunch of hyperactive jumping around and Dec 30 18:04
Techrights-secthe worst editing / cutting imaginable.Dec 30 18:04
Techrights-secIt seems to be partially affecting other Video forums like Youtube andDec 30 18:04
Techrights-secLBRY and othersDec 30 18:04
schestowitzsounds like another useless "phone" 'thing'Dec 30 18:05
schestowitzSounds just like LOSER the Pooh would prescribe Dec 30 18:08
Techrights-secYes.Dec 30 18:08
Techrights-secPooh Bear is going to break up Alibab and co.Dec 30 18:08
Techrights-secIt is.  HOwever the groups that grew up on psychotically edited cartoons on TVDec 30 18:09
Techrights-secare of the age they are playing with tiktok.  Dec 30 18:09
Techrights-secIMHO tiktok serves no other purpose than to mess with peoples' heads andDec 30 18:09
Techrights-secreduce their ability to concetrate while making them more gullible toDec 30 18:09
Techrights-secpropaganda manipulation.Dec 30 18:09
schestowitzA long time ago a friend with dodgy views on things inc. the world told me this theory about TV making men gentler and more feminine (example using TV shows with singing, dancing etc.) so that they would not stand up and resistDec 30 18:11
Techrights-secFar worse methods than just singing and dancing.Dec 30 18:12
Techrights-sec:(Dec 30 18:12
Techrights-secBeing used.Dec 30 18:12
Techrights-secThe main thing with tiktok and snapchat is to get people to mindlesslyDec 30 18:24
Techrights-sec"emit" behaviors which can be measured and thus manipulated and thusDec 30 18:24
Techrights-secmonetized.Dec 30 18:24
schestowitzI need to read more into those things. I don't participate, except I did in Twitter, so my understanding of it is rather poor (FB the same)Dec 30 18:25
Techrights-secI suspect that the CCC's rC3 has fallen on its face.Dec 30 19:33
Techrights-secVery few talks are up and it is almost New Year's Eve.Dec 30 19:33
Techrights-secJust got a bulk e-mai lfrom FSF.  There is no mention of themDec 30 19:33
Techrights-secmaking an efort to patch things up with RMS or to appologize to himDec 30 19:33
schestowitzI am very, very confusedDec 30 19:33
schestowitzspent the past 15 minutes running a script from my PCDec 30 19:34
schestowitzwhich  I had to fixDec 30 19:34
schestowitzand now I am back to ytalk, only for chat about "I suspect..."Dec 30 19:34
schestowitzI basically lost track of what was intended to happy but assumed a new tmux session had been set up for me to access and I may have lost all communications prior to "I suspect"Dec 30 19:35
Techrights-secI changed topic, I though you were connected again?Dec 30 19:38
Techrights-secBut I do not see tmux in ps.Dec 30 19:38
Techrights-secfor ytalk to persist across disconnections the tmux session needs to bDec 30 19:38
Techrights-sece on this machineDec 30 19:38
Techrights-secYes, that script looks good, but save this text and then try disconnecting.Dec 30 19:41
Techrights-secTHen run the script.  This ytalk is not in a tmux session on your side ofDec 30 19:41
Techrights-secthe conversation.Dec 30 19:41
Techrights-sec  yway, FSF is sending out bulk e-mails but have not yet patched things up withDec 30 19:55
Techrights-sec>nworseDec 30 19:55
Techrights-sec> nsee what I said todayDec 30 19:55
schestowitzall their pages autoplay videos with audio _AT THE BOTTOM_ (hard to find) without even JS enabled.. I first noticed that days agoDec 30 19:56
schestowitzside note: I have spent something like half an hour on this whole tmux/ytalk thing without any progress. Was unable to post links, lost focus,  will get sleep soon.Dec 30 19:56
Techrights-sec  yway, FSF is sending out bulk e-mails but have not yet patched things up withDec 30 19:57
Techrights-secRMSDec 30 19:57
Techrights-secIn the e-mail?  Yes, I saw and have been thinking about it.  I'm not Dec 30 19:57
Techrights-secgood at politics though.Dec 30 19:57
Techrights-secYes there is a lot going wrong there.  I'm not sure yet if it is intentionalDec 30 19:57
Techrights-secor just general incompetence.Dec 30 19:58
Techrights-secEither way it is off-putting.Dec 30 19:58
Techrights-secI'm seeing other institutions, some of which have mandates to reachDec 30 19:58
Techrights-seceverybody, blocking everybody using javascript. ,too.Dec 30 19:58
schestowitzIn the process of all this in and out for tmux I may have lost things you said in the session. making a permanent tmux session without rering and all that would be idealDec 30 19:58
schestowitzso before I go I want to get this sorted out if possible.Dec 30 19:59
schestowitzmy rss feeds are 'clean' for now, I just want to forget about all this hassle the past houts, with daemonFC talking nonsense about his personal life and highlighting me at the same timeDec 30 20:00
Techrights-secSleep or exercise or both.  Dec 30 20:02
Techrights-secI had to take a ccccccc   cccccc today.Dec 30 20:02
Techrights-secOh.    Dec 30 20:02
Techrights-secI have some tweaks in the other window.  I can paste them in a moment.Dec 30 20:02
Techrights-sec>tmux nowDec 30 20:06
Techrights-sec>can you repeat the last 2 lines?Dec 30 20:06
Techrights-sec>I miss the "rhetorical" somethingDec 30 20:06
Techrights-secI wonder why he is stationed in TR.Dec 30 20:07
Techrights-sec(rhetorical question)Dec 30 20:07
Techrights-secI see with ps that you have tmux set up.  I think if you disconnectm     Dec 30 20:07
Techrights-secwithout breaking the script's loop, you will reconnect in progress.Dec 30 20:07
schestowitzthat is just what the script does. Anyway, I am glad we at least got it set up in tmuxDec 30 20:07
schestowitztesting disconnect and reconnectDec 30 20:08
schestowitzhang onDec 30 20:08
Techrights-secokDec 30 20:08
Techrights-secctrlb+d does itDec 30 20:08
schestowitzOK, done. I terminated the terminal to emulate lost of connectionDec 30 20:09
schestowitzno rering crap and clear buffers anymore... :-)Dec 30 20:10
Techrights-secyepDec 30 20:10
Techrights-secare you connected again?Dec 30 20:10
Techrights-sectmux stays running here until power loss or reboot or whatever on this endDec 30 20:10
schestowitzok, good night, will be back soon, I try 2-piece sleep session this yearDec 30 20:11
schestowitzyou will see the nature of the crap from daemonFC tomorrow; nothing malicious, just OTDec 30 20:11
Techrights-secok gnDec 30 20:12
Techrights-secmedieval sleep patterns work well IMHODec 30 20:12
*rianne_ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Dec 30 20:15
*rianne_ ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialDec 30 20:16
schestowitzcan you pls disable tmux clock ;-) ? It's triggering my elery every 1 min :-)Dec 30 20:16
schestowitz*alertDec 30 20:16
Techrights-secok, it'll take a little  to adjust the status bar Dec 30 20:19
schestowitzno rush, it just gives endless false positives (sound and visual)Dec 30 20:19
Techrights-secOk.  I've turned off the clock.Dec 30 20:21
schestowitzpuuuurfect. I've put in tuxmachines everything possible for now... news is very slowDec 30 20:21
Techrights-secDoes that fix it?Dec 30 20:22
schestowitzYes, I know, but that's rare, not as bad as 60x24 times per dayDec 30 20:22
Techrights-secOk. but the calendar will roll over at night in a bit.Dec 30 20:23
Techrights-sec        tmux set-option -g status-right " \"#{=21:pane_title}\" %d-%b-%y"Dec 30 20:23
Techrights-secIt can be added to .tmux.conf at a later pointDec 30 20:23
schestowitzwe can be woken up by raspi lights, I think you've made a script for thatDec 30 20:24
Techrights-secyes, but I would prefer to avoid waking anyone upDec 30 20:24
Techrights-sec\Dec 30 20:24
schestowitzif the server is not available, tmux on TR will likely  highlight the cause and .htaccess is in bash_history at top rightDec 30 20:25
Techrights-secI should set up some more light notifications here on this end but thDec 30 20:25
Techrights-sece sounds work (mostly) for now, unless there is a lot of noise or deep slee[pDec 30 20:25
Techrights-secOh, I have monitoring down since the other day when the migration was planned.Dec 30 20:26

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