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Techrights-secVery few rC3 talks online yet.  And those have had technical failures.Dec 31 04:47
Techrights-secOne on climate suggests a tipping point has been crossed alreadyDec 31 04:47
Techrights-secin regards to ice loss and sea level rise.Dec 31 04:47
Techrights-secAt least they have the moderators presenting the questions ratherDec 31 04:47
Techrights-secthan directly from participants.Dec 31 04:47
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schestowitzHi, on xmas/NYE 2018 I requested DNS changes to tuxmachines.orgDec 31 08:35
schestowitzThat domain has been on my account for a while and again, when things are calm, we need to switch to another IP and DC. The new IP address for is 31 08:35
schestowitzThe current:Dec 31 08:35
schestowitzNS5.CATALYST2.NETDec 31 08:35
schestowitz84.18.207.222Dec 31 08:35
schestowitzNS6.CATALYST2.NETDec 31 08:35
schestowitz185.28.164.100Dec 31 08:35
schestowitz84.18.207.222 will be shut down soon, so please change to 31 08:35
schestowitzCan you update ASAP? We want to keep the old and new in sync while switching overDec 31 08:35
schestowitzLast time you asked me for verification detailsDec 31 08:35
schestowitzMy postcode is xxxxx (might still be an older one on file, with xxxx).Dec 31 08:35
schestowitzI can phone you if that speeds things up.Dec 31 08:35
schestowitzat some stage various scripts will need to be updated to keep up with IP changes, later there will be more containers with alpineDec 31 09:12
schestowitzat the moment I am checking logs for httpd on the new tuxmachines server to see if some have had their DNS servers updated alreadyDec 31 09:13
schestowitzI need help. I cannot figure out why the du size for the most important dir, /var/www , is not the same on old and new serversDec 31 09:13
schestowitzand also the length of find, though I assume based on some tests that the changes in underlying filesystems cause the differenceDec 31 09:14
Techrights-secdiff <(ssh old "ls -R /var/www/ | sort") <(ssh new "ls -R /var/www/ | sort")Dec 31 09:22
schestowitzOK, let's start with thisDec 31 09:22
schestowitz1. can you ssh both servers OK? The new ones?Dec 31 09:22
schestowitz2. I want to do a sanity check (that "dirty" and "offensive" term) to make sure we leave no files 'behind'. The rest we can repair in place, I just don't want to lose files from the past 17 yearsDec 31 09:23
schestowitz3. after the sanity check we need to stress-test the thing, to make sure all sorts of things work. Later on (4-x) will be steps like alpine, adding ssl... we'll have TBs of disk spaceDec 31 09:25
Techrights-secWhat is the current IPv4 number of the new TR and TM?Dec 31 09:25
schestowitz23.161.112.115 and 31 09:25
schestowitz32 cores, no ME :-)Dec 31 09:26
Techrights-secDifferent ssh_host_rsa_key?Dec 31 09:29
schestowitzuse password, then change your key if needed?Dec 31 09:30
Techrights-secNot my key, /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key ?Dec 31 09:31
Techrights-secOn the new server.Dec 31 09:31
Techrights-secCan you run ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/ and post the fingerprint?Dec 31 09:31
schestowitzgood news. ls -R /var/www/ | sort | wc worked like a charmDec 31 09:38
schestowitzand it shows identical number of files across old and newDec 31 09:38
schestowitzI just assume the files too are the same, or I'll just check character countDec 31 09:39
schestowitzin techrights there are some cache files building up, so crude file count might yield different resultsDec 31 09:39
schestowitzAs I expected, the wordpress post for today's IRC was added shorted after we rsynced the DB, so will manually copy that across to the new DCDec 31 09:41
schestowitzI will do this now, carefullyDec 31 09:41
Techrights-secOk. 115 matches and can log in.  Takes a bit to translate the checksum formatDec 31 09:42
Techrights-secfor 116?Dec 31 09:42
schestowitz: --- ))))    /dev/vda3      1052255236 99572080 952683156  10% /Dec 31 09:45
schestowitzdoing some sanity checks on the filesystem of TR now, could not find issues on TMDec 31 09:46
Techrights-secokDec 31 09:47
Techrights-secOk can log into the new TM tooDec 31 09:47
schestowitz116 is new TRDec 31 09:47
schestowitzOn my ISP TM is now the new server... the DNS entry is updated hereDec 31 09:48
schestowitzThat's you ->> TR: xxxx  pts/6        2020-12-31 09:46Dec 31 09:49
schestowitzirc-archives]$ ls -la | wcDec 31 09:49
schestowitz   2990   26903  242527Dec 31 09:49
schestowitz8 new files per day, plus additional one annually for the tuxmachines channelDec 31 09:50
Techrights-secI seem to still have the old DNS entriesDec 31 09:50
schestowitzI checked the IRC bot, it gives 404 if I feed it the new test post on the "other side" (new machine)Dec 31 09:50
schestowitzI instructed rianne not to post until late in the day, otherwise people in places like chile will just get frustrated with error pages (wrong server reached)Dec 31 09:51
schestowitzMigrating TuxMachines to a Bigger ServerDec 31 09:52
schestowitz<font size="5"><b><a name="top">W</a></b></font>e are in the process of moving the TuxMachines Web site to a better server with more capacity and better hardware. There may be temporarily odd behaviour on the site (if data is accessed which is out of date). <a href="#top">█</a>Dec 31 09:52
Techrights-secIt's too late now but was the TTL reduced before the changeoverDec 31 09:52
Techrights-secand then turned back to normal TTL?Dec 31 09:52
schestowitzI have not checked, why?Dec 31 09:53
schestowitzWhat I do know is that with more CPU cores TR >ought< to load up faster, for all parts of the sideDec 31 09:53
schestowitzWhat I do know is that with more CPU cores TR >ought< to load up faster, for all parts of the siteDec 31 09:53
schestowitzit seems like adding the 'new' IRC blog post to the new server would be easier to do after the DNS switchover, as WordPress has rather strict domain-based restrictions and I don't want to mess things upDec 31 09:56
schestowitzWith my ISP now pointing at the right place I am stress testing and stuff at TMDec 31 09:58
schestowitzYou can force feed the new IP address in places of for various URLs and CMSs part to see if you can spot issue. Then we can update DNS and in case there are issues we can roll back.Dec 31 09:59
schestowitzLOL, my ISP's DNS is not consistent or in 'flux'... will map the requests to different IPs at different times ;)Dec 31 10:01
Techrights-secProbably some round-robin DNS and one of them got queried while the oldDec 31 10:01
Techrights-secIPv4 number was in effect.Dec 31 10:01
schestowitzYes, that's what I assumed. That makes proper testing a tad premature at this level.Dec 31 10:02
schestowitzI did:Dec 31 10:02
schestowitz1) check that static files are OKDec 31 10:02
schestowitz2) mine typesDec 31 10:02
schestowitz3) mailing lists archivesDec 31 10:02
schestowitz4)Dec 31 10:02
schestowitzwikiDec 31 10:02
schestowitz5) drupal: SOONDec 31 10:02
schestowitz6) wordpress is slightly out of date, I will copy across the IRC post later on, it's just a 1-minute copy-paste jobDec 31 10:03
schestowitzI am going to crude file-count nowDec 31 10:04
schestowitzkaniini did rsync twice over just in case, but I want to examine for confidenceDec 31 10:04
Techrights-secUsually one should stop the VM completely for final syncDec 31 10:06
schestowitzI think the only files changes 'in vivo' are wordpress cache filesDec 31 10:06
schestowitzok, thanks for the helpDec 31 10:09
Techrights-secxxxxxDec 31 10:09
schestowitzreport to self/record:Dec 31 10:11
schestowitz1) files across /root identical (without doing checksums, just names)Dec 31 10:12
schestowitz2) almost 170,000 files in /home and due to caching one is expected to be a tad higher than the otherDec 31 10:13
schestowitznevertheless, at the moment number of files are the same, and char length/count the same alsoDec 31 10:14
schestowitzls -R /home | sort | wcDec 31 10:14
schestowitz 168247  162554 5868471Dec 31 10:14
schestowitz3) no issues encountered with database/settings, checking video for mime type issues (we had such issues 7 years ago when we had to change configs manually in centos)Dec 31 10:14
schestowitz4) permissions copied across correctly, just checked SLAPPed URLs are blocked (not mine, patent trolltracker's, he asked me to hide his archives posts due to the lawsuit Ray Niro filed)Dec 31 10:18
Techrights-secyes, the backups also don;t get trolltrackerDec 31 10:22
Techrights-secafaikDec 31 10:22
schestowitzonly about 4 pages, IIRC, the ones that cause him trouble if accessedDec 31 10:22
schestowitzin tmux you can see the reqs/second for tuxmachines (old server) decreasing. avg over xmas and all 8.8/sec, now about half that, as traffic gets into the new machine.Dec 31 10:23
Techrights-secyes, the rates are slowingDec 31 10:26
Techrights-sechowever, it was only that the VMs were copied as-is and no OS upgrade or change?Dec 31 10:26
schestowitzyes, one container migration will follow at a time... to reduce complexityDec 31 10:26
schestowitzremember that one of 5 DBs (TuxMachines Drupal) is still not migrated successfully to the DB containerDec 31 10:27
schestowitzthe plan is, each CMS will then have its own FS/container, so that's 5 containers at leastDec 31 10:28
schestowitzFS as in filespace, not filesystemDec 31 10:28
schestowitzThe old days: -)  Slashdot 10+ years agoDec 31 10:30
-TechrightsSocial/ | pclos09.2_ff2Dec 31 10:30
Techrights-seccontainer or vm?Dec 31 10:38
Techrights-sec\Dec 31 10:38
schestowitzI am actually not sure if the machines we now access as the new server are themselves containers rather than VM, I can check on the hypervisorDec 31 10:38
schestowitzhypervisor on 114, you have credentials for itDec 31 10:39
schestowitz lxc-start -n techrights-oldDec 31 10:41
schestowitzas root, assuming you're in sudoersDec 31 10:41
schestowitzBUTDec 31 10:41
schestowitzdon't run itDec 31 10:41
schestowitzit is already runningDec 31 10:42
schestowitzsudo lxc-attach -n  viera for IRC botDec 31 10:42
Techrights-secok wont't test for a bit yetDec 31 10:42
schestowitzso no more virtual machines basically and I suppose performance can improve as a result, tooDec 31 10:43
schestowitztesting performance on the zero-traffic machine for various notorious slow pagesDec 31 10:50
schestowitzTODO:Dec 31 10:52
schestowitzadd missing irc post, testDec 31 10:52
schestowitzupdate backup scriptsDec 31 10:52
schestowitzupdate irc and raspi scriptsDec 31 10:52
schestowitzobservation: site noticeably faster now and with that many cpu cores I doubt additional traffic would strain thingsDec 31 10:53
schestowitzmaybe the backup-related downtimes will almost go away as wellDec 31 10:54
schestowitzTM feels lightening fast now, like less than a second to load a pageDec 31 10:56
Techrights-secOk.  I can log into hv and have access via sudo.  I won't test anything beyond Dec 31 11:16
Techrights-secthat for now.Dec 31 11:16
Techrights-secI can check the DNS here in about 45 minutes, the TTL is that long.Dec 31 11:16
Techrights-secI guess we forgot to ramp own the TTL for the changeover.Dec 31 11:16
schestowitzis that something we can improve when switching TECHRIGHTS.ORG /COM / over?Dec 31 11:17
schestowitz(I have not directed Catalyst2 to do this yet, am still testing here and there... and I think you should add you to list of authorised persons for that, just in case I get hospitalised or worse)Dec 31 11:18
Techrights-secYes.  I'm not sure how commonly known it is but in the hours leading upDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secto the switch over of DNS reduce the TTL.  It increass the load of theDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secDNS slightly (more traffic) but then the change over lasts only as longDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secas the final TTL.  So if the TTL is now an hour it can be set to a 5 minutesDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secor ramped down gradually.  But then once it reaches 1 minute, switch overDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secthen the site can only be unavailable for up to 1 minute for any given visitorDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secshould they hit the DNS at just the wrong minute.Dec 31 11:21
schestowitzI do not know how to change those settingsDec 31 11:21
Techrights-secIt has been a Very Long Time (tm) since I did it so things will be newDec 31 11:22
Techrights-secall over again.Dec 31 11:22
Techrights-secI presume it will be somewhere on the catalyst2 web interface?Dec 31 11:22
schestowitzthe thing is, I asked them to do this for me, to reduce the chance of my making a mistake. They said it would apply within no more than 10 mins. Are you OK with me switching over the three techrights domain names now and maybe mention to them TTL?Dec 31 11:23
schestowitzis the net benefit just quicker passover from one address to the next and nothing else? because I don't mind taking a day off from posting today and tomorrowDec 31 11:26
Techrights-secThe TTL needs to be done first. Then once the DNS records reflect the new TTLDec 31 11:26
Techrights-secit will be time to change over.  Then after the change over the TTL Dec 31 11:26
Techrights-seccan be put back to the old, longish value.Dec 31 11:26
Techrights-secDoing it in a different order has no benefit.Dec 31 11:26
Techrights-secThe benefit is fewer visitors going to the old site once the new one becomesDec 31 11:29
Techrights-secactive.Dec 31 11:29
Techrights-secLess disruptive for them.Dec 31 11:29
Techrights-secThe first time I helped with that we did it with a very busy site andDec 31 11:29
Techrights-secthere was noone who noticed, among those that were watching for problems.Dec 31 11:29
Techrights-secSo it went that smoothly.Dec 31 11:29
schestowitzI will ask catalyst2Dec 31 11:29
Techrights-secBTW TM is calling itself tuxmachines-old and it is itself using Quad9 for DNSDec 31 11:35
Techrights-seclookups.Dec 31 11:35
Techrights-secThat is based in California.Dec 31 11:35
schestowitzmaybe it is inherited from the HV?Dec 31 11:35
schestowitzBTW, it is called "old" because the "new" would be alpine with containers, the proper wayDec 31 11:35
schestowitzHithank you for the quick response, that has worked really wellWe now have the bigger site to switch over, it's accessed over and ... and I'm told that changing TTL prior to changeover the time taken to move over to the news DNS can be reduced but I don't know how/if this can be done. The new IP address for this site (all domains are the same) is 31 11:38
schestowitzOk so and should be switched over to also?yes, this is a different address from the one for TuxMachinesOk Ill add that to the ticket and get it processedthank you so much!Dec 31 11:44
schestowitzNo prob, will let you know when completeDec 31 11:45
schestowitzyes, this is a different address from the one for TuxMachinesDec 31 11:46
schestowitzjust blocked news-roundup category in TR due to ddos-ish, load avg 70+. We'll need to move monitoring over to the new server soon and redo the session of tmux as suits us both (we don't always use same screen size and some stuff we no longer need to do/monitorDec 31 11:50
schestowitzI am guessing to stress-test TM now using social control media linksDec 31 11:53
schestowitznew traffic starting to arrive at new TR server, TM seems to now take most traffic (maybe 80%) from the new serverDec 31 12:01
Techrights-secExcellentDec 31 12:02
schestowitzIt's a lot easier to test AFTER the changeover, rianne had a go at TM and could not find any issues, but sometimes the wrong server is reached (still, round robin scheduled for DNS allocation I assume)Dec 31 12:03
schestowitzIt's a lot easier to test AFTER the changeover, rianne had a go at TM and could not find any issues, but sometimes the wrong server is reached (still, round robin scheduler for DNS allocation I assume)Dec 31 12:03
Techrights-secYes, chech the TTL to see how long she must wait to get the new IP from DNSDec 31 12:04
schestowitz15 (  172.377 ms  172.352 ms  174.390 msDec 31 12:05
schestowitzfrom traceroute hereDec 31 12:05
Techrights-secTraceroute does the packet ttl for TCP or UDP not the DNS record Dec 31 12:06
Techrights-secsee dig or similarDec 31 12:06
Techrights-sec]Dec 31 12:06
schestowitz;; Query time: 59 msecDec 31 12:07
schestowitzQuery time: 931 msec    for techrights.orgDec 31 12:08
schestowitzI have just restored access to news-roundup and will reset apachetop on tm and tr (old server) to better assess how much traffic they receive in recent mins/hoursDec 31 12:12         3600    IN      A 31 12:12
Techrights-sec;; Query time: 287 msecDec 31 12:12
Techrights-sec;; SERVER: 31 12:12
Techrights-sec;; WHEN: Thu Dec 31 12:06:47 2020Dec 31 12:12
Techrights-sec;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 48Dec 31 12:12
Techrights-sec3600Dec 31 12:12
Techrights-secsecondsDec 31 12:12
Techrights-secwit hthe new addressDec 31 12:12
schestowitzOK, changed and shuffled a bit in old tmux, I'll be relaxed when each site is at less than 1 req/sec on the old one. I'll configure tmux on "new"Dec 31 12:15
schestowitzI don't think we need the pane for htop now that we have nmon with graphs, correct? waste of space...Dec 31 12:20
Techrights-secok no htopDec 31 12:28
schestowitzok, go to new tr (.116) and run monitor-techrights, change as suits you as wellDec 31 12:29
schestowitzI now have two tmux sessions, one for new another for oldDec 31 12:29
schestowitz dig techrights.orgDec 31 12:31
schestowitz199.19.78.19Dec 31 12:31
schestowitz;; Query time: 252 msecDec 31 12:31
schestowitzdig techrights.comDec 31 12:32
schestowitz23.161.112.116Dec 31 12:32
schestowitz;; Query time: 65 msecDec 31 12:32
schestowitz dig boycottnovell.comDec 31 12:32
schestowitz199.19.78.19Dec 31 12:32
schestowitz;; Query time: 895 msecDec 31 12:32
Techrights-secok my dns now directs to the new machineDec 31 12:35
schestowitzMine still flaps a bit as I run dig periodically, but it's getting there and for tuxmachines it's sending most traffic to newDec 31 12:37
schestowitz"The A record has been updated. Please allow up to 24hrs for propagation to occur"Dec 31 13:02
schestowitz" and are now on"Dec 31 13:02
schestowitzLet's take time to think of a multi-party strategy with the Intel story, maybe series title will be InteLeaksDec 31 13:22
schestowitzinstalling sshpass on the pi here, will set things for pi/root to be able to upload daily stuff without human interventionDec 31 13:38
schestowitzI want to pass time doing much needed work while not posting anything as the sites flapDec 31 13:38
schestowitzI am cronning ipfs updates at the moment and preventing anyone else from having keyless access to the serverDec 31 14:14
schestowitzwith IP changes I think now is a good time to revise the crontabs on the servers as wellDec 31 14:16
schestowitzpi cron job set to update the ipfs txt and html index every hour between 1am and 5am each dayDec 31 14:19
schestowitznext, automating the irc log generation, with i/o going to file so I can check the process for sanity when I wake upDec 31 14:29
schestowitzOK, /home/links will be updated each day 3am U/GMTDec 31 14:38
schestowitzcp  output.txt /home/links/ipfs/ will be run as well, that's the output of the run, in case there are errors to be found or something bad in the output file for WordPress, so there's a copyDec 31 14:42
Techrights-secackDec 31 14:42
Techrights-secWouldn't an hour or two earlier be better?Dec 31 14:42
schestowitzit would, but... longstanding issue is, WordPress server clock/CMS clocks not the same. the server is US east coast time, so IPFS stuff runs until 5am our time (UK) for a given dayDec 31 14:43
schestowitzusually if I write additional things between bulletin and 5am I can just regenerate the bulletin afterwardsDec 31 14:44
schestowitz tail -5  /home/links/ipfs/output.txt && uptimeDec 31 14:46
schestowitzBandwidthDec 31 14:46
schestowitzTotalIn: 5.9 GBDec 31 14:46
schestowitzTotalOut: 2.3 GBDec 31 14:46
schestowitzRateIn: 16 kB/sDec 31 14:46
schestowitzRateOut: 5.1 kB/sDec 31 14:46
schestowitz 14:46:23 up 2 days, 22:12,  3 users,  load average: 0.90, 0.99, 1.02Dec 31 14:46
schestowitztail -18  /home/links/ipfs/output.txt | head -n 1Dec 31 14:47
schestowitz<FONT size=1 color=white>This page was last modified on Thu 31 Dec 14:36:55 GMT 2020Dec 31 14:47
schestowitz"pi" user will reupload this pair of files until 5am, then the next day againDec 31 14:48
schestowitz40 02 * * * /home/roy/  > /home/roy/output.txtDec 31 15:02
schestowitz05 03 * * * kate  /home/roy/output.txtDec 31 15:02
schestowitzthe second one, I think, will forcibly remind me to check the sanity of it and then maybe see the ipfs index to ensure all went well at the pi as well, without having to actually access itDec 31 15:04
Techrights-secThe second one will need to set the environment variable.Dec 31 15:21
Techrights-secfor the display, for the logged in user:Dec 31 15:21
Techrights-sec05 03 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0  /home/roy/output.txt   Dec 31 15:21
Techrights-secSet it to a few minutes from now and test.Dec 31 15:21
Techrights-sec05 03 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 kate /home/roy/output.txtDec 31 15:21
Techrights-secI forgot the editor in the first oneDec 31 15:21
schestowitzwill fixDec 31 15:21
schestowitzit looks like you already readded the irc blog post  to the new server? It's confusing me that it's always showing upDec 31 15:22
schestowitz23.161.112.115 tuxmachines.orgDec 31 15:22
schestowitz23.161.112.115 www.tuxmachines.orgDec 31 15:22
schestowitz23.161.112.116 techrights.orgDec 31 15:22
schestowitz05 03 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 falkon 31 15:36
-TechrightsSocial/ | Techrights Full IPFS IndexDec 31 15:36
Techrights-secI haven't changed any cron tabs yet.Dec 31 15:38
Techrights-secI'll wait till th edust settles a little before poking artound.Dec 31 15:38
schestowitzmakes sense; I did after some hours realise that I was looking at the new site in fact and that IRC blog post had already been reposted in it, which is good (I just didn't expect that)Dec 31 15:39
schestowitzI have just checked old TM, over the past few hours it served as much as the new, 23k hits each. I'm checking to ensure nobody submits story/comment to old as that would be lost when we wipe clean the old serverDec 31 15:45
schestowitzremember we can keep the existing centos container for utilities that are not quite web-facingDec 31 15:50
Techrights-secThe existing old one could be updated then.Dec 31 15:59
schestowitzyes, after critical services like httpd and all are moved entirely out of that ageing containerDec 31 15:59
schestowitzI updates the "hosts" file on rianne's laptop and mine so now we resume posting in tuxmachines (assuming people's DNS servers are mostly updated) and will resume techrights later, at least Daily LinksDec 31 16:00
schestowitz*updatedDec 31 16:00
Techrights-secProbably not.  BTW is Scotland in a position to reject Brexit?Dec 31 16:19
schestowitzIt already rejects it, even publicly, based on a statement I saw mentioned in counterpunch (Binoy) 2 days ago. IndyRef might follow. Dec 31 16:20
schestowitzHeck, if they do this, and as they speak English, they could braindrain Wales and EnglandDec 31 16:21
schestowitz 31 16:22
-TechrightsSocial/ | EdinburghDec 31 16:22
Techrights-secIt would pull in a lot of escapees if they are able to rejoin the EU quickly orDec 31 16:22
Techrights-seceven flat out reject Brexit.Dec 31 16:22
Techrights-secI guess visits to various Royal gardens are out for the foreseeable future.Dec 31 16:25
Techrights-secSame for garden shows.Dec 31 16:25
schestowitzI am doing some checks, found out we use 31 16:39
-TechrightsSocial/ | MariaDB 5.5.56 Stable - MariaDBDec 31 16:39
Techrights-sec5.x is really far behind.  It might not be a fully automated upgrade to get Dec 31 16:44
Techrights-secto 10.x or 11.xDec 31 16:44
schestowitzshould brian kerbs be in automated links?Dec 31 16:45
schestowitzI want to support folks who do their own thing, esp. if they know what they coverDec 31 16:45
Techrights-secKrebs?  Ok. I can see if there is a feed to add.Dec 31 16:46
Techrights-sec 31 16:46
schestowitzin 2021 I think we ought to speed up our retreat from the "burning platforms" of PR as "media"Dec 31 16:47
schestowitzI am trying not to link to either TM or TR today, knowing many will get 404s because of outdated DNS upsteam. People can forgive for not posting on last/first day of a year...Dec 31 16:48
schestowitz 31 16:49
-TechrightsSocial/ | Republican senator to dispute certification of Biden victory - BBC NewsDec 31 16:49
Techrights-secgit needs tweaking, but otherwise the updated files are in place on TRDec 31 16:51
Techrights-secKrebs' feed will be checked starting tomorrow.  He goes for quality not Dec 31 16:51
Techrights-secquantity so there may be some delay before any posts of his show up,Dec 31 16:51
Techrights-secaside from the site anniversary announcement.Dec 31 16:51
Techrights-secYeah, there will be little of substance for the next 96 hours or so.  Dec 31 16:51
Techrights-secI will check a few sites anyway.  Dec 31 16:51
schestowitzwith the sites on the other side of the DC space, at least my biggest xmas worry is mostly behind now, I can relax a bit. No signs of anything broken or missing data yet.Dec 31 16:52
schestowitznew tmux session has wasted space as nmon does not scale fully horizontally. Anything else we need on screen?Dec 31 17:01
schestowitzhow's this? shows cpu strain only when above 70%Dec 31 17:02
Techrights-secNot that I can think of.   You are more familiar with site monitoring at Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secthat level.Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secFWIW I have maximized the window on my side, so any space there can be used,Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secbut not any additional expansion.Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secOk. Low system loads are probably not so important.Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secToo bad there is not a more recent version of tmux there,Dec 31 17:03
Techrights-secotherwise we could label the panes.Dec 31 17:03
schestowitzthe monitoring can be put on any machine, inc. this pi of even this ytalk sessionDec 31 17:03
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