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acer-box 01 05:58
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 05:58
acer-box"Aug 01 05:58
acer-box> microsoft is a parasite that leverages Git for racism and imperialismAug 01 05:58
acer-boxAre you referring to the ban of some countries? They're a US company and they're complying with US trade laws.Aug 01 05:58
acer-box"Aug 01 05:58
acer-box 01 05:58
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 05:58
acer-box"Not sure if it affects services. Tariffs are about goods (imports/exports). I suspect it was an accident unless there's more people banned."Aug 01 05:58
acer-box 01 05:59
acer-box"@schestowitz I was thinking for more for myself!"Aug 01 05:59
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 05:59
acer-box 01 05:59
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 05:59
acer-box"Aug 01 05:59
acer-box@schestowitz LinkedIn is a identification harvesting and social graphing tool. '...People just submitted it. I don't know why. They "trust me" . Dumb fucks.'Aug 01 05:59
acer-boxI have data in LinkedIn too. Here I am still contemplating if I should delete it because my mentors are on it and so are some very good people with whom I need to reestablish contact.Aug 01 05:59
acer-boxI had deleted it once. I may again.Aug 01 05:59
acer-box"Aug 01 05:59
acer-boxMicrosoft keeps it and sells it even if you mark it as "deleted"Aug 01 05:59
acer-box 01 06:00
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 06:00
acer-box"fire in snowy places?!"Aug 01 06:00
acer-boxWhen they warm upAug 01 06:00
acer-box 01 06:00
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 06:00
acer-box"Agree, fatass America should make bicycle"Aug 01 06:00
acer-box 01 06:00
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 06:00
acer-box"Not true, RMS has stated on many occasions that IBM has contributed to free software and that was years before its takeover of Red Hat."Aug 01 06:00
acer-boxThey paid the FSFAug 01 06:00
acer-box 01 06:01
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 06:01
acer-box In my country we say "La pela es la pela" for money people do unexpected things...'Aug 01 06:01
acer-box 01 06:01
acer-box"That's a nice writeup on the Librem 5.  Maybe a ship date will be coming soon.  I've got one on pre-order."Aug 01 06:01
-TechBytesBot/ | PleromaAug 01 06:01
schestowitz>>>> I've emptied/flushed another log file (even echod a message into it :-)Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>> ). I think we'll be OK for now. We can always compact the DBs a bit, weAug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>> can get that under control.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>> Ok.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>> Notice how traffic nearly doubled so far this week.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>> I think the articles bring in more visits.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>> Working 3 days in a row now, so less time to write...Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>>Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>>> If I quit my job, we won't be able to fully buy our house any time soon.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>> Best to maintain an income source, even if it is a bit inconvenient atAug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>> times.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> For a month or two after my phd I chose to take a break (before takingAug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> RA position at a university), so I know what it's like to not haveAug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> income. Lots of time to write, but it's not sustainable.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz> It's also easier and less stressful to find a new job while one stillAug 01 08:37
schestowitz> has a job.  Companies are usually unwilling to hire unemployed people.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz> some countries offer sabbaticals, which are mostly unpaid, to allAug 01 08:37
schestowitz> workers.  Another option, depending on employer, is an unpaid leave ofAug 01 08:37
schestowitz> absence.  The risk there is that they decide they would do without you.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitzMaybe when we're older we'll move somewhere more affordable.Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> We rarely talk about personal life (that's fine; gossip is not for me),Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> but Rianne and I want to send you some gift. Want to be sure address isAug 01 08:37
schestowitz>> still:Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz>>Aug 01 08:37
schestowitz> Thanks.  That address is still current, though xxx itself (fineAug 01 08:38
schestowitz> sandy hill / hill of fine sand) is now gone and used for roads orAug 01 08:38
schestowitz> whatever.  Post usually takes a couple of weeks to Finland from the UKAug 01 08:38
schestowitz> or Germany.  Tracking always shows a quick trip from Europe followed byAug 01 08:38
schestowitz> a very long stay in the south of Finland followed by another long pauseAug 01 08:38
schestowitz> near xxx.Aug 01 08:38
schestowitz> Now it is August.Aug 01 08:41
schestowitzQuiet time. Soon I'll post IRC logs.Aug 01 08:41
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schestowitz 01 09:21
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@BrideOfLinux: Let me be very clear, Mr. Zemlin, you do not speak for open source: Jim Zemlin - Open Source Loves Microsoft… 01 09:21
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@BrideOfLinux: Let me be very clear, Mr. Zemlin, you do not speak for open source: Jim Zemlin - Open Source Loves Microsoft… 01 09:21
schestowitz"Let me be very clear, Mr. Zemlin, you do not speak for open source: Jim Zemlin - Open Source Loves Microsoft @linuxfoundation"Aug 01 09:21
schestowitz              <li>Aug 01 09:26
schestowitz                <h5><a href="">Elementary, my dear: How to revive an old PC with elementary OS</a> [iophk: paywall]</h5>Aug 01 09:26
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 404 @">Elementary )Aug 01 09:26
schestowitz                <blockquote>Aug 01 09:26
schestowitz                  <p>In this story I’ll demonstrate how to convert a budget laptop to elementary OS using a $250 Asus VivoBook W202N. With its 1.1GHz Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the machine felt underpowered running Windows 10S, but I found it had more than enough juice for Juno.Aug 01 09:26
schestowitz</p></blockquote></li>Aug 01 09:26
schestowitzOn + ORIGIn + MORE from other PCAug 01 10:37
schestowitz"here is a very small version of option 3-- resize "winux" to fit in the horizonal area that "linux" took up.Aug 01 10:37
schestowitzfun fact: the program that got me into computers originally was the dos paint program "pc paintbrush" that microsoft cloned-- i first used that in dos when i was 4. with a very well-designed ibm joystick. i had a mouse in the 80s, which i used in dos.Aug 01 10:37
schestowitzi am proficient with gimp but the logo work i did was in mtpaint which is also available for windows. mtpaint is scriptable, less friendly than gimp, popular in the puppy community because of its size.Aug 01 10:37
schestowitzafter getting into computers with pc paintbrush, i learned coding in basic shortly thereafter. i used dos 3.3 first, then dos 5, 6.22, windows 3.0 then 3.1 and i held out for years before switching to 95. i got online with windows 3.1 and sometimes with arachne in dos. i liked your linux contingency article-- cheers.Aug 01 10:37
schestowitz"Aug 01 10:37
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