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schestowitz 03 03:39
schestowitzInteresting article. The requirement of G 2/21 regarding the "technical effect to be "encompassed by the technical teaching" and to "embody the same invention" as the application as originally filed" is a necessary requirement for relying on a technical effect when formulating the objective technical problem, but not a sufficient one. My analysis is that under T 939/92 (and other decisions), the Board must May 03 03:39
schestowitzalso be convinced that the technical effect is actually achieved and that this is an independent requirement, not affected by G 2/21.May 03 03:39
-TechBytesBot/ | To encompass and embody: Applying the abstract principles of G 2/21 - The IPKatMay 03 03:39
schestowitz<li>May 03 08:43
schestowitz                                            <h5><a href="">Kubuntu Focus Ir14 Launches as an Affordable, Enterprise-Ready Linux Laptop</a></h5>May 03 08:43
schestowitz                                            <blockquote>May 03 08:43
schestowitz                                                <p>Meet Kubuntu Focus Ir14, a 14-inch and 3-pound laptop that features a narrow-bezel WUXGA (Wide Ultra XGA) IPS display with a 1920×1200 pixels resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, 450 nit brightness, and 100% sRGB color reproduction, as well as an all-aluminum chassis.</p>May 03 08:43
schestowitz                                            </blockquote>May 03 08:43
schestowitz                                        </li>May 03 08:43
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Kubuntu Focus Ir14 Launches as an Affordable, Enterprise-Ready Linux Laptop - 9to5LinuxMay 03 08:43
schestowitz    <li>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">OBS Studio 29.1 Released with Support for Streaming AV1/HEVC over Enhanced RTMP</a></h5>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                                <p>Highlights of OBS Studio 29.1 include support for streaming AV1/HEVC over RTMP for YouTube, support for surround sound for AJA capture cards, new lossless audio recording options for FLAC, ALAC, and PCM (including 32-bit float), as well as support for multiple audio tracks in Simple output recording.</p>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                        </li>May 03 08:51
schestowitz                        May 03 08:51
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-OBS Studio 29.1 Released with Support for Streaming AV1/HEVC over Enhanced RTMP - 9to5LinuxMay 03 08:51
schestowitz <li>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">April GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Eighteen new GNU releases</a></h5>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                                <p>Eighteen new GNU releases in the last month (as of April 29, 2023): [...]</p>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                        </li>May 03 08:52
schestowitz                     May 03 08:52
-TechBytesBot/ | April GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Eighteen new GNU releases — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free softwareMay 03 08:52
schestowitz<li>May 03 09:10
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Ransomware cyberattack continues at Bluefield University</a></h5>May 03 09:10
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>May 03 09:10
schestowitz                                        <p>There are new developments on the cybersecurity attack that has crippled internet services at Bluefield University. We’ve learned through “RamAlert” texts sent to students, faculty and staff that the cyber attackers are now directly communicating with everyone on the alert system. They have identified themselves as “AvosLocker” and are demanding payment in return for not leaking studeMay 03 09:10
schestowitznts’ private information. The FBI considers AvosLocker to be ransomware. In March 2022, they released an advisory on it. They said avoslocker has “Targeted victims across multiple critical infrastructure sectors in the U.S. Including...The financial services, critical manufacturing, and government facilities sectors.”</p>May 03 09:10
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>May 03 09:10
schestowitz                                </li>May 03 09:10
-TechBytesBot/ | Ransomware cyberattack continues at Bluefield UniversityMay 03 09:10
schestowitz              <li>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Ubuntu Pro is now part of the Amazon EC2 console</a></h5>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                        <p>Canonical, a leading open-source provider of cloud computing services, has announced that Ubuntu Pro is now available in a subscription-included model on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users can now launch Ubuntu Pro on-demand instances and purchase Ubuntu Pro Compute Savings Plans from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) console.</p>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                </li>May 03 09:11
schestowitz                                May 03 09:11
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Ubuntu Pro is now part of the Amazon EC2 console | UbuntuMay 03 09:11
schestowitz <li>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">IT giant Bitmarck shuts down customer, internal systems after cyberattack</a> [iophk: Windows TCO]</h5>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                        <p>German IT services provider Bitmarck has shut down all of its customer and internal systems, including entire datacenters in some cases, following a cyberattack.</p>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                        <p>The company, one of the largest service providers for German health insurers, said no customer, patient, or insured individuals' data had been accessed in the security breach — at least not according to "the current state of knowledge," according to an April 30 update posted on its temporary website.</p>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>May 03 09:13
schestowitz                                </li>May 03 09:13
-TechBytesBot/ | Bitmarck shuts down systems, services after cyberattack • The RegisterMay 03 09:13
schestowitz <li>May 03 09:17
schestowitz                                            <h5><a href="">Facial Recognition Powers ‘Automated Apartheid’ in Israel, Report Says</a></h5>May 03 09:17
schestowitz                                            <blockquote>May 03 09:17
schestowitz                                                <p>In Hebron and East Jerusalem, the technology focuses almost entirely on Palestinians, according to Amnesty’s report, marking a new way to automate the control of interior boundaries that separate the lives of Palestinians and Israelis. Amnesty called the process “automated apartheid.” Israel has strongly denied that it operates an apartheid regime.</p>May 03 09:17
schestowitz                                            </blockquote>May 03 09:17
schestowitz                                        </li>May 03 09:17
-TechBytesBot/ | Facial Recognition Powers ‘Automated Apartheid’ in Israel, Report Says - The New York TimesMay 03 09:17
schestowitz<li>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">What Climate Change Could Mean for the Coffee You Drink</a></h5>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                                <p>Catherine Kiwuka, a coffee specialist at the National Agricultural Research Organization, called Liberica excelsa “a neglected coffee species.” She is part of an experiment to introduce it to the world.</p>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                                <p>If it works, it could hold important lessons for smallholder coffee farmers elsewhere, demonstrating the importance of wild coffee varieties in a warming world. Liberica excelsa is native to tropical Central Africa. It was cultivated for a little while in the late 19th century before petering out. Then came the ravages of climate change. Growers resurrected Liberica once more.</p>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 03 09:24
schestowitz                        </li>May 03 09:24
-TechBytesBot/ | A More Climate-Resistant Coffee Rises in Africa - The New York TimesMay 03 09:24
schestowitz  <li>May 03 10:03
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">288 dark web vendors arrested in major marketplace seizure</a></h5>May 03 10:03
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 03 10:03
schestowitz                                <p>In an operation coordinated by Europol and involving nine countries, law enforcement have seized the illegal dark web marketplace “Monopoly Market” and arrested 288 suspects involved in buying or selling drugs on the dark web. More than EUR 50.8 million (USD 53.4 million) in cash and virtual currencies, 850 kg of drugs, and 117 firearms were seized. The seized drugs include over 258 kg of amphetamiMay 03 10:03
schestowitznes, 43 kg of cocaine, 43 kg of MDMA and over 10 kg of LSD and ecstasy pills.</p>May 03 10:03
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 03 10:03
schestowitz                        </li>May 03 10:03
-TechBytesBot/ | 288 dark web vendors arrested in major marketplace seizure | EuropolMay 03 10:03
schestowitz 03 15:39
schestowitzThere are 2 types of 'technical effect' which might need to be evaluated separately. One is the broad technical effect achieved by the teaching and data in the specification (e.g. showing drug X treats cancer), and then there is the specific, often narrower, technical effect relating to the problem to be solved in view of the prior art (e.g. showing drug X also has less side effects than drug Z disclosed in D1). It is this second type oMay 03 15:39
schestowitzf 'narrower' technical effect where applicants/patentees get into trouble as they did not realise they needed to show it when drafting the specification, and so there needs to be some leeway in the system for the use of post-filing data to show the second type of technical effect. It is close to impossible to define the criteria for allowing use of post-filing data to show the second type of technical effect as it all depends on the relMay 03 15:39
schestowitzationship of the prior art to the invention, and in some sense how predictable it was that the second type of technical effect would need to be shown. The Enlarged Board was sensible in not setting strict rules for use of post filing data, but it does of course lead to uncertainty as whether or not post filing data can be used becomes problem-specificMay 03 15:39
-TechBytesBot/ | To encompass and embody: Applying the abstract principles of G 2/21 - The IPKatMay 03 15:40
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Ping timeout: 2m30s)May 03 16:40
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@eqwffyxpxzpd6.irc) has joined #techbytesMay 03 16:50
schestowitzGood comment from Santa. Curious whether Rose will... ☞ 03 17:05
schestowitzGood comment from Santa. Curious whether Rose will comment on it. It brings to mind a comment in some other thread about what renowned judges (Wendell-Holmes included) have had to say about the need for wiggle room, leeway so they have room in their decisions to hold on to the interests of justice. And that in turn brings to mind the EPO determination to avoid being prescriptive in other areas, such as what &quot;technical&quot; means. May 03 17:05
schestowitzSometimes it is so, that the more prescriptive the law is, the better (I'm thinking here of the EPO's problem-solution approach, to frame the obviousness debate and stop it getting all hand-waving) but perhaps there are other areas where the opposite better serves the interests of justice, like being overly prescriptive about &quot;conforming&quot; the description  under Art 84 EPC to a claim that is otherwise allowable.May 03 17:05
schestowitzHi Peter - I agree. The test of whether the Board ... ☞ 03 17:05
schestowitzHi Peter - I agree. The test of whether the Board is convinced (or put another, whether a skilled person would have serious doubts, substantiated by verifiable facts) that the technical effect is actually achieved [over the whole scope of the claim], is a separate question to that directly considered in G2/21. This is why G2/21 is not really about plausibility.May 03 17:05
schestowitzWhile I have huge sympathy for Prof. Fhima’s argum... ☞ 03 17:05
schestowitzWhile I have huge sympathy for Prof. Fhima’s argument and views, I think that the realities of trade mark examination would prevent its realisation.May 03 17:05
-TechBytesBot/ | To encompass and embody: Applying the abstract principles of G 2/21 - The IPKatMay 03 17:05
-TechBytesBot/ | To encompass and embody: Applying the abstract principles of G 2/21 - The IPKatMay 03 17:05
-TechBytesBot/ | Cultural meme as a trademark: the registration of WAGATHA CHRISTIE - The IPKatMay 03 17:05
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geertsupsupMay 03 20:34

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