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schestowitz[TR]   <li>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                            <h5><a href="">Thoughts on Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s Drug Diary.</a></h5>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                            <blockquote>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>They hired him, he scared the fuck out of everyone that worked with him, then he started responding badly by demanding transfers to another dept that got denied, calling in, using PCP for an entire month, and then stabbing a coworker 13 times.</p>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>The witnesses to the Microsoft Stabber told police that the man he was trying to murder was “screaming like a dog that got hit by a car or something”.</p>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>Some folks asked why the guy wasn’t able to get him off of him.</p>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>Well, just off the top of my head, he was being stabbed 13 times, by surprise, by the result of the Neurodivergent Microsoft Hiring Program, who was on PCP. (He had been on PCP the entire month according to his diary.)</p>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                            </blockquote>Mar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR]                        </li>Mar 04 08:59
-TechBytesBot/ | Thoughts on Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s Drug Diary. | BaronHK's RantsMar 04 08:59
schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">My hacker station</a></h5>Mar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>I have been working exclusively from home for nine years straight now.</p>Mar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 04 09:10
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-My hacker station | daniel.haxx.seMar 04 09:10
schestowitz[TR]<li>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">BlackLotus Bootkit Can Target Fully Patched Windows 11 Systems</a></h5>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>The BlackLotus bootkit can bypass security protections on fully updated Windows 11 systems and persistently infect them, ESET’s analysis of the threat has revealed.</p>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                                Mar 04 09:17
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-BlackLotus Bootkit Can Target Fully Patched Windows 11 Systems - SecurityWeekMar 04 09:17
schestowitz[TR]                      <li>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">The crypto winter is coming for Silvergate Capital</a></h5>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>In January, Silvergate reported losses for the fourth quarter of 2022 totaling more than $1 billion and warned that those losses could keep mounting. The company also cut 200 jobs — about 40% of its workforce — in January, citing “the economic realities facing the digital asset industry today.”</p>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 04 10:12
schestowitz[TR]                                Mar 04 10:12
-TechBytesBot/ | The crypto winter is coming for Silvergate CapitalMar 04 10:12
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schestowitz[TR]x 04 11:44
schestowitz[TR]# bill sezMar 04 11:44
-TechBytesBot/ | Bill Gates meets Ratan Tata, N Chandrasekaran, billionaire gift them books | Trending - Hindustan TimesMar 04 11:44
schestowitz[TR]x 04 11:47
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Saudi Arabia forging network to bid for 2030 World Cup – DW – 03/03/2023Mar 04 11:47
schestowitz[TR]<li>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]                <h5><a href="">6 Wc Command to Count Number of Lines, Words, and Characters in File</a></h5>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]                <blockquote>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]                    <p>wc (short for word count) is a command line tool in Unix/Linux operating systems, which is used to find out the number of newline count, word count, byte and character count in the files specified by the File arguments to the standard output and hold a total count for all named files.</p>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]                    <p>When you define the File parameter, the wc command prints the file names as well as the requested counts. If you do not define a file name for the File parameter, it prints only the total count to the standard output.</p>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]                </blockquote>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]            </li>Mar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR]      Mar 04 11:55
-TechBytesBot/ | Wc Command - Count Number of Lines, Words, and CharactersMar 04 11:55
schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]                <h5><a href="">How to Install Yii PHP Framework on RHEL, CentOS, Rocky and AlmaLinux</a></h5>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]                <blockquote>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]                    <p>Yii is an open-source, high-performance, flexible, efficient, and secure PHP framework for rapidly building modern Web applications. It is a generic and full-stack web programming framework for writing code in an object-oriented fashion and provides many proven and ready-to-use features. It comes with a number of reasonable defaults and built-in tools that help you write solid and secure code.</p>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]                    <p>Here are some of Yii’s key features:</p>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]                </blockquote>Mar 04 11:56
schestowitz[TR]            </li>Mar 04 11:56
-TechBytesBot/ | How to Install Yii PHP Framework on RHEL-Based SystemsMar 04 11:56
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