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schestowitz> Hi Roy,Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz>Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz> Sorry I didn’t mean to go silent on you for so long.Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz>Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz> I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I receive a response from Seattle PD. I’m expecting them to need more time but you’ll hear from me either way.Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz>Jan 07 03:48
schestowitz> Happy New Year!Jan 07 03:48
schestowitzYou too, thank you.Jan 07 03:48
schestowitzSeveral Techrights associates are aware of the Seattle PD thing as well. I circulated parts of the timeline privately. So you are backed up, so to speak.Jan 07 03:48
schestowitzSuffice to say, if they ever stonewall, repeatedly, they can be publicly accused of aiding abusers. If they're aware of this, they will release something... the question is, how much? Any redaction can leave more questions than answer. This much too they should know.Jan 07 03:48
schestowitzRe: FOR IMMEDIATE PUBLICATIONJan 07 03:50
schestowitz> Empty MessageJan 07 03:51
schestowitzOn it...Jan 07 03:51
schestowitz> On 1/7/20 6:39 AM, Cron Daemon wrote:Jan 07 05:15
schestowitz>> mysqldump: Got errno 28 on writeJan 07 05:15
schestowitz>>Jan 07 05:15
schestowitz>> gzip: /home/boycottn/tmdatabase-2020-01-07.dump.gz: No space left onJan 07 05:15
schestowitz> deviceJan 07 05:15
schestowitz>>Jan 07 05:15
schestowitz>Jan 07 05:16
schestowitz>Jan 07 05:16
schestowitz> I'm looking at this.  Some how the files were not gzipping.  There mightJan 07 05:16
schestowitz> be some other issues, too.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzWhile attempting to recover rather than reboot the server (yesterday around the same time as now) I did at one point notice /home being larger than usual, but in the rush and stress of bringing the site back online (almost an hour's downtime, mostly while I was asleep) I forgot all about it. Didn't check /home  closely ... should have. Probably planned to... but didn't... or forgot.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzMental note: if incident/reboot happens around that time, check not only Gallery at the front end (in case DB needs repairing); also check state of dumps. True for Techrighs as well!! If WordPress dump doesn't get compressed, then it's a 5gb file stuck in the homedir, assuring problems the next day/night (5am ish).Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzI can guess how that came about. But maybe you can say more... it looks like a spare file has been deleted since... by you.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzI had three devastating incidents yesterday; none entirely my fault so I try hard not to kick myself over these. I told the wife at least 5 times about it, insisting I'd wake up early today to 'make up' for these. Guilt of not feeling too productive and  maybe data loss, not just time loss.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzPleroma is still offline (moving the site to the EU). I can deal with that long downtime (nothing is perfect ;-) and have contingencies in place... since before viera even existed. The bot was made esp. for us by kaniini.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzSo far today I'm productive and in good spirits. Tonight is my last shift at work (4 nights in a row... this one is the last).Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzI took  a day off work this coming Thursday.. I'll try to do many articles. The links gatherer helps not lose sight of politics. I can't post until 9am due to work.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzWas there a compression in progress at /home, causing the partition to fill up?Jan 07 05:16
schestowitzTwo more things:Jan 07 05:16
schestowitz1. there's something in the post for you. We ship through a store to give them job/income... better than dealing with stamps and all. We shipped right after feeding about 30 seagulls, geese and ducks 200 yards away.Jan 07 05:16
schestowitz2. On Devuan, see the article just published by  figosdev... I can not post while at work using the Guest account. Do you want to participate in proofreading/editing more?Jan 07 05:16
schestowitz>>Jan 07 05:22
schestowitz> Somehow yesterday's dump did not get gzipped.  So there was not spaceJan 07 05:22
schestowitz> for today's dump to complete either.  I'm not sure what took up theJan 07 05:22
schestowitz> space yesterday.  I've moved the script toJan 07 05:22
schestowitz>Jan 07 05:22
schestowitz> /home/boycottn/bin/get_dbs_on_tm.shJan 07 05:22
schestowitz>Jan 07 05:22
schestowitz> and launched it manually.Jan 07 05:22
schestowitz>Jan 07 05:22
schestowitz> I've also modified the cronjob for root appropriately for the new name.Jan 07 05:23
schestowitz>  But should this even be running as root since the script is within bn'sJan 07 05:23
schestowitz> purview in the filesystem?  I would say not.Jan 07 05:23
schestowitzSusan used to do lots of things as root, so I guess it's a bit of a legacy thing.Jan 07 05:23
schestowitzThe gzip did not complete yesterday due to the server malfunction. I came to see it way too late to properly understand what had happened... short of lengthy forensics based on logs. I suppose we could scan all IPs for that hour, find one from Russia, then announce to the media, "RUSHAN HACKERSSSSSSSS!"Jan 07 05:23
schestowitz>>>> 1) a lot of stuff is being brokenJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>> 2) we're sold on "simplicity" e.g. "apps"Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> With complex monoliths being falsely sold as the simplicity.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>> 3) the user is losing controlJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> That seems to be their goal.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>> 4) the business model shifts to spyingJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>>Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>> GNU/Linux needs a response to monopolists like IBM, not justJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>> Windows/Microsoft.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> Very much so.  At the risk of creeping featurism, the license needs toJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> address and eliminate excessive complexity.  I think that can be done byJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> interpreting freedom #1, the freedom to study how the program works, andJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>> change it because access to the source code is a precondition for that.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>>>  Access is impaired in direct proportion to complexity.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz>> Maybe the 4F need Four Amendments, e.g. for obfuscation. it also poses aJan 07 06:34
schestowitz>> security/back doors threat.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitz> Amendments are not necessary but some public statements regardingJan 07 06:34
schestowitz> interpretation are.  That will rub IBM the wrong way because of theirJan 07 06:34
schestowitz> plans involving the spread of systemd.  Regardless, unless the FSFJan 07 06:34
schestowitz> cleans house and kicks out those who, wrongly, ousted RMS, we won't hearJan 07 06:34
schestowitz> a peep out of them in support of software freedom -- ever.  The FSFE isJan 07 06:34
schestowitz> in even worse shape in regards to supporting software freedom.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitzFSFE is FSF-DE (Germany) now. Check who runs it and to what ends.Jan 07 06:34
schestowitzI think the founder Greve is Germany but lived/lives in Switzerland. I have seen him NOWHERE for a number of years. He just  vanished some years back. Hugo Roy stepped down IIRC... not too long ago. He's French.Jan 07 06:35
schestowitz>>>> Susan used to do lots of things as root, so I guess it's a bit of aJan 07 06:48
schestowitz>>>> legacy thing.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>>> Ok.  I've moved that script then.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> Alright, shall we now add deletion of old uncompressed backups?Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> rm -f /home/boycottn/tmdatabase-$(date -d "$d 1 day ago"  +"%F").dumpJan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> rm -f /home/boycottn/tmdatabase-$(date -d "$d 2 day ago"  +"%F").dumpJan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> rm -f /home/boycottn/tmdatabase-$(date -d "$d 3 day ago"  +"%F").dumpJan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> rm -f /home/boycottn/tmdatabase-$(date -d "$d 4 day ago"  +"%F").dumpJan 07 06:49
schestowitz>>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> Is this the form they take? Do you see any potential issues or scenariosJan 07 06:49
schestowitz>> of a 'bug'?Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz> Not really though the presence of an ungzipped dump would be a flag forJan 07 06:49
schestowitz> things needing investigation.  I've added the above to the script butJan 07 06:49
schestowitz> wonder if that would make similar errors go undetected in the future.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitzI got two symptoms of it, one in the email with a 0-sized backup in the TR server under ~/archives and another in a bounced E-mail related to standard I/O... but you beat me to it.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz> It could be tested like this, if the number of free blocks is less thanJan 07 06:49
schestowitz> (I am guessing) 1000000 then this will fail:Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz> df -P /home | awk 'END { if($4<1000000){exit(1)} }'Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz>Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz> But then the question is what kind of error it should report.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitzIf implemented and we checked the outcome over the next few days, then I don't see how that can possibly harm anything.Jan 07 06:49
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzToday, in Manchester Crown Court, legal proceedings concluded against a former student of the University, through which they were convicted of the rape of a large number of men, here in Manchester.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzThe disclosure that Sinaga is a former student of The University of Manchester and that the scale of offending was so significant, has come as a great shock. I have no doubt that this news will be distressing for many of us.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzOur concerns and sympathies are with the victims of these dreadful crimes and with those who are affected directly or indirectly. We have established dedicated help for people who may have been affected (see below) and Greater Manchester Police are also providing a dedicated support line: 0800 056 0154 (If calling from overseas please use 0207158 0011) in addition to a Police Line: 0800 092 0410 (If you are calling from overseas please useJan 07 07:01
schestowitz0207158 0124).Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzThe Police have been clear that this individual was operating alone and concealing his behaviour, some of which coincided with him being a student with us. However, I am saddened to confirm that some members of our university community have been directly affected. My thoughts are very much with them and with all who are supporting them through such difficult circumstances.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzGiven the seriousness and scale of these offences and the impact that this news will undoubtedly have on many of us, we have been working hard to put in place all the support we can. I have asked Dr Simon Merrywest, Director for the Student Experience, to lead the University’s response on my behalf. He is reporting to me directly on a frequent basis.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzIf you feel you have been affected in any way by these events, or know someone who has, the University has set up a dedicated confidential telephone line: +44(0) 3301289241. This complements our existing services.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzYou can access support and information, and our trained team can provide a confidential route to discuss any concerns, no matter how small.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzA dedicated email address is also available to respond to any questions or concerns or to access support: You can access the University’s Privacy Notice in relation to the confidential telephone line and email here.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzFurther details of the above and our wider response can be found here: 07 07:01
schestowitzWhilst these events are shocking, please be assured that we are doing all we can as a community to support everyone who has been and will be deeply affected.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzToday’s news is profoundly distressing and its impact will take time to be fully felt and understood. However, during my thirty years with our University, I have seen our community come together in unity and with great resolve in difficult times. I remain confident that we will do so again, extending care and compassion to all those affected.Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzNancyJan 07 07:01
schestowitzProfessor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-ChancellorJan 07 07:01
schestowitzThis email has been sent by Development and Alumni Relations at The University of Manchester.Jan 07 07:01
-TechBytesBot/ | University statement | The University of ManchesterJan 07 07:01
schestowitz'Jan 07 07:01
schestowitzHa. I didn't even know anything about thisJan 07 07:01
schestowitzThey mass-mailed the whole alumni listJan 07 07:01
schestowitzmaking them aware of a scandal barely anybody even knew about...Jan 07 07:01
schestowitz 07 07:17
-TechBytesBot/ ZDNet: "Richard Stallman to Microsoft: Publicly retract 'open source is a cancer' claim" "If you love open source so much, say sorry for the horrible things you said, software pioneer Stallman suggests." NO, he did NOT say "open source"Jan 07 07:17
schestowitz"ZDNet - Fake News."Jan 07 07:17
schestowitzClickbaitJan 07 07:17
schestowitz 07 07:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@nanotek911: @libertypo84 @schestowitz At the same time, people does not respect anything that is indeed free. So that I suggest… 07 07:20
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@nanotek911: @libertypo84 @schestowitz At the same time, people does not respect anything that is indeed free. So that I suggest… 07 07:20
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:21
schestowitzAt the same time, people does not respect anything that is indeed free.Jan 07 07:21
schestowitzSo that I suggest everything that is free currently should be $0.99 instead.Jan 07 07:21
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:21
schestowitz 07 07:34
-TechBytesBot/ ZDNet's logic is something like, forks are dangerous because you can stick them in the socket and get electrocutedJan 07 07:34
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:34
schestowitzJan 07 07:34
schestowitzHaven't been there in years. My instincts are good. ;-)Jan 07 07:35
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:35
schestowitz 07 07:42
-TechBytesBot/ reshared: #LinuxFoundation Firing All #GNU #Linux -Oriented Journalists and Giving Jobs to #Microsoft #deletegithubJan 07 07:42
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:42
schestowitzJan 07 07:42
schestowitzRight to #deletegithub belonging now to #microsoft , but don't fight ouselves out of nasty pro-Micorsoft journalsts to prevent the #Opensourcewashing:)?Jan 07 07:42
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:42
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Linux Foundation: Firing All GNU/Linux-Oriented Journalists and Giving Jobs to Microsoft | TechrightsJan 07 07:42
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Linux Foundation - TechrightsJan 07 07:42
schestowitzThis is still a very major problem and barrierJan 07 07:42
schestowitz 07 07:43
-TechBytesBot/ Wrong approach; #india ought to recognise #wipo for what it is: a hostile foreign force of occupation and colonialism, imposing on Indian people the will of multinational oligarchs 07 07:43
schestowitz"banana is hindi for "make""Jan 07 07:43
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Bombay High Court to hear urgent IP matters in chamber, CGPTDM-WIPO’s PCT Seminars in India again and more | BananaIP CounselsJan 07 07:43
schestowitz 07 07:44
-TechBytesBot/ Wow, I didn't know Eric S Raymond (ESR) "lived in Great Britain as a child." I dislike his #politics but that's what he has long been. 07 07:44
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:44
schestowitzNuts, entirely nuts. ESR should stick to software and networks. Blogs like that are an embarrassment.Jan 07 07:44
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | The Great Inversion | Armed and DangerousJan 07 07:44
schestowitz Will HillJan 07 07:44
schestowitzWill Hill - 6 days agoJan 07 07:44
schestowitzand he still seems to be living as a child.Jan 07 07:44
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:44
schestowitzI saw even worse blog postsJan 07 07:44
schestowitz 07 07:52
-TechBytesBot/ With a name like "Gnu-RL" many might think it's related to #gnu but it's spying. It "needs historical data, which we already have a lot of," said man with "Dell collaborator." 07 07:52
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzOh oh, copyright trespassing? ;-)Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | A gnu way to control room temperatureJan 07 07:52
schestowitzoh shit, theyre finally attacking the gnu brand.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzthe fsf should probably do something about this o… oh wait, the fsf folded, i would say rms should sue them though he probably signed over the rights to fsf, so thats pointless.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzyou will generally find me advocating trademarks that are as open and generic as possible. this one is dangerous close for comfort. rms should sue-- but he cant and he wont. without the fsf on his side, his hands are tied.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitz@tomgrz definitely not copyright.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52
schestowitztomgrz - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzOh? Trademark?Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzdefinitely trademark.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52
schestowitztomgrz - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzIs GNU trademarked? I sure hope so.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzgnu trademark number: 85380218Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzgnu trademark holder: free software foundationJan 07 07:52
schestowitzdate registered; July 25, 2011Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52
schestowitztomgrz - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzYeah, they have to defend that!Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitzif it were a frisbee or a candy bar, i dont think it would matter. the fact that theres software and its not free software, that seems like a real problem. i dont know. but just the fact that they chose this name, while the fsf is leaderless and idling-- not great. even suspicious.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitzof course cmu has nothing to do with any of free softwares worst enemies:Jan 07 07:52
schestowitz 07 07:52
schestowitzJan 07 07:52 - about a month agoJan 07 07:52
schestowitz 07 07:52
schestowitzLevel of Support. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is only supported on machines provided in the computer labs. Basic connectivity support is also provided to get connected to a network on campus.The Computing Services Help Center does not perform operating system installations, repairs or restores and does not install drivers.Jan 07 07:52
schestowitz 07 07:53
schestowitzJan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft Join Forces to Advance Edge Computing Research | Carnegie Mellon School of Computer ScienceJan 07 07:53
schestowitztomgrz - about a month agoJan 07 07:53
schestowitzThey chose this nameJan 07 07:53
schestowitzThey even hijacked the iconic beastie!Jan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Linux - Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon UniversityJan 07 07:53
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:53
schestowitzThis surveillance must be veeeery freedom-respecting. Has anyone informed FSF?Jan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Why choose Red Hat for edge computing?Jan 07 07:53
schestowitz 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ With #freesw you're never alone because as long as people need support for old and obsolete versions of something, somebody out there will provide it. #python #programming 07 07:53
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:53
schestowitzold news, but im not so sure: 07 07:53
schestowitzplus obviously 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | ActiveState Offers Extended Support for Python 2 Beyond EOLJan 07 07:53
schestowitzthe intro to code 2.0 is illustrative here, as things we consider free only remain as such due to continually striving for freedom. when people stop doing that, it falters.Jan 07 07:53
schestowitz"Jan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Andrew Dunstan's PostgreSQL and Technical blog: ActiveState make ActivePerl non-freeJan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Librethreat Database - TechrightsJan 07 07:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Codev2:Lawrence LessigJan 07 07:53
schestowitzThanks for that, caught up with this comment just now (I have a way of stacking based on themes and priorities).Jan 07 07:54
schestowitz 07 08:02
-TechBytesBot/ Wife thinks there's a connection or there >may< be a connection between RMS being invited to #microsoft and media owned by friends of #billgates intentionally lying about RMS to cause community backlash (based on falsehoods)Jan 07 08:02
schestowitz"Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzHmmm, it’s not up to him.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitz freemedia@share.naturalnews.comJan 07 08:02 - 3 days agoJan 07 08:02
schestowitzi think ive been very clear about the fact that of all the things that have happened, the lecture at microsoft is BY FAR the least interesting (to me.)Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzibm being a sponsor: interesting.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzanonymous nestegg large enough to carry the fsf financially through a crisis that happened to come just months later: VERY INTERESTING. the fact that this insurance policy was pointed out right before it was needed: UTTERLY FASCINATING.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzeverything that has happened via gnome over the past 10 years: riveting!Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzrms giving the same talk he gives everywhere else at a big corporation: overhyped. maybe microsoft had some big plan, but if they did, i suspect someone at gnome/osi who did the planning. thats more interesting than the talk itself. spinning this so its some fault of stallmans? i dont care about that, thats dumb. like i said, if stallman wants to go to the white house and give his lecture to the president-- who cares? is microsoft the dumbestJan 07 08:02
schestowitzplace to give a talk? sure. but its much worse that the fsf is taking money from ibm-- and giving them everything they want, just by chance.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitz tomgrzJan 07 08:02
schestowitztomgrz - 3 days agoJan 07 08:02
schestowitzI’m just saying that no one has the right to direct others what to talk about, even in regards to themselves or their organization. As long as the talk is not intentionally disruptive.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitz freemedia@share.naturalnews.comJan 07 08:02 - 3 days agoJan 07 08:02
schestowitzI’m just saying that no one has the right to direct others what to talk aboutJan 07 08:02
schestowitzthats true. if i really thought i could help stallman out by talking about it less, id consider it.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzbut this thread is 1/3 of a year old, and the only people being notified are those who liked or participated. its nearly private.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzdebian didnt want people to talk about murdocks weird death.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzfuck debian.Jan 07 08:02
schestowitz"Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzI said what he told me, not what we ought to do...Jan 07 08:02
schestowitzWhere IRC channels are loggedJan 07 08:15
schestowitzA list for the record:Jan 07 08:15
schestowitz1) Techrights VM:Jan 07 08:15
schestowitz[root@techrights ~]# ls tail-irc*Jan 07 08:15  tail-irc-techrights-concise.shJan 07 08:16          tail-irc-techrights.shJan 07 08:16
schestowitzSome of the above may be out of date.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzNote: tuxmachines excluded. Not much discussion there yet.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitz2) Rianne's laptop (xchat) - switched off at timesJan 07 08:16
schestowitz3) mark (cube) of the IRC regulars. he exposes the logs through his Webs site. Useful when our home connection is down and techrights VM are both down at the same time... the format is that of xchat too.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitz4) my machinesJan 07 08:16
schestowitza) gnomeshell has xchat runningJan 07 08:16
schestowitzb) kde4 has xchat and konversation runningJan 07 08:16
schestowitzc) openbox has pidgin, xchat and konversation runningJan 07 08:16
schestowitzI don't think we missed any IRC stuff... except stuff we intentionally redacted... since 2008 when it all began.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzIf all the above fail, Mince R can mail in the diffs... which happened a few times before when I was on holiday... and could not reinstate a connection remotely.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzThe IRC logs seem to be growing in value -- old ones too -- over time. Lots of Web sites that used to exist perish and vanish from the Web.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzOn my external drive I have bot-generared archives of sites we link to... as they will vanish one day. I no longer maintain those because Wayback Machine does a good enough job... and improving.Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzAmong the places to find such archives: BN-cite-archives ( there's more)Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzcp: cannot stat '/media/roy/41fab8b3-9f6f-4088-9411-52b25b94c561/drive-298mb/BN-cite-archives/': Input/output errorJan 07 08:16
schestowitzcp: cannot stat '/media/roy/41fab8b3-9f6f-4088-9411-52b25b94c561/drive-298mb/BN-cite-archives/': Input/output errorJan 07 08:16
schestowitzcp: cannot stat '/media/roy/41fab8b3-9f6f-4088-9411-52b25b94c561/drive-298mb/BN-cite-archives/': Input/output errorJan 07 08:16
schestowitzBitrot :(((Jan 07 08:16
schestowitzIt might be OK on the other drive, still...Jan 07 08:16
schestowitz[15:11] <zoobab> Froehlinger is now retired, that's why don't don't hear from her anymore...Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:11] <schestowitz> yes!! Good,.Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:11] <schestowitz> source?Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:11] <schestowitz> IIRC, the EPO's site still lists herJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:12] <zoobab> rumoursJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:12] <schestowitz> can you say more?Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:12] <schestowitz> i want to attribute to more than "rumours"Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:13] <zoobab> I cannot tell for nowJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:13] <schestowitz> thank youJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:13] <schestowitz> that'll do for nowJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:13] <schestowitz> very useful as isJan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:13] <schestowitz> watch my next post...Jan 07 15:15
schestowitz[15:14] <zoobab> at least when the Community Patent will come to life, they will all be "retired"Jan 07 15:15
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