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schestowitz__> That is a bug in Thunderbird.  The key should work with all threeMay 08 00:07
schestowitz__> addresses but the primary ownership is already for GMX.May 08 00:07
schestowitz__tested againMay 08 00:07
schestowitz__trying it another 10 times won't fix itMay 08 00:07
schestowitz__for now I suppose we should use ytalk for important stuffMay 08 00:07
schestowitz__maybe there's a fix in the makingMay 08 00:07
schestowitz__> I am trying to report a bug with a recent version of Thunderbird inMay 08 00:08
schestowitz__> regards to OpenPGP keys.  I notice that because I have not logged in forMay 08 00:08
schestowitz__> a very long while my bugzilla account has been disabled.May 08 00:08
schestowitz__>May 08 00:08
schestowitz__> I have tried both the old password [1] and the password reset [2]May 08 00:08
schestowitz__> function. Both indicate that I should write to soMay 08 00:08
schestowitz__> please reactivate my account so that I may submit a bug report.May 08 00:08
schestowitz__BleepingComputer didn't want none..May 08 00:09
schestowitz__ 08 00:09
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@stautistic: @LawrenceAbrams @fwosar @demonslay335 @BleepinComputer Last time I checked, all ransomware attacks occur post-breac… 08 00:09
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Unexpected responseMay 08 00:09
schestowitz__Re: Know anyone that does ransomware for a living?May 08 00:10
schestowitz__> I have a few questions for an article that I’m writing.May 08 00:10
schestowitz__I don't know any expert in that area, but I never met someone who was victim of it either, except hospitals. Windows of course....May 08 00:10
schestowitz__ 08 00:49
-TechBytesBot/ | Linux Today - READER UPDATE: Our Twitter Feed Is FixedMay 08 00:49
schestowitz__"May 08 00:49
schestowitz__Good morning! Many thanks to Linux Today reader Colin H. for alerting us that our Twitter feed was running way behind in posting new headlines over in the House that Jack Dorsey Built. As of this morning, the responsible app setting has been sacked, and has been reset in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute.May 08 00:49
schestowitz__We've updated some settings here at Linux Today World Headquarters and our Twitter feed should begin showing current headlines within the next day or so.May 08 00:49
schestowitz__"May 08 00:49
schestowitz__LOLMay 08 00:49
schestowitz__"Linux Today World Headquarters "May 08 00:49
MinceR:)May 08 00:52
schestowitz__ 08 03:02
schestowitz__"May 08 03:02
schestowitz__I attempted to do what user76417 explained above; however, in order to use the Chromebook Recovery Utility, you must have a consistent WiFi connection, which I do not have. Here is another possible solution, one which allows you to manually set how much storage you want without any WiFi:May 08 03:02
schestowitz__Get into crosh(ctrl - alt - t), then into your shell by typing shellMay 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type sudo fdisk -l - this lists your different partitions. Find the partition which you set aside for Gallium; it will be labeled as "ChromeOS root fs". Make sure the size matches up to the amount you gave Gallium!May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type sudo fdisk /(wherever your partitions are stored) - my partitions were in /dev/sda/, though I believe this changes according to the different type of Chromebook you use.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type d. The system will ask you which partition you want to delete. Usually, Gallium is installed on partition 7, but that could also vary on different Chromebooks.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type d again. This time, delete where all of your files are. This is labeled as Microsoft basic data, and the file size will match up to the amount Chrome OS says you have (in the Files app).May 08 03:03
-TechBytesBot/ | ubuntu - How do I remove the chrx partition on a chromebook running crouton? - Unix & Linux Stack ExchangeMay 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type n. This time, you're going to recreate the Files partition you deleted. Unless you have a preference as to which sectors the Files app should take up, I just used the default sectors.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Type t. This time, you need to rename the Files partition to what it was before because it automatically is named Linux Partition. Type "L" to list all the different types of partitions, and type in the number next to Microsoft basic data.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Finally, type w, and reboot the system. This officially commits all of your changes.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__Chrome OS, at least for me, got angry that I tried to change the partitions, and told me that it was "fixing the system" for some time. However, afterwards, it worked, and I was able to restore all of my data without doing a factory reset.May 08 03:03
schestowitz__"May 08 03:03
schestowitz__         <li>May 08 07:34
schestowitz__                  <h5><a href="">How to deploy Samba on Linux as an Active Directory Domain Controller</a></h5>May 08 07:34
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Could not resolve host:; Unknown error ( status 0 @ )May 08 07:34
schestowitz__                  <blockquote>May 08 07:34
schestowitz__                    <p>Active Directory (AD) is Microsoft's way of making it possible to create and apply policies to machines associated with a network. It's a tool widely used by businesses and network administrators everywhere. </p>May 08 07:34
schestowitz__                    <p> Microsoft's solution is not the only means to make this happen; the open source Samba makes it possible to deploy an Active Directory Domain Controller. With this controller, you can then create users, and even set policies. </p>May 08 07:34
schestowitz__                    <p> I will be writing a series of tutorials on this subject. In this first piece, we'll be deploying the Samba AD on an instance of Ubuntu Server 20.04. </p></blockquote></li>May 08 07:34
schestowitz__ <li>May 08 07:35
schestowitz__                      <h5><a href="">How to Set a Time Limit on Linux Commands</a></h5>May 08 07:35
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Could not resolve host:; Unknown error ( status 0 @">How/ )May 08 07:35
schestowitz__                      <blockquote>May 08 07:35
schestowitz__                        <p> The timeout command is the first choice of many Linux users to add a time restriction to their commands. Since this tool is a part of the GNU Core Utilities package, it comes preinstalled on almost every Linux distribution. </p></blockquote></li>May 08 07:35
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schestowitz__[04:13] <schestowitz__> go aheadMay 08 14:20
schestowitz__[04:13] <Anoned> im very tired it is late here, but a few years ago i was targeted in much the same way daniel pocock wasMay 08 14:20
schestowitz__[04:14] <Anoned> and it went on for yearsMay 08 14:20
schestowitz__[04:14] <Anoned> to the point where both OFTC and freenode networks' staff got involvedMay 08 14:20
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> so anyway i was probing into the background w/ molly de blanc at debianMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> and was approached by tom wesley (board at OFTC)May 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> who asked me about my role in the RMS thingMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> since i did some PR counter-campaign workMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> i told him what i knew and was informed he was going to issue a kline by himMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> when he did he issued it for both networksMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:15] <Anoned> as he is staff at both networks nowMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> i connected to OFTC by proxy to talk to their staffMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> tomaw had doug freed (dwfreed) step inMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> who reissued the klineMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> and it expired at OFTCMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> and i cleared it up w/ freenodeMay 08 14:23
schestowitz__[04:16] <Anoned> by talking to their staffMay 08 14:24
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> until today dwfreed approached me againMay 08 14:24
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> and issued a kline with no explanation other than "harassment, lol"May 08 14:25
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> and this kline was once again on both OFTC and freenodeMay 08 14:25
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> i have worked it out w/ OFTC but not freenode yetMay 08 14:25
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> work in progressMay 08 14:25
schestowitz__[04:17] <Anoned> butMay 08 14:25
schestowitz__[04:19] <schestowitz__> you need to backtrack a bit and explain moreMay 08 14:26
schestowitz__[04:19] <Anoned> alot of the controversy around why i was being klined left and right surrounded that i had uncovered that molly de blanc has previous smear targetsMay 08 14:26
schestowitz__[04:20] <Anoned> and that this is all centered around debian and gnome foundationMay 08 14:26
schestowitz__[04:20] <Anoned> sure ask questionsMay 08 14:26
schestowitz__[04:20] <schestowitz__> what you imply is that freenode will target us too?May 08 14:27
schestowitz__[04:22] <Anoned> in my case i can fart out a proxy any time i need to by clicking a button so all it has done is inconvenience meMay 08 14:29
schestowitz__[04:25] <Anoned> Doug Freed is not currently staff but was able to get a kline on freenode at the same time he issued one on OFTCMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:25] <Anoned> so there is some relationship there i dont fully understand yetMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:25] <schestowitz__> fsf uses freenodeMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:25] <schestowitz__> canonical pays freenodeMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:26] <schestowitz__> but I never had bad experiences with freenodeMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:26] <Anoned> they are usually pretty goodMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:26] <Anoned> its the ones that are staff at OFTC that are staff at freenode that are the problem thereMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:26] <Anoned> e.g. Tom Wesley and his poseMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:26] <Anoned> *posseMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:27] <Anoned> debian crossover and gnome foundation crossover is in every instance ive seen been the common association of every actor involvedMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:28] <Anoned> including elana hashman and neil mcgovernMay 08 14:32
schestowitz__[04:28] <Anoned> i am currently working on a project that will produce a new linux distribution not based on anotherMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__[04:28] <Anoned> this is when the targeting really startedMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__[04:29] <Anoned> one of the debian people named Ikonia (Matt Darcy) started trying to blacklist our contributorsMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__[04:29] <Anoned> and started trying to disrupt that projects' members' relationships with other projectsMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__[04:29] <Anoned> the same strategy as done w/ daniel pocockMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__ <Anoned> who as it turns out was also targeted by molly de blancMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__ <Anoned> which was profitable to her careerMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__ <Anoned> it also helped obscure and deflect the fact that she was having an affair with chris lambMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__What I'm getting at here is that these all involve coordinated behaviours from people all associated with the same project [and] it consistently ties back to Debian and their sphere of influence which includes tom wesley, doug freed, and some of the other Freenode staff -- not all of them.  freenode's official position will probably stay neutral while these bad actors run amok [and] most of this can be verified if you map these peopleMay 08 14:33
schestowitz__on a board and look at their project associations."May 08 14:34
schestowitz__[04:36] <schestowitz__> I cannot say muchMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:36] <schestowitz__> as I do not know youMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:36] <schestowitz__> and afaik, the main point is,May 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:37] <schestowitz__> you warn me about a couple of people inside freenode who have an association with pro-monopoly cancel mobsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:37] <schestowitz__> and they can read thisMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:38] <Anoned> i would like to help expose itMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:38] <Anoned> i do not know what you need for thatMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:38] <Anoned> but if you do i will try to get it for youMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:38] <schestowitz__> here is the thing: I lack contextMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <schestowitz__> or evidenceMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <schestowitz__> if you have emails of interest, send them to meMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <Anoned> i have mentioned no emails there are no emailsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <schestowitz__> we can start with verifiable basicsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <schestowitz__> then build up from thereMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:39] <schestowitz__> or freenode chat logsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <Anoned> i have ban logsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <schestowitz__> brb coffeeeMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <schestowitz__> I need to see context for the bansMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <Anoned> i am very tired i will have to pick this up tomorrowMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <Anoned> ill dig around for what logs i haveMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:40] <Anoned> their asociations however are public recordMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:41] <Anoned> it was easy to put it together when i lookedMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:41] <Anoned> ill find some logs for you in the morningMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:46] <schestowitz__> we need to start with the basicsMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:46] <schestowitz__> I will keep note of all the aboveMay 08 14:35
schestowitz__[04:46] <schestowitz__> but we need to build on a verifiable basisMay 08 14:35
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schestowitz__ 08 14:54
schestowitz__"May 08 14:54
schestowitz__Repy to Attentive Observer: If T1450/05 does say that the purpose of Art 69 EPC and its Protocol are to are intended to assist the patent proprietor in contending for a broader interpretation of a claim that is warranted and not for cutting down its scope, that seems to be entirely wrong. We are actually told quite specifically that the purpose is to provide fair protection for the patentee and a reasonable degree of certainty forMay 08 14:54
schestowitz__third parties; it's there in black and white in the Protocol. That might mean providing a broader scope than a literal reading of the terms of the claim, or a a narrower scope.May 08 14:54
schestowitz__Based on the position the EPO takes and you appear to endorse, we have the bizarre situation that the courts/tribunals in the EPC states are required to interpret claims based on Art 69 EPC and the Protocol (as pointed out earlier in this thread, it's there in black and white in Art 69(1) EPC - shall be used to interpret), while the EPO uses a different standard. It seems remarkable that if this is what the legislator intended, it isnMay 08 14:54
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Could not resolve host:; Unknown error ( status 0 @ )May 08 14:54
schestowitz__t stated in the EPC and you have to wonder why the legislator would think it appropriate that the granting body should interpret claims to a different standard to the courts.May 08 14:54
schestowitz__"May 08 14:54
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SiliconBardI'm back!May 08 15:58
schestowitz__Hi!May 08 16:01
schestowitz__Ready to roll?May 08 16:01
SiliconBardYepMay 08 16:02
SiliconBardI'm on Mumble alreadyMay 08 16:02
schestowitz__OK, coming in...May 08 16:03
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schestowitz__SiliconBard: encoding  nowMay 08 17:54
schestowitz__oggMay 08 17:54
schestowitz__SiliconBard: do you want to do the shownotes?May 08 17:54
SiliconBard:)May 08 17:54
schestowitz__even short... a couple parasMay 08 17:55
SiliconBardI can do them if you want np.May 08 17:55
SiliconBardi'll get on with them now.May 08 17:55
schestowitz__i think you will like the musicMay 08 17:57
schestowitz__maybe i did too much bassMay 08 17:57
schestowitz__oh wellMay 08 17:57
schestowitz__testosterone compensation, lolMay 08 17:57
schestowitz__you asked me about audacity: 08 18:02
-TechBytesBot/ | The Audacity Takeover by Muse Group is No Cause for Celebration | TechrightsMay 08 18:02
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Could not resolve host:; Unknown error ( status 0 @ )May 08 18:02
schestowitz__uploading mp3 and ogg nowMay 08 18:05
SiliconBardShow notes sent - should be with you now.May 08 18:09
schestowitz__thanks!May 08 18:12
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