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schestowitzdFeb 09 00:33
schestowitz> Since the series is in three (or four) parts, the parts should all linkFeb 09 00:33
schestowitz> to each other.  That includes updating the earlier sections to linkFeb 09 00:33
schestowitz> forward to the later sections.Feb 09 00:34
schestowitzYes, but that tends to be a pain and better done in wiki form or backlinks at the bottom of these posts (automated)Feb 09 00:34
schestowitz 09 00:34
-TechBytesBot/ Why choose Plausible for an open source alternative to Google Analytics • 𝗧𝘂𝘅 𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀 ⇨ 09 00:34
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Why choose Plausible for an open source alternative to Google Analytics | Tux MachinesFeb 09 00:34
schestowitz"To be honest, whatever is listed on ( tends to be a solid choice. I'd try #Matomo first."Feb 09 00:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Bye Google Analytics | Recommended Website StatisticsFeb 09 00:34
schestowitz 09 00:37
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@SinghMadhw: @schestowitz @MicrosoftRTweet Hi asshole follow me backFeb 09 00:37
schestowitz 09 00:37
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@ParadymeUSA: @schestowitz Except for us . . . 💤💤💤Feb 09 00:37
schestowitz 09 00:37
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@parker_vmg3: @schestowitz BingoFeb 09 00:37
schestowitz 09 00:38
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-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@american_penpal: @PrincessBibiRF_ @DrEricDing @CDCgov @WHO @DrTedros @DrJudyAMikovits @drsanjaygupta @DrSamirSinha @JoeBiden… 09 00:38
schestowitz"Wow you pulled your prehistoric books out. Let’s just all use dark age medicine now. Would you like a lobotomy since seem mental?"Feb 09 00:38
schestowitz 09 00:39
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@fcassia: Best informed rant ever wrt #Apple cc/@schestowitz @sbassi @gorkok @javiermdq 09 00:39
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@cmuratori: I normally reply to recruiters with a polite "no, thank you". But when they work for a company I find particularly… 09 00:39
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schestowitzIPFS process run later today, just nowFeb 09 06:20
schestowitzIPFS is still running just to sync the files across, so getting the portion from the pi (for logs) may be a tad slow, high latencyFeb 09 06:25
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schestowitzThanks for doing IRC. I've just cronned the ipfs start and end, in order to avoid me having to wake up to make our connection sane. One of my laptop crashed twice in the past 2 days, but it's not the main one (what I use for ytalk), hopefully just bad luck...Feb 09 07:47
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schestowitz__Re: Chlorine DioxideFeb 09 07:51
schestowitz__> Hi Roy,Feb 09 07:51
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:51
schestowitz__> Well, your gut is wrong this time ;-) There's no need to rely on it whenFeb 09 07:51
schestowitz__> there is so much science available going back decades.Feb 09 07:51
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> It is a miracle biocide because it is a powerful oxidant, but theFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> strength is still below the level needed to oxidize human tissue. And itFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> breaks down into non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic compounds. I'm notFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> an expert in the domain, but those are the key factors needed toFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> determine its safety, and it's already been done in a number of studiesFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> and given to 20M people. It can treat so many diseases, it would emptyFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> most of our hospitals and replace treatments like chemo with somethingFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> much safer, and give people with Alzheimer's hope! That's the oppositeFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> of quackery.Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> I've read a lot about it and taken it orally for weeks without anyFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> problems. You could also get some Chlorine Dioxide mouthwash and try itFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> out. I might even add some words about it in a revision of my movie,Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> replacing the section by John Campbell.Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> If you want to post a link to my emails to the FDA for others to checkFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> out, I'd be happy. I've got several links and a great whitepaper forFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> people to explore more.Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> The debate is polluted because it would cost the drug companies 100s ofFeb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> billions of dollars. Are you on their side?!Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> Warm regards,Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__>Feb 09 07:52
schestowitz__> Yep, you got the right oneFeb 09 07:54
schestowitz__How's life? Any important news?Feb 09 07:54
schestowitz__To talk about my personal life, I'd need to use encryption, as those emails in hotmail are being farmed and scanned by Microsoft :-)Feb 09 07:54
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Techrights-sec(it is quite a sluggish connection)Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-sec1.1kB /sFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-secThe draft of xhtml-to-gemini script is now at the solid alpha stage.Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secIt's in ~gemini/bin/Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secI should migrate up to Raklang this year.   Dont know if I actually will.Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secRight now all the links are outwar to HTTP but it is simple to convert themFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-seconce we have a structure.Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secIn preparation for the service, maybe you can add the host nameFeb 09 08:27 ?Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secI think at the moment the way would be to first have a dynamic DNSFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-secname for the RPi and use that as the A and AAAA name, then use a CNAMEFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-secto point at the A and AAAA names.Feb 09 08:27
Techrights-secDoes the registrar offer dynamic DNS?  The alternative would be one of theFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-secfree-of-charge ones which will nag every month and need re-acknowledgingFeb 09 08:27
Techrights-seceach nag.Feb 09 08:27
schestowitz__the connection was sluggish when ipfs was running. Regarding domain and cname, that's the kind of stuff I'm not too good at. Maybe I should ask kaniini when we're ready to make the change, at least assuming it's not purely the webhost/registrar doing the management at that level (as I suspect, the latter)Feb 09 08:28
Techrights-secCNAMEs are easy.  The bureaucratic part will be acquiring a dynamic DNSFeb 09 08:32
Techrights-secservice.  No-IP is one of several, but the registration has to be manuallyFeb 09 08:32
Techrights-secrefreshed manually every month.Feb 09 08:32
schestowitz__thanks, I shall look into itFeb 09 08:33
Techrights-secThe RPi could then run ddclientFeb 09 08:53
Techrights-secto keep the address updated.Feb 09 08:53
schestowitz__I did not know about that software; either way it can also help ssh access in case of hub resets, as a hostname would become a surrogate for changing IP.Feb 09 08:53
schestowitz__> This was originally just going to be another book butFeb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> developments in 2020 have moved me to do somethingFeb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> different. I am going to be releasing this book under aFeb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> creative commons license. It will expose all the evils ofFeb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> TLS trust monopoly, how to use GnuPG (PGP in general)Feb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> safely, and ways to maintain privacy from the attack onFeb 09 09:29
schestowitz__> basic human rights that we've seen.Feb 09 09:29
schestowitz__I believe this is the first E-mail message I can read directly from ThunderBird as opposed to the CLI with files.Feb 09 09:29
Techrights-secI seem to have been getting false positives regarding TM being down.  One justFeb 09 16:00
Techrights-sechappened again at about 2021-02-09 13:00 UTCFeb 09 16:00
schestowitz__rianne was restarting apache about 3 times while I was taking a nap, as prior to it I was fighting against some DDOS and could not restFeb 09 16:01
Techrights-secI just got to the point where I can string together the scripts,Feb 09 16:33
Techrights-secfeeding a URL into one and getting Gemini on the disk out of the other.Feb 09 16:33
Techrights-secTomorrow I will look at chaining the RSS reader into the beginning.Feb 09 16:33
Techrights-secI'll put the updated scripts onto the pi in ~gemini/bin/Feb 09 16:33
Techrights-secThe scripts do not address the videos and other non-HTML materials.Feb 09 16:33
schestowitz__Fantastic!! I took a quick look. Make sure to keep local (yours) copies of the code as that account of the raspi I am not backing up just yet (the focus is on the ipfs userspace for backups)Feb 09 16:34
schestowitz__ 09 17:15
-TechBytesBot/ | Burned to Death in Nässjö | Gates of ViennaFeb 09 17:15
schestowitz__ 09 18:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@CathyBehn: @ShaunSilva7 @stizzzzzzle @stella_immanuel @DuckDuckGo You have no idea.Feb 09 18:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo | TechrightsFeb 09 18:06
schestowitz__ 09 18:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@leoneldicamillo: #BackToRSS! 09 18:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Turn to RSS Feeds (and Local/Native RSS Readers) to Regain Control of the World Wide Web | TechrightsFeb 09 18:06
Techrights-secI keep local backups for the most part.Feb 09 18:48
Techrights-secJust updated some more stuff that turned out to be easier than expected.Feb 09 18:48
schestowitz__excellent! great job! I guess once it's all settled and tested we can work on dns level stuff, assuming we want all this running from home and not from the server (in the US). I was thinking... do we keep local gemini copies of archived "latest" posts... or bulletins only? I guess those details can be worked out later.Feb 09 18:52
schestowitz__I also think that as we don't know how many users will be... we may not yet need to host from a DC. IPFS outgrew our local connection... it maxes up upstream and downstream as soon as turned on.Feb 09 18:52
schestowitz__gemini GUI 09 18:53
-TechBytesBot/ | kristall package versions - RepologyFeb 09 18:53
schestowitz__It is possible to rate-limit it, but that would be like running on one foot... the whole thing should scale without me hobbling it at OS level by denying in/out connsFeb 09 18:54
Techrights-secIt should be possible to rate limit IPFS, one would think.Feb 09 18:54
Techrights-secCan cron be set to turn on and off rate limiting?  The router is not using PFFeb 09 19:00
Techrights-sec so it is probably not smart enough to traffic shape or load balance.Feb 09 19:00
schestowitz__It was only last night, before I went to bed, that I started working on cronning the thing (and it would not run, had to use an external script in crontab), hence the delay in generating the files and sharing them outwards. Over time I add to the sophistication of the thing, inc. the IPFS monitoring with the LEDs (it has become rather clever and verbose, code not published yet)Feb 09 19:01
schestowitz__see on your homedir nowFeb 09 19:03
Techrights-secNeatFeb 09 19:07
Techrights-secwhat range of values come from RateOut, RateIn, and Swarm?Feb 09 19:07
schestowitz__it helps show spikes when they hog the whole 'pipe' or too many peers are addedFeb 09 19:07
schestowitz__usually no more than 100Feb 09 19:07
schestowitz__out of 255 scaleFeb 09 19:07
Techrights-secI'm not seeing how it refreshes the data from the three files.Feb 09 19:47
schestowitz__cron jobs on that accountFeb 09 19:47
Techrights-secHow does the script adapt?  I was looking to see if the colors change withFeb 09 20:01
Techrights-secthe different valuesFeb 09 20:01
schestowitz__Re: Converting XHTML on TR to GeminiFeb 09 21:46
schestowitz__> There are three prototype scripts.  One fetches the RSS feed and outputsFeb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> URLs.  Then next fetches the web pages, calculates the Gemini path, andFeb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> passes them to the third script which converts them to Gemini andFeb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> (optionally) writes them to a designated path.Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> The process can be invoked thus,Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> ./ \Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> | xargs ./ -g -p -vFeb 09 21:47
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> The first script has a -d option for limiting by date.Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:47
schestowitz__> The second script has a -b option to point to another base directory.Feb 09 21:48
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:48
schestowitz__> All three are now on the RPi.Feb 09 21:48
schestowitz__>Feb 09 21:48
schestowitz__> The videos and old audios are not fetched yet.  I am not sure how toFeb 09 21:48
schestowitz__> handle them.Feb 09 21:48
schestowitz__Currently, only the www version has videos. bulletins/ipfs have images as unicode/ascii, so the limitations are known. like rss/xml, however, there's always a link to the original html, shall the reader want to see/read/watch more. :-)Feb 09 21:48

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